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March 27, 2015

cover of Dessert for Two

There is just so much to like about Christina Lane’s new book, Dessert for Two. It’s got page after page of gorgeous photography. The book is hefty and feels good in your hands. And all the recipes it contains for cookies, cakes, tarts, bars are scaled to serve just two or three.

Dessert for Two contents

Released last month and bearing the same name as her very clever blog, Dessert for Two is arranged by kind of treat. There are cookies (never more than a dozen), bars (including, but not limited to several varieties of brownies), cakes (including a petite wedding cake), Southern delights (Christina is from Texas), and candy (because why not!).

, brownies for two

I’ve used her recipe for brownies several times since the book landed on my doorstep and I’m always delighted both by their flavor and the fact that there’s not a whole pan of them hanging around my kitchen. You bake them in a loaf tin and the yield is just two generous brownies (though I often cut them into thirds so that they stretch a little further).

blueberry mason jar lid pies

And then, there’s the novel way that Christina uses mason jar lids. She flips the flat lid upside and turns it into a tiny removable bottom pan. You’ll see her do this for both tarts and pies and the result is both practical and adorable.

chocolate caramel mason jar lid tarts

If you have a small household and you like homemade desserts, this would be a very good book to add to your collection!

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6 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Dessert for Two"

  • That’s fantastic with the pies! And the sealing compound from the lids doesn’t become a problem? I should start saving my failed-seal lids to try this.

    I’m always looking for smaller batch recipes. This book is a wonderful idea.

  • What a wonderful book perfect for just hubby and myself. His middle name is desserts’ I think if I had it around he would eat dessert for breakfast lunch and dinner and even i between.

  • I need this book. I actually feel this way about most of the books you mention. Its torture. I cant afford a cookbook habit. oh well. I’ll keep reading your posts and dreaming about a bookshelf filled with nothing but cookbooks.

  • Marisa! Thank you SO much for the sweet review! I’ve been a longtime fan of your site (since I first started reading blogs 5 years ago), and I’m so honored you reviewed my book! Thanks again, lady! XO


    1. Christina, your book is beautiful and so smart! I was just delighted to be able to share it on the site!