Cookbooks: Seven Spoons

May 23, 2015

Seven Spoons cover

If you follow the food blog scene, you may have heard that long-time blogger Tara O’Brady recently released her first cookbook, Seven Spoons. I have seen this beautiful book everywhere lately, coupled with glowing praise and pictures of delectable food.

Seven Spoons chia pudding

Tara’s book landed in my mailbox during that crazy phase when I was finishing my own book draft and while I took a cursory glance, I didn’t pay it the attention it merited. However, since turning in that document, I’ve been clearing out the piles and turning my focus to the neglected pile of review copies that gathered in an unwieldy stack next to my desk.

Seven Spoons spiced candied nuts

Friends, this book deserves all the love it has received of late. I’ve spent many an hour falling into these glorious pages and my copy is now riddled with hopeful Post-Its. It has that perfect balance of inviting story telling, appealing recipes, and spare, beautiful photography.

Seven Spoons soused tomatoes

I also love that in a world where cookbooks seem to require increasingly narrow lenses to be salable, this one simply features Tara’s favorite recipes. This means that you’ve got recipes for seeded bread alongside braised beef. I so appreciate the diversity and inspiration these pages deliver.

Seven Spoons pickled jalapenos

In addition to the recipes I’ve pictured here (which I very much want to try), I’m also hoping to make the Fennel and Chard Puff (page 95), the Pickled Strawberry Preserves (page 111), and the Rhubarb Raspberry Rye Crumble (page 219) as soon as is reasonable.

Seven Spoons spine

What cookbooks have been delighting you of late?

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5 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Seven Spoons"

  • Considering what essential resources your books are in my household, the thought of mine in yours is a serious honour. Thank you.

  • I just borrowed The Broad Fork from the library and I think I might either take it out every two weeks or buy my own copy. I want to try out several recipes and if they turn out as good as they look, it’ll be a great resource!

  • I am 70 years old and I have been canning for along time. I love reading your blog and recipes. My husband and I raised 6 wonderful kids and so now with everyone in their own homes I have really had a time adjusting down my recipes. I would love LOVE love if you would consider writing a Small Batch cookbook. I think it would appeal to canner in my age group and also those at the other end of that spectrum. Thank for your small batch recipes. MK “

    1. Hi MaryKay. I actually have written a small batch cookbook. It’s called Preserving by the Pint. Every recipe in the book makes just two or three half pints.