Cookbooks: A Year of Pies

I did not grow up in a household where dessert was a regular thing. More often than not, when we asked about a sweet treat after dinner, we were pointed to the fruit bowl or a jar of applesauce. However, once or twice a year, there would be pie.

The pie happened on no particular schedule. My mom baked in response to her own cravings and could not be hurried or begging into producing pie. We learned early that it was better to leave her alone and accept the serendipitous pie than try to wheedle it into being. And accept it, we did. Her pies were always sturdy, not-too-sweet creations that piled mountains of fruit into a nutty, half whole wheat crust. My favorite thing was being allowed a slice for breakfast the next day.

Thanks to this early conditioning, pie will be forever feel like a way create a special occasion out of a Wednesday evening. It’s one of the things I hope to do with my kids someday (of course, I have to have them first).

You may be asking yourself, why is Marisa waxing poetic about her childhood pie memories? I recently got a review copy of Ashley English’s new book, A Year of Pies and now I can’t stop thinking about tucking food, both sweet and savory, between layers of crust.

Some of you probably know Ashley from her blog, Small Measure, or from her other four (!) books on all manner homesteady topics like Bee Keeping and Food Preservation. This book is similar in organization to her previous ones in that it offers an extensive section towards the front of the book that walks you through the equipment, the different kinds of crusts (and what each is best for), tips on rolling and the various techniques you can employ to achieve gorgeous crusts, before moving on to the recipes.

Once through that grounding section, the rest of the book is arranged by season, proving unequivocally that pie isn’t just a summer and fall dessert. Any winter day would be made better by the Maple Orange Walnut Pie on page 55 on the Carrot Pie on page 77.

The book contains sweet pies, savory pies (like the homey Chicken Pot Pie pictured below), tarts, galettes, crostada and hand pies. There are both bake and no-bake options and even a pie version of Polish-style stuffed cabbage. Ashley also invited a few of her blogging friends to contribute recipes, including a Gluten-Free Streusel Apple Pie from Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking author Kate Payne.

For those of us who are working our way through baskets of berries and armloads of peaches this time of year, I think it’s important to put a little of that fruit aside and make something that allows us to enjoy the bounty now, as well as later. Pie is on my to-do list for later this week.

Thanks to Ashley and her publisher, Lark Crafts, I have a copy of this lovely pie book to share with one of you. If you want a chance to win a copy, here’s what you do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post, sharing a pie story. It can be your favorite kind of pie, a memorable slice you once ate or anything other pie fact you’d like to mention. .
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 3. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 4, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Lark Crafts gave me two copies of this book, one for review purposes and one to giveaway. However, my opinions remain, as always, entirely my own. 

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571 responses to “Cookbooks: A Year of Pies”

  1. I have my great grandmother’s apple pie recipe. It was handwritten by her. It may not be the most original of recipes, but it reminds me of Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. I love making pie, especially the filling. Apple being one of my favourite, I prefer to work from my instincts rather than a recipe. That’s the beauty of apple pie, sweet or more on the savoury side, it’s all good!

  3. This was my first year picking sour cherries and I immediately used them to make sour cherry pie filling and canned it. Now I can make homemade cherry pie all year long and give the filling too friends do they can make their own pie.

  4. My favorite pie to make is Rhubarb Cream Pie. I remember my mom making it when I was a kid. Now I make it for my kids using rhubarb from my garden which mom gave me after splitting hers.

  5. I just absolutely love recipe books of any kind! At a younger age, I always clipped recipes out of magazines and made my “own” cookbooks. My daughters now have these “books”.

  6. Zwiebelkuchen (translation: Onion Cake, though it has a crust as is more pie-like). My grandmother would make it and, in true German fashion, it contained sausage and/or bacon. When I declared myself vegetarian, she would make a smaller version for me, sans meat.

  7. I love pie! We were always allowed to choose our birthday dessert and I always wanted blueberry pie. My brother, born in July, always wanted pecan- I would tell him to choose fruit, he could have the pecan at Thanksgiving, but he never listened. i think my current favorite is strawberry rhubarb.

  8. I’d consider myself a fairly novice pie-maker. Yet, there’s something so therapeutic about the process: the precision of the crust, the preparation of the filling, and, lastly, the baking. It’s so gratifying to share the creation with the people you love.

  9. My favorite pie memories have yet to be created! I love pie but am terrified of pastry! I’d love a gorgeous book that could talk me through my fears and help me create wonderful memories for my family 🙂

  10. My family loves the chicken pot pie that I make at least once a month. As a matter of fact, it’s whats for supper tonight. It’s a Paula Deen recipe, and quick,easy and delicious !! I remember my paternal grandmother’s dessert cupboard-if you finished your meal, you could choose what you wanted- pie or cake !!

  11. Pies are an all American tradition. I am a baker at heart, my daughter wants to be a pastry chef and my son is gluten/dairy free. I am always looking for awesome pie recipes.

  12. We used to have an apple tree, and I swear the pies made from those apples were the best ever! I love making pies, all year round, so I’m excited about this book!

  13. I still love peach pie, no matter that other pies might be better in season, or the crust is pre-made. I just do.

  14. I’m still trying to convince my husband how wonderful rhubarb pie is! I couldn’t make any this Spring because I have gestational diabetes, but I LOVE pie in the summer (OK ALL year). Nothing like a slice with a glass of cold milk for breakfast!

    Scheduled to have baby this Thursday and I have all the ingredients for a peach pie on standby!

  15. We didn’t usually have pie for dessert when I was a child. If we had dessert, it was cookies or cake (that I made). For her father, my grandfather, she would make a Lemon Meringue Pie.

    I married a Pie-Loving Man. He says that I ‘captured his heart with my Fresh Peach Pie’ and then I had to learn how to make pie because I had a reputation to maintain. I have ‘tried and true’ recipes but I’m always looking for the Perfect Pie.

  16. My family went apple picking every fall… one of the highlights afterwards was apple pie. Except for the run when my mom left out one ingredient each time…. no flour…runny pie. No cinnamon…not the same, but ok. No sugar? unfortunately inedible.
    But honestly, the vast majority of the time, the pies were delicious.

  17. I have always wanted to make a chicken pot pie. I do however make wonderful caramel apple pie. It has a secret ingredient that makes it spicy. I do really like a sweet hot flavor. Lol

  18. When I was a kid my mom planted an apple tree in the backyard. My sister and I patiently waited the years it took to establish its self and start producing apples, only to find they were hard and soooo sour. Mom to the rescue though, they made the best apple pies ever! I’ll never forget how great it was to walk in the house to find homemade apple pies from our little tree.

  19. My Mom and Grandma made the best pies and pie crust I ever ate, my Mom has showed me numerous times how to make a good crust but it never turns out like hers! Her home -made coconut cream pies were the best. As a side note I actually worked the day after Thanksgiving for one of my co-workers (so she could have the day off) if she made me a whole homemade pecan pie, she made it from scratch and it was delicious. She was an older Latvian lady, and an excellent baker!

  20. My favourite pie memory is of making a small mulberry pie with my Grandmother, just for me.

    We were lucky enough to grow up next door to my Dad’s parents, and my Grandmother was an incredible pie-maker. There was also a large weeping mulberry tree in the back yard – we would gorge ourselves on the berries every summer. One year, when she was making pies (probably peach, given the time of year) and looking after me at the same time, she sent me out to pick a cup full of mulberries – just enough for us to make a pie in a small pan she had. It was the only time I can remember “helping” her (I would have been around 5-6, so at the age to be more of a hindrance than a help!), and it’s the only mulberry pie I have ever eaten.

    As for a favourite – as much as I love apple, and rhubarb custard, and elderberry, my favourite remains peach pie. Speaking of which, I need to go buy some peaches soon…

  21. Every single time I make an apple pie I try to peel it in 1 single strip just like my mom did. It’s always a personal contest !

  22. One day I put the pie on top of the stove to cool. I thought the burner was off, but it wasn’t. The pie plate exploded, sending hot pyrex shards everywhere, melting burn marks into the floor, and frightening the dog. And worst of all, no pie.

  23. Many years ago my mother told me that the mark of a good chef was their ability to make a pie. Somehow, this tid-bit of information stuck with me into my adulthood. After college when I moved out on my own I tried many several times to make pies and they never worked! My crust ALWAYS fell apart. I couldn’t roll it out, it was too heavy, it didn’t taste right, it stuck to everything. One day after a particularly bad experience attempting to make a pie crust I called my mom in tears saying that I was a failure as a cook! I couldn’t even make a pie crust! How stupid was I! After calming my down as only a mother can, she asked me what recipe I was using – I told her it was the basic one in my new Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. We compared the recipes over the phone and lo and behold! There was a misprint in my version of the book.

    Moral of the story? Don’t freak out over pie crust. 😉

  24. Best slice if pie I ever had? Peanut butter pie from the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX. It’s a creamy slice of perfection with an optional drizzle of chocolate sauce.

  25. Great giveaway – this books looks fantastic! My grandpa’s favorite pie was always sour cherry, and mine is too…whenever I have it I think of him. Rarely get to bake it these days since sour cherries aren’t so common in California, but this year a friend with some trees in her backyard let me snag some of her cherries! 🙂

  26. I have been desperately trying to re-create this strawberry cream pie that my grandmother used to make when I was young. I’ve sifted through her Good Housekeeping “bible,” which is stocked with scrawled recipes and half-finished menus on old envelopes, the backs of napkins, and even greeting cards. Still–no mention of the strawberry cream pie. I’ve made some pies that are ALMOST the same, but nothing has been an exact replica…yet. 🙂

  27. Oh, these look delicious! The pie I remember from my childhood, and the one I make most often today, is my grandmother’s “Lazy Man’s Peach Pie” (but it’s really more of a cobbler). I also loved my great-aunt’s meringue-topped chocolate pie. I’m not too bad at making that one, but it’s a little more complicated so I don’t very often. 😉

  28. Christmas isn’t truly Christmas in my house unless I make my Nana Nichols’ trademark”Cherry Cream Pie”. A little almond extract makes this pie taste extra special and helps me feel connected to her. I love how certain foods have the power to evoke such strong emotions and memories. : )

  29. I love love love pumpkin pie but have recently started liking a good apple pie when the apples still have a bit of firmness and aren’t cooked to mush.

  30. My mom never made pies but every once in a while would come home from the grocery with a cherry pie. Cherries are my favorite and she always seemed to make it home with one when I was having a bad day. To this day I can’t eat cherry pie without getting a little smile on my face and thinking of her.

  31. My favorite pie is lemon meringue. My grandmother used to make it in the summer when we would come to visit. She would do double meringue and a perfect light crust…yumm!

  32. I grew up with pies. My father, normally a work-hard-in-the-garage kind of man, would take a few hours out of his evening and surround himself with fresh fruit, spices, flour and butter. He’d craft amazing pies, mostly apple, but occasionally cherry or other fruits. Once he even entered his apple pie into a local fair. He didn’t win, but he was proud of entering, and I was proud of him.

  33. Mmmmm pie! I can’t think of anything that doesn’t taste better baked between sheets of pastry. Savory or sweet — they’re all good. Of course my favorite is apple, but banana cream is a close second.

  34. My favorite pie as a little girl was cherry pie. My mom and I would pick the cherries from a neighbor’s tree (me eating as many sour cherries as I put into my bowl). We would pit them with some old meat-grinder thing with a pitting apparatus on it. She always made extra pie crust which would be rolled up with butter and cinnamon sugar into a log, sliced and baked along with the pie for my special treat.

  35. When I was about 12 I had a friend who always thought that being hit in the face with a pie would be hilarious. I agreed. So, on her birthday that year I showed up with a freshly made cream pie tucked behind my back at the side entrance to their house. I rang the bell, she appeared, and WHAM! End of cream pie. Cue giggles. How weird.

  36. One of our favorite family gathering pies is a spinach/sausage pie. I think it weighs 10 lbs! Feeds a ton of people. Love pies!

  37. My blind-baked pie crusts have a pretty sad history, so last year, I finally called into the “Splendid Table” show for help. The advice I got turned out to be just what I needed, and I tested it out on my first lemon meringue pie, our dessert for Easter. As it turned out, Easter last year fell on what would have been my late grandmother’s 100th birthday, and I wanted to try out lemon meringue because it was apparently one of her specialties when my mom was growing up. I never tasted it, of course, since she went down the health food path and left dessert behind long before I came along, but I was ever so pleased to think that my version, as it turned out, might have come up to her standard.

  38. For Thanksgiving dinner, my Mom always made apple pie and pumpkin pie. My brother and father both liked apple pie, but my favorite was pumpkin pie. My Mom’s pumpkin pie. I still remember how it looked and tasted. I miss it, and I miss her.

  39. When I was younb, after a particularly scrumptious thanksgiving meal, I turned to my Aunty Nancy, who had baked the pied, and said, “Aunty, that is the best apple pie I ever had.”

    It was cooked-from-scratch pumpkin. I think the texture might have been off a bit.

  40. Pie for breakfast is my favorite! Growing up I always knew what I’d have for my morning meal of there was pie around (and there was often). It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized that not everyone felt this was normal behavior.

  41. My Mom cans her own apple and pumpkin pie filling! Usually close to the holidays she would take a jar down and would get to work. She always made her crusts by hand and to this day, though I have the same recipe, I can not make them like she does. For as long as I can remember she would let me snag the raw dough she would cut from the edges of her pie and it was like candy to me. When she would make pumpkin pie, and bless her heart, she would always put one pie {or a couple slices at least} into the fridge because she knew I loved my pumpkin pie cold. Some years, along with her signature pumpkin pie she would make a Chocolate pudding pie, though it was shared with everyone I knew she had made it special for me… I guess I’ve never realized it until now but I have great memories of pie too, all because of my beautiful mother.

  42. My grandpa made his living as the head baker at a college ; whenever we visited him, there would inevitably be pie; cherry is my all-time favorite.

  43. I love, love, love mince meat pie. In fact, I have tricked the in-laws into eating it too. Noooo, there’s no beef fat in this pie. Really. I can’t tell the truth now. The lie and the pie have been going on for far too long.

    Mmmmm pie

  44. I’ve always been hopeless with pie – until this year! I won “People’s Choice” at a pie contest for a Meyer lemon hibiscus pie I concocted. It was such a vivid, pretty shade of pink!

  45. Pie is one of our favorite things. But, one year my husband bought me a pie for my birthday instead of cake. I was thrilled. My daughter was a little upset and the following year declared that this year I was not to have a “Pie Birthday”. What do kids know? Pie is so much better than cake.

  46. My favorite memory of pie was cherry every Sunday at Granny’s house. Although she was diabetic, she enjoyed baking desserts. Most Saturdays as a child I was her assistant especially in the mixing and tasting departments. I can smell her kitchen even though she left us thirty-nine years ago!

  47. I knew my blossoming relationship with my boyfriend at the time was going to be memorable when we cooked together for the first time. We made a peach berry pie. I had always been a Pillsbury girl. He was having none of that. His crust and my filling were awesome together. One of my best friends knew we’d get married the night the power went out at work in a busy ICU when my boyfriend of the time showed up with a peach berry pie still warm from the oven and a carton of ice cream for the nurses on shift. We’ve been married for ten months.

  48. I have a favorite pie story that includes my Dad (of blessed memory). This was the first pie I made and since my father liked combinations it was blueberry and pineapple. In those days we used Comstock pie filling instead of making it yourself. Well my Dad absolutely loved it and in one sitting ate half. He was so proud and boasted about it. Well the next time I made a pie I fudged and bought a frozen piecrust… you know he absolutely knew the difference and told me NEVER to do that again. The moral of this story is do not try and take shortcuts with people who you love the best!
    I would love a copy of that awesome pie book!

    Southport, NC

  49. As a child, my parents would take us to the farmers market and buy each of us a raisin moon pie. As an adult, when I would get a craving for this pie, I had to drive 156 miles to that farmers market, as we moved away when I was 13. Three years ago, I made the drive and the owner told me they stopped making them. It was a very sad day, and I haven’t been able to find the recipe yet.

  50. Apple pie is what I first learned to make and it reminds me of my grandmother who used to work for the apple packers.

    My worst disaster was making a lemon meringue pie that we took to a friends house for dinner. I didn’t have cornstarch and didn’t trust the substitution table that said to use twice as much flour. Beautiful meringue but the lemon filling was like soup. I think I cried. We ended up serving it with a spoon – still tasted pretty good.

  51. The first pie I made by myself was for my in-laws the first time we hosted them for dinner. It was a chocolate pie, which was a good thing, because the filling was fine. The crust, however, was like a very thick cracker! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten much better at making crusts. Maybe a book like this would help? Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Thanks for the giveaway. My grandparents raised me, and my grandpa was the one who baked. He always made pies at thanksgiving. My favorite was pecan

  53. I am the pie maker in my family. I always bake a fruit pie at holiday gatherings, and when my sisters visit from out of state, they expect to take an unbaked, frozen pie home with them (I deliver every time).

  54. Day after Thanksgiving before shopping we always grab a piece of pie. Seems to be the best at 5 in the morning with a cup of coffee. Breakfast of champions

  55. The first pie I ever made (at 12 or 13) was a lemon meringue pie while my parents were out of town for the day. It was made with a random can of lemon pie filling I found in the cupboard. I’m sure the crust was horrible and the meringue was probably like eating a sponge, but I was so happy that the meringue made peaks and toasted in the oven that I didn’t care.

  56. Reminds me of childhood. we only ever had pie for Thanksgiving. We baked pumpkin pies together the night before and had it as Thanksgiving breakfast. Now I’m in the mood to bake some 🙂

  57. It would be hard for me to pick my favorite pie, I love all pie. In fact, instead of a wedding cake at my wedding, we served pie instead.

  58. I made my first pecan pie last year before my husband deployed. And one of my favorite memories as a little girl was eating chicken pot pie with my mom! Still one of my favorite foods to this day!

  59. Oh, I love pie. My grandpa was always the pie baker growing up. Even when he was widowed and living in assisted living, he would always have a pie in the freezer for visitors. I wish I had taken the opportunity to bake pie with him.

  60. My favorite pie memory is of my sweet grandfather who passed away at 95. He loved a good old-fashioned raisin pie. Not seen on many menus but it was his way of celebrating. I think of him whenever I see a recipe for raisin pie.

  61. My Grammy taught me to bake pies, and I’ve actually gone on to win a couple of contests…so much fun to have that family connection! Our favorites are peach, blackberry and caramel apple.

  62. I too grew up in a household where fruit was our dessert after dinner. There never was pie, but when we did have some, it was a rare treat. We’d convince my Dad to buy us an apple pie or an apple strudel at the grocery store. When I grew older I moved out and tried my hand at baking my own pies (we didn’t have an oven growing up). I was never good at making crust. But it was when I visited New Zealand for the first time a few years ago that I fell in love with meat pies. Chicken apricot. Chicken curry. Chicken mushroom. Beef and mushroom. Mince (ground beef) and cheese. Venison. The list goes on. It was our favourite lunch. There was always an amazing pie shop in every little town we stopped in on our road trip across the country.

  63. I’m typically too lazy to make pie and tend to be a cobbler girl, but my sister has perfected pie crust and generously shares the recipe. Now I just need some inspiration 🙂

  64. My 24 year old son made his first solo pie this past weekend, in fact he made 3 (sour cherry, blueberry and apple)! He baked them in his tiny studio apartment in Chicago in a postage stamp sized kitchen to serve at an Olympics Opening Ceremony cocktail party he was hosting. Girl friend and guests quite impressed; mother quite pleased.

  65. Any pie that my brother Steve made was my favorite pie! The best were the surprise pies I’d find in my kitchen when I came home from work, just because he felt like baking that day. He died six years ago but the deliciousness lives on in my memor.

  66. Every year I make pumpkin pie at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving, and every year we declare it the best ever. Last year, we got the pie in the oven. Awhile later I was sitting in the family room and heard my sister exclaim, “Ow! Oh, don’t come in here. It’s too sad.” I thought she had hurt herself so I ran into the kitchen. There she was, sucking a burnt finger and staring at the floor. The pie was upside down and the pumpkin filling splattered absolutely everywhere. Of course it was at that moment that her in-laws came walking in the front door, the two of us staring sadly at the kitchen floor. Somehow we talked our husbands into going to the store to buy pumpkin filling so that we could make another pie. And it was the best ever.

  67. I have been teaching myself how to make pies and i think my absolute favourite has to be fresh strawberry pie! Seriously, a slice of heaven! I’m still working on figuring out how to make a good crust but I think I’ve got that filling down. Mmmmmm.

  68. My mom never made pie much, either, but when she did it was usually one from the freezer section at the store. 🙂 I love a good one crust blueberry pie!

  69. I once made a Persimmon Pie that tasted just like a pumpkin pie! It was delicious and I even won a prize!

    I have been eyeing this book for ages. Would LOVE a copy!

  70. My father-in-law loved my pie crust and my pies since no one in his family made pie. My husband raves about my pies too. I have two great recipes for crust. One from Willisms-Sonoma and the other from Pamela Anderson. But, before I found these I used a Crisco book from when I got married in 1976.

  71. My grandmother, Signe Hanson, taught me to make an apple pie. The filling was sliced apples, a bit of tapioca, sugar and cinnamon/nutmeg. Delicious, and I still make it when time allows. My other grandmother, Jane Pascoe, had a reputation for Pasties, the food of the Yoopers by way of Cornwall. Her father, the captain of the copper mine in Republic, MI, encouraged each of his 5 daughters to prepare these easy to transport meal in a shell…

  72. I love pie! In the cake vs pie wars, I definitely side with pie. Strawberry rhubarb is my favorite, but I’d sure love a copy of this book. It sounds tasty to explore.

  73. I didn’t grow up with pie served at home, but when I got my own place I began baking my own – much to my hip’s dismay!

  74. my favorite pie ever is coconut custard pie back in New Jersey’s Delicious Orchards. I have tried without much success to duplicate it without much success…maybe this book has some inspiration in it for me 🙂

  75. My favourite pie story is the story of a slice I chose not to eat.

    Some years ago, we had a lemon tree in my parents’ backyard. My sister thought it would be a good idea to make a pie – we all agreed. She spent the afternoon making the pie, and baking it ready for dessert.

    Unfortunately during its time setting, the pie revealed a secret – the lemons in fact had fruit fly. During the setting time, as the worms tried to escape, they rose to the top leaving an uninvited decoration. Even once they had been scooped out, none of us were quite game to indulge. Well… all except my Dad who had the pie to himself.

    But in normal circumstances… I am a big fan of pie!

  76. PIE! Why do I think about it as a holiday-only affair? While I might make a brown betty pie-ish thing in the summer, I find myself waiting until Thanksgiving to make an actual pie – and then only the traditional apple and pumpkin that are requested by the family. I need some year-round inspiration – thanks for the scoop on the book!

  77. My grandma taught me to bake pies when I was 12. I even won a blue ribbon at the county fair! I’ve don’t make pies that often, but when I do I’m thankful for the round, plastic, zip pouch that enables me to roll the dough into the perfect shape!

  78. Oh my gosh, all you have to say is that one word to me…Pie…and I am weak in the knees! I have always loved pie, but never had the guts to make it! Yes, I know, I can buy a pre made crust and throw some stuff in it, but it has always been intimidating to me! That was, until Rhubarb season this year. My last living Grandmother died last fall and being the food lover I am, I wanted something I could have to hold on to her memory. That was her Rhubarb Pie. It was epic. I’ve made it about four times this year so far and my Dad gave me the greatest compliment, “My mother never made it better”. So, I overcame my fear of pie. I would LOVE this cookbook! Thank you for the offer 🙂 Shawn

  79. my first ever time making pies was in college. i got a job at a local bakery, helping out with odds and ends ’til one day i was encouraged to give pastry making a try. can’t tell you the great feeling i got from making a perfect batch on my first try! i guess you could say that’s the best thing i ever learned in college!

  80. Most of my earliest memories take place in the kitchen, and one of the best is when my grandma set up an assembly station to make these beautiful pumpkin-onion hand pies. Just the right amount of sweet and savory, with a bite of black pepper – they taste just like Thanksgiving to me. And it took my mom, two aunts, and my grandma to put them all together. But I got to be the taste tester!

  81. Gooseberry-apple is a bit of an obsession in my family. Anytime anyone gets engaged we all have to check- do they like gooseberry pie??

  82. I absolutely love making pie, and do so quite regularly. And it’s a good thing too, because pie is my husband’s favorite thing in the world! In fact, he prefers pie to cake so much that instead of a wedding cake, we had Wedding Pie! We had several friends make their favorite kind and then our caterers arranged them artfully in varying levels on a table. Everyone thought they were delicious, and such a great way to stay true to our desires for a very personalized wedding.

  83. I’m almost too into the savory, and in an experiment with a ricotta pie my girlfriend and I learned that you can’t fail anything that has ricotta in it.

  84. My favorite pie-related memories have to do with the special times my mom would make my paternal grandmother’s Butterscotch Pie. It is unlike any pie I’ve ever had and when I lost my recipe and was trying to find a similar recipe online, I found none to be the same. Thankfully, the true recipe was just a phone call to mom away. I’ve now made it a couple times (successfully) myself and know that it will always be something special each time I make it.

  85. I cannot think of pie without thinking of my mom. My dad and I still reminisce that when Mom made pie crust (usually only around Thanksgiving), she made it from one side of the kitchen to the other. I’ve not made pie that often because I always think it will never be as good as hers. Perhaps I should start making pie and just enjoy the memories instead of making comparisons.

  86. I have lots of pie memories. My grandpa always had a desert with his meal and would start with desert first. My great-grandma and grandma were very good at making pies. Blueberry pie is my favorite and my grandma would make one for me every now and then. We were the only ones in the family who liked blueberry pie. My grandma isn’t able to make pies anymore due to her age. I haven’t had a blueberry pie since that tastes as good as the one my grandma made. I think the pie tasted so good, because I got to spend quality time with my grandparents at the same time. I also got to eat a lot of the pie.

  87. My Grandma Bessie made the best chocolate pie in the panhandle of Oklahoma. She never used a recipe and despite many family members trying to watch and duplicate it, well it has never happened! And one of my cousins was a Chef! I will take pie over cake any day, love to make them too.

  88. This book looks incredible! I am the designated pie-maker for holiday celebrations, and my father-in-law has always thought it was very funny to ask me, “jokingly”, if I had brought a pie to regular, every-day dinners and such. Finally, I did, just to be nice: I made a strawberry rhubarb pie, having heard him going on recently about how much he loved them, and brought it over and presented it proudly.

    After dinner, he had a slice of freezerburned Carvel ice cream cake instead of my pie.

    I haven’t brought dessert over except Thanksgiving and Christmas since.

  89. My cousin was making a pumpkin pie and saw that it called for 1/4 tsp cloves. When she found the (whole) cloves in the cupboard she was slightly confused, but figured that one clove seemed to fit in the 1/4 teaspoon, so she threw it into the mix. Imagine the surprised eater biting into a whole clove inside the smooth filling of a pumpkin pie! So now, we always include a whole clove, though right on the surface to protect unaware eaters!

  90. No one in my family ever made pies so I grew up always wanting to learn how to but was always scared about learning how to make a crust. I finally decided to sign up for a class and I have been hooked on making pies ever since! It really is one of my most favorite things to do.

  91. I have always had trouble with the crust, but bought and read “Making Piece” by Beth Howard, her pie crust recipe works for me! I did, however make 2 lemon meringue pies about 15 yrs ago and gave them to my husband’s friend Jim as he has Crohn’s and can only eat none fiberous foods. He loved the pies!

  92. Its funny that you posted this. Blackberries are everywhere right now and I was lamenting the fact that we still have a few jars of blackberry jam from last year. I completely forgot about pie!

  93. When my children were in grade school the school had a fall fund raiser and we would sell baked goods. I would get bushels of apples and make apple pies to sell. I would make all the crusts one day, the next day I would cut the apples, fill them and then bake them. Then the next day I would load them up in my van and take them to the school. The pies always all sold out and this made me feel so good. Good memories.

  94. Ever since I was old enough to make pies (about 12) I was in charge of the Thanksgiving Day pies. My favorite Thanksgiving memories are of sitting at the kitchen counter, watching the Macy’s parade on TV while I peeled apples. My parents were always embroiled in a turkey discussion on the other side of the counter, and my older brother usually shuffled in in his boxers, still bleary eyed from sleep.

    These days I have to fight my husband for pie-making rights.

    Ah, family.

  95. My grandmother’s cherry pies – made from the fruit of the English Cherry tree in her backyard in Wichita, Kan. – always had a single pit. She told us that finding it brought good luck.

  96. Ohhh pumpkin pie. My Mom’s recipe (which was her mothers’ and likely my great grandmothers’ as well). Not a hit with my family and it makes a big pie. Luckily I’m a teacher and always have staff and students to share leftover pie with. Topped with whipped cream, of course!

  97. My mother made the BEST apple pie! But she passed away before she could teach me her tricks of making it mile high and delicious.
    This looks like a great book!

  98. While this may not be as nostalgic as some other commenters, the first pie story that comes to mind is about the Pantry at Delancey here in Seattle. I assisted during Brandi’s “Pie Ninja” class and felt like I learned WORLDS — I’ve been making pie crust wrong my whole life! Or at least, inefficiently. It was so incredible to see the methods that Brandi used, and they were very different than I had seen anywhere else. I am so excited to make a blueberry-lemon verbena pie this weekend for a potluck BBQ and put all her great tips to use!

    This book looks wonderful as well. I have always been a pie lover over cake, and would put this book to such good use.

  99. When I was an undergrad, my boyfriend and I took over the dorm kitchen to make a pumpkin pie. When another student walked in and saw the pumpkin sitting on the counter, she asked what we were making. I told her a pumpkin pie and she looked at me and said without a trace of irony “You can’t make a pumpkin pie out of a pumpkin,” paused, and walked out of the room. What do these people think comes in those cans at the store???

  100. How I love pie! My favorite comfort food, bar none, is chicken pot pie. It’s too hard to choose a sweet pie — lemon icebox, chocolate or pecan would definitely lead the pack, though. I would like to learn to make pies myself, and this book would be a wonderful help toward that.

  101. I remember once when I was sick as a little girl the only thing I would eat was pumpkin pie. Thank goodness it was right after Thanksgiving!

  102. one of my favorite pies was a sour cream and raisin one that i only had a few times growing up. the recipe was originally my great grandma’s and my mom adapted it and would make it on very rare occasions, i’ve since adapted a recipe to be very similar to that pie from way back when, so good!

  103. About two years ago I went on a search for the perfect apple pie recipe. I ended up combining the recipes from my mother and mother-in-law and now I have a wonderful recipe that tastes amazing and is a beautifully symbolic new tradition in my growing family!

  104. Though I generally resort to store bought pie crusts, we always enjoy the deep dish apple pies I make every fall after apple picking. My all time favorite apple for pie baking is Northern Spy.

  105. My husband is an apple pie fanatic (Vermonter), so all our years together I’ve *tried* to make good apple pie. I don’t make good apple pie. Ugly pies. Watery pies. Flavour-ick pies. This year we moved back to VT to a home with loads and loads of blueberry bushes. Score! So after making more jam than we can possibly eat, I figured wth I’ll try and make a blueberry pie. While I was at it I gave a throw at a lattice top. Gambling with dynamite, I was. Stunned me, my hubby, and thrilled my sons that the pie was glorious! My boys couldn’t stop shoveling it in, even when they were telling me “yes” that it was good. It lasted less than 24hrs.

    So maybe I can’t make apple pie… but I *can* make pie.

  106. mmmmmm pie…. I love all pies but when winter comes around I make dozens of pot pies and put them in the freezer for easy dinners. I wish I had one now.

  107. When it comes to dessert, pie ranks right up there at the top for me. I can skip cake all day long, but if someone puts a pie on the table then calories be darned! And make a a BIG slice too! My preferences teeter with the season. Give me something cool and refreshing in the summer like Key Lime (a fave!) or Lemon Icebox. But come winter I prefer a crumb top apple pie or rich chocolate fudge pie! Mmmmm….

  108. The first pie I ever made was at a pie making party a dear friend had during grad school… That whole evening was amazing. The pie was fabulous, and the friendship was dear… That’s what pie means to me now…

  109. My absolute favorite flavor of pie would have to be apricot. People tend to get weirded out when I bring one in to work or some such place, since there are plenty of people who have never seen a not-dried apricot (or they think that I made the pie out of dried fruit). But they always have to admit after they eat it that it’s delicious. Slightly tarter than a peach pie, and with a brighter orange color. It really is tasty.

  110. I learned to make pie with my Oma as a kid. She was insistent on family recipes and homemade crust. The Thanksgiving that she passed away, she told me her darkest secret. Our family pumpkin pie recipe was from the back of the Libby’s can! I consider Libby to be a long list aunt now… And I have memorized the recipe so no will see me check the back of the can.

  111. My favorite pie is apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top. Pies remind me of Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there is nothing like a homemade pie.

  112. Oddly enough I never cared for pie until the last year or two… okay make that fruit pies. I loved savory pies such a chicken potpie or beef potpies especially when my mom made them in a cast iron skillet! Currently I am making potpies to freeze for the winter… chicken, turkey, beef, and veggie pot pies. Mmmm!!!

  113. I love pies, of any variety, but haven’t made very many. Yesterday I tried making a strawberry-rhubarb pie for a work potluck using rhubarb from the farmer’s market and strawberries I had picked earlier this summer (the ones left over from three jam making sessions!). It was delicious! I am already looking forward to trying my hand at making apple and pumpkin pies in the fall.

  114. The year after my mother died, I took charge of Thanksgiving dinner and the extended family. The thing I was most nervous about was the pies – I’d never made one before. While my mother used her mother’s recipes for pumpkin and pecan pie, they never turned out well. I feared making pie from years of watching my mother struggle with (store bought) dough and the subsequent subpar result. That first year, I did as much research as I could (bless Martha Stewart online videos), and held my breath as we sliced into my first pie. It was perfect. Pie-making must have skipped a generation. I am now the official pie maker in our extended family, and love making any kind of pie. Last year my favorite creation was a pear ginger pie.

  115. As my mother-in-law, a fantastic cook in her day, began to be diminished by dementia, my father-in-law took over. While Pat was an intuitive cook and great baker, Bill approached it scientifically. Suddenly, he couldn’t miss an episode of “America’s Test Kitchen.” One of his greatest inventions is pie made out of cake. Dessert squared! It includes a pie crust, a layer of rich vanilla pudding, a store-bought Boston cream pie, sunk into the pudding and then a thick layer of sweetened cream and cream cheese whipped together. Yum!

  116. My favorite pie to make is shoo-fly pie. The recipe I use is handwritten by my great aunt who passed away when I was a child. It is the best shoo-fly pie I have ever had!

  117. My most memorable pies are the gross ones, but that’s because I’ve been treated to so many delicious ones that they all meld into one lovely memory. I love savory pies, cream pies, berry pies, stone-fruit pies. I’m feeling a bit like Bubba Gump right now. The bad ones, though, they stick out like sore thumbs. Pecan pies so sticky and dry and hard you could barely chew. Canned pumpkin pies. Ew. The book looks gorgeous. I’d be thrilled to bake from it.

  118. Growing up, it is always egg pie. Crust so yummy and custardy filling…yummm! Thank you Marisa for inspiring me to start canning — you rock..!

  119. I crave my aunts Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, but resist making it at home because I don’t want to eat the whole thing by myself. Especially now that I know what all is in there!

  120. My favorite pie story is actually my grandmother’s. After she died, my mother got her journals, and my favorite entries were about Christmas. She grew up during the Depression, and her family was really poor at the time. They managed Christmas dinner because the boys could hunt, and my great-aunt had a farm for the vegetables, etc. What made Christmas really special to her, though, was the pies. My great-grandmother had an actual pie safe. She would start baking pies the week before Christmas and keep them locked up in the pie safe. Ever since then, Christmas was always about pie to her – more than the presents or anything else.

  121. Pie was always Thanksgiving food. Or so I thought. I don’t know when I realized that pie could be had at any time of the year, but, boy am I glad I figured that one out! My first successful pie was a fresh pineapple pie that still ranks up there as one of my favorites!

  122. After many years of experimentation I make reasonably decent crusts. I always make pumpkin and mincemeat pies at Thanksgiving, but my favorite pie is what Southerners call Karo Nut or pecan. For a winter treat, you can’t beat a good chicken pot pie.

  123. My favorite pie story is actually more about pie crust. My grandmother used to bake for me all the time and when things got rough for me (I wouldn’t feel well or had a fight with someone) she would make a pie for my grandfather but roll out the extra crust, dust it with cinnamon sugar, and bake it like crackers. It’s still the only way I eat pie crust.

  124. Growing up, we went blueberry picking nearly every summer, but only ever came home with a gallon or two at the very most. Some of the berries were used in jam, but most went into the freezer to be used in muffins, pancakes, and cakes during the winter. Because we never had many blueberries to spare, I was taught that blueberry pie was an extravagance (six whole cups of berries in a single pie? The very thought!) When I moved to my current home, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by endless acres of blueberry bushes, thanks to a wildfire that burned through the area a few years back. While blueberry pie is hardly an everyday occurrence at our house, I do make a blueberry pie about four times years now. You know what? It’s never stopped feeling extravagant.

  125. pies are my favorite treat- my husband doesn’t like many sweets, so it’s something I get for myself when out with friends. I always have at least one pie on the holiday table- usually whiskey pecan pie. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  126. One of my favorite food memories involves pie! My dad has always worked shift work at a power plant since I was very little, and never cooked much (my mom did most even though she hated it), but every once in a while if he had off, he would. Sometimes we would walk home from elementary school and he would have 3 fresh loaves of Irish soda bread cooling, or a full non-Thanksgiving turkey dinner complete with mashed potatoes, gravy, and filling. But the best days were at the end of the school year when black raspberries were just hitting the fruit stands, and beautifully latticed black raspberry pies were lined up on the counter (my mom always took one into work, one to my grandparents, and the other 2 we attacked like starving waifs). Cold glasses of milk was all that was needed! And those black raspberry pies are still the best tasting ones in my food-memory. 🙂

  127. I love pie. My husband loves pie. My kids love pie. My grandkids love pie. I will make a peach pie tomorrow. They’re on sale in our local market. Yippee!!

  128. Growing up we were not a big pie family, so I don’t know that I have any great pie memories. It is only as an adult that I have come to appreciate pie. I do remember one pie I made as a kid, though. It was blueberry and maybe the first pie I ever made. I had rolled out the crust and I was reaching in the cupboard for something and knocked the salt shaker out. Of course it got salt all over the crust. Being a dramatic teen, I was sure it was ruined, but I don’t think anyone could tell the difference.

  129. Easy pie story! The first thing I made my boyfriend was an apple pie, he then proposed to me in an apple orchard, and we gave apple pie in a jar as gifts at our wedding! Mmm pie!

  130. The first time I made pie for my husband. I think it was the first time someone ever made anything from scratch for him. I think it is what sealed the deal for him.

  131. My mom was a wonderful pie baker. Sunday mornings she would bake 2 or 3 pies before I got out of bed, for the big Sunday dinner after church. She taught me how to make my first pie, cherry, for a home economics class demonstration. I’ve been making pies ever since. Fruit pies are my favorite thing to bake. Mom has Alzheimer’s now and is no longer baking pies, but she passed that skill onto me. I always think of her and smile when I am making a pie.

  132. One Thanksgiving my grandma forgot to put sugar in the pumpkin pies! Surprisingly there were still delicious and we gobbled (pun intended:) them up!

  133. My mom used to bake up a storm when we went on family vacations in an RV (in a tiny propane oven!). Some of my favorite pies were the ones she made in Myrtle Beach, SC, where the scent of baking peaches wafted through open windows and made the entire campground envious!

  134. I think I only ever had frozen pies growing up (Sara Lee’s, at Thanksgiving), coming from a Chinese family where pies aren’t exactly common. But I’ve been dreaming of peach pies and blueberry pies recently- I’m hoping to pick up some fruit from the market for a pie this weekend, actually!

  135. I never grew up making pies, much less eating them. When I came to this country, I was fascinated by them and decided to learn how to make them. My first endeavor was the apple pie. My family loved it and from then on apple pie is my ” go to pie. ” I have perfected my crust through the years but always open to new ways and ideas.

  136. ALL time favorite pie: Huckleberry! It is not common and it takes me home to my childhood in Idaho. Makes me think of my Gradad and Grammy, two very special people in my life!

  137. I grew up in rural northeast Kansas in the 1960’s, where gardens were not optional and the hen house had more than just a few “girls”. the family depend upon the food sources or meager income – “egg money” for extras on occasion- essentials often. Our farm neighborhood shared “expensive” equipment and worked with each other to put up hay, harvest- where more manpower was needed. The women most often were members of an Extension Service Unit that provided a bit of social connection, education on food preparation and preservation, clothing construction and all topics household management.
    One neighbor woman was an avid gardener with one of those enviable gardens, strategically placed alongside the gravel road to town so all could see what was coming up. (Actually location was determined by proximity to the kitchen door and not being in the barn yard itself…) We admired/envied the garden on those infrequent trips -all 2.5 miles- to town on Saturday for groceries or Sunday for church.
    L. was a baker of pies!!! Pies for church dinners, for the local cafe’s, baking contests, etc. She was respected as a good cook and her pies … MY … oh my!! She once told me that she couldn’t understand why young women couldn’t get up early enough to bake pies before their families got up. “Just can’t understand” that. She explained that the house is coolest then so the crust will work easily and the stress load is lowest so you can be gentle with the crusts. “If you have frustrations to work out, make bread and knead your stresses away.”

    Here’s to you. L- I always look forward to baking some of your recipes. Perhaps early in the morning before the family gets up.

  138. My mom has always baked amazing pie. I still swear by her crust recipe. But one day she made a rum pie. I ate it unsuspecting. What a disappointment! Maybe I would like it more now but my 5 year old palate was disappointed for days afterward.

  139. Pie is my favorite thing. My husband and I are really pie people, not cake people so when we got married on July 4th 2009 we decided to have wedding pie instead of cake. We cooked all the food of our 60 guests including 15 pies, homemade crust and all. We had 6 kinds: peach, apple, rhubarb, shoo-fly, ollalieberry and chocolate mousse. It was the most amazing cooking feat of my life and I feel incredibly proud. People still talk about all the pie at our wedding. Too bad I was so nervous and excited, I barely ate any!

  140. I have lovely memories of my mum’s pies and though I have her crust recipe, mine is never QUITE the same as hers. Enter Julia Child’s sweet short crust recipe and free form gallettes… a whole new world, in which pie crusts are easy (!) to roll out and the free form shape is very, very forgiving!

  141. The first pie I ever baked entirely on my own was made with black raspberries that I picked myself, also entirely on my own. But I was more than happy to have friends help me eat it! It was a bit seedy, but delicious nonetheless.

  142. My Mothers Apple pie is the only apple pie I will eat. My favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. I haven’t gotten the hang of making great crusts-hopefully, one day!

  143. I loved your mention of pie for breakfast – now that I’m making my own pies, having a slice for breakfast is without a doubt my favourite thing to do.
    Growing up my nanny made the absolute best pies, I always joke I’ve been ruined for life because of them. My nanny also had a crazy sweet tooth (which skipped my mum and went straight to me) so she would always sneak me an extra piece of pie when my mum wasn’t paying attention “so it won’t go bad”.

  144. I’ve never been able to make a completely successful pie. The crust is soggy or weird or too small or too thick…I’m a disaster.

    Maybe this book would help 🙂

  145. Every year on my birthday Mom made me a Lemon Meringue Pie, I love the tart lemon with the piled high meringue. Better than a cake any day!

  146. Some close friends of mine got married a couple years ago, and instead of having a wedding cake they had everyone bring a pie. I brought a peach and blueberry crumb pie. Mmmm. Delicious and a great memory.

  147. I love pie. Really love pie. I made my first one when I was 13 or so without any help and from that day forward I became the family Pie Maker. These days I’m all about crumble tops and free-form crostadas.

  148. Hi Marisa! I’ve brought your lovely cookbook with me to visit my Mother in law, who is 88, in NH. She was quite intrigued by it and I saw her copying a recipe on the sly…we always make preserves out of her peaches and blueberries when we come here and she loves cookbooks.

    My pie story: My Grandmother was a big fan of apple pie with a slice of sharp cheddar and we had this yummy treat with our Sunday dinner most weeks. Because she made so many pies, she made a big container of pie crust “starter” (for lack of a better word) that she kept in the kitchen cupboard ( the one with the squeaky door). I have always been a dough hound and this temptation was always too much for me. I’d open that squeaky door (fervently hoping I wasn’t heard, though I suspect she always knew what I was up too) and I’d sneak pinches of that crumbly nirvana that was made up of flour, salt and spry. I always think about my grandmother when I cut butter into flour now and it makes me smile. She was such a lovely wee person.

  149. Sour cherry is my all time favorite pie. It’s sweet and tart and fruity and delicious! And a book devoted to pie making sounds like something I need to read!

  150. I prefer cake, but hubby and Pops like pie the best.

    I like to keep my men happy, so I’ve made a lot of pies over the years. ;>

    A good chicken pie recipe is one I’ve been looking for for a long time.

  151. Though it isn’t my favorite pie, Thanksgiving would not be complete without my grandmother’s mince meat pie. It feels like home to me.

  152. My favorite type (and the kind that tugs at my heartstrings most) of pie is the sour cherry pie that my Bubi (grandmother) makes. She made me one for my high school graduation, which is the first time I can remember it. She continues to make them for special occasions, specifically Valentine’s Day and her wedding anniversary. I made her teach me how to make them a few years ago and I’ve been continuing the tradition for my husband and I.
    I taught my niece how to make the recipe a few years ago and was surprised by a blueberry pie on my last visit. I certainly wasn’t that impressive during middle school.

  153. My husband always joked that he married me, not for my pie, but rather for my mother’s lemon meringue pie. She loved to cook, and I think the fact that he probably had one of the largest appetites she had ever encountered was a wonderful challenge for her. Now I make the pies…while not quite as good, lemon meringue is still the go-to choice.

  154. My mom never made pies. she liked to tell about the time she made a pie so bad that college aged boys would not eat it….
    Now I’m grown up, and I love to bake, even pies 🙂 My husband will not eat fruit pies. When I make one I get it all to myself 🙂

  155. I hadn’t actually had a slice of pie until I was well nigh 14 years old (in Spain, pies are not really a thing) but once I had that slice of apple pie, I knew I was going to start making pies and hence started a year of pie pastry failures until I finally taught myself the knack. I haven’t failed since and happily stuff my pies with…well, anything, fish chowder for instance!

  156. MMMM – pie! I remember one morning as a child staying at the cattle ranch my uncle managed. I had gotten up when it was still dark and made my way to the kitchen. My uncle was sitting at the table, in the dark enjoying a bowl of fresh blueberry pie and cream. I thought he had warmed the pie (although this was before microwaves) but it turns out it was the cream that was warm – it was fresh from the cow! It’s one of my favorite memories and fresh blueberry pie is one of my favorites! Warm with cream of course!

  157. Ever since I was very little, pies have been my favorite thing to bake. When I went to college, I would bake a pie whenever I was feeling homesick or stressed. Luckily for me, my college’s identity is tied up with apple trees, assuring an abundance of free apples during the fall semester. Unluckily for my dorm, though–I set the fire alarm off twice in the same semester (due to dripping pie juices), forcing us all out into the Vermont snow in the middle of the night to wait for the fire trucks! But I shared my pies and that made everything alright.

  158. I am a life-long Vermonter. The state fruit is the apple and the state pie is apple pie. When serving apple pie, a good faith effort must be made to offer with it (a) a glass of cold milk, (b) a slice of cheddar cheese, or (c) a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the law. I always have it with vanilla but my father-in-law must have it with a slice of cheddar 🙂 Come have a slice of my apple pie- it only takes about 18 of the small, wild apples that grow in my back yard. It’s a total time-suck to peel/slice them all, but so worth it in the end 🙂

  159. Every fall I spend a day making individual sized bunches of chicken pot pies, loaded with chicken, potatoes, veggies and cream sauce. When cooled I wrap them tightly and layer them into my freezer. When the days get cold and grey there is nothing better than taking out one of the pies, heating it up, which makes the house smell all warm and snug, and then diving in for a wonderful winter meal.

    My very first pie was made way back in a grade school class called Home Economics. The teacher insisted everyone learn how to make a perfect lemon meringue pie.

  160. I adore pie. I think pie is the new cupcake! My favorite pie is chocolate cream. My first professional food writing article contained a recipe for spicy chocolate cream pie. It holds such a special place in my heart 🙂

  161. My entire life I used premade pie crusts to bake. I never had anyone to teach me, but my family always raved about my homemade fillings and were accustomed to the store bought crusts.

    When I was diagnosed I found that the one thing that alleviated the pain when the pain meds didn’t quite work was to stand up. Although I always cook and bake a great deal, I was getting bored standing around all the time so I decided I would teach myself to make pie crust – my husband’s favorite dessert being apple pie.

    It was frustrating and sometimes a big ol’ mess, but the looks on the family’s faces when they tasted my first “real” pie were priceless. I won’t ever forget it.

    Now I am making everyone at my husband’s work and the oncologist’s office fat with all the pie I keep sending in. heehee

  162. Mmm every pie I can think of, I can think of a friend or loved one associated with that signature dish. My aunt- pumpkin, friend Jess, apple and Juli, Pecan- all part of my favorite community of bakers and cooks! This book looks lovely.

  163. My favorite pie is pumpkin but, unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like it. Actually, maybe that is a good thing because it keeps me from making them and eating way too much! I’m not the best pie maker, but I enjoy trying.

  164. Pie is one of my favorite things to bake. I love how even if it comes out a little wonky looking, it’s still great becaue it’s pie! I’m so curious about the carrot pie mentioned in the post.

  165. Oh, pie… My mom rarely made pie when I was growing up, because she thought making the crust was too fussy. After a lesson at 4-H camp, I worked on perfecting my technique and now I’m the designated crust maker of the family.

  166. Growing up in Germany I’d never had a piece of pie until I moved to the US. It took me a while to master baking a decent one, but now they are one of my favorite desserts. Especially rhubarb raspberry pie, yummy. 🙂

  167. My mom would rarely make pies. We lived on a big property with my grandparents. So 2 houses and a huge repair car garage. Im from Vancouver Island, so blackberries grow like weeds. Grandma would make a blackberry pie out of all the berries that my brothers and I would pick for the day. So yummy. I live now in Montreal, and would never dare buying blackberries that come from mexico. its just not the same. Thanks grandma!

  168. From the time my kids were small, we allowed (fruit) pie for breakfast so long as they also had cereal, so this is normal for them, but not for their friends. This has led to my having a reputation as a pretty cool mom. It never lasts, but I enjoy the moment. So many pie memories!

  169. One time early in my marriage I was given a small bag of hopeless looking Jonathan apples. It was fall so I thought I would impress my new husband with an apple pie. I found an outstanding recipe and whipped those pitiful looking apples into a pie to remember. Every fall I make apple pies and baked apples and strudels, but I’ve never been gifted with apples again.

  170. My grandma was famous for her pies. She made a pecan and a sour cream raisin pie that were heavenly! I’m still working on imitating her!

  171. Growing up, we (5 kids) had a cherry tree in the back yard. Living in the city with that huge tree was wonderful. I literally lived up there all summer long. It was my safe haven. Weather I was playing hide-n-go seek, running away from a sibling, or having gotten in trouble, I ran to the cherry tree. See, no one else would climb that tree like I did.

    If the cherries were ripe, I always had a good reason to be up there. I could spend hours up in that tree. And why shouldn’t I? I was always told by my Mom when I was in trouble, “you just wait until your Father gets home, he will get you down.” Well my Dad wouldn’t climb that tree either. He just sent me up a bucket and told me to pick cherries until it was full. What a punishment! We always ended up with pies, tarts or on really really good days jelly!

    I always had a very good reason for being bad LOL…Is that so bad?

  172. I have a blueberry pie story. When my brother was around 4 or so, he climbed out of bed early one morning and headed down to the kitchen. Someone had left a blueberry pie out on the counter, which was too much temptation to resist. He pulled down the pie, and started to eat it. And play with the bits. And throw them up onto the ceiling.

    Needless to say, when my parents came down, everything in the kitchen was covered in pie.

  173. I love pie..homemade or store bought. My pie story is one of absolute favorite pie is cherry; I had bought one at Whole Foods and had been looking forward to it all day. When dinner was finally over and I went to cut it, I found that the pie was mislabeled and it was actually an apple pie! While still good, it just wasn’t the same! I’ll stick with making my own now so I know what I am getting!

  174. My favorite pies were always pecan pies… until I grew up enough to make them myself and realized what when into them. Now I’m hoping someday I’ll master the art of pie dough and stop buying them pre-made.

  175. There’s still one farmer’s market in our area that sells sour cherries. Buying them by the quart, pitting, freezing and of course baking pies with them is one of my rituals of summer.

  176. My pie story is about buying love.
    I had been staying in a friend’s house for a week while I visited his city. As a thank-you to him and his housemates, I set out to bake a sugar pie for them one day. (The friend was French-Canadian, so the choice of pie was fitting. And his housemates had never tried one!) I realized, as I was sliding the pie into the oven, that I had never actually learned how long it took for the pie to bake — I always just kept peeking at it until I could see the sugar bubbling through the crust. Paranoid of over-baking (and turning it into a tooth-gluey toffee pie) I parked myself in front of the oven with a book, peering through the window every couple pages until it was done.
    I was later voted the best houseguest ever, partly due to having done the dishes, but mostly because of the pie.

    Hurray for pie!

  177. Oh how I love pie! In 2004 I set a goal to make a new pie recipe every week, taking advantage of Chicago’s summer fruit bounty. Rhubarb week went well–that rhubarb custard pie was a revelation! But something went terribly terribly wrong on strawberry week. Somehow the strawberries in my single-crust pie ended up liquified, and the mint extract that I used in place of fresh mint imparted a strong bitter flavor to the hot strawberry soup. Yuck! Since then I’ve stuck to no-bake strawberry dessert recipes.

  178. My family is small, so when I was growing up, we always shared Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with a couple of other “orphan” families in our area. The dishes would all get split up – the hosting family doing the turkey and the others bringing sides and desserts. Of course, there was always a pumpkin and a pecan pie. One year, a Middle Eastern family in our town wanted to have a traditional American holiday, so they traded a giant pan of homemade baklava for our pies. Everybody was happy – they got their traditional, American, homemade pies, and we got a gorgeous tray of homemade, incredibly delicious baklava! It seemed so exotic to us at the time. But, of course, the next year, we were happy to be back to our traditional pumpkin and pecan pies. 🙂

  179. I’m like you; I didn’t grow up with pies (though we did have simpler desserts fairly often), so I don’t have much in the way of a pie story. I do like savory pies, and have tried making David Friedman’s “Icelandic Chicken,” which is sort of a calzone/hand pie with chicken, bacon, and sage leaves. Quite tasty!

  180. The book looks lovely! Can’t wait to check it out. As for my favorite pie memory, it would probably be the pie-baking party a friend hosted many moons ago; it was great fun to have everyone gathered in the kitchen, creating so many different, delicious treats… Yay pie!

  181. My husband and daughter (at the ripe age of 4) are all out pie aficionados. I, however, didn’t love pie until later in life. I don’t know if it was a deep (and far too early) seeded fear of fat (I’ve done a pretty good job of getting over that), culinary challenge, or what, but I definitely preferred a nice crisp or crumble. I do remember the first pie I made. I was two hours away from home at my best friend’s mom’s house. It was July. We were in West Michigan. There were cherries. We opened up the Joy of cooking while her mom was at work, and our 13-year-old selves figured out how to make pie. In place of a lattice top (see aforementioned fear of fat), there was a cut out of double stemmed cherries with a little leaf. We also made chicken parmesan with spaghetti. A decade later my best friend walked with my husband’s brother in our wedding. Two and a half years later I got to walk in her wedding and now she’s my sister-in-law. It was a good cherry pie.

  182. Pie is indeed a “special occasion” food in my family. My mom and I are the only ones who love pecan pie, so she always makes one for the two of us every Christmas, but didn’t usually make pies of any other sort the rest of the year. It isn’t Christmas without my mom’s pecan pie.

  183. I remember my grandfather leaving a bucket full of cherries on our porch while we were out, complete with a recipe for cherry crumb pie. It was his subtle way of asking my mom to make a pie for him because he loved cherry pies.

  184. I’ll never forget my first apple pie made in Family and Consumer Science class (the modern day Hom Ec). I can’t count the # of times I shaved my finger off while peeling.

  185. When my step-grandmother came into our family, she also brought her love of Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie. My brother and I love this pie, but members of the other side of our family do not. We are considered strange because we’re willing to eat rhubarb, while everyone else sticks to cherry, apple, or chocolate creme.

  186. My daughter loves the chocolate chess pie I make. I always send a little slice in her school lunch when I bake one. Her friends started loving that pie so much that now I have to send a big wedge to school so Mia can share with all her girlfriends and everyone gets more than a bite. Last Christmas I made all the middle school teachers that pie for their teacher gifts. They loved it.

  187. I remember one year I asked my mother for pumpkin pie instead of cake for my birthday. I got it and enjoyed it immensely.

  188. Mmmm, pie! My very favorite dessert. For my birthdays when I was little, instead of a cake I’d request a pie – my mom complied, although baking my favorite lemon meringue was hard in the humidity of late June!

  189. My grandmother made a lemon meringue pie every single July for my grandfather’s birthday for a good 60+ years. He’s gone now, but I think it’s time to revive the tradition of summertime lemon meringue pie.

  190. When I was in college 43 years ago (gasp!) a friend came over to eat an apple pie I had baked. He declared it “perfect” and I was hooked on baking pies as a display of affection.

  191. i will eat pie any day over a piece of cake. my favorite is my mother’s coconut cream which i will request for my birthday instead of cake. i have decided that when i get married, i won’t have a cake, i will have a table full of pie.

  192. I used to help my grandmother make Key lime pie with fruit from the spot my great-grandmother used to own in the Keys — special memories. I live in Florida, and I still don’t eat Key lime pie out because it just doesn’t measure up 🙂

  193. I love pie. When I was little, an older lady from our church made a “famous” apple pie. She was my adopted grandmother, since my “real” family lived hundreds of miles away. When my family eventually left our hometown for another state, my adopted grandmother wrote out her pie crust recipe and tied it to a rolling pin as a going away gift. That rolling pin has been part of every pie crust I’ve ever made.

  194. This is not a post about pie.

    Well, actually, it is. Technically. A pie by any other name is still a pie, right?

    This is a post about my grandmother’s currant cake. Or, more accurately, currant pie: It’s baked inside a shell with a fruit filling. In a pie dish. It is, therefore, clearly a pie. But I grew up calling it “currant cake,” and currant cake it shall always remain in my mind.

    I love currant cake more than any other pie in the world. I think, like your mother’s fabulous pies, the magic of the elusive currant cake was in how seldom I got to eat it, and how unexpectedly it would appear: Baked in Ohio, frozen, then shipped to us in Georgia on rare and wonderful occasions.

    If you’ve ever tried to grow a currant (we did) or locate fresh currants (I did) in Georgia, then you know that the South is not a place where currant cake is easy to come by. So my recent move to Illinois — a place I wasn’t terribly keen to go — has a consolation prize: There are currants here. They grow here and I have a small batch in the freezer from last month’s farmer’s market.

    By God, I am going to learn how to make currant cake.

    Or, you know. Currant pie.

  195. Have a family recipe for Kuchen. People always ask, “what is that?”
    Answer? A cakey-pie-thing-with-crumbles-on-top.
    We’ll just call it Kuchen from now on, though.

  196. Pie has turned into one of my favorite desserts to make, and I think I do a decent job on them at this point, but I remember the first pie I made by myself. It was late July, the kitchen was HOT and humid, and the oven I was using was terribly miscalibrated. When I pulled the pie out, the crust was pale and the fruit filling was as runny as when I put it in the oven. I’m not sure why I didn’t bake it longer…tasted alright though, and my college housemates gobbled it up pretty quickly, so all was not lost.

  197. Every night when my mom would ask what people would like for dessert (which she meant “orange or apple?”) my dad would ask for lemon meringue pie. So one day my brother wanted to surprise my dad and made a homemade lemon meringue pie. He put it on the back porch so my dad wouldn’t see it. We were almost done with dinner when we heard a crash. The pie had fallen on the porch – upside down! My mom somehow saved it – it didn’t look pretty – but my father loved the surprise!

  198. Pie! I adore pie! My father’s family lives in rural Oregon, and all my fond memories of pie involve family reunions/visits to elderly relatives/stops at diners in Oregon.

  199. Pumpkin is my favorite kind of pie, although I often don’t bother to eat the crust because I love the filling so much just by itself! I have also fallen in love with apple pies — I don’t follow an exact recipe for the spices, so every one comes out a little bit different. 🙂

  200. I wonder if my preference for pie over cake might be attributed to my being born on Thanksgiving Day? I always wanted blueberry pie for my birthday instead of cake!

  201. Oh yeah pie! Nothing like a fresh home made pie. During the summer months, when our favorite fruits are available. I’ll make my own pie filling and can it. So when we’re knee deep in snow in January/February I can quickly and easily create a yummy summer pie making the snow a little more tolerable!

  202. My mother NEVER baked sweets when I was a kid, let alone pies. So, I’ve discovered the simple joy of a homemade pie as an adult as I’ve learned how best to handle pie crust. Now, that I’m pregnant, I’m looking forward to creating good memories around homebaked pies with my family. I can’t wait.

  203. I’d love to win a copy of this book, love all of Ashley’s work! One thing about pie I’ll never get over, is the fact that my mom won’t eat cherry pie with me, she’s crazy!! 😀

  204. I spent my entire childhood and most of my young-adulthood thinking I didn’t like pie. The only time pie made an appearance was at Thanksgiving and it was always made the day before and served cold. Something about this just didn’t appeal to me as a kid. Then, shortly after meeting my now-husband’s family, we went apple picking in upstate NY. When we got home, my husband’s aunt whipped up a fresh apple pie with our bounty and served it hot out of the oven. I had my doubts, but I didn’t want to be rude. It only took one bite to know that I had never tasted anything so good. It was a revelation! Now I can’t get enough of pie, whether sweet or savory, and enjoy making my own. And when pie is served cold? 20 seconds in the microwave does wonders.

  205. My Mom wasn’t much for baking, but my paternal Grandmother made the best cherry pies! To this day, I associate ‘pie’ with ‘cherry’. Currently, I always have cherry pie to myself as no one else in the household likes cherries!!!!

  206. MMMMMMM pie. My mom used to make tiny leaves out of crust, then slit the top crust into an apple tree. SO beautiful. My favorite pie experience was a hot chicken pot pie presented to me as my birthday dinner, complete with candles that immediately melted INTO the filling…. yeah… we had a good laugh about that 🙂

  207. My father comes from Key West, Fla. We have descended from founders of the island. The now famous Hemmingway House was once my g-g-g-uncle Asa Tift, the boardwalk, the ice house, etc all part Of my history. So too is the Key Lime Pie.

    We have a very, very, very old key lime pie recipe passed from generation to generation, one of the likes I have yet to see elsewhere. I have had the recipe in my possession for about 15 years now, but terrified to try it and fail to live up to grandma’s reputation for being an amazing chef. In February my father entered the final stages of Alzheimers. He still could recall his mama and her key lime pie with a serving of coconut ice cream. I promised him I would make him that pie. 10 days later he died. I never got to make him his family recipe for key lime pie.

    The day before his funeral, I finally made the pie. Because I have yet to master high altitude cooking, it was runny! But oh so delicious and my brother, mother and I were cheered with the memories of dad stories and playful character. Also of his stories of grandma’s cooking (which involved her sending him up coconut trees and stewing his pet chicken).

    • Goodness !!! The memories surrounding pie are flooding theough me now!! Thanks for opening this post up!!!! Every year since I was 12 I have had strawberry pie on my bday. My last summer woth maternal grandma wearing an apron and putting pie in the window to cool. Steak and kidney pie in Ireland on my first overseas trip. Thank you Marisa for bring back these memories.

  208. My sister’s father-in-law was in his last few days on earth and he asked for me to make him an apple pie. He ate that whole pie by himself! Now that’s going out eating what you want!

  209. Pie is a special occasion thing for me as well. Both of my grandmothers were pie makers, each with her own specialty. As my grandmothers have aged, it is my father that has picked up the pie making torch. His pie crust is a thing of beauty. He will frequently make a large batch of pie crusts and wrap up a couple extras for me. Pulling that pie crust out connects me to generations of my family, and let’s me explore my own creativity. I feel fortunate to have those pie memories, and more chances to make memories of my own.

  210. My favorite pie memory is watching my mom hand make the crust. It was such an involved process, but it always (and still does) turned out amazingly. 🙂

  211. Pie! Few desserts seem more special to me. A few years ago I took up the pie making torch in my family, spurred on by discovering the secret of using vodka in the crust from the Cook’s Illustrated Foolproof Pie Crust recipe. My favorite to bake is peach pie – I try to freeze disks of peach pie filling when I can find local peaches to give a taste of summer mid-winter.

  212. One late-summer evening, back when my interest in baking was just a tiny bud, I decided to make a blackberry pie! I looked up a bunch of recipes, consulted with my mom, and settled on a recipe. The only problem was that it called also for apples, and we didn’t have any. I didn’t think that was such an issue – I’d seen my mom cook before, substituting, leaving things out, adding things in – and forged ahead anyway. My mom didn’t say anything, I assume to let me learn from my own-mistakes. Well, when that pie came out of the oven steaming and fragrant, I only expected perfection when I cut into it. What a disappointment it was when I lifted out that first piece and all the filling fell out, and the rest of it seeped from the pie into that empty space where the piece had been! My little brother still refers to it as my berry-mush-pie!

  213. As I child, I despised pie, or at least the crust. I would eat the filling and pass my crust shell on to a parent or grandparent. I’ve since seen the error in my ways and fully embrace eating and baking pies!

  214. We grew up eating pie with the store bought crust and we loved it. When I married my husband, however, he came from a family with a long history of pie making from scratch. I’ve never been able to live up to his memories of homemade pie, but I’d like to be able to make pie for my children that will instill similar memories in them!

  215. I love the idea of pie. It sounds homey and old fashioned, and reminds me of being young, even though I did not see a lot of pie in my youth. Maybe I’m just remembering the Andy Griffith show. I sure wish life were like that now. Much simpler, kinder, gentler. I don’t really have a favorite. I have a sweet tooth and would eat just about any pie. Thanks for the terrific giveaway.

  216. I’ve always struggled to make a pie crust that wasn’t brittle and tough, trying one recipe after another and measuring meticulously. But I remember my aunt’s pies as perfection… made in a farmhouse kitchen, cooked in an erratic wood-burning oven. No measurements: she tossed a couple of scoops of flour from the flour drawer onto the counter, cut in some lard, added chilled water as needed, and created perfect pastry right on the countertop, all by look and feel. The filling was dark luscious blackberries picked from the hedges around the pastures, the top crust was an intricate weave of pastry strips, sprinkled with sugar. Beautiful and delicious, those blackberry pies remain my ideal!

  217. Spending my summer’s in Maine and having an August Birthday meant Blueberry pie instead of birthday cake 🙂 The best. When my husband and I got married (in Maine) last year, we knew immediately that there would be no wedding cake, just pie!

  218. Mmmh, pie. At one point in time, my great-grandmother lived with my grandmother. Both were excellent cooks and bakers, and both knew that their lemon meringue pie recipe was superior to the other’s. We’re talking family feud here! Shhh, don’t say it too loudly, but everyone always preferred my grandmother’s unbaked filling to my g-g’s baked filling. To this day, my grandmother’s LMP is my family’s birthday cake.

  219. In search of interesting recipes for Thanksgiving I came across mini pumpkin pies from Baked Bree. You know how you choose a recipe without realizing it has the potential to become one of your trademark dishes, but then suddenly everyone expects it each year? That’s these pies. Plus it introduced me to my favorite crust recipe.

  220. I’m a recent convert to fruit pies (not sure why I wasted all those years bemoaning my dislike of cooked fruit! crazy), but I have long loved chocolate pudding pie. My Mom and her mom are famous for their chocolate pudding pies. Every Thanksgiving my Mom would combine a graham cracker crust, a box of pudding and some whipped cream. Heaven!

  221. We are big pie fans here. I always make a few to pop in the freezer to have on hand ready to go during the winter. Sometimes I make pie just for breakfast.
    After pickling peaches for the first time this summer, my daughter suggested I make a pie with them. Seriously good. I highly recommend pickled peach pie.

  222. My mother and I make a peach pie every summer. It’s become our way of marking the beginning of the season. We all ways cut up the extra crust into strips, sprinkle them with sugar and cinnamon, and bake them as ‘cookies’ to munch on. The crust is my favorite part!

  223. isn’t everything better with pie? my own personal fave is the all from scratch pumpkin i make every month…cook the pumpkin, add the spices, let sit..add the egg and butter milk..leave over night..butter milk needs this trust me!…home made crust..of course next morning when the sun rises pop in oven and voila..”breakfast pie”..totally ok in the morning and with great tea or coffee..this is best served with home made lemon infused whipped cream and jam.. mm mmm pie!

  224. My Favorite dinner? A savory hand pie, fresh salad, and a dessert of any kind of pie (apple, banana cream, strawberry, you name it). Double pie whammy!

  225. I’ve never been good at making crust and have never made it often enough to perfect my technique so…my favorite pie is peach cobbler.

  226. We didn’t have dessert normally when I was little either–and pie was relegated to Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it was a really big deal. The pie I remember most fondly is my grandma’s pumpkin chiffon pie. No ordinary pumpkin pie ever, ever graced our Thanksgiving table–always pumpkin chiffon. I need to get over my egg white apprehension and make one for our next Thanksgiving!

  227. When I first met my girlfriend’s family, it was to go to their Thanksgiving party. I asked what I could bring, and was told, “oh anything”. So I decided to bring pumpkin pi. That’s a regular pumpkin pie with the greek letter pi cut out of scrap dough and laid on top to get browned in the oven. I think it was a good introduction to my sense of humor, and it was nice for me to have something on the table that was really mine.

  228. My husband does most of the pie cooking at our house, while I do the bread baking. He used to be very afraid of experimentation, especially with family recipies, but this year we took on his mother’s “infamous” black berry pie. His changes were fantastic! (even though his mother will never agree)

  229. So I love Pecan Pie of pretty much all types. Yes, it is overly sweet and sticky and so not good for you, but I think I love it so much because the only time I had it growing up was at one of my grandmother’s houses and she lived 9 hours away. It was a rarity and something made by my amazing cook of a grandmother and often came with ice cream too (as she does with all her pies) and I so want a piece right now! It would mean I was sitting with her and that she made it (she rarely cooks these days) and oh, would I love, love, love it!


  230. I used to spend part of each summer with my grandparents. They had a u-pick strawberry farm and lot of apple trees, raspberries and wild blackberries, so pies were a frequent dessert option. My Nana lost all but peripheral vision in her late 70’s but continued to bake by feel, with wonderful results– except for the one time she “sweetened” a strawberry-rhubarb pie with salt instead of sugar. I will never forget sitting at the dinner table with my cousin Brian, choking down a few bites of that pie while my aunt sent us warnings with her eyes not to let on. Nana never knew!

  231. I remember going to my grandparents house in Pasadena, Texas every year for the week of Thanksgiving. My grandmother would always have several cherry pies witing for us because she knew it was my favorite. I sure do miss eating those pies, now that she is gone. I would love to win a copy of this book so I could learn to make some pies of my own. Thanks for offering such a wonderful prize.

  232. My Godmother, Aunt Thelma, was a fabulous cook who was known for her delicious & flakey pie crust. She was also a chain smoker. As kids, we always joked that her “secret ingredient” was cigarette ash. Even still we devoured her tasty pies. Perhaps she was on to something. 😉

  233. I love pie way more than any other dessert. I always request it for my birthday instead of cake. And since my birthday is in March, it’s always strawberry pie with real whip cream topping. My birthday always evokes images of strawberry pie!

  234. Since I was about 16, I have been in charge of making the pies for our holidays. Mastering the classics ties me to my family and our history!

  235. mmm pie. I love key lime pie and chocolate pie with graham cracker crust but I’m not crazy about fruit pies. Maybe the book could change my mind.

  236. My mom and grandma always used store-bought frozen pie crusts. They instilled in me the idea that pie crusts were scary and difficult to make, and also that they didn’t taste very good. Making my first all-butter crust was a revelation! Easy and delicious. I’m a super pie snob now, no store-bought for me.

  237. My dad always loved lemon merangue pie, and every once and a while my mom would make him one entirely from scratch. I’ve never had anything else as good as that. I bet this cookbook has a recipe for something along those lines, and I’d love to give it a whirl.

  238. When I was seven we lived in Australia for six months. More than 30 years later I still remember the individual-serving meat pies my mom would buy for an easy dinner every once in a while — tender ground lamb meat, a thick gravy, flaky crust. Mmm. I’d love to find a good recipe to make them myself.

  239. My parents made Juneberry pies out of, yes, Juneberries, incorrectly named, perhaps, because they ripen in July. Those pies were amazing!!

  240. A couple of years ago I baked some pies to take to the cousins’ house for Thanksgiving. I must have been multitasking because I forgot to add sugar to the pumpkin pie! When I realized what I had done, I told everyone that it was a sugar-free pumpkin pie. ALL of the girls loved it! That pie went fast!!!

  241. Pi day is March 14 (3.14) and each year my husband’s office celebrates with pie of all sort. Pizza pie, fruit pies, quiches (which are sort of like egg pie) and various other round things on crust. They also have a contest to see who has memorized the most digits of this inexhaustable number.
    This is how geeks have fun!

  242. This book really appeals to me. In my house, pies replace cake for birthday celebrations. And my mom used to literally scold us if we considered buying apple pie at a store/restaurant rather than waiting for hers.

  243. I have lots & lots of pie memories. I grew up in a household where dessert was a standard after dinner event. My dad loves pie, and my mom is excellent at making it, so I learned about pie making early on. My mom would have me sift the flour and count the tablespoons of water as she added it. I love making pie & this cookbook looks excellent!

  244. Once when we were visiting my grandfather in the nursing home he was recovering in, I had asked him if there was ANYTHING we could bring that he would eat since he had no appetite and would soon need a feeding tube. His only request was apple pie. “Mile high” apple pie, to be specific. I got right to work making him individual pies in 4″ tins and delivered them warm! I’m sure they weren’t the best he had ever had but he acted like they were and it was a start to his eating well again.

  245. My favorite pie is a toss up between apple and my mother’s peach cobbler. Given a choice side by side, I’d probably go with the peach.

  246. My dad’s favorite pie is a caramel pecan pie and I’ve never found anything quite like it. When I think of his favorite desserts…caramel pecan pie and marachino cherry cake. Love my dad.

  247. My mother has never really enjoyed cooking and baking, and even less as she has gotten older. When I was a child, it always seemed like we were having a lot of fun while cooking anyway (there is probably some profound psychological explanation why I, on the other hand, find deep satisfaction in cooking for as many people as possible, as often as possible…but that is for some other time). My favorite pie memories were of using mom’s cookie cutters on dough scraps, sprinkling them with cinnamon sugar, and baking the “dough cookies” in recycled aluminum pie pans.

  248. My husband is a pie-guy, but I’m so much more comfortable with cakes and other baked goods! I would love this book!

  249. I love making pie, in particular with homegrown fruit (I canned apple pie filling last summer – as an experienced canner I can say that it’s a pretty tricky process). I’ve also spent years trying to perfect the crust: about two years ago I rendered lard from leaf fat an organic wild boer farmer gave me and that did the trick! I keep the lard in the freezer and I’ve found that, when combined with butter, and the Joy of Cooking piecrust recipe it makes the best crusts for both savoury and sweet pies. (On a side note, I was all set for rendering lard to be a really gross & stinky process, and it was not smelly at all. Perhaps because the fat was organic and really fresh.)

  250. Fav pie? Too hard! But right now I’m loving making sour cherry pie, as this is the only kind of cherry that grows locally. Sour cherry tart with pistachio frangipan is pretty deadly too. I’m loving your book Marisa- I made the homemade Nutella-divine!

  251. To celebrate the inauguration of President Obama, my son and I made an “All American” meal including an apple pie. I love the memory of us baking together!

  252. The worst pie I ever made was when I was in college and we tried to make a pumpkin pie out of a jack-0-latern. We scraped off the sooty bits and chopped up the pumpkin (didn’t bother to cook it!) and followed some recipe we had. Inedible but memorable. I think there’s a picture out there somewhere.

  253. There is nothing better than the first apple pie of the fall. We live near an apple farm, and every year we go and pick our own. I bake a lot of pies every year, but that first apple one is always the gateway pie.

  254. My friends and I always celebrate Pi Day (March 14) by making and eating only pies all day. We usually make quiche for breakfast, pizza pie for lunch, and pot pie for dinner, with fruit pies for dessert all day. It’s a beautiful day.

  255. I would love to find a good recipe for baked strawberry pie — not the kind where you dump glaze over strawberries in a pre-baked shell, the kind where you bake the whole shebang at once, berries and all. I’ve been trying for a few years now, but it always comes out a bit runny.

  256. Pies are a family thing in my family, but my wife’s family aren’t big pie people — or so they thought.

    I just took a peach-blueberry pie to my new in-laws last week, and I think we have a new family pie tradition starting. My father-in-law had a kidney transplant two years ago (after seven years of dialysis), and we get together to celebrate his kidney-versary every summer. Bringing him a pie (all the way from Delaware to Ohio) was a big hit — and will definitely be a part of every kidney-versary from here out.

  257. My favorite pie is actually my mom’s Fudge Sundae pie. The crust is whole vanilla wafers and the filling is softened vanilla ice cream layered with fudge (chocolate melted with marshmallows). Halved maraschino cherries are placed on top. The whole thing is in the freezer until serving. If I found one in the freezer when I was a kid I always got in trouble, hours later when my mom found my finger indentations in the pie.

  258. At a family reunion last summer, an aunt showed us how to make a double-crust gooseberry pie. The demo was a hit! And, of course, we sampled the delicious results.

  259. It is not a Christmas celebration in our family without grasshopper pie. As kids we fought over the rolling pin to smash Oreo cookies for the crust, and we were completely convinced real live grasshoppers were somehow incorporated into the pie. That’s why the filling was green, wasn’t it? I still love grasshopper pie. It is like a great big after-dinner mint!

  260. When I was little my dad about SO MANY bushels of apples one fall. A guy from work lived on an old family orchard, and the crop was excellent that year. My family made 12 pies in one weekend! By the end of the weekend our freezer was full of pie, and every friend of the family had a pie of their own!

  261. The only pie stories I have a disasters. Like the time I made my wife to be an apple pie, her favorite. The recipe called for lard but I figured, “Well, bacon comes from a pig, so bacon grease should be a good substitute.” It is not. Or the time I made a cherry pie and the dog ate it. And then threw it up. In the kitchen. In short, I desperately need the help this book would provide!

  262. What a yummy looking book! Must have. Must have.

    Perhaps my still most favorite pie in all the world was peach pie from summers long ago. Made by grandmotherly types using no recipe. Wonderful stuff, with sugar crystals on top. Crust probably made with lard.

    Have had great pies since then, but nothing quite as good as eating some of that peach pie in a church food tent at the fairgrounds on a summer day. Uhmmmmm.

  263. My pie-related fact is that I want this book so I can give it to my husband. He is the pie-maker at our house. While I get flustered over making pie crusts (I once accidentally broke one of my favorite pie dishes on Thanksgiving in a fit of sheer frustration), he does it easily and regularly. His most recent creation: an apple pie with cream cheese tucked away in it. A-MAZ-ING. The husband and I are actually a pretty great team when it comes to apple pie: I can quarts of apple pie filling every fall and let him do the work for the rest of the year. It’s a nice arrangement.

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway. I also just got your cookbook in the mail last week — it’s lovely!

  264. My grandmother would always make my dad a deal during his childhood summers: “If you pick the blackberries, I’ll make the pie.” It was always so difficult for him to choose between dealing with the briars and prickles versus the long-term result: her incredible pie.

    The pie always won.

  265. I like savory pies, like leek pie. Unfortunately, the idea grosses people out so they never give it a chance and it is delicious—-plus, it means you can eat pie for supper and then have a sweet pie for dessert!

  266. Pie. Glorious pie. Seriously, there isn’t anything bad you could serve, so long as it is served between two crusts.

  267. My favorite pie would have to be apple! My favorite season is fall, and there’s something about the smell and taste that just embodies the season.

  268. I remember being 11 and my mom allowing my best friend and I to make a pie all on our own. It was French silk, absolutely delicious, and the kitchen was a total disaster. But as a result, it will always be one of my favorites!

  269. We are not a dessert house – I’m pretty anti-sugar on all fronts, and fresh local fruit beats a sugary concoction any day, in my book.

    Except for pie. I think I’m like your mom… I make 2 or 3 a year, when we have a bounty of ripe fruit or berries, and they are glorious. Mmmmmm…. Pie.

  270. I just made a peach pie last week. It was delicious, and I made it more so that I could have the experience of making a pie. I just moved away from home with my husband to a new land (well, to Alabama from Iowa) and a peach pie was just the medicine I needed.

  271. I just started dabbling with baking and, more specifically, pies last year. By the time Christmas rolled around I was ready to wow my family with some serious pies for dessert. My Dad still gushes about the Bourbon Pumpkin Pecan Pie. Homemade crust, from scratch pumpkin, bourbon, dabble of pecans… Would love to get my hands on a pie cookbook! Broaden the horizon a bit!

  272. Pie…this sweet -tooth’s most favorite dessert! I love all fruit pies…especially the old fashioned but never homely apple pie!
    I’m looking forward to perusing and cooking from Ashley’s newest edition…all of which have never failed to please. Thank you

  273. Just last week, I attempted to make a peach pie with my daughter. After a fight with the pie curst, I taught her how to make peach cobbler instead!

  274. My husband LOVES pecan pie. Shortly after we were engaged, we had our parents meet at my mother’s house the Friday after thanksgiving for dinner. Attempting to impress my then soon-to-be mother-in-law and appease my husband’s cravings I decided to make two pies, one pecan and a faux pumpkin pie made with sweet potatoes. After slaving all day and fretting over these pies, they came out perfectly. I was so happy when I was finished that I forced my father, husband and brother into to kitchen immediately to marvel at what I had done. It wasn’t until the next day when I got up to make my morning coffee that I realized the kitchen was abnormally warm. It turns out that in my excitement I had forgotten to turn my over off, it was on all day and all night. I’m lucky we made it to thanksgiving alive. I never told my mother-in-law… Or my landlord. But the pies were fabulous, and that’s the important thing, right?

  275. My Nana makes amazing butternut squash “pumpkin” pies for Thanksgiving. Until recently I had never tasted a real pumpkin pie! It is amazing how much a bit of crust can elevate any filling.

  276. For as long as I can remember, my dad has always made a banana cream pie for family gatherings. It just isn’t Christmas without banana cream pie!

  277. What a beautiful cookbook!
    I love pies, but my all-time favorite is Strawberrry Rhubarb. It reminds me of when I was 10 years old and my mom used strawberry and rhubarbs from her own garden to bake up a delicious pie. YUM.

  278. My dad’s favorite is apple pie with cheddar cheese on top. When they were first married, my mom wanted to surprise him by baking an apple pie, but there was no cheddar cheese in the house, so she sprinkled the top crust liberally with the parmesan cheese that comes in little green cans. Good newlywed that my dad was, he ate every bite of the slice she served him (but he didn’t ask for seconds).

  279. My favorite pie memory is making pumpkin pies with my MeMa! They were so delish, I would ask for one (or two!) for my birthday “cake”. Who needs an actual cake for a birthday party?? Best pumpkin pie ever. Since she has gone, my family and I all try and try to replicate her masterpieces, but we will never even come close. Sweet memories!

  280. My favorite pie is probably a pecan pie. I really like making pies and would love to have a book that is dedicated to pies. I am still a beginner but I love love to learn. Thank you.

  281. I love the “autumn-ish” pies: pumpkin, pecan, cream. My birthday falls in October and each year my mom would make me a pumpkin pie to celebrate instead of a cake. I still eat pumpkin pie on my birthday 30+ years later!

    (BTW, I love your new book!)

  282. I made a delicious ‘Celebration Pot Pie’ from the Horn of the Moon cookbook with thanksgiving leftovers a few years ago and now the holidays wouldn’t be complete without it. It’s to die for. Thanks for this chance!

  283. Pie! My favorite in all its forms – fruit pie, Amish cream pie, quiche (just savory pie), turnovers (inside-out pie!), galettes (rustic pie!). Nothing is better than dumping a cup of flour into a bowl, cutting in the butter, and sneaking bites of the dough as you’re rolling it out.

  284. I come from a family of pie lovers (my brother, who won’t eat pie, is frequently teased for this fact because, really, who doesn’t like pie?) In any case, it’s a much-loved family detail that my great-grandfather was such a lover of a pie that “Pie” was his long-time nickname because he’s eat it anytime, anywhere, and in pretty much any incarnation.

  285. Oh, pie. My mom has always tended toward cakes and cookies instead of pies, so I never grew up learning to bake them. I finally tried one this spring (a strawberry rhubarb one), and it was DISMAL. It looked gorgeous on the top, but upon cutting into it, I encountered a hugely runny mess. But I tried again a couple weeks later, and this time it worked! I picked up a surprise pint of raspberries (hard to find in my area) and some peaches, and I’m hoping to try something pie-ish with those this weekend. Can’t wait!

  286. When I was growing up, pies were a big thing in our house. My 2 younger sisters and I would compete to see who was the best pie makers. After a car vacation in Oregon (we fought the whole time in the backseat), my younger sister was put in charge of making a pie with all the blackberries that we had hand picked and brought back.

    The pie she made was a thing of beauty…. Extra large with a perfect crust. She even added berries cut out of crust and added to the top. we all ate our dinner in high anticipation (she timed it so that it would come out of the oven just in time for dessert.

    When it was ready, we all stood ready to watch the masterpiece come forth…..As she took it out, she burnt her finger and dropped the whole pie on the floor, and the Pyrex pie plate shattered among the berries. Needless to say, everybody cried that night, and my sister has not made a pie since!

  287. mmm pie… dream is to have my own pie shop. I’d call it Pie in the Sky, since I live in the mountains at 5000 feet above sea level,

  288. I LOVE pie, any kind of pie… My mother was not a baker but my grandmother baked the best pies! I make a chocolate pie that my children request for every holiday or family get together. It comes from an old Betty Crocker cookbook I received when I was in 8th grade some 46 years ago and it is timeless!

  289. I’m fond of stopping by the Snohomish Pie Company in, of all places, Snohomish for a really yummy apple crumb topping pie. It’s a great way to start a Saturday!


  290. I have two mixing bowls full of blueberries in the fridge. There will be pie this week.

    I love all pies, but my favoritest pie is lemon meringue. I still can’t make one for the life of me, though. They turn out delicious but the filling is always too runny.

  291. As odd as this probably sounds, some of my favorite pies come from the truck stop a few miles away from my little mountainside home. The stop is now known for its “Ice Road Truckers” fame, but up until that point, was famous among the locals for its incredible pies! My favorite is the “Fat Man” pie — it’s truly indulgent.

  292. I love pies. My step mother makes a great pumpkin pie that has all of the spices on top (not mixed in). It is so novel looking and tasty!

  293. Many years ago, my brother, then a lanky teenage boy, now, sadly gone from us, made a lemon meringue pie — and left the sugar out of the filling. . He was sad and embarrassed, but I always thought he was brave to try. Thanks for nudging that memory and the chance to win the book. I opened a jar of Dilly Beans today–made from your recipe. YUM!

  294. We never had pie at our house unless it was Thanksgiving or Christmas. I think my favorite pie now is my Mother-in-law’s walnut pie that she makes every year (I have only been with them for a few holidays, but it has been great every time). Knowing neither of them will never see this, I can confidently admit that I wish she would have taught my wife a little more carefully how to make this at some point, her version is much better!

  295. For me I was always the pie baker in my family lemon meringue is my favorite but I don’t do it often because of all the work. Also love cherry but we mostly end up with apple in my house because that is what my kids like.

  296. My father in law just turned 94. What do you get him? He loves my cooking so I always cook for his gifts. This year he requested apple pie. It was the prettiest one ever. He was so happy.

  297. My favorite is peach pie.
    But my favorite pie story is the year I made blackberry pies, on request, to take into work. Even though I packed them very carefully I had to slam on my brakes on the way to the office and my beautiful, almost new car (then) still has the blackberry stains on the back seat almost 20 years later. It did not affect the taste I guess because I took home two empty pie pans that night.

  298. I think my favorite pie are the mini pumpkin but then I make all kinds of the mini and freeze them. They really are wonderful thawed, warmed slightly and with a bigf scoop of vanilla ice cream on them.

  299. Grandma used to make pies at the train station in the 50’s and 60’s. She could make 50 pies at a time, but could not make 2 pies at home. She said the recipe did not translate to 2 pies. But she made us a lot of other great pastry like her honey scones.

  300. Pies are somewhat of a sacred food item in my family. I grew up in Maine, and the question we would always ask when picking the tiny wild blueberries that signaled that it was August would be, “Is this enough for a pie?”.

  301. Gorgeous book! Every year for his birthday my husband asks for French Silk Pie. I have a favorite recipe from BHG that involves many steps with melting, mixing, and ice water baths but it produces a pie worthy of a celebration. Well worth the extra effort.

  302. My favorite pie hands down is Shoo Fly Pie. An Amish woman baked one for me as a thank you in return for picking her up and dropping her off at her sons house, then doing the return trip a few hours later. It was so delicious. I also got to see the baby lambs they had in their barn that day and was invited into the Amish house (just the kitchen) for the first time (I used to work for them) as well that day. Overall wonderful experience.

  303. I am a lover of pie. When I was a child, my father and I would wait until spring to have our favorite pie, strawberry rhubarb. I did not want cake for my birthday, just a strawberry rhubarb pie. Luckily, my birthday is in late spring, and my wish was always granted. Now you get this pie anytime of year, but back then, only in the late spring. And the pie that is now called hand pie was known in our family as a shovel pie. My grandfater worked in the coal mines when he first came to this country, and my grandmother would send him off to work with a ‘shovel pie’ for lunch. You put it on your shovel and held it over the fire to heat it up and have a hot meal. All hale pie!!

  304. I always keep a stash of homemade pie dough in the freezer for those “pie craving” moments. Making pie is a very Zen experience for me…not stressful like it is for many. Savoring that piece of pie for breakfast(if there is any leftover) is pure nirvana.

  305. I LOVE pies and love baking them. Whenever I bake a pie that has a regular flour based crust, I always use my great grandmothers recipe, substituting lard for the shortening when I can. Wonderful pie crust that I’ve now handed the recipe down to my daughters. It turns out just as delicious for them as well.

  306. My daughter makes beautiful pies. I want to develop a good gluten free crust recipe so I can eat the whole thing, rather than just tasting the filling!

  307. Just love Ashley English’s books!

    Pies are a favorite dessert ~ more special to me than cake, even. I would have a hard time choosing between my chocolate pie with whipped cream, or my peach~blueberry pie. Then, there is always coconut with meringue. Or, blackberry. Ahhh, pie.

  308. What a wonderful looking book.My mother was not a pie baker either.I remember she baked pies for Thanksgiving only.We were allowed to eat the scraps of crust baked with a sprinkle of suger on them.My pie baking abilities are nil.Heck I use premade crusts(ugh).I need to work on that!

  309. As a newly enthused baker i discovered pie making this summer. I’ve been THAT fiend who makes pie dough on a muggy hot summer day just for a slice and a scoop of ice cream just for me. This book would totally be put to delicious use.

  310. I have never liked fruit pie to much, but a cream pie is another story. My grandmother taught me to make Butterscotch Pie from scratch and to this day when I make it I think of her. It is an amazing pie!!

  311. Ohhhh, pie! My best girlfriend’s father was a master baker for over 35 years in Philadelphia at Hanscom’s and other commercial bakeries. At one point later in life, he owned his own bakery. I lost my father when I was very young, so her Dad was who I looked to as a fatherly figure and as such, I was considered part of the family.

    It was part of the familial benefits to have access to his baked goods and when he retired, what did he do? Bake and deliver pies and other baked items to friends and family.

    I’m not usually keen on the crust. Just never been my thing and often I eat only the top and bottom, but when I ate his pie, sweet or savory…I’d devour the entire pie, crust and all…it was the tenderest and most delicate crust ever and fillings were scrumptious regardless of whether sweet or savory.

    He’s now making pie in the sky…I have a lot to live up to if I want to make such pies.

  312. I have never made pie, but this book looks like the type of book that would certainly get me motivated! Thanx for the giveaway opportunity….

  313. My favorite memory is of a peanut butter pie that my sister’s mother in law makes. She was a home ec. teacher in NC and man can she cook. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  314. My grandmother always made chocolate pie and my mother made buttermilk pie. More likely than not they were with store bought crust. I’ve become pretty good at making homemade pie crusts and the pie possibilities are endless. I just made peach & ginger and sausage and apple hand pies a couple weeks ago….yummy!

  315. I suppose sour cream raisin is my favorite pie although like my dad it could be my favorite pie is “with or without” (ice cream that is) 🙂

  316. Really never met a pie I didn’t like. But once I walked into a hole in the wall restuarant and saw a slice of fresh homemade cherry pie. Before I sat down I claimed that slice of pie and inquired about more. It was the “last slice”. I promised bodily harm if I didn’t get my pie at the end of my not so eventful meal.
    The pie was the perfect ratio of fruit and sauces. The crust was buttery and flaky and crunchy. Truly I dream of this pie at night.

  317. When I was 16, I wanted to enter a pie in the local fair. I spent a week making apple pie after apple pie (we had trees in the back yard full of apples). My dad critiqued my efforts… “the crust is too thick;” “the apples are too thin.” Was this his quest for perfection or simply a ruse to get more pie? Finally, the morning arrived. The pie had to be at the fair 45 minutes away by noon. I pulled that last pie from the oven. I had made prettier practice pies. Sigh. We didn’t go back to the fair until the last day, so we could bring all other entries home. My pie won a blue ribbon! My dad later found out that his 16 year old daughter beat out a local resident who had been taking home the blue ribbon for as long as anyone could remember…

  318. Love Thanksgiving for the pumpkin pie or the sweet potato pie or the apple pie…OH the possibilities are endless! Not sure why I don’t enjoy them more throughout other times of the year….maybe I would eat too much of a good thing! 😛

  319. Ooooooo!! I would love to have this book. Pie is my husbands favorite form of payment, generally used in exchange for doing the “icky” things on his honey-do list. Given that we are in the midst of a “homestead experiment” in which we are making changes in our lives to prepare us for the day that we move to our dream homestead, making a pie is a homestead task in our house – rendering the lard, getting butter from the dairy down the road, picking the fruit for the filling, etc. It is a special treat 🙂 I’d love to surprise him with a whole recipe book of pies to dog-ear for future payments.

  320. My grandmother used to make the most beautiful, delicious pies – raspberry was my favourite! And as much as I’ve tried, mine are never as fab as hers. Who am I kidding! Mine barely qualify as “pie” lol!! This book looks beautiful!!

  321. Lard. Lard, lard, lard. I could say it all day. That and vodka are key to a perfect crust for any fruit pie. (Or nut pie. Or custard pie. You get the idea.) Yep, nothing says good ol’ American pie like pork and liquor.

    In all seriousness, I will share my other key ingredient for the consummate not-too-sweet apple pie: Northern Spy and Baldwin apples. Delicious.

  322. My favorite dessert has always been just about any kind of pie. When i Was young, while on vacation at my grandmother’s I picked a bucket of raspberries and decided to make my first raspberry pie. However, I forgot to add any thickening and we had soup pie.

  323. My Mom loved to make pies. And her pies were scrumptious! Her favorites were Pippen apple in the fall and Olallieberry in the early summer. Her crust was light and flaky, although she really didn’t measure the ingredients. She’d randomly scoop flour in a bowl, add Crisco until “it looked right” and then add cold water to form the dough. But when I make pie dough I must measure! My Mom’s pie making skill is something I envy!

  324. This is actually my partner’s childhood pie story, but I can’t resist. Him and his older brother, about 9 and 12 respectively, decided to make the new next-door neighbor a welcome pie. They preceded with the dough and were just about to roll it out when their mother left the house. Sans supervision, they decided it would be a great idea to stretch the dough by trying to throw/twirl it pizza-style over the main beam of the cathedral ceiling in their living room. This resulted in a few “pick the crust up off the floor” moments as well as one “crap, it’s stuck on the ceiling…will it come down?” moment. However, to this day, the unwitting neighbor says to them when they visit their parents’ home, “That was the best pie I ever ate. You boys should have been bakers.”

  325. My grandfather was a farmer who learned to make pie after my grandmother went blind. We were allowed to eat it any time of day – breakfast, dinner, snack – it didn’t matter. And he always told us there were only two kinds of pie he liked… “hot and cold.”

  326. My grandmother made the best shoofly pie–homemade crust and everything! I made her teach me how to make them (including her secret to thin flaky crusts), so I was able to replicate those pies at home. Brings back great memories when I enjoy a slice with coffee for breakfast…..

  327. My favorite pie is actually a rustic galette with in-season plums (or apples, during apple season) on a layer of home-made jam or jelly (usually cherry). It’s become one of my signature dishes despite how guilty I feel about it: it’s so EASY and requires almost no effort to make, but it gets oohs and ahhs, and disappears in minutes, whilst a cake I could spend hours on gets a more tepid welcome. There’s just something about a well-made pie dough and fresh, seasonal fruit that taps into our animal consciousness, I think. 🙂

  328. I’m not a big pie person, but I could never live without sugar pies at Christmas time, filling consist of brown sugar, heavy cream & butter! Yum!

  329. I can’t say I have any pie stories…I do bake pie weekly…usually apple, butternut squash, coconut cream and on occasion the “fake” apple made with Ritz crackers…

  330. My Grandma Ella was famous for her raspberry pies. However, as she got older she sometimes forgot to put the thickening in, and when she arrived with a freshly baked pie we never knew if we were going to need a fork or a spoon to eat it! 🙂

  331. Pie is my favorite dessert!!! Its hard to pick a favorite. I always requested pumpkin pie for my October birthday, but these days if there is one thing I cannot resist – it is key lime pie….mmmmm….now I want pie.

  332. I have just started diving in to pie making. I was surprised that I could make a pie crust that was so delicious. My confidence is building!

  333. Ooh. Pie. Growing up I ruined an obscenely high number of my grandmother’s pies in clutziness – dropping them, failing to hold them as we drove around a turn… but none of my mishaps trumped the time my sister dove into the back seat of our van in a moment of goofing off, right into the three thanksgiving pies carefully set out there. Whoops. ; )

  334. My favorite thing to do is make pies for my family. My husband loves peanut butter pie. My children love pumpkin, apple and oreo pie. My favorite is pumpkin pie made from a pumpkin, not from canned pumpkin.

  335. i make pie weekly, since i like to have pie on hand for friends & neighbors who stop by…. i love watching the seasons change through the ingredients– starting out the beginning of the year with rhubarb— rounding up the end of the year with apple…. however, my very favorite is plum with a hint of cinnamon!

  336. My mother makes the best pies. Fantastic crusts. I touch things too much, so my crusts don’t work out so well. Too much heat in my hands these days. My favorite pie is my mother’s pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. She uses my grandmother’s pie plate and it is all just perfect.

  337. Most of my pie memories are ones I’ve made myself. My husband is a huge pie fan, so I make them for him, most of the time. One of our collective favorite pies is a blueberry cream pie that is seriously awesome!

  338. My grandma was the baker at a bowling alley and would whip out 30 pies a day. So when we visited years later she would always make a couple pies each day. She made chocolate, lemOn, banana, butterscotch. Grandma’s house was like pie heaven.

  339. I have never been a big fan of cake, but I love pies. I didn’t get many as a kid, so I am changing that as an adult. My husband and I had pie at our wedding instead of cake. A mennonite family of 7 made us 24 pies. We gave a number away at the end of the ceremony, but we still arrived home from our honeymoon to six pies in our deep freeze. it was wonderful working our way through those.

    Now that we are three years into our marriage, my husband and I make pies every six weeks or so. I make up the crust and the filling. He makes it look like a pie : ). We have a great partnership.

  340. My old boyfriend was the king of pies in his family. He taught me everything he knew, and now I’m the queen of pies in my family! My family always requests a cherry pie for every occasion, but I’m more of a chocolate bourbon pecan type of girl…

  341. Two fun facts about pie:

    – In the 19th century, apple and other fruit pies were a fairly common breakfast item. Fruit pie was considered part of a good hearty meal before a hard day’s work.

    – Pie came to America with the first English settlers. The early colonists cooked their pies in long narrow pans calling them ‘coffins’ like the crust in England. As in the Roman times, the early American pie crusts often were not eaten, but simply designed to hold the filling during baking. It was during the American Revolution that the term crust was used instead of coffyn.


    My favourite pies are pumpkin and pecan. Other than being tasty and delicious, they remind me of fall/winter, Thanksgiving, leaves changing colours, family gatherings and college football.

  342. My husband’s grandmother made pies several times a week – and several pies at a time. There was always a treat waiting for visitors. I love to makes pies, too, although not as often. Tonight there will be fresh picked blueberry and peach pie at our house.

  343. Pie has been very influential in my life! I think that apple pie might have been the very first thing I baked on my own. My first kitchen disaster was a from-scratch pumpkin pie – it resulted in a sweet pumpkin soup in soggy crust. I know that my very, very favourite dinner as a kid was a savoury pie – sometimes with beef, sometimes lentil and mushrooms, sometimes chicken. I don’t make pie *often*, but I *do* love it.

  344. as a just married bride, I wanted to impress my BIL and my hubby. Made 2 pumpkin pies. took them to where they worked…both ate their piece and gave me a wondering look…I just had to ask…”well’ what do you think?”…OOOPS I had done it all but NO sugar! AND being thrifty (read broke here..LOL) I took the rest of the pies back home. Put the custard on the stove, added the sugar. cooked a little and we finished off the pie and it was pretty good…NOT pretty but you know what I mean..LOL that was 50 yrs ago and the family kept me anyway. I have improved some since then.

  345. I learned to make pies from my Aunt Mary — who is justly famous in our family for her annual Thanksgiving apple pie that surpasses my ability to explain in its sweet-tart-cinnamon-crispy wonderfulness. I didn’t even like pies at the time, but I wanted to be able to bake for others. Through making pies, I’ve become a pie lover myself. I think what I didn’t like was the gooey “fruit” fillings which weren’t, and the soft crusts from grocery-store-bakeries of my childhood.

    Now the crust recipe is one of a handful that I have memorized, to make everywhere I go in a pinch, last minute for hospitality, etc. I was shocked the other day to realize that my mother herself doesn’t have the basics at top of mind when she asked when to pull out the pie I’d slid into the oven on my way out the door!

    But looking at this book, maybe I need to branch out beyond my go-to recipe and try something more exciting!

  346. When I was young
    I remember my grandfather
    wiping his beard
    turned hot pink and purple, strawberry rhubarb pie.
    The Castle Danger Inn.
    It was the place where they “did rhubarb right.”

  347. I’ve never really made pies, although I’d like to try. On holidays and other special occasions I bought the most delicious pies from a man in the Italian Market who took orders weeks in advance. Sadly, he died, so now I have to learn to do it myself! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  348. My mother makes the best apple hand pies in the world. She would always make them before we went camping so it was a great treat after a long day of playing outside.

  349. My first pies were what my grandfather made every holiday. I love chocolate pie to this day & have never been able to recreate his recipe

  350. I have been on a pie kick! I have a friend who actually begs me to bake her pies publicly on Facebook. This time of year it has to be peach pies, line the Crist with almond paste and add a crumb topping that has a hint of ginger. Yum!

  351. It never occured to me that I could bake a pie, until one Thanksgiving a decade ago.I made an apple pie & a sweet potatoe pie. And what a hit, now pies are made & eaten frequently depending on the fruit in our csa. My boys LOVE pie!!

    • My favorite pie memory was at my neighbor’s house when I was young. That was some 60+ years ago. She made the best egg custard pie. I rarely see it anymore and I don’t know how to make it. But I still taste it in my mind.

  352. I havent met a pie I didnt like (except for this one meat pie tart thing topped with century egg i tried a while back…), but I find myself longing for peach pie all year til they come into season (very soon!).

  353. I still can’t live down the thanksgiving I forgot the put sugar in the pumpkin pie. and I’m a professional cook!

    • I had to live down a thanksgiving my professional chef friend told me allspice would substitute for nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Ick! Strangely, one of my friends thought it was the best pumpkin pie he’d ever eaten.

      (Is this my comment?)

  354. I have a great reason to learn to cook & bake and could use all the help I can get….I will be married next year and we are expecting our first child. I have to feed then and I’d prefer it to be delish!!

  355. The first pies my partner used to eat were with a woman named Freda Unsworth who lived on the edge of a logging town on Haida Gwaii, BC. He would go over to her place with his sisters and do a few chores for Freda and then get fed Rhubarb pie. One of his fondest memories from childhood. No birthday cake in our house. It’s always birthday pie. Already pre-ordered the book, but hope to win another copy for a friend. Thanks for writing it!

  356. Pie was, and still is, the birthday dessert of choice… I almost did pie at our wedding, but decided to do cake at the las minute. Mmmmm…now I am craving pie. Fresh peach pie might be in order once I hit up the market this weekend!

  357. my mom was never a big pie maker; she was very good at cakes and brownies. but once or twice a year she would make a chocolate cheese pie. it has a chocolate graham cracker crust which is filled with an oh so rich chocolate cream cheese filling! we loved this pie!!!! now my girls help her make this pie for her birthday dessert and yes…there are just enough leftovers for breakfast!

  358. Best pie I ever had was a Chicken and Leek Pie in a London pub. It had puff pastry on top and came with mashed potatoes and green beans. Lovely!

  359. Oh, pie! Every holiday, my grandma would make a series of pies, usually pumpkin, rhubarb, and apple. The best thing about them was the crust; I’ve yet to recreate her perfect crusts, though I’m getting closer (lard! who knew?).

    This book looks amazing; I’ll have to buy a copy!

  360. i have an ongoing love affair with pie, especially in the summer with so much fresh produce to enjoy. i too loved nothing better as a kids than when i was allowed a slice of leftover pie for breakfast, usually following a holiday spent with family. grandma was always perfectly happy to spoil us with a leftover slice of apple or pumpkin. my favorite pie-related memory would probably be when my mom first made grasshopper pie for dessert at her monthly dinner club. she had me briefly convinced that there were tiny grasshopper legs among the chocolate crust. it’s still one of my favorite pies today & i always share the story with my little ones when i make one for dessert. 🙂

  361. I made my first from scratch apple pie with a crisp topping two years ago and ever since I tasted that pie I knew I would never eat another store-bought one!

  362. Wow, that looks like a special book! I’ve always been more of a cake fan than pie fan, but I think there’s more than enough love to go around for both, and I’ve recently been coming around more and more to the splendors of homemade pie. It turns out, I didn’t hate pie crust, I just hadn’t realized I really preferred all butter crusts. I remember my aunt showing me how to relax when I roll out dough, and how to flute the edges with my thumb. I have many fond memories of time spent on her farm in Wisconsin, and the pie making sessions are among them!

  363. I love pie! My childhood is full of pie recipes. My father had fruit trees in our yard, including a tart cherry that was perfect for pies. We would pick a bunch and sit on the front porch and pit them. What a mess, but so much fun. I learned to make crust by age 12, and was pretty good at it. I wish I could eat pie every day without suffering the consequences.

  364. I love baking pies. I use a wonderful all-butter crust, but my beloved grandmother taught me to make the crust using lard. Just can’t bring myself to use lard these days, although apparently I loved to stick my fingers in Grandma’s jar of lard and lick it off when I was little. Yuck!

  365. My mother never made pie. If we had pie, it was at one of my grandmother’s houses, and it was usually apple, pumpkin or raisin pie. The most memorable pie I remember having is when I tasted my first peach pie, made from fruit picked from my Aunt Margaret’s mom’s tree when I was 7 or 8 years old. I wanted to inhale it. I wanted to savour it and make that tiny piece last. All the grownups kept laughing at me because I kept going “Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmm!”

  366. The first pie I ever made from scratch, I did it with a friend and it was rhubarb lattice pie. It was delicious, but it had taken us hours to do. I don’t eat a lot pie now, but I do much prefer to make my own crust and filling. When I buy it, it doesn’t taste as good. I really enjoy rhubarb, apple, and this year, I’ll probably do blueberry since I picked and froze some for a pie in the future.

  367. One year, I crimped up the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie crusts nice and high, and optimistically used all the filling I had mixed up — right to the top of the crust, well above the level of the pie plates. While tidying up, I noticed that the oven looked brighter than I expected. The crust had crumbled and a good amount of the custard had flowed out onto the oven floor and caught on fire — could the 2′ flames I’m remembering be accurate? After the oven had been cleaned out, I just kept baking the now smoked pies — I was already running late. Somehow, they tasted no different than when they hadn’t been set on fire — a truly foolproof recipe!

  368. I always pick pie – preferrable peach or coconut cream, for my birthday. And my Grandma is the pie queen, no one’s is as good as hers – so she says, anyway.

  369. I have a killer pie crust recipe from Cooks Illustrated. It includes gin or vodka as part of the liquid. I have customized it slightly and use butter-flavored Crisco instead of regular. It is tender, flaky, and flavorful. Look for their “Fool Proof Pie Crust” recipe.

  370. Pies, mmm. All my pie memories involve my 90 year old grandmother. She made the best blueberry pies. Along with her regular sized pies, she would always make me a mini pie because she knew it was my favourite. Even at 90, she still continues to make the most amazing pies. This post really got me thinking about how I should spend some time baking with her and learn her pie secrets before she is not around to share them.

  371. There’s nothing better than a warm, homemade slice of apple pie…or cherry pie made with cherry pie filling that my friend and I canned ourselves. 🙂 That was pretty good too.

  372. Bring my dad a pie, make a friend for life. To celebrate his 90th birthday we had pie after church. One of my Sunday school kids had the idea — ‘Let’s make 90 different kinds of pie!’. We did end up with about 30; and had pie for breakfast for many days.

  373. Fave pie story: Thanksgiving. Two fresh pumpkin pies cooling in a bottom cupboard. Family leaves house for a bit. Family comes home to two dogs eating two pumpkin pies. 🙂

  374. Chocolate pie with a graham cracker crust was always a family favorite. I made one one evening and put it in the refrigerator. We woke the next morning to a very quite house. Our 3 year old had found the pie and ate the whipped cream off the top giving the rest to his 2 year old sister who was finishing it in her crib! He had given her a wash cloth to clean up with. We laugh to this day about it and they are in their 40’s now. Chocolate pie is still a favorite.

  375. My Mom was a farmgirl from Nebraska and the woman could make pies in her sleep! She started teaching me to make pie when I was 7. Everyone’s favorite was her cherry lattice-top pie. Her crusts were made with lard and the extra pieces always went in the oven sprinkled with cinnamon sugar — cookies that melt in your mouth! I inherited her old wooden rolling pin and during the holidays when I make a pie to share with family, I can feel her behind me helping me roll out the dough.

  376. My favorite pie without a doubt would be apple of course. Being from New England I think we are all born with a need for a great piece of pie any time of year.

  377. When I was young I lived in Europe and we weren’t able to have sweets everyday as well! I was usually pointed to a jar of nutella or honey. However the mornings that I would be at my grandma’s she would wake up early and make pie! She would make the pie with whatever seasonal fruit she had picked from our garden. My favorites were cherry and apple. I love a good pie and I love to roll out dough! I used to play with the flour when I was little.

  378. I can still smell the apply pie baking at my grandmother’s house. Just simple apple pie. She also made strawberry rhubarb pie. …and now I’m hungry.

  379. My mother could be cajoled into making a pie occasionally if we picked the contents. One day my brother & I came across a HUGE Huckleberry patch. We took off our shirts, filled them with Huckleberries & hauled them all home to Mom. She made a Huckleberry pie for dessert that night in one of GreatGranny’s old fashioned, English stoneware pie dishes. That must’ve been 5o years ago. My Gawd, does that ever make me feel old.

  380. Pie is an occasional treat at our house too-usually only at the holidays. The problem is we can never agree on what kind we like. My dad and I like pumpkin, and my mom like pecan, but no one else will touch either, and we end up with an apple too. So even though there are usually only 5 of us, we end up with at least 3 pies (and usually finish them, much to the expansion of our waistlines!)

  381. Oooooh, I love pies! I was lucky enough to grow up in a community that made lots of pies and shared them at most community get togethers. My mom also made pies, so there were sometimes pies just for us. There were mulberry pies, rhubarb pies, raisin pies, and all the other more usual fruits as well – apple, cherry, peach, etc. I can remember standing in front of a long table and looking at all the choices of pies, each piece already placed on an individual dessert plate, and wondering how on earth I was going to choose just one! I’m wondering the same thing about choosing a favorite pie. 🙂 But, if I had to choose, I’d say that it would probably be a raisin pie, or maybe a rhubarb raisin pie, or maybe strawberry rhubarb pie, or….

  382. A couple years ago I read up on how wonderful freshly rendered lard makes pie crusts so I contacted a pork farmer and rendered the fat to make a special apple pie. It was quite good but don’t think I’ll be rendering own fat again anytime soon… there are lots of other recipes that make very wonderful crusts.

  383. I promised to make whatever he wanted for my roommate’s birthday: it was October and he wanted a peach pie. They might have been frozen, but it was made with love, and isn’t that what makes a pie taste so darn good?

  384. Oh, a Year of Pies — what a wonderful title! My children LOVE anything with a crust, and therefore just about any kind of pie! I am especially partial to a one-crust, streusel-topped fruit pie, so you get the flakiness and the crunchiness all in one dessert!

  385. Lovely book….The one pie I always tried to recreate was my mom’s sweet potato pie. She passed away years ago before I asked her for her recipe; so continue my search for the perfect sweet potato pie.

  386. I love this book- and want it so bad. I have been following Ashley’s blog for a long while now and love her! I love pie, too! I got your book and thought- they will be
    in constant use, so this will add to my obsession w/ your blogs and PIE!

  387. One of my favorite pies is spinach pie! (What? Really??) Yup! It not only has spinach, but beet greens, swiss chard, egg, and the best part- lots of feta cheese! I’m hungry just thinkin’ about it. Its a great recipe to make if you need to use up some greens in the garden.

  388. I didn’t really eat pie until I had a Bennett’s mixed berry pie. They’re located in Sacramento, a family run small operation. I tell you what, the crumb topping and luscious berry filling would convert the pickiest eater you know! Although I don’t make many pies, I do make galettes- I guess that counts!

  389. I love pie, but crust intimidates me. I need to make at least one with the 1/2 bushel of peaches currently on my counter, though. It would be a shame not to…

  390. My favorite pie from childhood is gooseberry pie. Picking the gooseberries was a “thorny” issue, but the rewards were well worth it. It is still a treat to go back home and be treated to this pie. My siblings and I still fight over the last piece. If only I could grow some gooseberry bushes in my yard…

  391. I remember the very first pie I baked. It was apple. Green granny smith apples. I used a little too much lemon and so it came out extra tart but that was okay with me! It meant gobs more vanilla ice-cream to accompany my heavenly slice(s). I love pies! Alas, now that I am trying to follow a wheat free diet (which means gluten free) I do not make as many as I once did. Instead, I often go for the crustless, crumble versions which, when baked, can easily be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  392. Pie for breakfast is heaven! The art of pie-making is one of those things that should be cherished as it’s definitely a labor of love, hard work, and a touch of talent. Thanks to everyone like Marisa and Ashely who take the time to share tips and techniques!

  393. From “True Romance”:

    “Do you like to get pie after you see a good movie?”

    “Yeah, I love to get pie after a movie?

    “Would you like to go get some pie with me?”

    “I’d love some pie.”

  394. We took our children to a small local fair this year and when it came time to eat we took a seat at a picnic table next to an elderly couple enjoying a slice of pie. I looked up and noticed they had purchased a slice from a local pie stand. Just seeing themselves wrapped in conversation and enjoying a slice put a smile on my face. I would love to learn more about this timeless dessert and how to conquer making a crust!

  395. Either pecan pie, which reminds me of Thanksgiving growing up in the South, or blueberry pie… well, really, ANY berry pie…

  396. I absolutely love pie (favorite dessert) and I love Ashley’s other books, so this is a must have on my book shelf. Every year for Thanksgiving my mom would make a pumpkin and apple pie. I’ve now taken over that baking, and instead of my mom’s traditional get the pumpkin in a can and store bought crust, I make my pies from complete scratch.

  397. I am 51 and finally learned how to make a great pie crust last year. My DH loves pie and I can apple pie filling and make an apple pie every other week in the winter. A piece of pie brings back memories of my aunts being around our dining room table and everyone enjoying pie after dinner. There was always fresh coffee and to this day I like a cup of coffee with my pie.

  398. Pies always remind me of my grandmother who made scrumptious cherry pies and marvelous pecan pies. I have recently improved my crust with a new pastry recipe supplied by my farmer daughter. This pie book is lovely!

  399. It wasn’t until I moved to the Bluegrass area of Kentucky that I first tasted “Derby Pie” which is a traditional favorite, made around the same time we’re also making mint juleps and wearing fabulous hats. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a dense pie made with chocolate and nuts, plus bourbon if you want to be truly traditional. It’s one of the easiest pies to make, especially if you cheat like I do and use a frozen pie crust. I’ve made pie crusts in the past, but they never seem to turn out quite like I think they should.

  400. When I was pregnant with my youngest I was spending a lazy Saturday afternoon reading. There was a scene in the book that had the characters eating peach pie. It gave me such an intense craving for peach pie I could practically taste it! Aside from the fact that it was winter and totally not peach season, I couldn’t have pie anyhow since I had gestational diabetes 🙁

    Several months later, after the baby was born and peaches were in season, I finally made myself the peach pie that I had wanted so badly, and it was fantastic!!

  401. My favorite canning memories are the times My girlfriends come over and we share love, enjoy each other’s company, and a little bit of something to preserve for later!

  402. I love pie! I have always loved pie!
    My grandmother is a baker and pies are her specialty!
    My favorite is her Pecan Bourbon Pie, mainly because she makes it JUST for me. It was my grandfather’s and mine favorite and now that he is gone… is just me. The rest of the family doesn’t like it but I request it for my birthday every year!
    I look forward to Thanksgiving as we drive down to spend it with my family and her job is baking the pies for dessert! YUM!
    Our favorite thing to do during our once a year girl visits to Reno with my Mom, my Grandma and myself is to stop in one of the all night restaurants and have a piece of pie and a cup of tea or cocoa in the wee hours of the morning before we traipse up to bed!
    Pies = memories to me!!

  403. I would LOVE this cookbook! Pies are my husband’s favorite dessert. I bought a cookbook “All Cakes Considered” before I knew this. I started working my way through making the cakes and he was sweet, but not terribly impressed. Turns out not because the cakes weren’t good but because they weren’t PIE.
    Thanks, Marisa!

  404. I just made my first pumpkin pie from a pie pumpkin this year for Thanksgiving, and I know I will never be able to use the can pumpkin again, it was the BEST! ( and I was very proud of myself!)

  405. For my dad’s 60th birthday, I baked him 6 pies, one for each decade! He’s not a fan of cake, and his favorite dessert is pumpkin pie, so that’s exactly what he got. Since his birthday is in the summer, I made some other more summery pies to go alongside his pumpkin… blackberry/blueberry, peach, apple, etc. I am proud to say that making pies is one thing I love to do & seem to be able to do well 🙂 Everyone loved it, and of course we all had to sample more than one kind!

  406. My favorite pie memory is my first Thanksgiving with my now husband. We has been dating for only three and a half months. He had invited me to join his family for the holiday and I had asked what I could bring. He said pumpkin pie. So
    I said ok. I had never cooked pumpkin pie before. AsI was a
    single mom at the time, I waited until Wednesday night at 9pm to start cooking the pies. The first on the first pie burned. Luckily, I had enough ingredients to
    make two pies. So I called my beat friend up for some advice, asked people
    on Twitter for advice, and had a glass of wine. Then, I baked another pie.
    By the time I got to bed, it was past midnight. I was planning on running my first race Thanksgiving, and my husband was coming over at 7am with his son to
    watch my daughter while I ran. I was exhausted the following morning. But everyone loved the pies, and they both got eaten.

  407. For some reason pies have never intimidated me, even after I tried to make a lard crust in a hot kitchen and ended up with a softly spreading mass on the counter, rather than anything that could be rolled, crimped, or otherwise baked. But I became worried when my husband informed me one day that he was pretty sure he had developed a gluten allergy. What about bread, muffins, cakes, PIE??? Happily I recently acquired a copy of Gluten Free Baking Classics, and I am back in business. Her pie crust recipe kicks butt–no one ever knows. And occasionally, if we are heading to the potluck, I dust off my old “real” flour and make the real thing.

  408. My mother and grandmother are not into cooking, so it’s a bit of a mystery how I came to be so obsessed. The single recipe I inherited from my family is my grandmother’s pecan pie recipe, which, as far as I can tell, she relied on mainly because it was absurdly easy. With a premade pie crust (she never made her own) you could get the thing in the oven in about 5 minutes! I no longer made the recipe as she did – I made my own crust and don’t use Karo corn syrup – but I still keep her handwritten copy in the back of my recipe book.

  409. My Grammer used to make the best strawberry rhubarb pies, she would always share the last (and largest) piece from the pie-pan with me so i got all the extra crumbly bits… I wish that I had asked her to write the recipe down

  410. My mom has a recipe for butterscotch pudding that makes the absolute best butterscotch pie filling… it’s got Amish/Mennonite roots as that is our family’s heritage. It’s hands down the most requested pie that friends ask us to bring when there’s an occasion to share pie together!

  411. “That’s a pie crust promise – easily made, easily broken.”
    This is one of those old-timey sayings that I think should get more play nowadays. I heard this one a lot when I was growing up; I bet it was something that my mom also heard a lot when she was growing up. Also handed down – green tomato mincemeat pie, oh so good.

  412. Making a pie from scratch makes me feel very grown-up. A pie I made last winter is my proudest acheivement: half whole wheat crust, a quart of pears on bottom, a pint of peaches on top of that, and an oatmeal crumb top.
    Your mother’s pies sound very similar to mine, Marisa. My daughter and I even eat them for breakfast!

  413. I think I was one of the only kids who learned how to make pies before chocolate chip cookies. I got to peel apples?!? Yay!!!! Spend all day in the kitchen with Uncle Eddie baking for any random event was glorious. I think they’d probably arrest him for letting me play with sharp objects if that happened now 😉

  414. Apple pie is my personal favorite, but the rest of my family loves pumpkin. In fact that’s what my stepson asked for his birthday this year. In July!

  415. My favorite pie now exists only in my memory, my Grandmother’s fressh peach pie. I can still see, smell and taste it and she’s been gone 25 years this coming October. She handmade it all, no shortcuts for her, and it was amazing. My Mother and I have tried to recreate it and the crust never comes out quite as flaky nor the fruit just sweet enough to let the peach flavor shine. I miss it, but Mom and I keep trying…. but that may be just because we miss my Grandmother (and we love pie).

  416. My family knows I love pies. They also know that I like to indulge in snacks in middle of the night. This particular night, I woke up numerous times and noticed a strawberry rhubarb pie in the fridge. I thought to my self that nobody would notice a tiny slice missing. However, I had the same thought every time I awoke in the middle of the night. By morning, I had eaten about 2/3 of the pie. Ooops. I get teased all the time now.

    Love the blog.

  417. The first pie I baked happened in the state of Washington at my sister-in laws house. One large blackberries bush, a large bowl of ripe blackberries and a now what do I do with them. That was thirty some years ago but I still remember how thrilled I was with that warm pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it.

  418. I’m discovering the lusciousness of frozen pies during the scorching summer we’re having. A slice of frozen lemonade pie in a graham cracker crust is just right on a hot evening.

  419. Every summer as I was growing up my mum’s mum would bake an endless sugary supply of raspberry pies. Still my favorite to this day with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.

  420. My very first pie was an apple pie and the crust was not pretty to look at, but it all tasted yummy and in the end thats what matters…Thanks for the chance to win

  421. Growing up, when the leaves began to turn and the air had a slight chill to it, i realized it was time for apple picking. It was time to crunch into those sweet macs, bring them home, and make some pies. We did this every year, my mother and i. Warm Apple Pie will always hold a special place in the season of Autumn for me.

  422. As a child, the best thing about Tuesday pie baking, Mom would take the leftover dough and make cinnamon sugar squares that we would devour before dinner.

  423. Two dropped pie stories. One was dropped when my young daughter was bringing it in for her sister’s birthday. We call that one “Green Pie” and the plastic lid contained it so we ate it that night! (I made her another one the next day.)
    The second was a cheese cake I made for my soon to be Son in Law. Same daughter somehow knocked it out of the fridge! Plastic wrap on top saved it, so we ate it also.

  424. When I was young, my family and I visited the Apple Fest every year at a nearby orchard. One year, my mother, me and my brother decided to enter the apple pie baking contest. I decided to add pecans to my pie to make it “special.” Not only did I win the kid’s division, but I also beat out all the adults (including my mother who provide much “help” to me) to win the grand champion prize. My grandmother had to bid an obscene amount of money to buy my pie during the charity auction. I insisted on entering for years after that just because I found the only thing fun and funny.

  425. I grew up making pies for thanksgiving with my Grandmother but as she got older the tradition stopped. Now that she’s passed, I’d really love to pick it back up with Ashley’s wonderful instructions. She started me on chicken keeping and canning already!

  426. my hubby doesnt like cake very much so we either make cheesecake or pie at our house. i do have to say that i dont mind it that way 🙂

  427. I’m pretty sure I could eat pie every day, so this book would be the best! My favorite pie is cherry, but fresh blackberry is pretty sweet, too!

  428. I have unofficially claimed this summer as my Summer of Pie. I’ve made loads of different types of crust and pastry, but I am most excited to get to Seattle to pick some roadside blackberries and make a pie.

  429. I love a good pie. My favorite would be any baked sweet sticky fruit pie, next favorite, Kentucky Bourbon pie, and then down to the meringue pies – I have had few successes in making pretty pies, but even the ugly ones taste good. Best I ever did was a lime meringue pie that I made for my dad’s birthday…

  430. I’ve really only made a true pie once – and it turned out perfectly! Now, I’m terrified to make a pie again. Why? As per my mother, the first pie she ever made turned out wonderfully…but every pie she’s ever made since has been horrible. It might be a family curse?? 🙂

  431. One of my favorite pies is rhubarb custard. It’s an old family recipe that has been passed down for a few generations. I add my own tweak; I put crumble crust on the top instead of regular crust. I think I’m going to go outside now and get some rhubarb!

  432. Peach pie with fresh whipped cream is my favorite! I really want to learn how to that fancy lattice crust. Mmm, now I’m pie-dreaming at work. Sigh!

  433. I grew up in the Carpathian Mountains, eating my mother amazing and delicious pies!
    One of the strongest memories is a shredded pumpkin and walnuts pie. After my mother died I tried to reproduce that pie, but with no success…the taste wasn’t the same…I think because that was the childhood taste!

  434. My most memorable pie was my “vinegar pie” that I made when I was 5 or 6. I used to wake up earlier than everyone else and play around in the kitchen, and I made a sweet pie one morning, but it contained vinegar (why, I don’t even know). Trying to make it catchy, I named it “vinegar pie.” Everyone in my family – including my parents – promptly refused to eat it. It was the first time, though, that I realized that ingredients could be transformed. I took a while for me to appreciate all of this, and I just really started cooking when I had my own kids, but I try to encourage “vinegar pies” in my kids – and taste them, even if I chase it with lots of water! 🙂

  435. As a kid, I had a real thing for raw pie dough. My mother was a pie baker, on occasion, and she firmly believed that the pie dough gods were either with you or against you on any particular day that you decided to roll out dough. I would sit on the counter at the age of 3 or 4 and watch, and eat the dough trimmings raw. I once watched her throw out an entire ball of dough, because it just wasn’t coming together well, and start over. Favorite pie: key lime (Cooks Illustrated recipe with 3 ingredients – lime juice and zest, eggs and sweetened condensed milk) and pumpkin with the spice mix used on the back of the Libbys can, but made from home grown pumpkin. Would love a copy of the book. Loved her other books.

  436. I love making pies and the fact that my mother taught me, from the perfect flaky crust to the delicious fruit fillings. To me, pies show love to those you care about. I make a pumpkin pie for my mom’s October birthday every year, but my most memorable pie is the fresh apple pie I made for my husband (then, fiance) over 12 years ago. We had picked the apples at a local orchard together, and I wowed him with my abilities to make them into an apple pie from scratch. He hadn’t had such deliciousness growing up, and I’ve been wooing him with my skills in the kitchen ever since.

  437. I love pie! I grew up with wonderful cherry and apple pies my Dad used to make. I soooo wish I would have paid more attention to how he made his crust, even the little old ladies at church would say his crust was the best. I guess I need to just keep experimenting until I get what I remember, pure flaky deliciousness! 🙂
    Sweet times and great memories ♥

  438. For me, pie means time spent with my husband Ray. We’ve been entering pie competitions together for the past 2 years, and tomorrow will mark our 5th competition! We always have fun working together: He makes a wonderfully flaky and buttery crust, while I focus on filling and top crust design.

    For me, I think cherry pie may be my favorite traditional-style pie, though, when Autumn comes around, nothing beats a Dutch Apple pie!

  439. The first pie I made when my husband and I got our first apartment was a Pumpkin pie. I didn’t know how to make a pie crust so I bought a frozen shell. I filled the pie, baked it and was so excited to eat it. When we sliced it and started to eat it we noticed something was wrong…there was a weird layer between the pumpkin and the shell. I couldn’t figure out what the thin whitish layer was until my husband said “it tastes like paper”. I had left the wax paper in the bottom of the shell when I filled it!

    • When I first started making pies, a sweet potato it was, my two aunts that were wonderful pie makers were tasting it and their first comment was Dena, you do make your own crust don’t you!

  440. I’m taking this Summer off to spend more time with my young daughter – they grow up so fast!! I’m a good cook but I’m new to baking… So this has become our Summer project and we are having so much fun! And making some really yummy treats 🙂
    The favourites so far — apricot pie and cherry pie.

  441. I also am intimidated by pie crusts so I bake a lot of crust-less crumble pie type desserts; my favorites are apple and peach although a pecan pie is probably my all time favorite, but alas pecan trees are few and far between here in southwestern Idaho. We have an amazing variety of fruits available locally so I make do, deliciously.

  442. Oh we are pie snobs in my family! We eat pie the way normal Americans eat cake. And specifically apple pie. Big chunky slices of apples- not thin and wimpy. A few varieties of apples- some tart and some sweeter. But not too sweet. We like a little bite to it. An obscene amount of cinnamon goes into the sugar. Dash…what’s a dash…we want it bold. And the MOST IMPORTANT part is the homemade crust. We are crisco lovers when it comes to crust. We’ve had family pie crust taste tests on holidays. True story. I know Martha and Ina wax poetic about butter in a crust but nothing is as flaky as crisco. I had our family pie crust recipe memorized by the age of six at least. That sort of made me a strange kid- ha. But then I grew up and found food blogs and all was right in the world. 🙂

    I LOVE pie!

  443. Growing up my aunt was always the pie maker at family events. Pumpkin and pecan were staples year round (not just during the holidays). I would love to be able to contribute something new to mix with a fruit pie but have never made one on my own before…this book sounds like an awesome way to learn

  444. Once a year I throw a pie party-hand pies, tarts, quiches, and a double crust blueberry pie. It is, hands-down, my favorite night of the year!

  445. My mom always made zucchini pie when I was a child, kind of a quiche-like mix of zucchini, onions, herbs, eggs and cheese. Every time I make it, it takes ne right back to the Midwest.

  446. My grandmother made pies, my mother made pies and I make pies. Our family favorite is Deep Dish Apple Pie with rum sauce. Buttery, warm goodness enveloping the tartness of granny Smith Apples. Pie is where the heart is for me. I love making crust and creating something from love. This book is gorgeous!

  447. My Mom was not a pie maker but at my Grandpa’s house where I would spend lots of time in the summer my cousin was. There I discovered Lemon Meringue pies. I was a rather willful child and was pleased to discover the power I had when upon refusing to make me a pie I went crying to my Grandpa and was gobsmacked when he demanded she…my cousin, drop what she was doing and make me one!

  448. I’ve made plenty of pre-made crust + jar of pumpkin pies in my life… and that was just fine. But last Thanksgiving my brother got it in to his head that he wanted to make a lattice apple pie. Neither him or I had any experience in this at all. But we did it – and it was beautiful and delicious! I’ve been hooked on pies ever since. 🙂

  449. Love pretty much all pie – there’s something about it that just gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. BUT – hands down – strawberry rhubarb is my favorite pie of all time.

  450. The very first pie I ever made from scratch was for a family bbq, it was a work of art! It was my first foray into Martha Stewartism, and I was so so proud. Then my momma dropped it.

  451. Strangely, I don’t enjoy eating fruit pies that much, but I love baking them. I make them for my family, and they all enjoy them. I would love to learn more about savoury pies, so I could enjoy them too!

  452. My absolute favorite pie memory was as a child, of course. My FATHER is a stupendous baker. (my mother burns water). But apple pies around my house were something to be extremely excited about. They only came once a year, at thanksgiving & maybe Christmas if u were lucky. I will always cherish the memories of myself & my dad peeling & slicing apples by hand & learning the feel of the dough when it was just right. & Oh my gosh, the smell of freshly baked apple pie would fill the entire house. My favorite favorite part, the left over dough. Most people throw it away but my dad would roll it out on a baking sheet, cover with butter, cinnamon & sugar & bake, for a small preview of what was to come. Baking apple pie with my father is one of my happy places. 🙂

  453. My paternal grandfather always said, “There’s only two kinds of pie I like, hot and cold!” I share that same feeling. I love pie! Coconut cream is my absolute favorite.

  454. I stumbled my way through the whole pie crust affair and ended up with total failures many years ago. Like others, I switched to crumble or graham cracker type pies.

    Holidays in our house are non-existent if I skip the Banana Cream. I can have all the burners running on the stove, oven filled, refrigerator filled, and my sons will start looking for the pies. If they don’t find them, I’ll hear about it until the next holiday. Two sons and they both want a pie to take home along with a pie to eat at my house.

  455. There is something nostalgic and comforting about pies for me. My Polish grandma made the best pies and a good lemon meringue takes me back to her farmhouse kitchen, although it could never be as good as hers. Her pies are one of my favorite childhood memories. I love desserts of all kinds but pie holds a special place. I think I’ll go watch Waitress and make a pie tonight. 🙂

  456. My grandparents on my father’s side made pies and other baked goods in the basement of our farmhouse at night and sold them the next morning to local restaurants. (This was back before inspections were necessary.) As a young married woman, my mother was drafted into helping, and she learned to make a very good pie crust, and she, in turn, taught me as I became old enough to accomplish that feat. Now I am known as the pie baker in the my husband’s family– when we have a family pot-luck get together, everyone expects me to bring the pies. And they are pretty good, if I must say so myself!

  457. I remember a few years back at Christmas, I was baking this huge Carmel Apple Pie. I asked my hubby to get me a pizza pan to prevent spilling in the oven, he handed me the thinnest on I own and I should have known better. I set the pie on it on the counter, open the oven and started to move it to the oven. You must see where this is going, not far! It ended up all over me and the floor! I let out a blood curdling scream, I know because my hubby told me so later, as it was on the way down! The next thing I know I look up to see all three children and hubby looking around the door with horrified looks on their faces! Well, I had a few options at that point, but I calmly asked the hubby to go get me some more apples; ) Every one’s horrified looks faded to a smile and later that day Christmas dinner and desert was a success! I love baking pies!

  458. My Mom always made coconut pie because my Dad loved it. I can still see them making it together in the kitchen. The funny thing is I don’t like coconut, except for my Mom’s coconut pie.

  459. Every holiday with my family meant one thing for certain: we’d have to find the pie. My grandmother was a maker of pies so delicious, that at least one uncle would steal a pie from the kitchen and hide it somewhere in the house, so that he could have it all to himself (in the hall closet under a hat was a favourite hiding spot). It never worked, but bless them for trying. My grandma’s butterscotch pie was the most frequently thieved. I still dream about it!

  460. My dad and I have always had birthday pies instead of birthday cakes. And, of course, it was more acceptable to have leftovers for breakfast!

  461. My fondest memories was growing up as a child and my mother making pies from scratch. She makes the best apple and lemon meringue pies. She is 82 years old now and still bakes them. I have tried to copy hers but they never come out the same. I think she just pours so much love into them

  462. I have a recurring fight with a few people over whether or not cheescake is a type of pie! How can they think something that is baked in a springform pan, has minimal crust and is basically a custard be pie?? blasphemy!

  463. This has been an incredibly rich summer for rhubarb pies! Where I’m from nothing says summer like a hearty slice of rhubarb pie out in the screened in porch after dinner.

  464. I remember when I was young my grandma would pull up a stool in her restaurant and let me help her make pie. Often we had picked the fruit that was going into the pie. After the pie was in the oven, I got to roll out the scraps of dough, sprinkle them with cinnamon/sugar, and bake them as well. I still love to do this as a favorite snack. I love looking back on this time spent with my grandma as I hope to pass her wisdom onto my girls now.

  465. My grandmother used to make the best pie, and not generally the most conventional ones. My favorite was always the Sour Cream Raisin Pie – one that I’ve never seen recreated anywhere, except in my mother’s kitchen. Because it is loaded with eggs, cream and sugar, she now only makes it once a year, and eat bite is savored, bringing with it so many memories. The filling is a rich, silken custard, spiced with cinnamon and clove and each plump raisin bursts in your mouth. I love how the meringue weeps, dripping with sweet drops. Each year my mother tries to match the perfect pies my grandmother made, and each year she comes close, but not quite. We still get excited when it’s time for that pie though, fighting over who gets the largest piece!

  466. I come from a family of pie makers. Grandma, great aunts, mom, aunts, all made pies during my bringing up. Naturally, I’ve past it on to my children, who are in their thirties now. We’ve made pies together through phone calls, both doing a step, then calling to talk about the next step. They both use home made pies to impress, either at work, or to impress a date. My son’s coconut cream pie won a contest for his team at work. It’s a skill they will enjoy all their lives.

  467. My sister and I are preparing to make several pies for my bridal shower! Peach -raspberry, blueberry, apple and cherry!

  468. The most memorable pie story I have is when I was a teenager my mom made a pecan pie for the bridge club. We weren’t rich by any measure and buying all those nuts made a pecan pie really special and memorable. Well, it was also April Fool’s Day, someone switched the salt for the sugar in the pantry and well, you can probably imagine the faces of the bridge club when they bit into the pie. I was always blamed for this because when my mom retold the story the next morning, I laughed. But it wasn’t me…I believe it was my father who never took responsibility…..Anyway, to this day, I love a nice gooey pecan pie! I’d love to win the book so that I could perfect crust making which is a promise I’ve been making to myself! Thanks to Lark Books, Ashley and of course, you Marisa for the opportunity to get this book!

  469. I use a tip from Cooks Illustrated which makes for a truly fool-proof pie crust: vodka instead of ice water. Works like a charm!

  470. My grandmother used to make the best pies! Cherry was always my favorite. Now I always have to make pumpkin because that is my hubby’s favorite. I can’t wait to try some new recipes from the book!

  471. I would like the book to give to my son. I can bake pies, but he is a Piemaker and I would love for him to have a copy of this wonderful book

  472. I love pie. It’s one of the first things that got me interested in cooking and my apple pie is one of the most requested things that I make. I’ve been making pies for years, but always cheated on the crust, using the same press-in-pan recipe for year. After 10 years of trying, I am proud to say that I finally figured out the trick to a perfect, ROLLED pie crust (freezing the butter and keeping the dough cold) thanks to Simply Recipes! I’ll never make a press-in-pan crust again, except graham cracker, of course!

  473. i love all fruit pies! Any fruit pie will beat chocolate dessert, everytime, hands down. I made a Carmelized Apple with Honey and Thyme pie out of the NYT a few years ago for Christmas and it is now my favorite. the thyme adds a wonderful undertone.

  474. My fondest pie memory is the first taste of the blueberry pies my Aunt Linda would bake with the blueberries my cousins and I would spend days picking in the hot sun during the summers I’d spend with them at their house in Maine. Apple and pumpkin pies with my mom (& especially the next morning for breakfast) come in at a close second 🙂

  475. Mmm…Pie. Both my family and my husband’s family are prodigious eaters of pie. His grandfather has been known to eat a whole pie in one sitting, such that at family holidays, there are usually pies for everyone else, and a pie for grandpa. (He still has a “courtesy helping” of all the other pies, of course!)

  476. My favorite pie memory is making pumpkin pie for my host family when I lived in the Czech Republic as an exchange student. The thought of using pumpkin for sweet desserts was extremely odd to them and no one in the family owned a pie plate. My host mom was curious though so she bought a pumpkin to use. Pumpkin is my favorite pie flavor so I was eager to try making one, but I had never tried making pie crust myself and I had to google instructions for using a fresh pumpkin. I had to use a casserole dish to bake the pie but some how I managed to make a pumpkin pie for everyone to try. We cut tiny pieces so the whole family could try. Some liked it, some didn’t, but it was a lot of fun to share pumpkin pie with them.

  477. my grandmother taught my mother how to make her french apple pie, thus my mother taught me and we have been making it every since … my husband likes pumpkin so I borrowed a recipe from his family and now everyone enjoys both …

  478. My mother made the best pies in the world. (Luckily my sister inherited that gene.) One year at Thanksgiving my mom outdid herself on the pumpkin pie. I literally could not stop eating it. On the day after Thanksgiving, my husband and I went to visit some other relatives for a few hours. When we returned, my mom had made me my very own pie to take home with me. Heaven!

  479. When my grandparents first got married my Grandmother made a cherry pie for my Grandfather, who looked at it and said to her, “Ethel, this crust looks a little grey.” She didn’t say a word, just picked up the pie, threw it against the wall, and left the room.

    She never made him another pie, ever.

    My mother was understandably afraid of ever making a pie, so I never had a good pie memory until I met my husband. One of the best pies I ever had was with him in Maine, where, after a casual meal of lobster and baked potatoes, we were given individual blueberry pies a la mode for dessert. It was a revelation. Oh, this is what the fuss is about!

    My family now loves pie and my husband and I both make them throughout the year. But we are always looking for new ideas, and I would love this book.

  480. Every year when I was growing up, and still to this day, my parent’s went down to the farmer’s market in late summer and fall, and bought fruit to make pies. They only made two kinds, apple and raspberry. My mom makes the best pie crust ever, and my dad would do the filling. Then, the pies would go into the freezer, and we’d have delicious pie all year long!

  481. Growing up, both houses we lived in had an apple tree. No idea what variety, but both grew tart green skinned apples with a bit of a red blush. My mom would make pies from them and would peel, chop and freeze bags of extras so pies and other apple goodies would be around the rest of the year. My mom was not the best at crusts–hers were of the “sturdy” variety, versus the “flaky” type. I was over at the house the other day, and despite the drought conditions, it looks like this is going to be a banner year for apples. Better get my peeler ready!

  482. It’s crazy to think that for my love of pie, I always seem to get something wrong. I definitely can’t seem to make a latticework pie or any pie with a cute topping and I tend to make pretty runny pies 🙂 Thankfully my messy pies are still delicious – one day I’ll get it all right!

  483. As much as I love making and eating homemade key lime pie whenever I can get fresh key limes at my local market, squeezing the juice out of the little emerald jewels is a royal pain…so I have learned to enlist my husband to “squeeze duty”…it cuts my prep time by half and by the time he’s done, everything is mixed…just add the juice, mix and throw in the oven…so easy, so good, and tart!

  484. A butter-based pie crust was the first recipe that I ever learned, and it will probably be the last recipe that I ever forget!

  485. I do enjoy making a pie, and I especially love making the crust. My grandmother taught me to make pies and tarts, and I have such happy memories of family when working with pie dough.

  486. I remember growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and going over to my Grandmothers house on Sunday’s and she would make the best pie’s apple, lemon, coconut cream, you name it and she made it, and the best crust too! But being at the young age of 57 yrs have never made a pie because I guess Im afraid of making the crust! Would love to win the cookbook so I can try and make them too. Thanks for the give away!

  487. After my mother-in-law died, my father-in-law took a pie making class at the Bama pie company in Tulsa. We have been blessed with Grandpa’s pies over the years. He is very ill now but my goal is to carry on the pie making tradition. And I am hoping my girls will also pass on the legacy!

  488. I will always remember the trouble I got in as a child whenever my mother baked a lemon meringue pie. I always snuck into the kitchen and ate the peaks off of the cooling pie. And when my mother found the remains of the pie I could not sit down for a week!!! Needless to say she did not bake those pies often!

  489. We picked a lot of wild blueberries in July and made a small pie to share with my parents. I have a small glass pie pan that we is perfect for cutting into 4 nice sized pieces of pie. It was fun to tell my parents that we were going to each get 1/4 of a pie to eat. Beyond the novelty (for me at least!) of cutting a pie into quarters to serve, the homemade crust tasted lovely and the sweet berries were divine.

  490. I really like how this book has savory as well as sweet pies, and different shapes. (My grandmother made the best pie crust.)

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