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April 17, 2015(updated on April 24, 2023)
Wil It Waffle

I first discovered Daniel Shumski and his waffle project in early 2010. He was on a mission to waffle everything that could waffle and as an devoted waffler myself, I took an interest. I watched the blog for awhile, before sending him a quick note, asking if he might be interested in a quick guest post featuring my waffle iron collection and a few of my waffle thoughts. He was and published this.

Will It Waffle hash brown

Last fall, Daniel published a book called Will it Waffle that contains more than fifty wonderful things you can waffle beyond a ladle of batter. It makes me long to leap up, pull out one of my two remaining waffle irons (an old vintage model and the Calphalon Belgium version – I gave the other old chrome model to my sister) and start cooking.

Will It Waffle Stuffles

This book features ways to use your waffle iron for every meal of the day. There’s waffled french toast, sausage and hash browns for breakfast, gridded grilled cheese for lunch, waffled chicken parm for dinner, as well as salad toppers, side dishes, and desserts. If you happen to have a partner who objects to your waffle maker collection, this book will help you justify their presence in delicious fashion.

Will It Waffle Fawaffle

Disclosure: The copy of Will it Waffle that is pictured here is a review copy that Workman Publishing sent to me last fall when the book first came out. All my opinions remain my own. 

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268 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Will It Waffle"

  • My story is this: one Christmas I asked my son if there were any particular dishes he’d
    like to have to go with our roast turkey. It was just the two of us that Christmas…and he
    said: “why don’t we have waffles for Christmas dinner?” So I said…”OK!” We made an overnight buttermilk
    batter, and had every kind of berry and whipped cream and (of course) real maple syrup…
    It was really really fun and he loved it!
    (I live in Maine, in the U.S.) This book looks so fun! Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  • We love to waffle here in Colorado. My partner in crime left for the Air Force 6 months ago and I’m not sure which I miss more, him or an excuse to break out the waffle iron on a week night.

  • My son got a Belgian waffle iron for Christmas this year. He has hosted several waffle tasting nights since. He started with plain waffles(every kind of mix he could find) and graduated to making scratch recipes and adding things to waffles. We all love these dinners.
    Growing up waffles were in regular rotation for Sunday supper so they are a comfort food for me.

  • First of all, I love the title of that book. Probably a lot of tasty and not so tasty things will waffle.

    In Holland, they have these sweets called stroopwafel…seriously guys, these are the best. My roommates and I had Dutch visitors one weekend, and they brought over a few packages of these treats. They’re not something you can make in a traditional waffle iron, but I can’t think about waffles and not have a brief flashback to this!

  • How lame is it that I have no interesting stories about waffles? I’ll just leave it at that the best way to eat classic waffles is with tons of whipped cream and a bit of chocolate

  • We mentioned that we didn’t get a waffle iron for a wedding present so on our first anniversary we received two. One from each set of parents. Hinting works. This book would really put them both to good use.

  • We love waffles…all kinds, all meals. Our waffle iron is probably thirty years old, and seems to heat up the whole kitchen when we fire it up. However, this doesn’t prevent us from making our favorite summertime treat, chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches. Would love to have this book! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • My kids love waffles – but we only started making them frequently when the waffle iron was relocated to a cupboard near the kitchen!

  • I love waffles but am on a mission to spread the love because for some strange reason, not everyone is as passionate as I am. I always look for opportunities to serve in non-traditional ways.

  • Waffles have quickly become a Sunday tradition at our house. My son loves to try them with different toppings and thinks it is the coolest breakfast food because they have little wells that he loves to fill up.

  • The only time I ever use my waffle iron for just waffles is when my mom calls me just to ask me what I’m having for breakfast. I know she’s asking if I’ll make her waffles for breakfast!

  • Waffles and pancakes always remind me of my grandmother because we would have them every time my grandparents would come to visit from Brazil. They were a novelty there, and for her a visit to the US always meant an opportunity to indulge (and for my brother and I too since we didn’t have them often). Will always remind me of the childhood excitement of having them come visit.

  • Wow….. What a great cookbook idea ! My younger son “borrowed” my waffle iron ten years ago .
    If I receive a copy off this book I will have to do a commando raid late at night and find where he has hidden it at his house. Of course I’ll invite him over to ” taste” one of the recipes. Or maybe just send a picture !
    Thanks for the offer. C.

  • When I was growing up in New York my dad got a waffle maker at a garage sale. Apparently it was a great waffle maker and he made tons of waffles with it. He liked to put all kinds of weird stuff in them. It was the Bac-o-bits waffles that made me sick and caused my distrust of waffles. Luckily I got over it in in college and now enjoy waffles.

  • In college, we’d sometimes get Belgian waffle bar for brunch where we could make our own waffles and top them with fruit, syrup, whipped cream. It was definitely a favorite!

  • I love your giveaway opportunities. Mostly because I love to read some of the stories. I have not true Fabulous stories about my family’s waffle history. We do own the vintage / antique cast iron waffle iron. It is really cool, the children want to sneak it off to their own home. Alas, I keep it as a treasure and we make waffles together when they come to visit. Some day, one of those kids will inherit a lovely waffle iron, I hope they share with their own children 🙂

  • Waffles weren’t unusual at our house (we had a waffle iron with flippable plates so we could open it and do pancakes, which were more common). Then tended to be a breakfast food with butter and syrup. But I remember seeing Begian waffles for the first time at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, so very different!

  • My husband absolutely adores waffles and pancakes and would probably eat them daily if given a choice. We are still using the waffle iron we received as a wedding gift in 1982! US!

  • On a whim, My roommate bought me a vintage chrome wafflemaker for 12$. I spent some time scrubbing the plates until I felt they were clean enough and then fired it up. it’s got the original cord, bakealite handles, no temperature control or timer and weighs about 10 pound. Using a recipe from “the Merry Mixer” cookbook from the 1930’s, I made my first batch of waffles. golden brown, crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. We stood in the kitchen eating hot waffles dipped in maple syrup, laughing about how insanely good they were and how we could never eat grocery store waffles again!
    I don’t make waffles often, but when I do, I freeze the left overs so I’ve always got emergency breakfast ready 🙂

  • We are maple syrup producers and the waffle is our absolute favorite method for transferring syrup from plate to mouth!

  • Last week I took left over mashed potatoes which everyone was sick of and made them into a crispy hash brown type waffle and they were a hit. My daughter told me that she didn’t like them she LOVED them! I think I need to make more food into waffles!

  • Hi!
    On family vacations one of the most exciting things when I was a kid was to spot the waffle maker at the hotel breakfast bar. My siblings and I would always fight over who got to make them first!
    Great website 😀

  • Found a pearl sugar waffle in Portland that is closer to the ones I used to get from the waffle stands in Belgium that any other I’ve had in the US.

  • For years my husband and I had waffles for breakfast every Sunday. When my son was ready to start eating solid foods, he refused to eat baby food, or anything off a spoon. He would chew on waffles though. So I started adding sweet potatoes and all other sorts of fruits and vegetables to his waffles. He has food intolerances, so I figured out how to make gluten free, vegan, vegetable filled waffles.

  • When I don’t have anything made for dinner, out comes the waffle iron. I use a Nordic Ware waffle iron and I am very pleased with it. Need to make more meals that involves a waffle iron.

  • Our most adventurous waffle making: making overnight yeasted waffles on a camping trip in Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya. We made the batter the night before, left it out tightly wrapped and hoping the hyenas and baboons didn’t get too curious, and cooking them in the morning on our stove-top-style waffle iron over a camp stove. Wonderful way to wake up!

  • We own more waffle irons than any family probably should. So we love to make things like waffle pizzas and waffle pie. We are in the US.

  • We have a favorite waffle recipe–used for dinner and brunch. It came from a Patricia Wells cookbook. Waffles are made from grated potatoes, and served with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Yum.

  • I LOVE waffles. I think they’re a perfect food. At Knoebel’s, an amusement park in PA, they make fresh triangular waffles and sandwich triangular servings of vanilla ice cream between them- best treat on a hot day!

  • My mom and I used to make waffles all the time when I was little (we weren’t big on the art of pancake making). We used to make them for dinner a lot as well 🙂


  • Not a particularly enthralling tale, but whenever I used to go to Nashville’s legendary Pancake Pantry, I was always “that guy” who had to be different and got a waffle instead!

  • My children love to have “upside down day” which means breakfast for dinner in our house. The most requested dinner is waffles!

  • The Christmas holiday ice storm of 2014 left us with no power for 6 days out in the country. The place we are renting had a generator but could only power part of the house and only part of the time so I set up a little cook station in the bedroom as the kitchen was never with power. (the fridge was plugged in by extension in the livingroom!)
    A small toaster oven and kettle and outdoor barbeque were my cooking tools.
    Needless to say I had to get a little creative. One day I had a brainstorm with some leftover mashed potatoes. I added bacon ( bbq’d), cheddar, a few eggs and a little flour to hold it all together and put the “batter’ in the waffle iron. I had no idea if the consistency was right, mixing it by candlelight in the dark kitchen. This was so good I was wishing for more mashed potatoes!

  • I love waffles and thanks to the internet and the amazing creativity of food artist (bloggers), I have access to an abundance of recipes. This weekend: lemon blueberry waffles with huckleberry sauce.

  • Fawaffle, ha! So clever!! My great waffle epiphany came when I tried my first Liege waffle, so crunchy and delightful. Here in Portland we have a great waffle place that serves savory waffles, also a new thing for me. Us poor kids grow up eating eggos which don’t even compare to a real waffle!

  • I’ve always wanted to make the perfect waffle to use as bread for a sandwich, this book seems like I’ll be able to find the right recipe

  • Waffles are the best!! we’ve been turning anything and everything we can into waffles lately in my sunny California kitchen!

  • I… haven’t had a fresh waffle (ie. not the frozen kind) since discovering that I’m allergic to eggs, and I miss freshly made waffles so much! I keep telling myself that if I can find myself a really compact waffle maker or a multi-tasker that I’ll actually use for more than waffles, I’ll get one and make myself delicious waffles, but maybe this cookbook will help convince me that waffle irons aren’t entirely unitaskers!

    Oh waffles, I miss you 🙁

  • I am the former owner of a Snoopy waffle maker. I have eaten many a Snoopy waffle.

    When I heard about this book, I wished I could now Snoopy waffle the world.

  • The best $3 splurge I ever spent was at a Catholic church rummage sale I happened to walk by and took home my very own rectangular, deep and crispy Belgian waffle maker. None of this shallow, soggy, round business. Oh, man is that thing the best. The house recipe is cornmeal rosemary waffles topped with a fried egg, avocado, and fresh salsa. Every house guest gets that one – it’s the best excuse to pull out the waffle iron.

    1. My husband makes the best Liege waffles ever!! They are so good it’s dangerous! I’m dying for home to make some chicken and waffles with them because that would be the absolute best!

  • I first found Daniel through Serious Eats early in 2014. I immediately went through a 3 month phase where I waffled something every weekend. Cornbread waffles and waffled mac and cheese are the house favourites, but the one we keep going back to is waffled stuffing – it makes the perfect ratio of crispy to fluffy that I require in my holiday (or anyday) stuffing.

  • Dressing (stuffing for non Southerners) is a sacrosanct food item at Thanksgiving. I saw Will’s post about waffling it and decided to try it. You should have seen my sister’s horrified face when I told her. She couldn’t even speak for a moment. I did it in spite of the objections. It was a big hit! The little wells hold gravy perfectly. Waffling my dressing from now on.

  • My husband makes the best Liege waffles ever!! They are so good it’s dangerous! I’m dying for home to make some chicken and waffles with them because that would be the absolute best!

  • Sounds like a cool book. If I don’t win I might buy it for my husband, who is the ‘waffler’ in the family – he makes waffles and breakfast meats one weekend morning most weekends. That’s all we use our waffle iron for, but I like all the other ideas in the comments!

  • My fave waffles right now are cornmeal waffles. And once, in the process of cleaning out the fridge, a room mate and I discovered they go really well with Indian food.

  • I just discovered the concept of cooking things other than waffles in my waffle iron, after watching a video posted on facebook. LOVE the cinnamon rolls made this way! Can’t wait to try more recipes 🙂

  • Have two waffle makers but don’t make waffles very often. Hope to win this book to get some inspiration! Live in the US.

  • On July 24th last year (Pioneer Day here in Utah) I held the First Annual Waffle Fest in my backyard. I had two kinds of waffles and every topping we could think of from fruit to Nutella and plenty of buttermilk and maple syrup and whipped cream. I invited the neighborhood and family members and I ended up feeding about 60 people. It was so much fun, we’ll be doing it again this year! I love using my waffle iron at least once a week and this book would really give me great ideas!

  • I love to make waffles to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning. I always make extra so we can pop them in the freezer to toast up on busier weekdays.

  • I made falafel waffles for the first time yesterday, and I was shocked on how easy it was to make a complete meal. I just threw some chickpeas, herbs, flour and seasoning into my food processor, gave it a whirl, smeared it into my waffle machine and, in less than 5 minutes, I had food. This is life-changing for my lunch game, I can’t even explain.

  • I’m a new comer to this genius Will It Waffle idea!! Myself and my mother in law and sister in law live in separate states (myself in FL). We all have discovered this together and have been more than overly excited to try new recipes. Quick and fast breakfast omletes are my favorite. I’m thankful that my children can join in and help. We would love to try the recipes in this book.

  • waffles – we have 4 irons around the house, I think we like them – my hardest part is putting only enough batter on the iron – the overflow is just so messy, but I still haven’t learned that enough is enough