Cookbooks: A Year of Pies

July 31, 2012

I did not grow up in a household where dessert was a regular thing. More often than not, when we asked about a sweet treat after dinner, we were pointed to the fruit bowl or a jar of applesauce. However, once or twice a year, there would be pie.

The pie happened on no particular schedule. My mom baked in response to her own cravings and could not be hurried or begging into producing pie. We learned early that it was better to leave her alone and accept the serendipitous pie than try to wheedle it into being. And accept it, we did. Her pies were always sturdy, not-too-sweet creations that piled mountains of fruit into a nutty, half whole wheat crust. My favorite thing was being allowed a slice for breakfast the next day.

Thanks to this early conditioning, pie will be forever feel like a way create a special occasion out of a Wednesday evening. It’s one of the things I hope to do with my kids someday (of course, I have to have them first).

You may be asking yourself, why is Marisa waxing poetic about her childhood pie memories? I recently got a review copy of Ashley English’s new book, A Year of Pies and now I can’t stop thinking about tucking food, both sweet and savory, between layers of crust.

Some of you probably know Ashley from her blog, Small Measure, or from her other four (!) books on all manner homesteady topics like Bee Keeping and Food Preservation. This book is similar in organization to her previous ones in that it offers an extensive section towards the front of the book that walks you through the equipment, the different kinds of crusts (and what each is best for), tips on rolling and the various techniques you can employ to achieve gorgeous crusts, before moving on to the recipes.

Once through that grounding section, the rest of the book is arranged by season, proving unequivocally that pie isn’t just a summer and fall dessert. Any winter day would be made better by the Maple Orange Walnut Pie on page 55 on the Carrot Pie on page 77.

The book contains sweet pies, savory pies (like the homey Chicken Pot Pie pictured below), tarts, galettes, crostada and hand pies. There are both bake and no-bake options and even a pie version of Polish-style stuffed cabbage. Ashley also invited a few of her blogging friends to contribute recipes, including a Gluten-Free Streusel Apple Pie from Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking author Kate Payne.

For those of us who are working our way through baskets of berries and armloads of peaches this time of year, I think it’s important to put a little of that fruit aside and make something that allows us to enjoy the bounty now, as well as later. Pie is on my to-do list for later this week.

Thanks to Ashley and her publisher, Lark Crafts, I have a copy of this lovely pie book to share with one of you. If you want a chance to win a copy, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing a pie story. It can be your favorite kind of pie, a memorable slice you once ate or anything other pie fact you’d like to mention. .
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 3. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 4, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Lark Crafts gave me two copies of this book, one for review purposes and one to giveaway. However, my opinions remain, as always, entirely my own. 

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571 thoughts on "Cookbooks: A Year of Pies"

  • I’ve never really made pies, although I’d like to try. On holidays and other special occasions I bought the most delicious pies from a man in the Italian Market who took orders weeks in advance. Sadly, he died, so now I have to learn to do it myself! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  • My mother makes the best apple hand pies in the world. She would always make them before we went camping so it was a great treat after a long day of playing outside.

  • My first pies were what my grandfather made every holiday. I love chocolate pie to this day & have never been able to recreate his recipe

  • I have been on a pie kick! I have a friend who actually begs me to bake her pies publicly on Facebook. This time of year it has to be peach pies, line the Crist with almond paste and add a crumb topping that has a hint of ginger. Yum!

  • It never occured to me that I could bake a pie, until one Thanksgiving a decade ago.I made an apple pie & a sweet potatoe pie. And what a hit, now pies are made & eaten frequently depending on the fruit in our csa. My boys LOVE pie!!

    1. My favorite pie memory was at my neighbor’s house when I was young. That was some 60+ years ago. She made the best egg custard pie. I rarely see it anymore and I don’t know how to make it. But I still taste it in my mind.

  • I havent met a pie I didnt like (except for this one meat pie tart thing topped with century egg i tried a while back…), but I find myself longing for peach pie all year til they come into season (very soon!).

  • I still can’t live down the thanksgiving I forgot the put sugar in the pumpkin pie. and I’m a professional cook!

    1. I had to live down a thanksgiving my professional chef friend told me allspice would substitute for nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Ick! Strangely, one of my friends thought it was the best pumpkin pie he’d ever eaten.

      (Is this my comment?)

  • I have a great reason to learn to cook & bake and could use all the help I can get….I will be married next year and we are expecting our first child. I have to feed then and I’d prefer it to be delish!!

  • The first pies my partner used to eat were with a woman named Freda Unsworth who lived on the edge of a logging town on Haida Gwaii, BC. He would go over to her place with his sisters and do a few chores for Freda and then get fed Rhubarb pie. One of his fondest memories from childhood. No birthday cake in our house. It’s always birthday pie. Already pre-ordered the book, but hope to win another copy for a friend. Thanks for writing it!

  • Pie was, and still is, the birthday dessert of choice… I almost did pie at our wedding, but decided to do cake at the las minute. Mmmmm…now I am craving pie. Fresh peach pie might be in order once I hit up the market this weekend!

  • my mom was never a big pie maker; she was very good at cakes and brownies. but once or twice a year she would make a chocolate cheese pie. it has a chocolate graham cracker crust which is filled with an oh so rich chocolate cream cheese filling! we loved this pie!!!! now my girls help her make this pie for her birthday dessert and yes…there are just enough leftovers for breakfast!

  • Best pie I ever had was a Chicken and Leek Pie in a London pub. It had puff pastry on top and came with mashed potatoes and green beans. Lovely!

  • Oh, pie! Every holiday, my grandma would make a series of pies, usually pumpkin, rhubarb, and apple. The best thing about them was the crust; I’ve yet to recreate her perfect crusts, though I’m getting closer (lard! who knew?).

    This book looks amazing; I’ll have to buy a copy!

  • i have an ongoing love affair with pie, especially in the summer with so much fresh produce to enjoy. i too loved nothing better as a kids than when i was allowed a slice of leftover pie for breakfast, usually following a holiday spent with family. grandma was always perfectly happy to spoil us with a leftover slice of apple or pumpkin. my favorite pie-related memory would probably be when my mom first made grasshopper pie for dessert at her monthly dinner club. she had me briefly convinced that there were tiny grasshopper legs among the chocolate crust. it’s still one of my favorite pies today & i always share the story with my little ones when i make one for dessert. 🙂

  • I made my first from scratch apple pie with a crisp topping two years ago and ever since I tasted that pie I knew I would never eat another store-bought one!

  • Wow, that looks like a special book! I’ve always been more of a cake fan than pie fan, but I think there’s more than enough love to go around for both, and I’ve recently been coming around more and more to the splendors of homemade pie. It turns out, I didn’t hate pie crust, I just hadn’t realized I really preferred all butter crusts. I remember my aunt showing me how to relax when I roll out dough, and how to flute the edges with my thumb. I have many fond memories of time spent on her farm in Wisconsin, and the pie making sessions are among them!

  • I love pie! My childhood is full of pie recipes. My father had fruit trees in our yard, including a tart cherry that was perfect for pies. We would pick a bunch and sit on the front porch and pit them. What a mess, but so much fun. I learned to make crust by age 12, and was pretty good at it. I wish I could eat pie every day without suffering the consequences.

  • I love baking pies. I use a wonderful all-butter crust, but my beloved grandmother taught me to make the crust using lard. Just can’t bring myself to use lard these days, although apparently I loved to stick my fingers in Grandma’s jar of lard and lick it off when I was little. Yuck!

  • My favorite pie? Blackberry! Or, fresh blueberry pie with a flaky crust and fresh whipped cream 🙂

  • My mother never made pie. If we had pie, it was at one of my grandmother’s houses, and it was usually apple, pumpkin or raisin pie. The most memorable pie I remember having is when I tasted my first peach pie, made from fruit picked from my Aunt Margaret’s mom’s tree when I was 7 or 8 years old. I wanted to inhale it. I wanted to savour it and make that tiny piece last. All the grownups kept laughing at me because I kept going “Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm!”

  • The first pie I ever made from scratch, I did it with a friend and it was rhubarb lattice pie. It was delicious, but it had taken us hours to do. I don’t eat a lot pie now, but I do much prefer to make my own crust and filling. When I buy it, it doesn’t taste as good. I really enjoy rhubarb, apple, and this year, I’ll probably do blueberry since I picked and froze some for a pie in the future.

  • One year, I crimped up the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie crusts nice and high, and optimistically used all the filling I had mixed up — right to the top of the crust, well above the level of the pie plates. While tidying up, I noticed that the oven looked brighter than I expected. The crust had crumbled and a good amount of the custard had flowed out onto the oven floor and caught on fire — could the 2′ flames I’m remembering be accurate? After the oven had been cleaned out, I just kept baking the now smoked pies — I was already running late. Somehow, they tasted no different than when they hadn’t been set on fire — a truly foolproof recipe!

  • I always pick pie – preferrable peach or coconut cream, for my birthday. And my Grandma is the pie queen, no one’s is as good as hers – so she says, anyway.

  • I have a killer pie crust recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It includes gin or vodka as part of the liquid. I have customized it slightly and use butter-flavored Crisco instead of regular. It is tender, flaky, and flavorful. Look for their “Fool Proof Pie Crust” recipe.

  • Pies, mmm. All my pie memories involve my 90 year old grandmother. She made the best blueberry pies. Along with her regular sized pies, she would always make me a mini pie because she knew it was my favourite. Even at 90, she still continues to make the most amazing pies. This post really got me thinking about how I should spend some time baking with her and learn her pie secrets before she is not around to share them.

  • There’s nothing better than a warm, homemade slice of apple pie…or cherry pie made with cherry pie filling that my friend and I canned ourselves. 🙂 That was pretty good too.

  • Bring my dad a pie, make a friend for life. To celebrate his 90th birthday we had pie after church. One of my Sunday school kids had the idea — ‘Let’s make 90 different kinds of pie!’. We did end up with about 30; and had pie for breakfast for many days.

  • I just love cherry pie & apple pie. I’ve made and re-made an amazing cherry slab pie, but I’ve also eaten my mother unforgettable apple pies.

  • Fave pie story: Thanksgiving. Two fresh pumpkin pies cooling in a bottom cupboard. Family leaves house for a bit. Family comes home to two dogs eating two pumpkin pies. 🙂

  • Chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust was always a family favorite. I made one one evening and put it in the refrigerator. We woke the next morning to a very quite house. Our 3 year old had found the pie and ate the whipped cream off the top giving the rest to his 2 year old sister who was finishing it in her crib! He had given her a wash cloth to clean up with. We laugh to this day about it and they are in their 40’s now. Chocolate pie is still a favorite.

  • My Mom was a farmgirl from Nebraska and the woman could make pies in her sleep! She started teaching me to make pie when I was 7. Everyone’s favorite was her cherry lattice-top pie. Her crusts were made with lard and the extra pieces always went in the oven sprinkled with cinnamon sugar — cookies that melt in your mouth! I inherited her old wooden rolling pin and during the holidays when I make a pie to share with family, I can feel her behind me helping me roll out the dough.

  • My favorite pie without a doubt would be apple of course. Being from New England I think we are all born with a need for a great piece of pie any time of year.

  • When I was young I lived in Europe and we weren’t able to have sweets everyday as well! I was usually pointed to a jar of nutella or honey. However the mornings that I would be at my grandma’s she would wake up early and make pie! She would make the pie with whatever seasonal fruit she had picked from our garden. My favorites were cherry and apple. I love a good pie and I love to roll out dough! I used to play with the flour when I was little.

  • I can still smell the apply pie baking at my grandmother’s house. Just simple apple pie. She also made strawberry rhubarb pie. …and now I’m hungry.

  • My mother could be cajoled into making a pie occasionally if we picked the contents. One day my brother & I came across a HUGE Huckleberry patch. We took off our shirts, filled them with Huckleberries & hauled them all home to Mom. She made a Huckleberry pie for dessert that night in one of GreatGranny’s old fashioned, English stoneware pie dishes. That must’ve been 5o years ago. My Gawd, does that ever make me feel old.

  • I was so excited to recently recreate my favorite pie ever: berry pie with three types of berries! Better than the famed Marie Callendar’s pie…yay!

  • Pie is an occasional treat at our house too-usually only at the holidays. The problem is we can never agree on what kind we like. My dad and I like pumpkin, and my mom like pecan, but no one else will touch either, and we end up with an apple too. So even though there are usually only 5 of us, we end up with at least 3 pies (and usually finish them, much to the expansion of our waistlines!)

  • Oooooh, I love pies! I was lucky enough to grow up in a community that made lots of pies and shared them at most community get togethers. My mom also made pies, so there were sometimes pies just for us. There were mulberry pies, rhubarb pies, raisin pies, and all the other more usual fruits as well – apple, cherry, peach, etc. I can remember standing in front of a long table and looking at all the choices of pies, each piece already placed on an individual dessert plate, and wondering how on earth I was going to choose just one! I’m wondering the same thing about choosing a favorite pie. 🙂 But, if I had to choose, I’d say that it would probably be a raisin pie, or maybe a rhubarb raisin pie, or maybe strawberry rhubarb pie, or….

  • A couple years ago I read up on how wonderful freshly rendered lard makes pie crusts so I contacted a pork farmer and rendered the fat to make a special apple pie. It was quite good but don’t think I’ll be rendering own fat again anytime soon… there are lots of other recipes that make very wonderful crusts.

  • I promised to make whatever he wanted for my roommate’s birthday: it was October and he wanted a peach pie. They might have been frozen, but it was made with love, and isn’t that what makes a pie taste so darn good?

  • Oh, a Year of Pies — what a wonderful title! My children LOVE anything with a crust, and therefore just about any kind of pie! I am especially partial to a one-crust, streusel-topped fruit pie, so you get the flakiness and the crunchiness all in one dessert!

  • Lovely book….The one pie I always tried to recreate was my mom’s sweet potato pie. She passed away years ago before I asked her for her recipe; so continue my search for the perfect sweet potato pie.

  • I love this book- and want it so bad. I have been following Ashley’s blog for a long while now and love her! I love pie, too! I got your book and thought- they will be
    in constant use, so this will add to my obsession w/ your blogs and PIE!

  • One of my favorite pies is spinach pie! (What? Really??) Yup! It not only has spinach, but beet greens, swiss chard, egg, and the best part- lots of feta cheese! I’m hungry just thinkin’ about it. Its a great recipe to make if you need to use up some greens in the garden.

  • I didn’t really eat pie until I had a Bennett’s mixed berry pie. They’re located in Sacramento, a family run small operation. I tell you what, the crumb topping and luscious berry filling would convert the pickiest eater you know! Although I don’t make many pies, I do make galettes- I guess that counts!

  • I love pie, but crust intimidates me. I need to make at least one with the 1/2 bushel of peaches currently on my counter, though. It would be a shame not to…

  • My favorite pie from childhood is gooseberry pie. Picking the gooseberries was a “thorny” issue, but the rewards were well worth it. It is still a treat to go back home and be treated to this pie. My siblings and I still fight over the last piece. If only I could grow some gooseberry bushes in my yard…

  • I remember the very first pie I baked. It was apple. Green granny smith apples. I used a little too much lemon and so it came out extra tart but that was okay with me! It meant gobs more vanilla ice-cream to accompany my heavenly slice(s). I love pies! Alas, now that I am trying to follow a wheat free diet (which means gluten free) I do not make as many as I once did. Instead, I often go for the crustless, crumble versions which, when baked, can easily be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • Pie for breakfast is heaven! The art of pie-making is one of those things that should be cherished as it’s definitely a labor of love, hard work, and a touch of talent. Thanks to everyone like Marisa and Ashely who take the time to share tips and techniques!

  • From “True Romance”:

    “Do you like to get pie after you see a good movie?”

    “Yeah, I love to get pie after a movie?

    “Would you like to go get some pie with me?”

    “I’d love some pie.”

  • We took our children to a small local fair this year and when it came time to eat we took a seat at a picnic table next to an elderly couple enjoying a slice of pie. I looked up and noticed they had purchased a slice from a local pie stand. Just seeing themselves wrapped in conversation and enjoying a slice put a smile on my face. I would love to learn more about this timeless dessert and how to conquer making a crust!

  • Either pecan pie, which reminds me of Thanksgiving growing up in the South, or blueberry pie… well, really, ANY berry pie…

  • I absolutely love pie (favorite dessert) and I love Ashley’s other books, so this is a must have on my book shelf. Every year for Thanksgiving my mom would make a pumpkin and apple pie. I’ve now taken over that baking, and instead of my mom’s traditional get the pumpkin in a can and store bought crust, I make my pies from complete scratch.

  • I am 51 and finally learned how to make a great pie crust last year. My DH loves pie and I can apple pie filling and make an apple pie every other week in the winter. A piece of pie brings back memories of my aunts being around our dining room table and everyone enjoying pie after dinner. There was always fresh coffee and to this day I like a cup of coffee with my pie.

  • Pies always remind me of my grandmother who made scrumptious cherry pies and marvelous pecan pies. I have recently improved my crust with a new pastry recipe supplied by my farmer daughter. This pie book is lovely!

  • It wasn’t until I moved to the Bluegrass area of Kentucky that I first tasted “Derby Pie” which is a traditional favorite, made around the same time we’re also making mint juleps and wearing fabulous hats. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a dense pie made with chocolate and nuts, plus bourbon if you want to be truly traditional. It’s one of the easiest pies to make, especially if you cheat like I do and use a frozen pie crust. I’ve made pie crusts in the past, but they never seem to turn out quite like I think they should.

  • When I was pregnant with my youngest I was spending a lazy Saturday afternoon reading. There was a scene in the book that had the characters eating peach pie. It gave me such an intense craving for peach pie I could practically taste it! Aside from the fact that it was winter and totally not peach season, I couldn’t have pie anyhow since I had gestational diabetes 🙁

    Several months later, after the baby was born and peaches were in season, I finally made myself the peach pie that I had wanted so badly, and it was fantastic!!

  • My favorite canning memories are the times My girlfriends come over and we share love, enjoy each other’s company, and a little bit of something to preserve for later!

  • I love pie! I have always loved pie!
    My grandmother is a baker and pies are her specialty!
    My favorite is her Pecan Bourbon Pie, mainly because she makes it JUST for me. It was my grandfather’s and mine favorite and now that he is gone… is just me. The rest of the family doesn’t like it but I request it for my birthday every year!
    I look forward to Thanksgiving as we drive down to spend it with my family and her job is baking the pies for dessert! YUM!
    Our favorite thing to do during our once a year girl visits to Reno with my Mom, my Grandma and myself is to stop in one of the all night restaurants and have a piece of pie and a cup of tea or cocoa in the wee hours of the morning before we traipse up to bed!
    Pies = memories to me!!

  • I would LOVE this cookbook! Pies are my husband’s favorite dessert. I bought a cookbook “All Cakes Considered” before I knew this. I started working my way through making the cakes and he was sweet, but not terribly impressed. Turns out not because the cakes weren’t good but because they weren’t PIE.
    Thanks, Marisa!

  • I just made my first pumpkin pie from a pie pumpkin this year for Thanksgiving, and I know I will never be able to use the can pumpkin again, it was the BEST! ( and I was very proud of myself!)

  • For my dad’s 60th birthday, I baked him 6 pies, one for each decade! He’s not a fan of cake, and his favorite dessert is pumpkin pie, so that’s exactly what he got. Since his birthday is in the summer, I made some other more summery pies to go alongside his pumpkin… blackberry/blueberry, peach, apple, etc. I am proud to say that making pies is one thing I love to do & seem to be able to do well 🙂 Everyone loved it, and of course we all had to sample more than one kind!

  • My favorite pie memory is my first Thanksgiving with my now husband. We has been dating for only three and a half months. He had invited me to join his family for the holiday and I had asked what I could bring. He said pumpkin pie. So
    I said ok. I had never cooked pumpkin pie before. AsI was a
    single mom at the time, I waited until Wednesday night at 9pm to start cooking the pies. The first on the first pie burned. Luckily, I had enough ingredients to
    make two pies. So I called my beat friend up for some advice, asked people
    on Twitter for advice, and had a glass of wine. Then, I baked another pie.
    By the time I got to bed, it was past midnight. I was planning on running my first race Thanksgiving, and my husband was coming over at 7am with his son to
    watch my daughter while I ran. I was exhausted the following morning. But everyone loved the pies, and they both got eaten.

  • For some reason pies have never intimidated me, even after I tried to make a lard crust in a hot kitchen and ended up with a softly spreading mass on the counter, rather than anything that could be rolled, crimped, or otherwise baked. But I became worried when my husband informed me one day that he was pretty sure he had developed a gluten allergy. What about bread, muffins, cakes, PIE??? Happily I recently acquired a copy of Gluten Free Baking Classics, and I am back in business. Her pie crust recipe kicks butt–no one ever knows. And occasionally, if we are heading to the potluck, I dust off my old “real” flour and make the real thing.

  • My mother and grandmother are not into cooking, so it’s a bit of a mystery how I came to be so obsessed. The single recipe I inherited from my family is my grandmother’s pecan pie recipe, which, as far as I can tell, she relied on mainly because it was absurdly easy. With a premade pie crust (she never made her own) you could get the thing in the oven in about 5 minutes! I no longer made the recipe as she did – I made my own crust and don’t use Karo corn syrup – but I still keep her handwritten copy in the back of my recipe book.

  • My Grammer used to make the best strawberry rhubarb pies, she would always share the last (and largest) piece from the pie-pan with me so i got all the extra crumbly bits… I wish that I had asked her to write the recipe down

  • My mom has a recipe for butterscotch pudding that makes the absolute best butterscotch pie filling… it’s got Amish/Mennonite roots as that is our family’s heritage. It’s hands down the most requested pie that friends ask us to bring when there’s an occasion to share pie together!

  • “That’s a pie crust promise – easily made, easily broken.”
    This is one of those old-timey sayings that I think should get more play nowadays. I heard this one a lot when I was growing up; I bet it was something that my mom also heard a lot when she was growing up. Also handed down – green tomato mincemeat pie, oh so good.

  • Making a pie from scratch makes me feel very grown-up. A pie I made last winter is my proudest acheivement: half whole wheat crust, a quart of pears on bottom, a pint of peaches on top of that, and an oatmeal crumb top.
    Your mother’s pies sound very similar to mine, Marisa. My daughter and I even eat them for breakfast!

  • I think I was one of the only kids who learned how to make pies before chocolate chip cookies. I got to peel apples?!? Yay!!!! Spend all day in the kitchen with Uncle Eddie baking for any random event was glorious. I think they’d probably arrest him for letting me play with sharp objects if that happened now 😉

  • Apple pie is my personal favorite, but the rest of my family loves pumpkin. In fact that’s what my stepson asked for his birthday this year. In July!

  • My favorite pie now exists only in my memory, my Grandmother’s fressh peach pie. I can still see, smell and taste it and she’s been gone 25 years this coming October. She handmade it all, no shortcuts for her, and it was amazing. My Mother and I have tried to recreate it and the crust never comes out quite as flaky nor the fruit just sweet enough to let the peach flavor shine. I miss it, but Mom and I keep trying…. but that may be just because we miss my Grandmother (and we love pie).

  • My family knows I love pies. They also know that I like to indulge in snacks in middle of the night. This particular night, I woke up numerous times and noticed a strawberry rhubarb pie in the fridge. I thought to my self that nobody would notice a tiny slice missing. However, I had the same thought every time I awoke in the middle of the night. By morning, I had eaten about 2/3 of the pie. Ooops. I get teased all the time now.

    Love the blog.

  • The first pie I baked happened in the state of Washington at my sister-in laws house. One large blackberries bush, a large bowl of ripe blackberries and a now what do I do with them. That was thirty some years ago but I still remember how thrilled I was with that warm pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it.

  • I’m discovering the lusciousness of frozen pies during the scorching summer we’re having. A slice of frozen lemonade pie in a graham cracker crust is just right on a hot evening.

  • Every summer as I was growing up my mum’s mum would bake an endless sugary supply of raspberry pies. Still my favorite to this day with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  • My very first pie was an apple pie and the crust was not pretty to look at, but it all tasted yummy and in the end thats what matters…Thanks for the chance to win

  • Growing up, when the leaves began to turn and the air had a slight chill to it, i realized it was time for apple picking. It was time to crunch into those sweet macs, bring them home, and make some pies. We did this every year, my mother and i. Warm Apple Pie will always hold a special place in the season of Autumn for me.

  • As a child, the best thing about Tuesday pie baking, Mom would take the leftover dough and make cinnamon sugar squares that we would devour before dinner.

  • Two dropped pie stories. One was dropped when my young daughter was bringing it in for her sister’s birthday. We call that one “Green Pie” and the plastic lid contained it so we ate it that night! (I made her another one the next day.)
    The second was a cheese cake I made for my soon to be Son in Law. Same daughter somehow knocked it out of the fridge! Plastic wrap on top saved it, so we ate it also.

  • When I was young, my family and I visited the Apple Fest every year at a nearby orchard. One year, my mother, me and my brother decided to enter the apple pie baking contest. I decided to add pecans to my pie to make it “special.” Not only did I win the kid’s division, but I also beat out all the adults (including my mother who provide much “help” to me) to win the grand champion prize. My grandmother had to bid an obscene amount of money to buy my pie during the charity auction. I insisted on entering for years after that just because I found the only thing fun and funny.

  • I grew up making pies for thanksgiving with my Grandmother but as she got older the tradition stopped. Now that she’s passed, I’d really love to pick it back up with Ashley’s wonderful instructions. She started me on chicken keeping and canning already!

  • my hubby doesnt like cake very much so we either make cheesecake or pie at our house. i do have to say that i dont mind it that way 🙂

  • I’m pretty sure I could eat pie every day, so this book would be the best! My favorite pie is cherry, but fresh blackberry is pretty sweet, too!

  • I have unofficially claimed this summer as my Summer of Pie. I’ve made loads of different types of crust and pastry, but I am most excited to get to Seattle to pick some roadside blackberries and make a pie.

  • I love a good pie. My favorite would be any baked sweet sticky fruit pie, next favorite, Kentucky Bourbon pie, and then down to the meringue pies – I have had few successes in making pretty pies, but even the ugly ones taste good. Best I ever did was a lime meringue pie that I made for my dad’s birthday…

  • I’ve really only made a true pie once – and it turned out perfectly! Now, I’m terrified to make a pie again. Why? As per my mother, the first pie she ever made turned out wonderfully…but every pie she’s ever made since has been horrible. It might be a family curse?? 🙂

  • One of my favorite pies is rhubarb custard. It’s an old family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations. I add my own tweak; I put crumble crust on the top instead of regular crust. I think I’m going to go outside now and get some rhubarb!

  • Peach pie with fresh whipped cream is my favorite! I really want to learn how to that fancy lattice crust. Mmm, now I’m pie-dreaming at work. Sigh!