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Wil It Waffle

I first discovered Daniel Shumski and his waffle project in early 2010. He was on a mission to waffle everything that could waffle and as an devoted waffler myself, I took an interest. I watched the blog for awhile, before sending him a quick note, asking if he might be interested in a quick guest post featuring my waffle iron collection and a few of my waffle thoughts. He was and publishing this.

Will It Waffle hash brown

Last fall, Daniel published a book called Will it Waffle that contains more than fifty wonderful things you can waffle beyond a ladle of batter. It makes me long to leap up, pull out one of my two remaining waffle irons (an old vintage model and the Calphalon Belgium versionย – I gave the other old chromeย model to my sister) and start cooking.

Will It Waffle Stuffles

This book features ways to use your waffle iron for every meal of the day. There’s waffled french toast, sausage and hash browns for breakfast, gridded grilled cheese for lunch, waffled chicken parm for dinner, as well as salad toppers, side dishes, and desserts. If you happen to have a partner who objects to your waffle maker collection, this book will help you justify their presence in delicious fashion.

(If you’re in the market for a waffle iron, The Sweethome recently updated their recommendations. They don’t rank my Calphalon model very highly, but it has served me well over the last seven years. That said, it came to me as a review unit back in my Slashfood days, and when it eventually breaks, I’ll probably replace it with a less expensive Belgium maker.)

Will It Waffle Fawaffle

Daniel wants to spread the waffle love and so is offering up two copies of his book for giveaway. We’ll pick one winner in the US and another for Canada, so please do mention in your comment where you live. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share a story that involves a waffle.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Monday, April 20, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon thereafter.
  3. Giveaway open to United States and Canadian residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: The copy of Will it Waffle that is pictured here is a review copy that Workman Publishing sent to me last fall when the book first came out and Daniel is providing copies for the giveaway. All my opinions remain my own.ย 

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268 responses to “Cookbooks: Will It Waffle + Giveaway”

  1. When I was in college my mom saw waffle makers at WalMart for $3, so she decided it was time to replace her old hard-to-wash waffle maker. She loved the new one – it is very easy to clean – and the next time she went to WalMart they were on sale for $1.50, so she bought four more of them. That’s right, FOUR. She gave one to me, my cousin, and anyone else she could pawn one off on…although one of them was still in the box for years. I should check and see if it’s still there next time I visit – that was a good 10 years ago!

  2. My son moved into his first place just this past fall and I reluctantly gave him my old, tired, but much-loved waffle iron (my whole family is waffle crazy!) so that he’d feel more at home in his new digs. Fast forward a few months and I find myself buying an historic home 5 states away. When cleaning out the new-to-me place I discovered a secret shelf in the kitchen pantry stashed with vintage goodies left behind when the estate was cleaned out, including none other than a working waffle iron like my grandmother used to use. A little elbow grease later and she’s bright, shiny, and back in service!

  3. Oh would dearly love to win this waffle book. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.
    My hubby bought my waffle iron on yard sale for $2.00 and that was so many years ago. It still works but I would like to get me a Belgium one. My hubby likes to make waffles using the store bought tube of cinnamon rolls.(that’s just his style of cooking)

  4. Whenever my sons had friends for a sleepover, they would all request Belgian waffles for breakfast. My waffle iron was round, made one at a time, and had a spring in the back that allowed the waffle to get almost 2 inches thick. Sadly, it eventually died, and that waffle maker is no longer available. I have a new one, now. Makes great waffles, but not really thick.
    I especiallt like to make cookies and brownies in my waffle maker.

  5. I only remember having waffle’s as a kid, and they hurt my mouth so I never had them again – but my son loves them! Living in canada.

  6. Waffles are a family favorite here, and my sister-in-law told me she recently waffled grill cheese sandwiches for her grandkids. They thought it was some kind of special! I would love to leave my waffle iron out all the time!

  7. When my son was living at home (he’s in the Air Force now), the ONLY way I could get him up on Sunday morning was the promise of food–waffles in particular. We would go to a local diner and their waffles would smell beautiful and were so delicious. Gradually, with a plate of waffles and bacon and several cups of coffee, my son would gradually come back to the land of living. There were some good conversations on Sunday mornings over plates of waffles. Every time I think of waffles, I remember the days when my son and I would sit at the old fashioned counter at the diner, sipping coffee, indulging in waffles, and having mother and son conversations.

  8. We use to buy those square frozen waffles for the kids and one summer we took them to visit thier grandma and she made Round waffles in a waffle Iron and when my daughter saw her plate of round waffles she started to cry and refused to eat them because they were round…In the end she did take a bite and relized they werent some wierd gross round food and it was just a waffle….Thanx for the chance to win the book…

  9. Just call me waffle face. Drug deal went bad and I ended up with the hot side to the face. Still love waffles though and this book looks great.

  10. Chicken & waffles was my intro to the idea of waffles with a savory, dinner type meal. You can go much farther than that with it though and eat them with all kinds of stews and dishes. Just learned from a book called The American Plate, by Libby H. O’Connell that this is actually historical– they weren’t just for breakfast with maple syrup originally, but part of the Dutch heritage of baked goods in New Amsterdam, now New York. They were served with fruit and sweet toppings, but also with dishes such as creamed chicken. Sounds delicious!

  11. Growing up, my parents had one of those old chrome waffle irons with the reversible cast iron plates. Except we never reversed them. Waffled grilled cheese was a favorite. That waffle iron died from over use when I was in junior high. Of course, it was replaced with a new model, but things were never the same. And then I happened to stumble on my childhood waffle iron at the thrift store last year! I snatched it up, brought it home… and am ashamed to say that it’s never been used… give me a reason! Lol.

  12. I’ve only recently discovered my love for waffles. Growing up, my family often had frozen waffles as special weekend treats and I detested those because I hated the flavor and “chewiness.” I would never get belgian waffle sundaes or sandwiches because I assumed the taste and texture would be the same. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I went to a small cafe and the only breakfast option that I was in the mood for based on the menu description was a toasted almond belgian waffle w/vanilla creme fraiche. It sounded so tantalizing & was one of the most popular items on the menu. That began my love affair with belgian waffles so fresh is best for me!

  13. I’d like to make waffles more then I do and this book might help me do just that. Whenever I visit my sister who lives two provinces away, I’m guaranteed to be served waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Such a treat.

  14. When I was a kid (50’s/60’s), Mom would always make extra waffles to freeze. We ONLY ate them as ice cream sandwiches! The warmed waffle would slightly melt the ice cream.Yum! Got to dig out the Waffle Iron! I am in MI, USA!

  15. Every so often we get invited up to a friend’s family cabin on the river, and they always make us overnight yeasted waffles for breakfast in the morning, with tons of toppings to choose from. We never make these for ourselves at home and it always makes the visit that much more special!

  16. When my 7 kids were little, I started a tradition of chocolate waffles with ice cream for Sunday night suppers in February to help make winter in upstate NY more fun. They all loved it!

  17. I am ashamed to say my waffle experience has always been with the frozen kind. We were a pancake family, and I never learned how to make waffles. With recommendations on a waffle maker and this book, it looks like that is going to change!

  18. Wonderful idea for a book! We love waffles, of any variety. We bought two waffle irons so that neither of us has to wait to eat, or argue over who gets the first one. Waffle irons are the BEST for cooking dressing – lots of crispy edges, the best part of dressing.

  19. I inherited my Mom’s old GE waffle maker that she and my dad received as a wedding present back in the 1950’s. It is metal (of course!) and has two cast iron plates, perfectly seasoned, with a waffle side and a flat side, so you can turn it over depending on what side you want to use. I took this to college and used the flat side to make my version of egg mcmuffins in my dorm room. A few years later, the cord finally tore and I was devastated. Amazingly, I found the SAME waffle maker at a yard sale not too long after that–that had the outside part but not the plates. PERFECT! It was so exciting! We still love using this maker, and it makes me think of my Mom, each time we do so.

  20. So fun!

    We had company last week and I made waffled brownies for our dessert. It was a fun dessert – and our company said it was very “entertaining” and were looking forward to making them for their grandchildren.

  21. I actually made Eggs Benedict with stuffing waffles right after Thanksgiving and it was fabulous. I also enjoy the term “Waffle Whiffer”… running gag with my mom :).

  22. For the my first Thanksgiving hosting, I wanted to do new takes on the classics so I made stuffing waffles. They turned out good but I never got them as crispy on the outside as I would have liked.

  23. This has to be my favorite collection of comments ever.

    In our house we are no strangers to the waffle and I am devoted to a small handful of recipes. But the most frequent use of the device is in the service of what is known to us as the WaffleCheeser. You can never go back to a regular grilled cheese sandwich.

  24. while preparing for our last move, 20 years ago, a friend stopped by with a waffle iron and a couple of recipes for our new home. Every time I make waffles, and I’ve used her recipes and explored other breakfast and sweet options, I think of her and the time we enjoyed living in that town. I must say though – this book would lead me down a savory path I hadn’t really considered! Until now…..

  25. The main reason that I met my husband Don, fifty-one years ago was because, in his own words, “I was hungry for waffles/” He walked into the High Restaurant, Mount Vernon, Ohio on Monday February 3, 1964, where I had been a waitress for two weeks. Our first date was Feb 16, we were married July 18, 1964. Yes, he brought me a waffle iron after we were married. The day after our 47th anniversary the doctor told us that Don possibly had six months to live. We had him for seven more weeks. I still bake waffles for the family. They’re favorite is buttermilk waffles from an old Farm Journal Cookbook. I would love to try all the recipes is this latest cookbook: Will It Waffle? Fantastic collection of great recipes.

  26. Before there were nonstick waffle irons, I tried to surprise my Mom with breakfast in bed. As a kid I didn’t know that you needed to oil the iron so the waffles don’t stick. My Mom was so great, she ate the waffle piece by piece out of the waffle iron and told me it was delicious!

  27. We started using our waffles for all kinds of wonderful desserts and sandwiches by just experimenting! This book looks like so much fun!

  28. When I was a kid I used to go on a lot of trips with my aunt Alice, who had a pop-up camper. There were three things I could always count on: cut-throat games of Boggle, waffles for breakfast, and my cousin bringing her ventriloquist’s dummy and performing at every single stop along the way for anyone that would stop and watch (for the same reason people slow down and stare at car wrecks, I imagine). To this day I take one of my three waffles iron with me whenever we travel so we can have waffles for breakfast, and my kids have taken to Boggle now that they’re better spellers. The ventriloquist dummy has been retired to my aunt’s upstairs closet, thankfully.

  29. I have made grilled cheese sammies in my waffle iron. My favorite right now is cornbread waffles, I just saw a recipe for ham and cheese cornbread waffles that I want to try. I live in the US of A.

  30. When my boys were little they loved waffles. I always kept frozen for breakfast until I found a waffle maker on sale. No comparison or going back. I’ve made different kinds of waffles but have yet to try chicken and waffles. Would love to try recipes in the book.

  31. The waffle maker has become this incredible tool. So has Facebook. I bought a brand new, never out of the box waffle maker for $5 from a FB page for local sellers. I have now used it twice for “waffles”. This book is exactly what I need so I can do what I wanted to do from the beginning, make creative recipes with my waffle maker. Thanks for offering this chance to do just that.

  32. I’m terrible at using a waffle iron – mine never come out right no matter if I leave them in longer, shorter, too dark, too light, separated and sticking to the plates! One time I tried brownie batter inside and, well, after cursing a lot while cleaning it, I put the waffle iron away and it hasn’t seen daylight since!

  33. I’m in Canada! The last time I tried to make waffles they were gluten-free and they failed miserably, and I ended up scraping off a bunch of the non-stick coating trying to get them out. If I got this book I’d have a hard time resisting the purchase of a cast iron waffle maker…

  34. Waffles are probably one of my favorite foods. Growing up in the late 60s and early 70s, we had an electric waffle iron/griddle. Waffles were one of the first foods I learned to cook. I was never so happy than when I bought an antique waffle iron that I use over my modern electric.

  35. When I was younger, the only waffles I ever had came out of a box. Then I went to Europe and had a Belgian waffle. Wow, you haven’t lived until you’ve had one of those.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

    And last, but not least, I’m Canadian!

  36. My favorite part of vacations with my family growing up, was the continental breakfast we often got to enjoy. I loved the places that had their own flipping waffle maker and making my own waffle in the mornings was the best!

  37. I received a nice waffle iron for Christmas from my uncle. He had me order it because he doesn’t like shopping online. Soon after Christmas (he still had yet to pay me back) he bought a bunch of steaks on sale and was going to split the cost of steaks with me and my mom. After trying to get e to pay, he realized he had not paid me back for my gift… so he told me half of my payment was in steak lol!!!!! (Totally didn’t mind though.)

  38. We like to take the waffle iron camping if there is electricity available. Makes the whole campground smell wonderful. Nothing like breakfast in the woods in the PNW.

  39. The BEST and last waffle I’ve ever had (before finding out I had a gluten allergy and can no longer eat delicious gluten-filled waffles :,( ) was at this little cafe in Cape May, NJ. It was this huge Tiramisu Belgian waffle with mascarpone cheese and espresso, hints of vanilla, chocolate drizzles, fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar. I’m usually a pretty health-conscious person, but one bite of it, and I completely lost all care for calories and nutritional content and devoured the entire thing (I may or may not have licked the plate clean too…). It had the perfect amount of crisp on the outside but was unbelievably fluffy and buttery on the inside. And yeah, I was that person taking pictures of my food at the table in the middle of a crowded restaurant (totally worth it though. Its greatness had to be documented). I will spend the rest of my life trying to replicate that tiramisu waffle in a gluten-free way so I can re-live the greatness of that waffle.

  40. Waffles, gotta love them. I’m still itching to try some of the “Will It Waffle?” recipes. So far my most ambitious use of a waffle is to make a peanut butter, jelly, and banana sandwich from it as an after school snack when I was a kid.

  41. I have a sad waffle story. My family was going to an Easter brunch. Days in advance I kept talking about how excited I was for the waffles. I mentioned it again and again. But when we got there, the brunch had no waffles! Fail brunch! This book may help…

  42. my kids bought me my waffle iron a few years back for Christmas. It’s since become a staple for holiday breakfasts, but I’d love to learn some new ways to use it WAY more often, the kids love it when we waffle.

  43. After a gal I worked with recommended it, I purchased a Griddler, along with the waffle plates. I’ve only used it a couple of times, and the waffle plates just once. I made a batch of waffles (ate some, froze some), but then got a bit too busy for much cooking. I’m trying to cook more to save money, and eat a little better, too. I have a couple of basic waffle recipes to try out, but don’t know what else to make beyond that.

    I’m wondering, will the recipes still work if the waffle iron isn’t a Belgian waffle iron? I don’t think mine counts as one.

  44. I miss egg waffles, also known as eggettes/egg puffs.
    I grew up with egg waffles in Hong Kong. They’re these waffles where instead of little square wells, you have oval puffs.
    Have you ever had them? If not, you must try!!

  45. When I first got married..we did not own a waffle maker so when my son was bored we asked my mother in law if she had one. Well she did, one that was just about 100 years old. You could tell by the wire what era it was from. When asked she said oh yeah it was her mothers mothers waffle iron. We were afraid to use it and ran out a bought a new

  46. My waffle story is more of a waffle iron story. Here goes:
    I’ve owned a waffle iron for quite some time. I love it, I use it a lot, including sometimes when people (including my parents) visit. A few years ago we were celebrating Christmas and opening presents and lo and behold, they got us a waffle iron. I have one, but no big deal, it was a nice gift, maybe they thought mine needed to be replaced. Then my husband opens his gift, and it’s a waffle cone maker (so essentially, another waffle iron). Then we open my young son’s gift and it’s a novelty waffle iron. So that’s three new waffle irons on top of the one we already own (and still works).
    So, long story short, I’d love to win this book to put these waffle irons to use!

  47. I recently moved with my $8 Target waffle iron from Colorado to Illinois. It has spent a lot of time sitting idle in the cupboard, but that cookbook looks like it has some grad student time crunch-friendly recipes to get it back into the regular rotation. Waffles are the best, I have some great memories of eating heart-shaped waffles from my grandmother’s antique waffle maker, covered in her homemade chokecherry jam. She has made it difficult for other waffles to compete…

  48. This looks like a fabulous cookbook; I have an antique waffle iron that my parents had before I was born. My dad was the official waffle maker; still have his recipe which always got rave reviews (and the iron). This book would be an inspiration to expand a waffle maker into all kinds of gourmet treats.

  49. I’ve always loved waffles and my husband loves hotels that offer breakfast. The only problem was that my own waffle iron was not a restaurant style that needed to be turned during the process. It took many tries (and much embarrassment) with me trying to turn the wrong direction, lifting the whole iron in the process, and the hotel helpers rushing to my aid to prevent waffle failure before I got the process down! I still love those waffles and am happy to say – I have mastered the process!

  50. Waffles are one of my favorite dinner meals. My mom bought me one about 30 years ago and i am still using it. Her s is a garage sale find from the 60 s…both make superior waffles to the newer makers we have tested when we go to visit family and friends. Our george forman has the plates, but it makes fat waffles and we like thinner ones. Growing up in south Louisiana waffles are great savory with an creole or creamy etoufee of shrimp or crawfish or sweet waffles with ripe bananas. Tried the grilled cheese too. Goat cheese with caramilized onions and hatch chilies. ..mmmmm…making me hungry . Look forward to exploring new ideas in this book

  51. Just got a waffle maker, so this would be well-timed. Other than waffles, so far I’ve tried making waffled biscuits – kinda works, but actually having a recipe would be better.

  52. I am not a waffler, but a friend if mine is. She has made for her family, hash browns in the waffle maker. She has made grilled cheese. I am just wondering what else she would do with this recipe book. I wonder if the recipe book would make in her waffle machine.

  53. I love that in Belgium, they sell waffles in the street, that you can just grab on the go. Wish we had this in Canada.

  54. Up here in Canada the winters can be hard, to where you want some extra calories. I usually just make regular waffles but have been expanding my waffle iron food choices. Would love this all in one waffle book to help with that. My little one loves waffles (well food all together) but I find waffles cool down faster for his little mouth

  55. Started making waffles again recently with a yeast waffle recipe made with rice flour! Best ones I’ve ever made!! My son made the batter the night before and made them for an informal family wedding breakfast. He is the breakfast hero for that bunch! In California!

  56. Being born near the end of WW2 and rationing treats were not often had. But when I saw my mother bring the grey painted high stool into the dining room I knew it was a special night. Grammy would get out the old electric waffle iron that you had to rotate and set it on that stool. Neighbors would arrive and soon we were eating waffles with a dip of ice cream. Special memories of days gone by.

  57. The first time my husband made waffles he didn’t spray the waffle iron and of course, the waffles stuck the iron like crazy and he spent so long getting the waffle out. Then he oiled it with a nylon bristle pastry brush and melted the bristles from the heat. He has now learned how to waffle correctly. Here in the USA.

  58. Last year I started making my breakfast life easier by making piles of waffles to keep in the freezer. I just heat them up in the toaster when it’s time to make breakfast. Even better, I take the pumpkin – from my vegetable garden, natch – and make pumpkin waffles to have year-round. Sometimes I make eggnog waffles, or chocolate chip waffles, or whatever catches my eye that day. I make a new batch every couple of months and stash them in our chest freezer.

  59. Waffles are my husband’s favorite brunch item, particularly with strawberry compote and whipped cream. Looking forward to strawberry season already… No more jars or frozen berries from last year.

  60. I hear the word waffle and I’m immediately transported back to Bruges, Belgium where I spent my semester abroad many years ago. It was there that I learned to love waffles- the Belgian variety. Since then I have made many waffles. Yum!

  61. I got my waffle iron from one of those grocery store “collect stamps and win!” things. My husband was skeptical. Then, I made him an entire breakfast (JFK Waffles, bacon and hashbrowns) with my new waffle iron, and he hasn’t regretted it since.

  62. I love Belgium waffles, I still have my stovetop model. I mostly use my electric waffle iron, but the stovetop model is still the best.

  63. My first meal in Portland, Ore. Jace Gace’s Avocado Rancheros: black beans, avocado, ranchero sauce and tofu cilantro sour cream on a cornmeal waffle. I was home.

  64. When I was a freshman in college I learned to survive without a standard kitchen. I became very creative figuring out how to cook workout a stove. I remember one of my first experiments was using canned cinnamon buns in the waffle iron. It was sooo delicious, the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had. I had to make some for all of my friends.

  65. I have been experimenting with my Belgian waffle make without using recipes. Several fails and a few successes. This looks like an awesome cookbook and one I would use. I have a 6 yr & an 11 yr old granddaughter who I am finally getting to spend time with who always want kitchen time with Grandma. I think we would make some wonderful memories with the addition of this book in our library.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win!

  66. I’ve had my waffle iron for about 5 years now. We like it so much that I haven’t made pancakes one in all that time!!

  67. This year I had some unbaked sage dressing and I waffled it the next day and served it with a fried egg on top. So good. I wish I had a plate right now.

  68. I tried waffle cookies in Belgium and they are now my favorite cookie ever. I don’t know how to make them, but the ones that Trader Joes sells (from Europe) are almost identical! Thanks!!

  69. My mom had a mickey mouse waffle iron and we used to make waffles of mickey’s head every sunday….
    loved the waffles but eating the head of mickey is kinda weird!

  70. I discovered Daniel through Pinterest, and about a month ago I decided I needed a waffle iron right that minute. 9:30pm on a random weeknight, I went in search of a waffle iron. Within days, I had made corned beef hash waffles, waffled grilled cheese, pizza pocket waffles, waffled mac and cheese, and brownie waffles. I’ve yet to make actual waffles, but I guess I should. Someday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m in Maine, USA. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. We stayed at one of those motels, years ago, that had the breakfast included with an overnight stay. They had the “flip” type waffle irons. This was kind of a new thing…I think this was in the mid-1990’s. Everyone at breakfast that morning was having a difficult time working the waffle irons. It was a “make your own” situation. My husband, who loves to cook breakfast, ended up making waffles for just about everyone at the motel that morning. His Mom (who we were on our way to visit, very long road trip via car) bought him one of those “flip” waffle makers. He still has it and loves making waffles with it. If I don’t win this book, I will buy it for him…he’ll love it! : )

  72. We had to buy a new waffle iron when my husband tried to waffle a chunky ham sandwich and broke the latch on the one we had only had a few days. He was waffling evertyhing he could think of. Our granddaughter loved it. She’ll probably be getting one for her dorm room!

  73. Waffles are my favorite comfort food (and my husband’s specialty). He teases that I only married him for the waffles…he’s not completely wrong…

  74. Growing up my mom was a working mom so we had frozen waffles! Favorite thing to put in between….Neapolitan ice cream!!! Yum
    Live in NJ. USA

  75. I became such a waffle fiend as a teen, my dad bought me first waffle maker for my 14th birthday present! He knew how much I adored making waffles from all the continental breakfast waffle makers I used to enjoy making. I don’t know any other teens who could get as excited as I was about that waffle iron. I’ve made all kinds of things from the Waffle-izer website: brownies, cookies, sandwiches, fried macaroni and cheese…. and more! I still love to pull it out of the cupboards and make fun breakfasts every now and then for family.

  76. Hands down, one of my favorite ways to eat waffles is with ice cream. The idea came to me from watching a restaurant on the Food Network make fresh waffle cones. I eat them with plain or chocolate chip waffles, pancake syrup and churned vanilla ice cream. So naughty, but soooo tasty, too! I also love making four waffled cinnamon rolls at once; they cook so quickly and come out soft and chewy, perfect for frosting with cream cheese icing! I would love to expand my waffle recipe repetoir with this book!

  77. Love waffles! Though I still can’t quite figure out why I only had one while I was in Belgium.. they were sold everywhere! Any “Belgium waffle” you get outside of Belgium.. while delicious, is not even close to the ‘real thing’. Ah well.

  78. My world use to be so small. The 1st pecan waffle I ever tasted was from a visit to a Waffle House, a somewhat Southern, fast food,24 hour, breakfast eatery, during a road trip. I was in love and knew it had to be better homemade. Now, you just showed me my world is still small. Hashbrowns made in my waffle iron, I’m in heaven, foodwise. I live in Florida and am very excited about learning more from this book/author.

  79. I remember going to a diner type restaurant one time that had waffle in it’s name (and “house” was the other half of the name). I ordered a waffle and it was a terrible waffle, uncooked in the middle. You would think I place with that name would make a good waffle. I’ve never been back to that place since. I’ve had my little corning waffle maker for almost 20 years now. And I love it.

  80. Waffles! Chocolate chip waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Best birthday breakfast ever. Looks like an awesome book.

  81. One of the things my Core French students love doing most is making and eating waffles. They have to decipher the French recipe, mix the batter, and we run a couple waffle irons. My senior students make enough to feed my juniors, too, so we freeze the waffles, and the next day we toast them, and then students have to choose which toppings they want (fruit, whipped cream, syrups) and “order” in French!

    I’m in Canada, and am ridiculously excited that there’s a Canadian copy.

  82. I LOVE waffles! Just reading about these waffle recipes reminds me of a restaurant my husband and I went to, probably 5 years ago now. Our kids were little and we had a rare kid-free evening. We ordered a waffle sundae (ice cream and toppings on top of an actual, fluffy waffle), and both of us said, “Why have we never thought of this before?” Oh gosh, now I am craving waffles and ice cream! ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. I loved weekend waffles when I was growing up. I need to get a waffle maker and continue this tradition with my family.

  84. i have followed will it waffle guru blog for many many years …
    Then he sadly dissappeared for a while… I am So exited that the book is out and WIW is once again present on FB …i’ve lost my cooking mojo and I need the cooking inspiration that waffling created … Please consider me for the cook book

  85. As a child I made waffles from scratch. Yes, whip the egg whites scratch. Then my dad died when I was twelve. Our lives totally changed and I never made them again. Well, that sure popped out of the old memory bank. :-/

  86. My 8 year old got up this morning to make waffles for the family “by feel” (without a recipe) and they turned out great. I’d love to give him this book and inspire new waffle creations.

  87. Several friends and I made waffles on stage at the DEFCON conference each year as part of our panel as a fundraiser for the EFF.

  88. I’m a USA girl and my daughter is begging for waffles, so sometime this week we’ll be having them. I’d love to surprise her and make them for a meal other than breakfast, but have never ventured out beyond typical waffles (yeasted ones are my fav, but we’ve got ahandful of loved recipes). This book sounds like a blast!

  89. I have “borrowed” my mom’s waffle maker long-term, which was the best idea ever! I just make sure to invite her over pretty often for waffle brunch!

  90. We were hungry and had nothing to heat grilled cheese sandwiches until I thought of my mom’s old waffle iron. Years ago and now it’s in vogue…

  91. I’m gluten free, so my options for store-bought waffles are limited, and restaurants are right out. I haven’t been able to justify buying my own waffle maker yet, but this book would go a long way toward that! (I’m in the U.S.)

  92. I am in the US. The first time I made waffles for my three small sons I put a plate with a waffle in front of my oldest who exclaimed “how did you do that to my pancake?!”. He was then delighted at how much syrup it help for him and has been a waffle lover ever since ( he’s 30+ now ).

  93. I make sweet potato waffles from Simply in Season regularly, enough to justify my keeping the unitasking waffle iron, but this book would certainly help me up my game!

  94. My mother in law gave me my first waffle iron, and electric model from the 1950’s, I used to make a huge amount of waffles and freeze them to be put in the toaster; I think this was around the time when frozen supermarket waffles were rather expensive. The first time I used it, I put way too much batter in it–what a mess!

  95. I really made a mess once when trying to make waffles. My batter must have been a bit too thin since when I put it in the maker and it started to cook I had waffle batter running all over my counter. I’m from the US. Thanks for the chance.

  96. My Mom made waffles for us all the time as a kid, usually for dinner. I got my first waffle iron as a wedding gift over 42 years ago and it finally died on me about two years ago. Now that my kids are grown, I do not make waffles but would if I had more ideas for them. This cookbook sounds like a wonderful way to start making waffles again. Also, think I will give my two kids waffle irons and cookbooks for their birthdays!Thanks!

  97. I am pretty much the worst breakfast cook because I get low blood sugar and turn into Ms. Cranky Monster if I don’t eat fairly quickly after waking up. I get impatient with pancakes and turn up the heat so they are both burnt and undercooked, it took years for me to learn that scrambled eggs need to be cooked slowly to be soft and fluffy, and I need to eat breakfast first if I am to be civil at the brunch table. About the only fancy breakfast thing that I could actually make consistently well was waffles, because you cannot take the waffles out before the light changes color (believe me, I tried) and so they are relatively impatience-proof. Plus, did you know that the serving size for maple syrup is 1/4 cup? Because it is. Go check.

  98. Much like Leslie Knope, I love waffles, but we use our waffle iron embarrassingly infrequently. It is admittedly a crappy one…

  99. My favorite photo of visiting my cousins in France as a little girl: eating big, fluffy, confectioner sugar doused gaufres (French yeast waffles) from a little food truck down by the ocean shore in Brittany. We were all sitting in a row on the wheel bumper in our wild 70’s print pants– mine were Garanimal Giraffes — and none of us were paying any attention to the camera — just scarfing waffles in the windy sea air. Awesome. I still remember how good they tasted.

  100. California. Waffles were THE breakfast for my sons and their high school soccer team before the big game – state championship. This breakfast was at our home – waffle irons were hot and the team was served in no time. Couldn’t win the game without the waffles. Now I’m ready to dust off my iron and waffle up everything, after reading this post.

  101. I only recently bought my first waffle iron and am exploring different recipes for waffles, and also different ways to use the waffle iron! Multi-tasking at its best!

  102. I live in the US, about 40 miles from the Canadian border. The last two years 3 to 5 households get together for a potluck followed by watching Downton Abbey. Each year we had two waffle irons and two different waffle batters for one of the potluck meals. It was a lot of fun to see the different add-ons people brought to serve with waffles. I am sure we’ll eat waffles at home long before the next season of Downton Abbey begins.

  103. Hi from central FL, USA – my waffle tale is the “make from scratch” batter that I forgot to add the baking powder, so mine were flatter than a cracker

  104. We host a group of six once a month for knitting, chatting and lunch. We call ourselves the Loopy Ladies. In January our lunch was can you waffle it. We did shrimp quesadillas, omelets, bacon, and tattor tots, and chocolate chip cookies.

  105. First, I have to get the rest of the Fawaffle laughs out of my system: haaa–haaa-waahaaaa!!!!! I am so trying that the next time I make falafels.

    Growing up, we always had waffles on New Year’s Day in time to sit with breakfast in front of the TV and watch the Rose Parade. I still try to do it if I’m not working. Mine are often more adventurous than the Krusteaz version we had back then, and a whole cookbook filled with waffle ideas makes me wish it was the last week of December again. (But I do make waffles more than once a year.) โ€ฆUS

  106. Washington, USA Years ago I went to an all you can eat brunch and had a Belgian waffle for dessert and everyone thought I was crazy! It was worth all the unwanted attention!

  107. I live in Canada and wish that I could make entire meals in my waffle iron. My original waffle iron (a wedding gift 12 years ago) stopped working last year and I spent 2 months researching its replacement. Besides waffles, I have made French toast and bacon hash browns.

  108. Oh my…I can’t think of a good waffle story. I know that whenever we are decluttering our kitchen, my husband and I always ask each other about the waffle maker. We don’t actually make waffles all that often, so it’d probably be a good item to get rid of, but neither of us can bear to part with it. Maybe this book will help that waffle iron earn it’s place in our kitchen! (we’re in the u.s.)

  109. Every time I make waffles for breakfast…usually on a Saturday morning…I think of my sister who gave us the waffle iron for a wedding gift! (21 years ago and still going strong)

  110. This would be perfect for Mother’s day as she just bought herself a new waffle iron! I of course, would invite myself over for this event!

  111. United States of America

    My family and I have made waffles virtually every Sunday for dinner for over twenty years. I would love to win this cookbook and learn some new ways to use my favorite small appliance!

  112. One of the best books i have read with my daughter is Everything on a Waffle. An amazing book for older kids and adults.

  113. Last year on the 24th of July (Pioneer Day here in Utah) I hosted the first annual waffle fest. I pulled out two of my waffle irons, invited the neighborhood and family members and set up on the back porch. We had two kinds of waffles (whole grain buttermilk and Williams Sonoma mix) with toppings from fruit to Nutella. It was a great success; I served over 100 waffles and we had a blast. We’re doing it again this year. I love using my waffle iron for all sorts of things and would love to add this charming book to my collection!

  114. Everybody eats green-tinted Irish Cream Waffles with stout-maple syrup on St. Patrick’s Day, don’t they? ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, it’s a tradition in my house. Imagine what I could do with this book??

  115. I love in te US and would LOVE this book! I’ve been hearing about it and it seems very cool. I really want falafel waffles!

  116. I was lucky enough to support Daniel’s kickstarter for his local food/jam blog (pre-waffling fame) and receive a 1/2 pint of sour cherry preserves from him in Chicago. Congrats to him on publishing and I’ll make a sour cherry topped waffle to celebrate ๐Ÿ™‚

  117. My dad did not like to cook but he would cook waffles every Sunday morning before church for all of us kids. I have fond memories of him standing over our old waffle iron with the little squares. USA

  118. I love waffles! This book is so exciting to me. When we bought a house it didn’t come with appliances. We moved in before the delivery day so our meal couldn’t involve a stove or oven. So we had waffles. It was very sweet.

  119. My son gave me a waffle iron for Christmas. He is studying in Belgium and has fallen in love with waffles. Sorry to say, the waffle iron is still in the box. I need to get proficient with it before he comes home for the summer.

  120. We had waffles most Sunday mornings when I was growing up. My mom had the Joy of Cooking recipe memorized and we loved mixing the batter with her. We had a really old waffle iron that had small (not Belgian style) holes. I’ve since gotten used to Belgian waffles, but it took me a long time to adjust. I have such wonderful memories associated with waffles. (I’m in the U.S. Thanks for the giveaway!)

  121. My mom made the best waffles! She always made them for my grandmother’s birthday. We have pictures of my gran in front of a stack of waffles with candles ready for her to blow out.

    I would love to try the Fawaffle. Two of my favorite foods put together – waffles and falafel.

  122. We love to waffle and my 9 year old thinks that breakfast waffles make much better finger food than knife and fork food so they are usually eaten out of hand by her as soon as they are cool enough to touch. We’ve got pumpkin waffle fixings lined up for tomorrow. We would be over the moon to receive Daniel’s book – thanks for the chance! (USA)

  123. my niece and nephew were visiting and I made waffles for breakfast, but I used a new recipe, and it overflowed, all over the counter, the cabinets, and the floor. oops! but the waffles were delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’m in the US

  124. I’m in Canuckland (Canada)! When I was a kid, we’d get waffles with strawberries & ice cream as a special treat. Soooooo decadent & yummy!!

  125. My girlfriend and I made the waffled croque madames from the Will it Waflle site with Croissant dough, it was amazing.

    From the US.

  126. US: Waffles! I recently pulled out my Waffle maker because I realized I hasn’t used it in over a year. In order to save it from the Goodwill pile, I spent a whole week just making waffles. Waffles with peaches were my favorite, but Waffle sandwiches will pulled pork were a close second! I’d love to learn all the other options too!

  127. When my daughter was in grade together the book Everything on a Waffle by Paula Horvath. It had some great recipes that went together with each chapter adventure. My daughter is 20 now, and I would love to surprise her with this book!

  128. Had a blackout and all we had to eat was leftover waffles I had made in the morning. It was the best thing, sitting quiet in the dark eating waffles.

  129. My sis gave me a waffle iron last Christmas and I love it. I make chocolate-chip waffles all the time, and I’ve also made waffle hash browns, Devils food cake waffles, and my own version of fa-waffels. Would love this book!

  130. I don’t think I have any waffle stories! I did very much love the waffle blog (and his previous blog, Fruit Slinger!), and have been wanting this book since he first announced it.

  131. US resident here – one of my boys’ favorite things about family trips is the hotel continental breakfast that includes waffles made on those super-cool rotating waffle makers. I just saw in my BHG magazine that Osterizer has them, & I am not sure if I should buy one for home or keep benefitting from the occasional hotel perk.

  132. US
    I inherited my grandmother’s antique waffle iron…..with a braided cloth covered electric cord. I am always scared to plug it in, but it makes the best waffles!

  133. USA – I remember mom making square cornmeal waffles to serve as base for chipped beef gravy instead of toast! These days, we have square & Belgian waffle makers. I was quite excited to see the ‘will it waffle’ blog turn into a book.

    Also, La Quinta hotels in Texas have rotating waffle-makers that make Texas-shaped waffles!!

  134. My niece got me a Mickey Mouse waffle maker while I was in Florida visiting and now whenever I make waffles in it I am reminded of her ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did recently scored a vintage cast iron waffle maker and base and am in the process of cleaning it up. I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for one (reasonably priced) for years!

  135. I love waffles and can’t wait to try waffling something else – just need to decide what to start with…. (I live in Canada).

  136. I love making waffles, but my breakfasts are usually on the run. I would love to have more ways to use the waffle iron during other points in the day.

  137. I am a US resident who would LOVE to have this book in my kitchen. My husband had to switch to a gluten free diet about 2 years ago because of a wheat allergy that was making him more and more ill after eating anything with wheat in it. Having this book would give me some great new ideas to try (he can be pretty picky about what he eats and is not a big fan of very many healthy foods), and would make cooking him new things to try really easy — we have a waffle maker sitting in our kitchen closet that we’d love to get more use out of. He has one brand of frozen GF waffle that he eats almost every morning, so I’m sure he’d like to mix it up and find something that tastes better!

  138. I had a “will it waffle?” experiment with leftover pizza for breakfast. It was amazing! I will never try to reheat pizza in the toaster oven again..

  139. Before I discovered “Will It Waffle”, my boyfriend and I found a waffle iron at a yard sale. Normally, this wouldn’t have been a notable experience, but the seller decided to give us the iron for free simply on the basis that my boyfriend was wearing a kilt that day. What a crazy random happenstance.

    I’ve made so many things in that iron, from carrot cake to personal waffle pizzas.

  140. Oooos. Me! Me!

    I love waffles and have never had a successful attempt at making them.

    I’ve tried several borrowed waffle makers. From the ancient pre-nonstick days (that waffles had to be removed in pieces from the griddles, to the more recent non-stick ones (raw or burnt).

    I just bought a Cuisinart 5 in 1 griddler for 50% off when a local big chain super market decided to leave their location and marked everything down. I bought the waffle maker plates off amazon.

    I so want to make waffles. I love waffles. I even bought some belgian pearl sugar on amazon so I could use a real recipe.

    Waffles were written up in Cook’s Illustrated.

    I want to make waffles. I need to make waffles. I need to eat waffles.

    I would really like this book.

  141. Since my husband is gluten free, we hadn’t had waffles in years, but he loves them. I found a GF recipe to make for his birthday- had to get a waffle iron and everything! They turned out really well, and now we are exploring what else we can do with the waffle maker. I love that this kind of cookbook exists.

  142. I’ve had Will It Waffle checked out from the library for so long I feel like it’s mine! I need my own copy so more people can check it out and learn to waffle it! Thanks for the giveaway and Greetings from Nashville, TN USA!

  143. My boyfriend had been longing for a waffle maker and finally decided to get one. The first time we used it we just made basic waffle batter, learning as each spoonful of batter was poured onto the plates. As the first steaming hot, crunchy, crevasses filled with syrup waffle was devoured we looked around the kitchen to see what else we could put in the batter. Blueberries were nice with spots of soft, squishy fruit around the crunch and chocolate chips were amazing! I think we stood at the waffle maker on the counter and ate the entire bowl of batter. I love waffles and will always remember that moment any time I eat them.

  144. what a great concept for a book! I do not own a waffle maker because I think pancakes are generally as versatile as waffles, but if there was MORE I could do with a maker. . .

    Every first Saturday in February, I borrow waffle irons from my in-laws so we can have waffles and ice cream for breakfast on International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. It’s a funny winter tradition that my kids adore.

  145. on our wedding day, my friends and I all got ready at my parents house,and my brother, his wife and two kids were there. In addition to taking most of the wedding pictures, my brother turned out waffle after waffle and we all sat at my parents huge dining room table and had this wonderful waffle brunch. I had tried hard not to have too many specific dreams for my wedding day, knowing it would be what it would be, but that morning was exactly as I had hoped: wonderful people wandering from the living room to the dining room, in all stages of readiness, doing each other’s hair and makeup and feasting on waffles at whim. I loved it. (I’m in the US) thanks for the chance!

  146. USA: The first cooking lab in my middle school Foods Technology class was making waffles! My group got a B because one of my partners didn’t set the table correctly. Oh well, the waffles were good, anyway.

  147. Canada here – when I was a kid, my parents had a real old fashioned waffle maker – this was the 1950s. Dad was an old logging camp cook so he said he could cook anything. Well he used to fry up his home cured bacon & then lay it across the waffle maker & top it with pancake mix before closing the top. We got to watch the iron as the pancake batter swelled up & pushed the top up as it cooked. When the bell rang, we watched as he opened the top. And every Sunday, we ate those waffles out of the waffle maker because Dad could make them but never figured out how to get them OUT of the waffle maker in less than 20 pieces.
    I would love a waffle maker that could make them in one piece.

  148. I’d only had waffles a few times in my entire life (!) but knew I wanted to learn to make them. Then one day at my local thrift store, I found an old Toastmaster waffle maker for two bucks, and I was in business! Not too long after that, I found a Magic Chef Belgian waffle maker at a Goodwill store and couldn’t resist the temptation. Now when I make waffles, I have two waffle makers going at the same time, and it’s always fun to see how the same recipe can come out differently depending on the style of waffle (regular or Belgian).

  149. When we were little, my dad used to make us pancakes or waffles on Saturday mornings. He always made the batter from scratch and used the waffle iron they got when they were married. Waffles always remind me of my dad.

  150. I have a friend who has notoriously bad taste in men. Whenever a relationship goes belly up she comes over for a wine and movie night and in the morning we make comfort waffles.

  151. My maternal grandmother made homemade “banana” waffles, oven baked our bacon,and fresh squeezed our orange juice when we stayed overnight!

    This feast was often served in bed:)

    Four generations and counting,we still love and make her waffles. There was none better.

  152. My kids love waffles! Unfortunately, they are usually of the frozen variety. But the best part is 3-4 mornings a week, my kids request waffles for breakfast and the request is accompanied by the waffle song and dance number: waaa-ffle–laaaaa-tiiii-air! It’s hilarious!

  153. I live in Texas. The first time I made overnight yeast waffle batter, I got up in the morning to discover it had escaped the bowl and it was, all over the counter!

  154. My story is this: one Christmas I asked my son if there were any particular dishes he’d
    like to have to go with our roast turkey. It was just the two of us that Christmas…and he
    said: “why don’t we have waffles for Christmas dinner?” So I said…”OK!” We made an overnight buttermilk
    batter, and had every kind of berry and whipped cream and (of course) real maple syrup…
    It was really really fun and he loved it!
    (I live in Maine, in the U.S.) This book looks so fun! Thanks for having this giveaway!!

  155. We love to waffle here in Colorado. My partner in crime left for the Air Force 6 months ago and I’m not sure which I miss more, him or an excuse to break out the waffle iron on a week night.

  156. My son got a Belgian waffle iron for Christmas this year. He has hosted several waffle tasting nights since. He started with plain waffles(every kind of mix he could find) and graduated to making scratch recipes and adding things to waffles. We all love these dinners.
    Growing up waffles were in regular rotation for Sunday supper so they are a comfort food for me.

  157. First of all, I love the title of that book. Probably a lot of tasty and not so tasty things will waffle.

    In Holland, they have these sweets called stroopwafelโ€ฆseriously guys, these are the best. My roommates and I had Dutch visitors one weekend, and they brought over a few packages of these treats. They’re not something you can make in a traditional waffle iron, but I can’t think about waffles and not have a brief flashback to this!

  158. How lame is it that I have no interesting stories about waffles? I’ll just leave it at that the best way to eat classic waffles is with tons of whipped cream and a bit of chocolate

  159. We mentioned that we didn’t get a waffle iron for a wedding present so on our first anniversary we received two. One from each set of parents. Hinting works. This book would really put them both to good use.

  160. We love waffles…all kinds, all meals. Our waffle iron is probably thirty years old, and seems to heat up the whole kitchen when we fire it up. However, this doesn’t prevent us from making our favorite summertime treat, chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches. Would love to have this book! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  161. My kids love waffles – but we only started making them frequently when the waffle iron was relocated to a cupboard near the kitchen!

  162. I love waffles but am on a mission to spread the love because for some strange reason, not everyone is as passionate as I am. I always look for opportunities to serve in non-traditional ways.

  163. Waffles have quickly become a Sunday tradition at our house. My son loves to try them with different toppings and thinks it is the coolest breakfast food because they have little wells that he loves to fill up.

  164. The only time I ever use my waffle iron for just waffles is when my mom calls me just to ask me what I’m having for breakfast. I know she’s asking if I’ll make her waffles for breakfast!

  165. Waffles and pancakes always remind me of my grandmother because we would have them every time my grandparents would come to visit from Brazil. They were a novelty there, and for her a visit to the US always meant an opportunity to indulge (and for my brother and I too since we didn’t have them often). Will always remind me of the childhood excitement of having them come visit.

  166. Wow….. What a great cookbook idea ! My younger son “borrowed” my waffle iron ten years ago .
    If I receive a copy off this book I will have to do a commando raid late at night and find where he has hidden it at his house. Of course I’ll invite him over to ” taste” one of the recipes. Or maybe just send a picture !
    Thanks for the offer. C.

  167. When I was growing up in New York my dad got a waffle maker at a garage sale. Apparently it was a great waffle maker and he made tons of waffles with it. He liked to put all kinds of weird stuff in them. It was the Bac-o-bits waffles that made me sick and caused my distrust of waffles. Luckily I got over it in in college and now enjoy waffles.

  168. In college, we’d sometimes get Belgian waffle bar for brunch where we could make our own waffles and top them with fruit, syrup, whipped cream. It was definitely a favorite!

  169. I love your giveaway opportunities. Mostly because I love to read some of the stories. I have not true Fabulous stories about my family’s waffle history. We do own the vintage / antique cast iron waffle iron. It is really cool, the children want to sneak it off to their own home. Alas, I keep it as a treasure and we make waffles together when they come to visit. Some day, one of those kids will inherit a lovely waffle iron, I hope they share with their own children ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Waffles weren’t unusual at our house (we had a waffle iron with flippable plates so we could open it and do pancakes, which were more common). Then tended to be a breakfast food with butter and syrup. But I remember seeing Begian waffles for the first time at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, so very different!

  171. My husband absolutely adores waffles and pancakes and would probably eat them daily if given a choice. We are still using the waffle iron we received as a wedding gift in 1982! US!

  172. On a whim, My roommate bought me a vintage chrome wafflemaker for 12$. I spent some time scrubbing the plates until I felt they were clean enough and then fired it up. it’s got the original cord, bakealite handles, no temperature control or timer and weighs about 10 pound. Using a recipe from “the Merry Mixer” cookbook from the 1930’s, I made my first batch of waffles. golden brown, crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. We stood in the kitchen eating hot waffles dipped in maple syrup, laughing about how insanely good they were and how we could never eat grocery store waffles again!
    I don’t make waffles often, but when I do, I freeze the left overs so I’ve always got emergency breakfast ready ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. We are maple syrup producers and the waffle is our absolute favorite method for transferring syrup from plate to mouth!

  174. Last week I took left over mashed potatoes which everyone was sick of and made them into a crispy hash brown type waffle and they were a hit. My daughter told me that she didnโ€™t like them she LOVED them! I think I need to make more food into waffles!

  175. Hi!
    On family vacations one of the most exciting things when I was a kid was to spot the waffle maker at the hotel breakfast bar. My siblings and I would always fight over who got to make them first!
    Great website ๐Ÿ˜€

  176. Found a pearl sugar waffle in Portland that is closer to the ones I used to get from the waffle stands in Belgium that any other I’ve had in the US.

  177. For years my husband and I had waffles for breakfast every Sunday. When my son was ready to start eating solid foods, he refused to eat baby food, or anything off a spoon. He would chew on waffles though. So I started adding sweet potatoes and all other sorts of fruits and vegetables to his waffles. He has food intolerances, so I figured out how to make gluten free, vegan, vegetable filled waffles.

  178. When I don’t have anything made for dinner, out comes the waffle iron. I use a Nordic Ware waffle iron and I am very pleased with it. Need to make more meals that involves a waffle iron.

  179. Our most adventurous waffle making: making overnight yeasted waffles on a camping trip in Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya. We made the batter the night before, left it out tightly wrapped and hoping the hyenas and baboons didn’t get too curious, and cooking them in the morning on our stove-top-style waffle iron over a camp stove. Wonderful way to wake up!

  180. We have a favorite waffle recipe–used for dinner and brunch. It came from a Patricia Wells cookbook. Waffles are made from grated potatoes, and served with smoked salmon and creme fraiche. Yum.

  181. I LOVE waffles. I think they’re a perfect food. At Knoebel’s, an amusement park in PA, they make fresh triangular waffles and sandwich triangular servings of vanilla ice cream between them- best treat on a hot day!

  182. My mom and I used to make waffles all the time when I was little (we weren’t big on the art of pancake making). We used to make them for dinner a lot as well ๐Ÿ™‚


  183. Not a particularly enthralling tale, but whenever I used to go to Nashville’s legendary Pancake Pantry, I was always “that guy” who had to be different and got a waffle instead!

  184. My children love to have “upside down day” which means breakfast for dinner in our house. The most requested dinner is waffles!

  185. The Christmas holiday ice storm of 2014 left us with no power for 6 days out in the country. The place we are renting had a generator but could only power part of the house and only part of the time so I set up a little cook station in the bedroom as the kitchen was never with power. (the fridge was plugged in by extension in the livingroom!)
    A small toaster oven and kettle and outdoor barbeque were my cooking tools.
    Needless to say I had to get a little creative. One day I had a brainstorm with some leftover mashed potatoes. I added bacon ( bbq’d), cheddar, a few eggs and a little flour to hold it all together and put the “batter’ in the waffle iron. I had no idea if the consistency was right, mixing it by candlelight in the dark kitchen. This was so good I was wishing for more mashed potatoes!

  186. I love waffles and thanks to the internet and the amazing creativity of food artist (bloggers), I have access to an abundance of recipes. This weekend: lemon blueberry waffles with huckleberry sauce.

  187. Fawaffle, ha! So clever!! My great waffle epiphany came when I tried my first Liege waffle, so crunchy and delightful. Here in Portland we have a great waffle place that serves savory waffles, also a new thing for me. Us poor kids grow up eating eggos which don’t even compare to a real waffle!

  188. I’ve always wanted to make the perfect waffle to use as bread for a sandwich, this book seems like I’ll be able to find the right recipe

  189. Waffles are the best!! we’ve been turning anything and everything we can into waffles lately in my sunny California kitchen!

  190. I… haven’t had a fresh waffle (ie. not the frozen kind) since discovering that I’m allergic to eggs, and I miss freshly made waffles so much! I keep telling myself that if I can find myself a really compact waffle maker or a multi-tasker that I’ll actually use for more than waffles, I’ll get one and make myself delicious waffles, but maybe this cookbook will help convince me that waffle irons aren’t entirely unitaskers!

    Oh waffles, I miss you ๐Ÿ™

  191. I am the former owner of a Snoopy waffle maker. I have eaten many a Snoopy waffle.

    When I heard about this book, I wished I could now Snoopy waffle the world.

  192. The best $3 splurge I ever spent was at a Catholic church rummage sale I happened to walk by and took home my very own rectangular, deep and crispy Belgian waffle maker. None of this shallow, soggy, round business. Oh, man is that thing the best. The house recipe is cornmeal rosemary waffles topped with a fried egg, avocado, and fresh salsa. Every house guest gets that one – it’s the best excuse to pull out the waffle iron.

    • My husband makes the best Liege waffles ever!! They are so good it’s dangerous! I’m dying for home to make some chicken and waffles with them because that would be the absolute best!

  193. I first found Daniel through Serious Eats early in 2014. I immediately went through a 3 month phase where I waffled something every weekend. Cornbread waffles and waffled mac and cheese are the house favourites, but the one we keep going back to is waffled stuffing – it makes the perfect ratio of crispy to fluffy that I require in my holiday (or anyday) stuffing.

  194. Dressing (stuffing for non Southerners) is a sacrosanct food item at Thanksgiving. I saw Will’s post about waffling it and decided to try it. You should have seen my sister’s horrified face when I told her. She couldn’t even speak for a moment. I did it in spite of the objections. It was a big hit! The little wells hold gravy perfectly. Waffling my dressing from now on.

  195. My husband makes the best Liege waffles ever!! They are so good itโ€™s dangerous! Iโ€™m dying for home to make some chicken and waffles with them because that would be the absolute best!

  196. Sounds like a cool book. If I don’t win I might buy it for my husband, who is the ‘waffler’ in the family – he makes waffles and breakfast meats one weekend morning most weekends. That’s all we use our waffle iron for, but I like all the other ideas in the comments!

  197. My fave waffles right now are cornmeal waffles. And once, in the process of cleaning out the fridge, a room mate and I discovered they go really well with Indian food.

  198. I just discovered the concept of cooking things other than waffles in my waffle iron, after watching a video posted on facebook. LOVE the cinnamon rolls made this way! Can’t wait to try more recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. Have two waffle makers but don’t make waffles very often. Hope to win this book to get some inspiration! Live in the US.

  200. On July 24th last year (Pioneer Day here in Utah) I held the First Annual Waffle Fest in my backyard. I had two kinds of waffles and every topping we could think of from fruit to Nutella and plenty of buttermilk and maple syrup and whipped cream. I invited the neighborhood and family members and I ended up feeding about 60 people. It was so much fun, we’ll be doing it again this year! I love using my waffle iron at least once a week and this book would really give me great ideas!

  201. I love to make waffles to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning. I always make extra so we can pop them in the freezer to toast up on busier weekdays.

  202. I made falafel waffles for the first time yesterday, and I was shocked on how easy it was to make a complete meal. I just threw some chickpeas, herbs, flour and seasoning into my food processor, gave it a whirl, smeared it into my waffle machine and, in less than 5 minutes, I had food. This is life-changing for my lunch game, I can’t even explain.

  203. I’m a new comer to this genius Will It Waffle idea!! Myself and my mother in law and sister in law live in separate states (myself in FL). We all have discovered this together and have been more than overly excited to try new recipes. Quick and fast breakfast omletes are my favorite. I’m thankful that my children can join in and help. We would love to try the recipes in this book.

  204. waffles – we have 4 irons around the house, I think we like them – my hardest part is putting only enough batter on the iron – the overflow is just so messy, but I still haven’t learned that enough is enough

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