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Putting Up & Putting Up More

Stephen Palmer Dowdney’s first book, Putting Up was one of my very first canning books. I bought my copy in early in 2009, around the time when I first started this blog. I used it as starting place when I made my first batch of pickled asparagus (how long ago that feels!) and I continue to reference it on a regular basis.

While walking by the Cookbook Stall at Reading Terminal Market about a week ago, I happened to spot Putting Up More in the window. I was surprised, as I hadn’t heard anything about a new canning book from Dowdney, but I stopped and bought a copy right there and then (let’s hear it for supporting local book shops!).

Putting Up More - pH Meter

One of the things that makes Dowdney’s books stand out in the pack of canning volumes is the perspective from which he writes. He owned a commercial canning operation for more than 10 years and so isn’t as tethered to the home canning practices to which we all cleave. He sterilizes his jars in a bleach solution instead of a canning pot or dishwasher, utilizes the inversion method for sealing, skips a processing step for hot pack recipes and even gives you the intellectual tools necessary to check the pH levels of your goods.

Putting Up More - Sweet Onion Jam

Though he doesn’t specifically say it, his instructions on how to test acidity and how to adjust to bring your goods into a safe range is the information so many of us have been looking for. As long as you’re willing to follow his directions (to the letter), this technique will finally set you free from the confines of tested recipes. If this sounds appealing to you, I recommend that you get your hands on both Putting Up and Putting Up More, as they’re designed to work as companion volumes.

Putting Up More - Pickled Brussels Sprouts

He includes a section of canning notes in each recipe, which details whether the recipe is one that will need to have its acid levels tested, what the yield will be, his recommendation for jar size (a hugely helpful bit) and whether the recipe can be safely increased or decreased. Dowdney has also taken a great deal of time to offer up suggestions on how to use and serve each recipe. For those of you who make things and then question what the heck to do with them, this is fantastic.

Putting Up More - Tomato Basil Soup

Other high points of this book include the safe for canning soups (including butternut squash, which I imagine will make some USDA canners devotees freak out), an entire section devoted to products made from hot peppers and an eggplant chutney that sounds incredible. As soon as the eggplant, peppers and summer squash are in season, I’m making it.

Putting Up More - rear inside

Because I think they’re excellent books, I’m giving away the pair of Putting Up and Putting Up More. This is not a publisher-sponsored giveaway, I just think these books are wonderful and I want to support Stephen Palmer Dowdney and the work he does in creative, inspirational canning.

The giveaway starts tonight and runs through Wednesday, May 25 at 11:59 p.m. In your comment, share what canned good you’re most looking forward to making this summer. The winner will be selected at random (via and will be posted here on Thursday, May 26. Please, just one entry per person.

In totally other news, I just started another year of a photo a day over on my other blog, Apartment 2024 (I used my birthday as the start). If you’re curious about what else happens in my life, feel free to take a peek. Recently, I drank a really tasty glass of iced coffee with condensed milk, voted in my local primary election and took a day trip to New Hope courtesy of Chevy.

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782 responses to “Canning Book: Putting Up More”

  1. This year I’m going to can something new for me. My new canning venture will be – Baba Ganoush, which is a Middle Eastern Eggplant salad/dip!

  2. I really hope to have enough home grown tomatoes to can this year. I also plan to make some sweet relish. I can’t decide which I’m most looking forward to! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi there! Just recently found ur blog and am totally enjoying catching up on all ur posts. I’ve worked in kitchens extensively and am surprised how many chefs/cooks don’t feel comfortable with canning, etc. so I’m looking forward to experimenting this summer. Namely tomatoes. Always been intimidated to try, don’t know why, but I’m going to get some cases at the farmers market soon and go for it. Also would love to try peppers and eggplant this summer. It would be awesome to start my canning library by adding above mentioned to my arsenal. Thanx for ur genoerosity with giveaway!

  4. Well since I have only canned jam in the past but have gotten totally in whole natural organics….and working on my garden I’m looking forward to putting up EVERYTHING!!! lol but I’m most looking forward to putting up homemade tomato sauce πŸ˜€

  5. what incredible books these must be. i’ll be buying them if i don’t win i can veggies, relishes, chutneys, soups, salsas, jams, whole fruit, you name it. I just made your chive blossom vinegar. love your work..and appreciate your sharing all of your knowledge.

  6. I am looking forward to canning pickled onions and apple butter! Two of my favorite things! PLEASE pick me to learn from these books!!!
    thanks bunches!!!

  7. I’m thinking that I’ll try out all of my tomato and non-tomato catsup recipes. I’d really like to nail a tomato catsup that kids and adults will like.

    I’ve never seen these books before. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  8. its not coming into summer on my side of the world, we are heading into winter, so its all about apples for me! but am looking forward to making lots of berry jam in summer πŸ˜€

  9. Canning in general is pretty new to me. This year I’ve already got pickled local asparagus under my belt, and if my cucumbers would ever sprout (its been a very cold spring here), I’m hoping to pickle them too!

  10. I am so looking forward to trying my hand at tomato products. I would also LOVE to try canning chicken. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  11. I plan on jellies and jams and tomatoes this year as it’s my first and anything else i can find yummy at the farmers market. This is a sweet giveaway and thank you for it. i would love to win but understand there can only be one. thanks for a great blog

  12. I’m looking forward to canning a lot, but at the top of the list is peach cobbler preserves with vanilla! This book will be going on my interlibrary loan list tomorrow. I’m intrigued by that sweet onion jam pictured above.

  13. I just learned to can last summer and I work on a farm… I’m excited for beet relish, tomatoes, pickled carrots, and loads of jam…. can’t wait!!!

  14. I had no idea there was a Putting Up More!
    Dh built me a big garden with wonderful raised beds. If I can save our apple trees (we bought a foreclosure) and manage to figure out what the weather is doing this spring (yeah right), then I hope to have huge amounts of food to preserve. Yay! I’ve canned for years and love getting a little creative. I just need to learn more of the science so I can. Sounds like this book is what I’m looking for!

  15. I’m anxious for summer fruit so I can can Well Perserved’s Poached Pears, Honey Bourbon Cocktail Cherries and pickled everything!

  16. I’m looking forward to putting up as many tomatoes as my garden can give me. And now that the blackberry vines have started trying to take over the yard, I’m looking forward to making preserves and cordial.

  17. I have my eye on the recipe for pickled cherries in the June Bon Appetit. They are refrigerator pickles, but with some how-to knowledge on acidity testing, I would love to make them shelf-stable.

  18. I am looking forward to canning everything that I get my hands on. But am hoping to be adventurous in making my own spaghetti and pizza sauces. I think that canning is a wonderful way of knowing what is in your foods and with a house FULL of boys, it is also away to put away when stuff is in season/cheap.

  19. I’ve started dumpstering in a big way, and so my canning will depend very much on what I happen to find that’s in good enough shape and in large enough quantity. I envision, however, canning tomatoes and green beans (garlicky and pickled? mmmm).

  20. I’ve canned loads of things including chicken…but the butternut squash soup sounds awesome…does either of his books say anything about other squashes..or pumpkins?…just to clear out my freezer of pumpkin hopefully…thanks..

  21. Im REALLY looking forward to making ketchup and salsa and bbq sauce this year. It will be my first time canning any of those. You can say it has been on my cannig bucket list for a few years now. I have always done straight forward basic canning for many many years now and I am ready to take on some difficult tasks and learn more about trying my own ideas. These books sound like a MUST HAVE!!

  22. While making Local Kitchen’s Peach preserves with the Kraken rum comes to mind (every time I’m at the liqueur store, I eye the Kraken, wondering when I will break down and make the inevitable purchase just for the sake of preserves) and the shallot confit to which I never got around, I take the season as it comes. When something starts showing up–that’s when I start looking at recipes and dreaming.

  23. I am planning to make honey rose petal jam. I’ve had my eye on this book – and now a sequel!! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. I’ve already got requests for salsa. Personally, I’m looking forward to anything and everything strawberry. Recently moved right down the street from a pick your own berry farm and I can’t wait to go check it out!

  25. I cannot wait to start making pickles. I’ve mainly done jams and fruit syrups so I’m excited to branch out a little more.

  26. I’m going to have a bumper crop of dandelions this year, and I’m thinking I’ll try dandelion jam πŸ™‚

  27. I am SO looking forward to attempting a peach raspberry jam. This is my first year canning. I used to buy this jam from a farmers’ market stall every year. I’m excited to finally have the skills to make it myself!

  28. I am so different I think from many of you. I enjoy canning, but also do it because I need to, not just because I want to. I definetely get burned out by the end of summer and don’t go around all winter trying to find something else to can! πŸ™‚
    That said – my favorite thing to can is jams, especially berry jams. I grow my own raspberries and strawberries and pick blackberries and huckleberries wild each year. These books sound like they’d have some great reference information, which I’m always looking for.

  29. I’m looking forward to canning Peach BBQ Sauce and trying out Strawberry Balsamic Jam. Can’t wait for summer to start!! πŸ™‚

  30. I’m starting a garden this year and I’m excited to put up stuff from my own garden – likely salsa verde, pickles, and peppers!

  31. Our growing season was wet, wet, wet last year, leaving us jars of tomato goodies that need to be cooked down before use. I long to put up a batch of tomatoes more red than pink.

  32. I’m really hoping to can tomatoes and pasta sauces. I’ve already pickled asparagus and done enough rhubarb recipes to drive y one person nutty. πŸ™‚ I love when you recommend canning books because I love flipping through recipes, seeing how everyone does them, and taking ideas from all the different sources to make something yummy!

  33. What a cool giveaway! I’m hoping to do strawberry jam (since I’m just a beginning canner), but my dad informs me that a batch of rhubarb is growing like crazy. So my new thing is to not only continue to can “normal” jams, but perhaps try something that includes the rhubarb!

  34. I am looking forward to my salsa of course! I am intrigued about canning eggplant though! Very interesting!

  35. I am anxiously awaiting strawberry season so that I can branch out from my usual plain old strawberry jam (which will not be falling off the roster, it will just have some company) and try out the Strawberry Pinot Noir Preserves from Local Kitchen. I’m also looking forward to canning throughout the summer rather than just at the end.

  36. This season I really want to attempt more with tomatoes. I alway mean to but somehow end up focusing on other things, mostly fruit jams.

  37. Tomorrow I will be experimenting with a recipe that includes Meyer-lemon blossoms. I’m hoping the overtones are heavenly.

  38. I’m going to can some chicken this summer. And try some new things that I have discovered possible on your site. Thank you for opening up a whole new adventure for me! So excited.
    (Now I’m off to visit your other blog to find out about coffee with condensed milk- yum!)

  39. I’ll be doing lots of sun dried tomatoes, flavored oils, herbal pestos, grapefruit marmalade, whole blueberry jam and lots more!!

  40. I want to put up tomato salsa using my own recipes and be able to adjust the ph as needed with other acids, like fresh lime juice. So it would seem that I need to get these books…..

  41. My mama’s Berry Cherry jam. We “rented” a cherry tree this year from a farmer for a most incredible deal. I can’t wait to can all 300+ lbs of it!

  42. Canning is new for me this year! And I CAN NOT wait – I have been scouring this website, Tigress in a pickle and a couple others and writing down recipes – Salsa (which one I don’t know!) will be my first point of call, something with chillies and tomatoes (I could eat it all day) – and guess what? It’s my birthday on Friday, and my brother is giving me mason jars as a present – I can’t imagine what better to go with this than Putting Up! Fingers crossed!

  43. Ooh, these books look great! (SCIENCE!)

    I’m going to, at a minimum, make some jelly based on a recipe I found on Offbeat Home. They say you can save apple peels and boil them for the pectin. As for the kind of jam/jelly, here in AK, I can easily get crabapples (free), raspberries and blueberries (free if you successfully avoid bears and small children :)), strawberries (I’ve grown a few, anyway), and of course everything that comes in the Full Circle boxes.

    It’ll be my first shot at canning, though; I’ve never made jam or canned anything in my life. I’m pretty psyched!

  44. I am looking forward to trying something new this year, to add to my already long list of things I put up. I am curious about cantaloupe jam. So strange sounding.

  45. Because I really want to be set free! (from the confines of tested recipes.) And you’ve sold me on the Eggplant Chutney. I’m a huge fan of chutneys and have already planted 8 eggplant plants in my garden. And shallots. And tomatoes, lots and lots of tomatoes. And I seem to start a lot of sentences with ‘and.’ And I’m helping my daughters in law learn to can as well. I can sure use those books!

  46. I am looking forward to canning delicious peaches this summer! My kids love them and they are so simple to do! Love them! After that, I think I may make some peach BBQ sauce.

  47. Being from Alaska, we don’t have much local fruit besides berries (which are wonderful!). I found a fabulous supplier of peaches, nectarines, and other fruits. He personally fills up his truck with fresh produce from California and drives up to Alaska to sell it. It is so much better than anything we can buy in the stores! I cannot wait to can some cherries, peaches, and pears that can be enjoyed all winter long!

  48. I’d like to try to make a mirabelle and vanilla jam this year-I just finished a jar that someone made last year and it was delicious

  49. I am most inspired to make all the berry jams I missed out on last season, as well as lots of pickled peppers which were such a success last Christmas that I somehow was left without even one jar to taste!

  50. I’m currently living in Portugal but will return to my home, garden and beloved chickens in Minneapolis in 3 weeks! I am looking forward to making my first batch of pickled eggs this summer!!

  51. My immediate plans include Eggplant Tapenade from that Canning USA site, I must have missed your recipe for eggplant chutney so I’ll go look that up. I’m also going to do a salsa sweet pickle relish, and maybe some watermelon pickles.

  52. I’m jonesing for some homemade peach jam. When I find some in stores, it’s too sweet. Also, I just planted my garden so, if I’m lucky, and everything comes in, I should have lots of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, leeks, zucchini, yellow squash, and herbs to play with.

  53. These books slipped by me somehow… sounds like just what I’ve been looking for! I’m one to push a recipe pretty far…. good to have guidelines.

    My list of pantry must haves is pretty extensive so experimental extras come after. Anything that makes me think of summer in the winter – roasted corn relish, beet relish, fresh tomato sauce (frozen), whole tomatoes, strawberry, plum & peach jam…

    Also our must have condiments: onion marmalade and roasted garlic ketchup.

    I’d like to do more canned fruit this year (I made jam from all mine last year), nasturtium capers and more veggie pickles.

  54. I’m growing eight varietals of heirloom tomatoes this year, and I’m particularly looking forward to canning a sauce made from them–combining roasted, stewed, and dried/minced tomatoes.

  55. I am looking forward to dilly beans (finished the last jar a month ago) and homemade salsa. Also hot banana peppers and bread & butter pickles. Can’t wait…

  56. Anything, I guess. This will be my first time attempting canning as well as my first year with a garden–if the weather finally decides that it’s spring for real.

  57. I made Vanilla Rhubarb jam last week and will go strawberry picking this weekend. I planted cornichon cukes this year for the first time so I’m looking forward to pickling those.

  58. I’m looking forward to canning a variety of new things! We’ve planted a veggie garden for the first time this year, AND we’re signed up for a CSA from a local farm. Can’t wait!

  59. After tasting ‘Zucchine alla Poverella’ at my friends house in Puglia a couple of years ago, I’m completely hooked! They’re great as part of an antipasti platter, or as a side dish in their own right! Get canning guys! POW!! x

  60. Usually regular old pickled cucumbers are my fav but this year I need. more. tomato. sauce. I went through our stash before Christmas!

  61. At the tail end of last fall, I learned that the odd fruit clinging to a gangly tree at our new to use home was a quince! You taught me the value of this gnarly little fruit, and this fall I hope to put some up. Thanks for your terrific blog!

  62. I am really looking forward to canning this summer and making tomato apple chutney. It’s one of my favorites!

  63. I’m looking forward to “putting up” some pickle relish. Our cucumbers didn’t do so well last year, but managed to make some zucchini relish. Not the same as pickle relish, but it was good. Thanks for the chance at winning these new books!

  64. My previous attempts at canning have never quite worked out, so I would be interested in taking a look through these books. My husband loves figs, so I’m hoping to get some fig preserves done later this summer.

  65. As I start my second year of preserving, I would like to try salsa, ketchup, chutney. I love making marmalades. Thanks Marisa πŸ˜‰

  66. My husband and kids are desperate for me to make a lot more of the tomato jam recipe I got from your blog last summer. I’m also looking forward to 4 berry (aka berry bomb) jam.

  67. Peach preserves. My coworker made them last summer and I only got a taste. It was the best thing I ate all year!

  68. Most of all I’m looking forward to putting up plain old canned tomatoes. Nothing beats popping open a jar of sweet, summery tomatoes on a cold & snowy day! I also have a great gnocci sauce that I like to can (even thought I’ve never had gnocci, it’s great on homemade pasta!)

  69. I want jars and jars of beautiful different colored pickled peppers, onions, and cucumbers too display (and eat!). We have hard water so I’ve been concerned about the acidity level of canning, and aside from jams, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t put anything by…yet!

  70. I’m looking forward to making Zucchini Relish, last year I didn’t make anywhere near enough. Also this season I want to try catchup and pizza sauce for the first time.

    This book is now on my list. The fact that he gives you the tools to figure out acidity and Ph levels makes this book a must have for the next level of canning. Unless of course you subscribe to the canning police, which I don’t.

  71. My husband moved my garden to a sunnier location for me this spring and it is already producing an abundance of greens. The broccoli, cauliflower, peas brussel sprouts, garlic, onions an asparagus are doing well and as soon as the weather improves here in MA (not likely) I’ll be transplanting tomatoes, peppers and starting cucumbers, zucchini, squash,beans, melons and pumpkins. So, I will need all the help I can get preserving that bounty as my freezer space is limited.

  72. Anything! We’re just learning to can. My mom always had yummy things on the shelf when I was a kid. Looking forward to reviving the tradition.

  73. As i am on the other side of the world in new Zealand we are coming to the end of our preserving but I still getting though the last of the fruit and vegtables, this season I have made Tomato sauce, relish and pasta sauce,sweet pickles,capsicum relish, chow chow (the kids love this with cheese on bread in their school lunches)Apple sauce,apple pie filling,vanilla pears,all kinds of berry jams and for the first time I tried out a pasta sauce with cooked spaghetti added at the last minute,just before canning, it looks amazing in the jars and the kids just love it, its fantastic knowing they are eating spaghetti that has no additives like the commercial brands! I would love to win these books!

  74. I’m looking forward to making jam. πŸ™‚ I would also love to learn how to make delicious pickles πŸ™‚

  75. We have just taken on our first allotment (part of a shared community gardening space) and I have gone a little overboard with planting, so I image that I will definately have a lot of beans and courgettes to can.

  76. I had been looking forward to putting up more bread and butter pickles and some different tomato products (paste, maybe) this year, right up until I read the words eggplant chutney.

  77. Other than jams and marmalades, I haven’t canned much. We moved two days ago and are looking for a home to buy in NC. One of my first projects will be to work on a garden, and it’s my hope to can roma tomatoes roasted with a hit of lemon zest.



  78. That sweet onion jam page looks tempting! I think I’m most looking forward to canning up some carrots. That might sound boring, but I think they look so beautiful in jars!

  79. I am most looking forward to BBQ sauce. It is great for the me, the home cook, and is great for gift giving, especially to take to other hostesses as a last minute gift I can grab from my pantry.

  80. I’ve been wanting to read these. The canning season is well underway here in central Florida. We’ve already done strawberries, tomatoes and blueberries from the u-pick fields!

  81. I love canning, so pretty much anything I can grow is fair game. I especially love putting up dill pickles.

  82. I’ve managed to connive a canning starter kit for my birthday (wooo, 21!), and I’m super keen to have a go at the snow peas in my garden : )

  83. i’m really new to canning, i would love to make some nice jams, and see if i can find a good tomato sauce recipe that i can put aside for days i don’t want to cook, but don’t want store bought.

  84. With my Grandma’s recent passing, this will be my first year canning solo, I am looking forward to jelly most, which was one of her specialties. Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach! YUM!! I can only hope my peach jelly is close to the deliciousness Grandma’s was! I don’t have any books on canning, these would be perfect to assist me! Love you Grandma!!

  85. I’ve always been really traditional in my canning – grape jam, tomatoes, and so on. I’m looking forward to experimenting more, especially with infusing other flavors – like vanilla – into things like jam and canned pears.

  86. OOOOH, wonderful. I’m making the chive blossom vinegar this week. Last summer was my first experience with canning. Excellent tomato sauce, salsa, and quince jelly. Looking forward to trying a spicy tomato jam this year.

  87. I would love these canning books. I love to try new recipes. I’m looking for a good tomato sauce.

  88. Strawberry Jam is first and foremost on the list as it has the most likes in my family. My greatest hope is to put up apples this year (sauce, pie filling & butter). I canned 80 pounds of apples one year and they only lasted five months!

  89. Bread and Butter pickles and blueberry jam….both so simple and so delicious and both make my mother happy!

  90. This year I’d like to can more soups, as well as more veggies in general. I canned tomatoes last year, but we’ve expanded our garden and hopefully will have a lot more produce to see us thru the winter. We’re also growing a selection of rare, very hot peppers, and I need to know what to do with them once we’ve picked them!

  91. AAAH We can BEETs every year, great Christmas gifts. Have Peach, Apple, Cherry Trees (They were supposed to be DWARF, NOT) but last year they were prolific..this year late we’ll wait and see. DH makes a marvelous salsa! So glad to know of these Books…will buy if don’t win..they sound like winners thank you

  92. Blueberry jam. Mostly because our blueberries didn’t yield their usual crop last year, and, subsequently, I’ve been having to buy manufactured jam after running out of homemade stock early.

  93. Quince Jelly if I can get the darn quinces off the bushes this year before the bugs get into them. And pickled anything my heart desires.

  94. This summer I will actually have my own garden. I really want to make pickles, but also some shallot jam or items such as that to go with cheese plates

  95. omg a book that teaches us how to test ph for our own recipes? I would love this! I want to be able to can my frijoles recipe. I make jars and jars and jars of them over the summer using my CSA box and have been freezing them. Canning would really free up some limited freezer space.

  96. Oooooh, these books look good. I’m most excited about making peach butter, from the peaches at the farmer’s market. Oh my.

  97. Hi Marisa
    Oh my goodness, these books sound awesome! I’ve tried canning things that the USDA does not recommend for some time now (like squash butter and pumpkin puree) and these books would be a great addition to my library!
    This year I’m hoping that garlic I planted will give me scapes so I can try my hand at pickling them. πŸ™‚
    Happy canning! πŸ™‚

  98. I can’t wait for tomatoes, peaches and apples. I made peach / applesauce last year and my husband nicknamed it “awesomesauce”

    I haven’t been too adventurous in the past but I’d love to try canning broth or soup this year.

  99. I’m looking forward to making tomato sauce for the first time this year πŸ™‚ My seedlings got way too leggy and failed, so I’m going to have to buy plants, but I’m not deterred!

  100. Jam! It’s pretty much fool proof – and I can use all the fool proof I can get. This year I’m going to experiment more with eleagnus jam [autumn olive – it’s a fruit, not an olive]. I’m interested to try it without pectin and in some fun combinations.

  101. I’m looking forward to making strawberry sauce and strawberry butter. I never do any canning with berries, since they’re devoured so quickly that I usually don’t get to bake with them, let alone can with them . . . but I want to branch out this year!

  102. I’d be interested in these books. I’ve generally followed the USDA guidelines up to this point. I’ve canned pickles, jam and tomato sauces. If the USDA is the ultimate word in canning though, can the directions in these books be “safe”? I’m confused.

  103. Neat books! I’m looking forward to making some pickled onions, and chili sauce (my grandma’s recipe). Can’t wait!

  104. I am looking forward to making dilly beans and zydeco beans again. I made them for the first time last summer and they came out so well. I can’t wait!

  105. I’m looking forward to having more canned tomatoes this year (didn’t do near enough last year, my first of canniing). I’m also going to try peaches, since my DH is letting me buy a pressure canner this year!

  106. I’m excited about pickled snap peas! I did them last year and they were super tasty, but I just didn’t have enough peas.

  107. Wow, there is so much I want to do now that I actually have my equipment. Asparagus – even though the season is now or almost over! Jellies with the fruit juices. Tomatoes because I love homemade gravy! Haven’t even taken my pressure canner out of the box yet!

  108. tomatoes. i really can’t wait for tomatoes! we made this spicy garlic tomato jelly last year on a whim and I am dying to make it again. This year I am focusing on utilitarian foods- so lots of plain old jam for peanutbutter sandwiches, lots of pickley type things for the hubby to jazz up his sad little coldcut sandwiches and anything else i can put up from the garden. I would LOVE to know the recipe for a canned butternut squash soup so even if i don’t win i’ll be buying at least one of these books.

  109. I am looking forward to canning all things with tomatoes. I believe I will try making your pickled asparagus.

  110. With two little tykes, I have to streamline my canning and only can the really important stuff this year! For us, it’s 20-30 quarts of spaghetti sauce that lasts us about a year. YUM!

  111. I can’t wait to put up more garlic dill pickles this year. We ate them so quickly last year and we’ve been missing them ever since!

  112. I’m excited to preserve as much CSA bounty as possible this year to avoid wastage and to get some nice surprises in the winter.

  113. I hope to make a trip very soon to the same place my local farm stand owner goes to buy tomatoes. I want to buy a bushel or two to put up, and see what else I can buy to pressure can. As soon as the new apple crops are in this fall I will also can several dozen jars of my chunky cinnamon applesauce.

  114. Roasted tomato sauce – great as a pasta sauce, bruschetta, pizza sauce…and made entirely of ingredients from my CSA!

  115. I started looking making my summer canning schedule yesterday! in addition to the multiple jams, I’m looking forward to trying my hand at tomatoes this year. It’s a little scary, but I think I can do it!

  116. Does it count if I’ve already made the canned good I was most looking forward to? It’s the jelly that is the filling for one of the tiers of the wedding cake I’m baking for my Auntie: Lavender-Rose-Raspberry. Swoon.

  117. I would like to try something with eggplant this year. I stopped canning for the past several years (not quite sure why.) But I have been bitten by the canning bug once again and have already put up pickled asparagus and pickled rhubarb, my first time for both. I can’t wait to do more this season and am so glad I’ve returned to something that I really love to do.

  118. Honestly, I would try the pickled asparagus! I tried some at a farmer market here and wish I had bought some! I love it! Thanks!

  119. I would love to know how to create my own recipes…I have an abundance of berries and nuts, and I’ve often thought a more savory spread would appeal to me and my friends rather than the normal preserves, etc.

  120. This year I plan to can “something”. This will be my first year canning which is why I’m so excited to find your blog. I was thinking tomatoes but the more I read about canning tomatoes the more freaked out I get. I think I may start with green beans or berries.

  121. I can not wait for salsa and strawberry jam time (which is almost here!!!) my big thing this year is to try to can wild violet jam. We’ll see how that goes. πŸ˜‰ thanks for offering this book, it looks amazing!!!

  122. I am looking to try my hand at some new areas in canning. I want to expand into different jams to use in baking later and find more tomato canning recipes. Always have tons of tomatoes to work with! Maybe even a different recipe for cucumbers, too. Finding new recipes is part of the fun. Nice to see the subject of ph being discussed, that would be a great read! πŸ™‚

  123. This year I plan on putting bacon up in a jar and to be successful at pumpkin butter. My last experiment didn’t last a week with the pumpkin butter, I need to know more about keeping things with enzymes in them.

  124. I LOVE to can, and do up lots of things, relishes, jams, fruits, tomatoes, but what my family looks forward to most: homemade organic Ketchup. Super easy, and better than anything you can buy in the store. YUM-O! (I make a vat of it to take us through the whole year!) I also make a Honey Habanero Hot Sauce that my husband just loves. (too hot for me!)

  125. I can’t wait for blueberry-thyme jam! Not really summer, but I’m toying with the idea of a lavender-lemon marmalade too πŸ™‚

  126. These books sound awesome! I can’t wait to make more jam (we are almost out… just holding out until strawberries make their appearance in New England) and more of the green tomato relish I made last year. Delicious!

  127. Probably kind of boring, but I am really (really, really) looking forward to canning lots of pasta sauce! That and roasted red pepper spread. Mmmmm…

    Also, it’s my birthday, so I think I should win! πŸ™‚

  128. My first foray into canning was last fall when I did a really small batch of apple butter. It was terrifyingand exciting all at the same time. I think this summer I’m going to try moving onto jam. Strawberry and raspberry and maybe even peach, if summer ever shows up…

  129. I am hoping my tomatoes and jalapeno plants actually product this year so I can do some salsa, and tomatoes. πŸ™‚

  130. I realize this is a bit on the boring side for some, but I’ve got 18 tomato plants this year and I am looking forward to canning tomato sauce rather than freezing this year!

  131. As boring as it sounds, I’m looking forward to making a perfect batch of apricot jam for my perfect husband, who wishes I would stop with all the “fancy” stuff and just make him what he wants. πŸ™‚

  132. I am so looking forward to canning more tomatoes. We ran out about a month ago and nothing I can buy comes even close to the wonderful flavour of home canned. We’ll be doing twice as many this year so we can share.

  133. fascinating! these books look incredible. I’m getting excited about corn salsa. I thought I made too much last year, but I’m already out!

  134. I’m excited to can anything! I’m a novice and my canning adventure begins as soon as I can decide what to make. So far I’ve narrowed it down to something savory, but the possibilities are endless!

  135. Let’s see… I’m looking forward to canning zucchini relish, tomato jam and lots more tomato soup. And lots of jams and sauces. (We’ve stopped buying the little containers of yogurt and have been using jam with plain yogurt instead.)

  136. I am excited to hear about these books. Sometimes my home canning ambitions outstrip my equipment availablility. I’d love to learn more alternatives. Planning to put up some Rhubarb BBQ sauce soon: as soon as the rain lets up a bit.

  137. I’m looking forward to giving Concord Grape Jam (yes, jam, not jelly, ’cause it’s with the skins) another go!

  138. I’m most looking forward to canning pie filling for the first time, and also making some boozy fruit – like brandied peaches!

  139. I’m not sure if I’m most looking forward to making family favourites like strawberry jam and dill pickles, or trying my hand at pickling the pepperoncini that we’re growing. Or maybe some homemade pickled jalapenos.

  140. I want to can everything this year! I am new to canning, I have made a few jams & pickles here and there! But, this year I would love to put-up tons of stuff from our garden…..just like my Mom used to do!!!

  141. I’m looking forward to canning our tomatoes. We planted 33 tomato plants this year, which should last us through the winter with some to share.

  142. I’m really looking forward to making more peach preserves, trying the nectarine preserves again (but with a little less sugar so the fruit pieces don’t get all chewy like last time), more peach & lavender butter, mango-peach salsa, and apricot preserves too. I can’t wait to pick all of the aforementioned fruits as well!

  143. I look forward to canning some fruit conserves for the winter. Whether or not they LAST until then will be a different issue πŸ˜‰

  144. I just pressure-canned my first soup last week, and I’m looking forward to more of that. Also, if I can ever get my hands on some sour cherries, I’ll make enough boozy cherries to last at least a year!

  145. Oooh, Marisa, these really do sound fabulous. And you know I am ALL over the pH testing; I give him major props for going there.

    I think the thing I am most excited about this year is cherries; we lost all local cherries last year to an early frost, so it’s been too long. One more month!

  146. I just canned my very first things (radishes and ramps!). I can’t wait to make hot jellies from my jalapeno plants!

  147. My canning season will start in a few weeks…can’t wait.
    Would love to win to get more recipes to try.

  148. This year I am looking forward to starting my first forays into canning, including a peach and rum jam and tomato sauce!

  149. I am most looking forward to canning loads more plum jam this summer and fall because I am a plum freak and didn’t make nearly enough last year, and everyone I gave some to wants more as well! Also, canning tomatoes for the first time – I planted tomatoes this year from those upside down buckets you hang, so the fires of my tomato gluttony will be well-stoked. πŸ™‚ thank for the contest entry!

  150. I’m SOOO looking forward to canning tomatoes this year!!! Doesn’t sound to spectacular, I know…but after losing my entire tomato crop to blight last year, I’m excited ’bout tomatoes!!!

  151. Oh to pick one is almost impossible. It’s getting exciting seeing the farmers markets opening once again. I’m hoping with these new books I will learn how to can Bacon Jam. But today I think I’ll make Lemon-Ginger Marmalade.

  152. These books look SO interesting! And I can’t wait for summer canning–I want to do some jardinere pickles, some pickled red onions, and lots of things with berries! Maybe some salsas too. πŸ™‚

  153. I’m pretty new to canning, and I’ve made some basic jam recipes and I’m excited to branch out a bit and try things like onion and tomato jams. P.S. I love your blog, it inspired me to start canning!

  154. I’m going to try canning for the first time this year. I remember the tomatoes my Mother used to can and have wanted to try it for years. So I’m growing tomatoes and if I don’t have enough I will supplement from the local farmers market.

  155. Oooooh – too many things to count. This is only my second year of preserving and there are so many things I want to try – marmalade, chutney, more pickles, butters…just excited to start at the farmer’s market every week and see where that takes me.

  156. The one thing that I am looking forward to this year is your garlic dill pickles. It will be my first time ever making pickles! Thanks for the give away!!

  157. With a new CSA starting near me that offers organic berries I am excited to get my hands on some and make jam!

  158. I can’t wait to make bread and butter pickles – those are the best! Also, pickled peaches and peach and lavender jam are both on my list.

  159. I’m most excited to try canning some onion jam. It’s already too hot where I am and I’m fantasizing about eating some onion jam on a warm scone on a cool morning…mmm…

  160. I’m most looking forward to making fermented tomato sauce (pg84) from Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning. Thanks for offering these books!

  161. Today I’m making strawberry kiwi freezer jam and that starts my canning season. One thing I’ve not made in years is a three fruit marmalade so that’s on the calendar.
    These look like wonderful books, will search for them next time I’m at a bookstore and thanks!

  162. we have a sour cherry tree at our community garden that no one else seems interested in–every year i make freezer jam with its fruits, but this year i am hoping to preserve them in a couple of different ways.

  163. I want to make rhubarb orange jam again (intended to last year but didn’t get around to it), and definitely more strawberry-kiwi and strawberry-raspberry which are big hits in my family. More pickles this year for sure. I hope to get baby cippoline onions again (not so many available last summer) and plenty of cukes for dh. I’d like to try some of the chutney recipes I’ve had on my to do list, and also look forward to a quiet moment to flip through the canning books I got for Christmas for new things to try.

  164. This is the first summer that I’ll be devoting to preserving, and I can’t wait. I’ve gone rhubarb crazy so far – rhubarb hibiscus preserves from The Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking, the barbecue sauce from Local Kitchen, strawberry rhubarb sauce with rose wine, spiced orange rhubarb butter, rhubarb syrup, rhubarb curd (for the freezer), and rhubarb schnapps. I even made a chart of each fruit and veg that I want to preserve and the different ideas I have for each – it’s a lot! I ended up with the most ideas for pickles and plums (including pickled plums). But what I’m really looking forward to are marinated peppers (hot and sweet).

  165. Last year, I made the Roasted Tomato Sauce from “Saving the Seasons” and it was soo good. So I am definitely looking forward to that one again. Plus, it was so easy to pop open a jar on my late nights home from work when I was too lazy to cook.

    This year I’m anxious to try out some new recipes. For my birthday, I got “Put ‘Em Up!” and “Canning for a New Generation” and have like fifty recipes bookmarked to do this season. So exciting! πŸ™‚

  166. I have just started getting back into canning. I did some 20 years ago, but never repeated it. We now live on 6 acres with chickens, donkeys and goats and I want to produce more of our own food. So I am learning to can. I can’t wait to can my very own tomatoes for our winter use!

  167. So many, so many… I do look forward to more pickled green tomatoes. Last year was my first year of canning, I plan on making a few things, but those pickled green tomatoes… YUMMMM!!! I’ll probably try it with the cherry green tomatoes as well.

  168. This year I’m making more of my Nuclear Waste salsa, and would like to find a recipe for jam using honey instead of sugar. I’m also going to try putting up a batch or two of homemade pasta sauce.

  169. We planted pickling cucumbers this weekend, and I can’t wait to try making my first jar of pickles. I love really dill pickles, so I’ll probably go with a batch of those.

  170. I always like to try a few new things every year, but I am most looking forward to canning tomatoes this year as I ran out way too early!

  171. I’ve finally got the right grinder to try my grandmother-in-law’s famous chili sauce recipe. I’m so ready for the tomatoes and peppers to come on.

  172. Looking forward to making a new batch of my zucchini pepper relish! Actually, everyone is! It was such a hit last year. Love the website!

  173. I am looking forward to canning the many tomatoes my friends will be growing! There is always overflow from their gardens and I am lucky enough to get it πŸ™‚

  174. I’m looking forward to starting with strawberries, shifting into cherries, and rolling right through apples in the fall. I am so looking forward to summer fruit. These books look essential. If I don’t win them (but of course I will!) I’m going to buy them for sure. Thanks, Marisa.

  175. I joined a crop share through our botanical gardens and I’m so excited, because I have no idea what we will get and I think it will be so fun to find new things to put away. I loved making pickles and dilly beans last year. I love canning and I’m so excited that there is so much information on the web and so many new books about canning that more and more people are getting the canning bug. Thank you Pam

  176. Another giveaway?! You’re too nice! πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to start putting away my tomatoes. Boring, yes, but I depend on them all throughout the winter and they bring me such joy. I’m on the fence about buying a pressure canner this year or not because I planted ~10 bush beans. Maybe you’ll convince me…

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

  177. I am very excited for pickling cucumbers this season – I am especially looking forward to a garlicky but sweet recipe I’ve used in the past, but which I ran out of about a year ago. Sadly, I was in the midst of a move last year and didn’t have the time to make more. Definitely craving those pickles.

  178. I am so excited he has published another book! I checked out Putting Up from the library last season and I made 4 recipes. The most popular were the peach chutney and the pickled garlic which are both definitely on my list for this year! The new thing I am excited about trying this year is pizza sauce. Had not considered it before until I saw a post for it a few days ago! I looks delicious!

  179. the thing i’m most excited about this year is happening next weekend – strawberries!

    we’re getting married this fall though, and hope to have enough jars to include a small jar of jam in a gift basket for all of our guests, so i reckon i’ll be busy all summer though πŸ™‚

  180. I’m most looking forward to canning pear ginger jam. I made a small batch last year as an experiment and the demands for this jam have already started rolling in. Patience is necessary to wait until pear season. Could read these two books while I wait?

  181. Gosh, I have no idea what I’m most looking forward to. I’ve started all my plants from seed this year so if I have anything at all to can, I’ll be ecstatic.

  182. i’m really looking forward to making more jams this year (perhaps from our new tayberry vine), and also some hot sauces. i’ve been learning to make cheese lately, and there are some that are submerged in olive oils… not sure if those can be canned or not, but that springs to mind, too. : )

  183. I hope this year to make something with cherries–our local pyo’s just planted a few years ago and hopefully this year they will be mature enough to let us in. Also, I can’t believe you only started this blog two years ago? Amazing. I haven’t heard of these books yet but they sound wonderful.

  184. Pickles, pickles, and more pickles! With cukes, beans, peppers, and whatever else I can find. Also more jams and lots of veggies. And jams.

  185. Our green beans are coming up!!! They are so pretty. Green beans are my favorite of all foods to can. There is nothing like homegrown canned green beans. Got to go pick cherries to make juice. write later.

  186. Oh my goodness! I’m really looking forward to pickling some green beans! I’d never had them before this past summer and thought they were some of the tastiest things I’ve ever had…

  187. I have Dowdney’s first book and unfortunately haven’t used it much, though I intend to! Since I just bought my first house and put in a HUGE garden, I look forward to canning anything homegrown. In fact, in looking for a house, I told my husband I was determined to can my own tomatoes, someway, somehow, this summer. Beets, peppers, and pickling cucumbers are right up there with tomatoes too.

  188. I can’t wait to make more of your delicious pickled red onions (I made 3 cases last summer!) and more salsa verde. I have been watching my tomatillos closely and hope for a great crop this year!

  189. asparagus…peaches…berry jams…marmalade…pickles…tomatoes…chutney…SALSA!
    I’m looking forward to it all. This is my first year trying to put up in every season and make more staple foods (I’m talking about you, spaghetti sauce), instead of just a few summer jams.

  190. I am looking forward to canning everything that comes from my garden and from gleaners! My children most love marionberry jam from the canes in my backyard.

  191. I’m really looking forward to canning more using my pressure canner. I barely use it and this year with the rising food costs, I am going to focus on canning anything and everything.

  192. I am always excited to canning classic fruit jams (strawberry, blueberry, peach) from fruits we pick ourselves, but am hoping to move into savory territory with perhaps salsa, pickled onions, etc. Thanks!!

  193. I’m really looking forward to replenishing our jam supply…seasonal fruits sweetened with honey. I also want to can some pureed roasted tomatoes for soup…I froze them last year but intend on canning some this time !

  194. I got so excited I thought The book it is done ….how did she do that so quick man she is good…..I am going to be tickled pink when you book comes out but in the mean time this is a great giveaway….Just picked a apricot tree Sunday and made Three types of jam….Just got done talking to hubby wish my garden grew faster..have a blessed day

  195. Pickles are one of my husband’s favorite things, so I would like to learn how to make and can them.

  196. Last summer I made some fabulous spicy dill pickles; those are long gone so I’ll need to make more! I’d also like to experiment with sweet cucumber pickles–I’d been so used to the sickly store-bought ones, but after eating some homemade ones I can’t stop craving.

  197. Last year’s tomato jam was so good I want to do it again. And I want to play around with more stonefruit, and if I have these books, maybe I’ll see if I can do an onion marmalade.

  198. I’m looking forward to doing more of my own homegrown tomatoes. Last year was the first time I’ve had the space to have my own “real garden” and I finally understand why that’s the #1 thing people go nuts about. Between some purchased “Grade B” specimens and my own San Marzano’s last year, we made it through the entire winter without buying any canned tomatoes, which was just awesome and terribly delicious.

    I also want to say thanks for the tip on the Putting Up series. I’m one of those folks who trusts the science behind things and I’m willing to experiment but I get frustrated that there’s so little info out there to go by. I get so tired of hearing, “Don’t do this….cause the USDA said so,” when I know the science is more flexible than that. It’s wonderful to see published work where someone’s done the homework to take it to the next step.

    If you happen to find something that explains how to experiment with pectin, I’d love to see that too. The directions for pectin are pretty unwavering too (HUGE batches and exact statements like “cook for exactly one minute”). I’d love to be able to develop my own pectin-based recipes or recipes for smaller batches but don’t know how/where to start.

  199. I was a beginning canner last summer. I just tried jams and salsa. This year I’m looking forward to more salsa, tomato sauce, and rhubarb! Yes, I’m going to find a way to can rhubarb, as sauce or otherwise.

  200. Tomatillo sauce again! So delicious, so wonderful, so almost gone πŸ™

    Trying tomato salsa for the first time this year. My oldest did some calculations, and we need to make a LOT. He’s game.

  201. I look forward to green tomatoes at the end of the summer. Last year I got 25 lbs. of them after a horribly hot summer. They make great relish and chutneys. I actually plan for them by planting indeterminate tomatoes.

  202. I’d like to try canning something more “interesting” than jams this year. I have a bumper crop of rhubarb, so that’s a start – maybe conserves, or curd. I’m also going to can pumpkin and apple cakes for holiday giving.

  203. I’d be curious to try that pickled brussels sprouts recipe. Otherwise I’m going to make some daikon pickles soon.

  204. I made my first canning attempts recently with corn relish and strawberry jam. I’m hooked. Thank you for the great information you post and the encouragement to can.

  205. What a lovely set of books to add to one’s library!

    Perhaps most looking forward to bell pepper season because we are about to run out of “Peppers in Sauce Olvero,” a very popular ingredient in this household.

  206. Oooh I really want to do soups…. but You mentioned two of my hot buttons… what to do with the canned product AND ph testing… ooooh yeah… now I need a shelf builder for more space for canning cookbooks…lol

  207. I hope that even if i don’t win, I can find and afford these books, they look great!

    I have never canned anything before, but have been wanting to for quite some time. My grandmother used to can everything. She once gave me a jar of green beans that I kept until this day just because it was so pretty. Her mother always canned everything. She wsa even in the local newspaper once when i was young for her artful canning, though the artistic bit was just for fun while the actual canning was out of necessity…

    This year my grandfather helped out when i enlarged my garden. Im growing a lot of things for the first time, and staring to feel comfortable growing a couple old standbys. One of the newer additions is onions, and we got carried away and planted far too many. So i think I would like to use those books to make something with that surplus of onions. Something I can share with my grandparents.

    Thanks for sharing!

  208. Mmm I just had this amazing onion jam at Barbuzzo on Friday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I would love to make that first!

  209. I would love to do more small batch canning, as well as experimenting with the herbs I am growing. I also am making more pickles, which I have shied away from in the past.

  210. Well, these look like fun! The plan this year is to do a ***ton of tomatoes. It’s a little boring, but it’s what we always run out of in January!

  211. Did tomatoes last year & pickles (which weren’t very good!) Definitely would love to try pickles again. as well the green beans!

  212. My standard canning project (quince jam) probably isn’t going to happen this fall, so I’m looking around for other canning projects to take on instead.

  213. Putting up dill pickles is something i look forward to every year. But this year, i’ll be canning everything i can fit in a jar.

  214. I am looking forward to trying some new recipies for dilly beans. The one I used last year was too tart! Also, I want to perfect crunchy dill pickles. Last years tasted good but we soggy.

  215. I made a wonderful Dutch chocolate fig jam with the last of the figs last summer…I ended up with only 4 pints…it was delicious…so this year I’m anxiously awaiting the ripening of the figs…I will certainly be making more than 4 pints!

  216. The content of those books is just what I am looking for! I definitely want to learn how to deviate from recipes or make my own up. This summer I am looking forward to canning soups. I could eat soup daily in the winter and if I have canned soups on hand, I probably will!

  217. I have a new place without much garden space, but there is a HUGE rosebush falling over with it’s load of raspberry colored flowers. I’m going to make cookies, sorbet, and jam from them!

  218. Strawberry Jam-but I would love to learn to can more than jam.
    Thanks for this info as I’m finding it hard to pick a book about canning.

  219. I’m looking forward to learning to can for the first time this summer! I’m particularly excited for peach & mixed berry preserves, salty beans and pepperoncini! πŸ™‚

  220. Wow, these two books sound amazing. They will be added to my collection one way or another. This summer I’ll be restocking my pantry with Peach Pecan Jam.

  221. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be the first productive year for my apricot tree…

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE either of these books!


  222. Wow these look really neat. I have never heard of them before. I will definitely be watching for them – if I don’t win. πŸ™‚
    THanks for the wonderful information! Let’s see, I am most excited about canning plain old produce from our garden. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a big garden and I miss plain old green beans or tomatoes in cans!

  223. I’ve been wondering for years about the possibility of testing for acidity yourself. This is great news! Would love to have a copy. I’m most excited about putting up stewed tomatoes this summer. . . those cheery summery jars allow me to survive the winter.

  224. Boy, it’s hard to choose what I’m most excited about… I’m excited to make more peach butter because we LOVED the batch I made last year and I’m excited to make rhubarb jam because it is my absolute favorite.

  225. Squash?? Really?? After I learned to pressure can the first thing I did was a huge bunch of butter nut squash soup that I then dumped when I did my Master Food Preserver certification. I really want to can butternut squash soup!!

  226. I had sooo many cukes last year that I made batches and batches of pickles – with a test recipe. They were so good that my family and neighbors ate them all! I’ll be hoping for more cukes in the garden this summer and also did dilly beans. Love them!
    I also can venison.

  227. I can hardly wait to make watermelon jelly and can up some gingered peach halves from the surprisingly amazing peaches we have here in Colorado!

  228. I made a bread & butter pickle last year as my first canning attempt and they were simply the best! Beginners luck? I hope not! So, we’ll see how they do this year and I want to make many more jars to share!

  229. After just planting half our garden with strawberries, tomatoes, cukes, red, orange, yellow, and jalapeno peppers, onions, cabbage, and asparagus (just a re-root – not a true planting), I think I’ll need all the help I can get learning to can. Our garden has doubled in size since last year and we still have another half to go. Anyway, I’m most excited to try my hand making jams this year (strawberry rhubarb and blackberry) especially since they will be with my own home grown fruit. πŸ™‚

  230. I’m looking forward to pickled peaches. They are the first thing I ever canned and when I presented a jar to my visiting grandmother, it brought back memories of her childhood. She shared a lovely story of exchanging them with friends and neighbors like fruitcakes for the holidays.

  231. We just tried out your pickled asparagus recipe, can’t wait to open the jar this weekend! The new recipe I’m most looking forward to trying this summer is pickled watermelon rind. I’m so excited to not to have to throw away all that rind!

  232. My boyfriend got me a canning starter kit for my birthday and I can’t wait to start! I think I want to do something with strawberries, or maybe an endless supply of pickles for myself!

  233. Apple rhubarb chutney….we went through it so fast this year that I need to make at least twice as much. But before apples come around, plenty of jam and tomatoes!

  234. I started canning last year and went with peach jam and pickles. This year, I’m looking forward to canning more produce from my garden, including carrots and zukes!

  235. I have been wanting to can some soups for a long time. I’m determined to do it this year. Those books sound wonderful. And how awesome that he used to be a commercial canner and is now sharing his knowledge. πŸ™‚

  236. I just found your blog and love it!!! These look like great books to add to my library. I have pretty much stuck to the basics in canning, these books sound like they could open up a whole new world of canning to me. I’m almost out of home canned salsa and strawberry jam. I can’t wait to restock my pantry.

  237. I want to make pickled cucumbers this year. I’ve been looking at all of your refrigerator pickle posts, which is where I’ll start. Then, I want to have some to keep in my pantry.

  238. I am really looking forward to pickled fiddleheads. Tried them last year, but the recipe called for flour and the sauce was way too thick and tart. This year I have a recipe for pickled bread and butter fiddleheads which I hope will be awesome.

  239. Oooh, I’d LOVE to get my hands on these books! This summer, I’ve got plans for huge batches of bourbon-peach jam and tomato jam, since we couldn’t get enough of either of those all winter. And hopefully I’ll manage to make some pickles that are edible — both of last year’s batches were wonky — the bread-and-butters were just a little squishy instead of crisp and the dills were plain old disgusting (bad recipe, I think) πŸ™

  240. Because of grandparent duties this summer (in south Florida) we won’t be returning to our summer home in Indiana where my siblings give me their excess garden bounty, the wonderful farmer’s markets, etc., I will be stuck with putting up whatever seems to be seasonal and on special in the local supermarkets. I have Stephen Dowdney’s Putting Up, but also did not realize he had published a second book. I had the privilege of speaking to him personally by phone after I bought his first book re: his somewhat “not by the book” canning procedures. He was extremely courteous and helpful and told me to call him any time if I had further questions.

  241. Well, I’ve never canned anything before (My preserving standby is the freezer) but I now have a link to a strawberry farm here in inland England (who thought there’d be a such place!) so I want to take advantage of the pick your own and make a strawberry jam of some description to flex my completely unused canning muscles…

  242. Hands down the thing that I can’t wait to make this summer is pickled peppers. Those pickled brussel sprouts sound right up my alley, but I’ll have to wait until fall for them.

  243. Oh my goodness! I would love to learn how to branch beyond the Ball Book of Canning. It has served me well. I rarely follow recipes except for canning, so it would be nice to have the tools and knowledge to do my own thing!

  244. I’m hoping I get enough tomatoes to can some this year. How sad is that? But getting a dozen tomatoes was a triumph for me last year. Growing veggies at 6200 ft. is a challenge. Especially this year; it hasn’t warmed up yet. Our temps are still dropping down into the 30s some nights.

  245. I’ve never canned before so am really looking forward to starting this summer. I’m hoping to make some strawberry jam if I can find some cheap strawberries. If not, I’ll have to settle for blueberry jam from my blueberry bushes πŸ™‚

  246. I have a bumper crop of rhubarb that is ready right NOW, so I am scouring my cookbooks for several ways to preserve it.

  247. I would love to win these books! My children bought me a pressure canner for Mom’s Day so now I need to learn to use it. They want soup!

  248. Hi- I’m looking forward to canning tomato and zucchini mix this summer, with olive oil and loads of basil. I think the ph infp in these books would help me out with this project!

  249. I’m going to try to make as much strawberry vanilla spread as possible. I use it through the year as the fruit to flavor my breakfast yogurt. It is sad when I run out.

  250. I don’t have anything in particular I look forward to canning bc I’ve never canned before, but I really would like to get started and I think these books are just what I need!

  251. Basic tomatoes and pickles. I won’t have much time this summer due to my work schedule, so I imagine I’ll do the basics and hope I can branch out some more next year. I can plan the garden for new recipes.

  252. I planted a kazillion tomato plants this year and will, hopefully, have enough tomatoes to can a lot of pasta sauce!

  253. I am looking forward to canning soups and sauces for the winter. Also, just making the most of fresh, in season food by transforming it into shelf-stable products.

  254. I will be canning all kinds of pickles and pickled veggies. Tons of salsa, I can never get ahead on that! Marinated peppers are a huge favorite! Beets, both pickled and plain.
    I get to purchase my own pressure canner this year so now the list is nearly unlimited. I need tons of meals in jars for the year such as soups and stews. Hope to work on canning chicken following some info from Lane of afoodjourneytogo! Also beans.
    I still have tons of picadilly left from last year as all I had were green tomatoes.

    The list is so huge….

  255. We are definitely looking forward to growing more peppers this year so that we can make alot more of our tasty hot pepper jelly. It’s become a favorite at family/friends gatherings. We serve it over cream cheese.. YUM!!!

  256. This season I’ve decided to learn how to can. I’m so excited to finally take this on! This is only our second year with a veggie garden. Really looking forward to having tomatoes year-round.

  257. In Florida we are well into the spring-summer growing season and I have 60 herirloom tomato plants as well as peppers, eggplants and squash producing well. I am looking forward to putting up the “house salsa” my kids love and pickled okra.

  258. I have actually never canned anything….but I have fond memories of strawberry jam made with my mother after a day of pick-your-own, and I’d love to give it a try myself!

  259. Since I will have more tomatos this year than last I am excited to can all of them in great ways. But what I am most excited about is canning Tomato Jam this year! I heard it’s a great alternative to catsup! Thanks for the great book recommendations.

  260. I’m going to try water-bath canning spaghetti sauce this year. Testing for pH would be preferable to adding a lot of acid “just in case”

  261. happy birthday! and what a great giveaway – thank you!! recently started canning & am trying to delve deeper into the fun :o)

  262. I’m in the middle of relocating and don’t know what kind of garden or farmers market I’ll find at the other end. I have blueberries in my freezer from last year that I need to use up before I move, so I’ll be making some blueberry jam, at least.

  263. Yay — another giveaway — always love the books. And me too on the tomato jam — I’m all out and your recipe is the best!!!

  264. Hoping that you will do well this year with the new book! I will continue to can any chance I get and hope that at some point our paths will cross. Keep the water boiling!

  265. Thanks for the chance to win.
    my favorite thing to can thus far has been the simple tomato. I’ve finally got my process down and we grow a lot of tomatoes in our garden. its such a joy to open up a jar in the middle of winter!

  266. Those sound like amazing books. I have only been canning on my own for a couple of years and have inspired many of my friends to learn as well. Whenever friends come over, it seems like we do a sampling of all my items that I have canned. I look forward to making blackberry vanilla preserves this year. We made a few jars last year, which was not enough. It goes great on toast or with some cheese and crackers.

  267. This year I purchased a huge Pressure Canner so I am looking forward to canning homemade soups and Pasta Sauce with Meat. I also cannot wait to can more homemade tomato paste and Tomato Jam – one of our very favorite items for burgers and sandwiches. WAY better than ketchup and it has just a slight “kick” to it that my husband loves.

  268. I am looking forward to getting another shot at fig jam since I burned my batch last year. πŸ™‚

    I never do my jars in hot water or the dishwasher…I use iodophor. I used to homebrew and I still have a big bottle of the stuff…it’s brilliant for all my sanitation needs. πŸ™‚

  269. I’m looking forward to trying out some new jam recipes. A friend gave me some delicious apricot jam last year and I hope I can get the recipe from her.

  270. I made a plan this year so I don’t get over my head trying new recipes. I’m looking forward to trying your pickled cherry recipe this summer!

  271. I’m looking forward to canning my own pumpkin this year! If it ever stops raining, and I can get the peppers and tomatoes planted, there will be salsa as well!

  272. Low sugar blueberry cinnamon jam. I’d also like to learn how to make sugar-free strawberry freezer jam, so I can have the sweet as candy stuff I remember from my grandma’s house, without the guilt.

  273. Now if I could only get folks to give me back all the half pint jars….

    Rhubarb jelly, jam and chutney this weekend along with some pickled asparagus. Canning season has really begun!

  274. I am hoping we get enough green beans and cukes in our garden this year to experiment with different flavors of all kinds of pickles!

  275. Most looking forward to canning fresh albacore tuna! Albacore comes through the waters of San Francisco around late spring early summer and I usually get a couple pounds to put up. I used to work at a seafood restaurant and they are kind enough to let me order it through their provider at wholesale. Super good!

  276. I can’t wait to can some ketchup. With a little guy running around I think this will become an essential staple in my house.

  277. Pickled carrots and jalapenos (escabeche) to eat with homemade vegetarian tacos. Actually, I don’t know if I can wait until summer to make it!

  278. Last season, I canned alot of soups but this year I want to concentrate on individual offerings of veggies, sauces and meats.

  279. My garden is 3x bigger than ever this year. I can’t wait to can enough tomatoes, sauce and salsa to last us for a year.

  280. Hmm, that’s a toughie. I was gonna say rhubarb chutney, but now you’ve put asparagus pickles in my head. So let’s say both.

  281. I am REALLY new to canning, so I just hope to get some basics canned. I’m still learning a lot about the process.

  282. These sound like great books! I’m looking forward to canning anything with tomatoes -last year was such a bad tomato year for me I barely had enough to eat, let alone can. I’m keeping me fingers crossed for this summer!

  283. We recently started canning with a rhubarb/grapefruit compote as our first experiment which went AMAZINGLY well. With a large garden this year, we are most looking forward to pickling cukes and canning tomato anything as we are novices at all this!

  284. I’m definitely looking forward to doing pickles! Although my all-time favorite thing to can is pickled jalapenos. YUM!

  285. I’m looking forward to making corn salsa again this year. It was a stand-out winner from last year, and I’m excited about making things again that have become familiar–rather than every recipe being new and a bit of a gamble.

  286. i’ve never done pickled carrots and dilly beans looking forward to that. Beef stew and meat sauces in my pressure canner. (pressure canning was new last year) I’ve got a large garden planted and i can’t wait to harvest the blessings from it.

  287. These books sound EXACTLY like what I’ve been looking for (and apparently many others, too)! My canning to do list this year involves some Indian inspired pickles from the mighty Tigress.

  288. I am looking forward to making a beet relish this year. I have made hot sauce in the past and will be also doing another round of that as well.
    I just can’t wait for the farmers markets to get “fat” with fresh produce.

  289. I’m am very much looking forward to pickled green tomatoes and triple berry jam. didn’t get to either last year, and now my skills are better, comparatively.

  290. Oh Wow, I have a giant list of canning books to buy and this one is near the top! I hope to make some wonderful chutney’s this year. I have only done tomato’s (thanks grandma!) and jellies so far. I need to step up my game!!

  291. hi marisa! i think i am looking forward to pickling some things from my garden this year. i’ve done some canning, but mostly from orchard purchases. my garden is expanded this year…perhaps i will get some of my fun produce put away.
    thanks for your wonderful blog!

  292. I have always been too nervous to can things in the past but I’m determined that this will be the year that I gather some cojones and make it happen. With that new found courage, I am looking forward to learning how to can tomatoes and make pickles.

  293. Pickled asparagus. And, like Charisse, I’m really looking forward to making a fresh batch of concord grape compote. Homemade Concorde grape jams and compotes are like a sunny childhood day in a jar. Add peanut butter and white bread and you have magic.

  294. Oh, thank goodness. The assumption that you’re a sick murderer if you can without using an unpleasant “tested recipe” is so utterly patronizing. I spent years working as a lab assistant. I can add grams of an acidifying agent or test the pH, as could anyone with some dexterity and common sense. I believe if cooking and canning were seen as “men’s work”, all cookbooks would look like this. Instead, there’s a presumption that you mustn’t let the bubble-headed housewife improvise, as she’ll kill everyone with botulism.

  295. I plan to can for my first ever time. I’m not even sure WHAT, yet. I’ll be going home to see my fam for a couple of weeks and have decided to save it as a “do together” activity for my mom and me. She can teach me her skills, and it’ll be a good time together.

  296. i’ve already made a batch of orange rhubarb butter using the recipe from you, i also added ginger, cayenne and cinnamon for some kick it was AWESOME, i’m making some again for sure!

  297. My favorite this year, and every year is salsa. I was just given a new recipe, so I can’t wait to try it. My other favorite is chicken. We raise our own chickens and it’s so nice to have canned chicken on the shelf in winter for quick soups and casseroles.

  298. I can’t wait to replenish my tomatoes! And pickles! And dilly beans! And really, really can’t wait to do applesauce. We are the last jars on all these things (many other items are long gone) and have you seen how expensive organic applesauce is? With two little ones we go through a tone of it and climbing through abandoned fields to get to old apple trees is sooooo worth it! (We are friends of the owner, not trespassers)

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway,

  299. It all depends on what’s exciting in the produce this year. Last year was so good for sour cherries, I’m hoping that this year has a decent season as well.

    My current plan, however, is to rework the concord grape jelly I made from juice and somehow get it to gel. This might involve curse words. But I have another gallon of white grape juice leftover from Passover that I think will make herb jelly once I figure this solidifying thing out.

    Those books look so useful, I’m making grabby hands with my mind.

  300. For me, it’s a toss up between strawberry jam and pickled beets. Both are simple, but they are my summer favorites. I’d love to expand my canning repetoire!

  301. Tomatoes. Tomatoes are at the top of my list for canning this year.

    I’ll second Angela S, I can test pH, I can make calculations to determine how much food I have and how much acid I need to add to bring the pH where it needs to be. I’m glad someone is treating canning this way instead of trying to scare everyone. How did we ever eat anything before we had the government and its various entities to tell us how to do these things?? πŸ˜‰

  302. this is the summer i am going to fill my pantry shelves with seasonal goodness! (i think, i hope). i’ve only canned applesauce in the past. but THIS year, i’m hoping for some pickles (assorted), maybe some tomato things (if i have another bumper crop), and assorted jams and jellies!

  303. More of Vadalia Onion Relish….a Paula Dean recipe I got out of a magazine last summer. Deelish!

  304. Hopefully pickles of any kind. I’ve been too scared to actually put anything up! I know crazy – especially because of how much I like your blog. btw – my mom says thanks for introducing me to eat boutique – she loved here basket.

  305. Last year was my first year to can, so I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING! It was so great to open my own pureed tomatoes.

  306. Thanks for giving us the heads up on these books. I have a steam canner that I’m nervous about using because the university extensions all tell me I’ll kill people if I use it- even for jam. I would love to see some other tried and true safe methods to use- I figure the Europeans have been using different methods than we do in the U.S. and they’re all fine, so why not try something new to me?

  307. oh, the possibilities of canning! i was new to canning last summer and this summer i plan to become serious about it. right now i am craving rhubarb compote, so rhubarb compote goes on top of my list of things to can.

  308. I’m excited to can everything possible! I feel like I wasted so much produce from our CSA last year due to lack of knowledge and/or laziness. This year I’m determined to preserve everything we don’t eat fresh.

  309. I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago after it was mentioned by JD at Get Rich Slowly. After spending a year thinking, reading and collecting supplies for canning (no sense rushing into anything, right?) I finally canned my 1st thing last weekend – pickled carrots. I’m looking forward to canning my home grown tomatoes this summer.

  310. I’d love these books. I love making jams, or jellies, and I’d love to try my hand at canning some butternut squash soup. I have plenty in my garden.

  311. i’m planning on canning 200 jars of jam to give away as favors for my wedding and really want to try some new recipes for that! i’m also planning to can salsa for the first time. these books sound great, thanks for the giveaway!

  312. Every year I look forward to making the “fall butters” – pear butter, pumpkin butter, apple butter….maybe this year I’ll get started early and try some peach butter.

  313. We call it simply Heaven. Blueberry and nectarine jam with ah hint of lemon. It tastes like summer. And blueberry season is just around the corner here in Texas. I’m gearing up for the u-pick season to start.

  314. I am looking forward to canning something new like butternut squash soup! Also I know that I need to can a lot of tomatoes this year as we are on our last jar. And lots of juices!

  315. Tomato sauce! You can never have enough to last you through the year. I’m also looking forward to making jam – specially plum and apricot – because last Summer I didn’t make any since I still had A LOT left from the previous year.

  316. I have two friends who run pickle companies and I’d like to try out some jarring techniques on things that they don’t normally pickle (ie: brussels sprouts). I’m not sure how your contests are run, but if I dont win I’m definitely scooping a copy of these books for tips.

  317. Wow, those books look and sound amazing! I think I’ll have to pick up the pair even if I don’t win the giveaway. I am excited to can anything this year that I’ve grown myself. I’ve only been canning for about a year and I planted my first vegetable garden this year, so the prospect of being able to both grown AND preserve my own food is really exciting! I’m hoping I’ll be able to make dilly beans from my own green beans, maybe some zucchini pickles, or perhaps a small batch of strawberry jam. I’m a long way from being self-sufficient with my food, but just a taste of it is energizing to me!

  318. Wild Highbush cranberry jelly!!!! Last years shortage can not be allowed to happen again πŸ™‚ will also be trying yet again to make dilled pickles — if at first (second, third) you dont successed try try again

  319. I’m really looking forward to a couple of canning projects this year! I want to put up a few jars of blueberry jam, and I found a few Asian pickle recipes I want to try! Oh, and in the fall there’s an apple pie filling I wan to try out! My poor husband has a lot of putting up to put up with this year!

  320. Made some Rainer Cherry Jam last year that got eaten before I could try it, gonna make it again so that i can finally have a taste.

  321. Those books look like an amazing resource. I’m really looking forward to canning tomatoes. They’re not as exotic as a lot of things, but every time I use a jar of tomatoes I canned (which is often, for as long as they last), I feel good about it.

  322. I’ve never canned anything before, but I am definitely looking forward to trying it out this year – I’m thinking I’ll start with strawberry jam.

  323. Can’t wait to make a balsamic onion jam – so good on grilled cheese (and anything else, really)…actually, produce hasn’t been that great here the last few months, so I can’t wait to get summer’s bounty and put up everything I can get my hands on!

  324. I’m moving this summer, so I’m actually trying to use up a lot of my canned stuff so I don’t have to move it cross country…but I think I’m going to make some cran-apple jelly soon as I can make it with stuff I have now, instead of waiting for harvest. I have got to get my hands on those books! I knew there had to be a way to get out of the USDA box.

  325. This past fall I deliberated over (and subsequently canned) some persimmon sauce after adjusting and checking the pH. These books sure would have been helpful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  326. I’m looking forward to making more pickles! Pickled everything!

    I’m also hoping to find a good recipe for homemade ketchup.

  327. I’d like to try canning. I wanted to can some marinara for Christmas, but then read not to used canned tomatoes:( So maybe some fresh tomato marinara this summer.

  328. I am most looking forward to ‘putting up’ our favorites, strawberry jam and bread and butter pickles! These have been my husband’s favorites for the more than 50 years of marriage. I am always looking for something new to try.

  329. I feel so unadventurous saying this, but I can’t wait to make big batches of plain jam: strawberry, raspberry, and peach! Of course, there will be the small batches of experimental flavour blends, but these are what I’m looking forward to now.

  330. I’m looking forward to pickles. Regular cuke pickles, pickled zucchini, pickled carrots, pickled squash… really it could go on.

  331. Want to find a recipe for fruit salsa…just tasted a store-bought peach/mango salsa at my daughter’s and it was delicious…how much better a homemade one would be.

  332. I most look forward to canning pickles — though we eat them so quickly that refrigerator pickles are possibly more practical. I love salsa, too — another one that we gobble up right off. I really like this suggestion of canning soup; would love to win the books and start planning soups!

  333. I really want to get over my fear and can this year. I bought the equipment a few years ago, but have been terrified of poisoning my family. This year, I am determined to make a strawberry jam, apricot jam, and the chutney/barbecue sauce recipe from Barbara Kingslover’s Animal Vegetable Miracle.

  334. I am looking forward to trying new things this year. I think the most I am lookingforward the sundried tomatoes in olive oil and the blueberry jams.

  335. Awesome giveaway! I haven’t done too much canning to date (lemon curd, applesauce, and blueberry pie filling), but plan on canning all things tomato this summer. I have been reading loads of books and would love to get my hands on these!

  336. YAY for canning! I always want to can something new to me and generally different – and it sounds like the books have lots of great ideas! Thanks for doing the giveaway πŸ™‚

  337. Pesto as much as twenty basil plants will give us. We usually freeze blocks of it. But it will be nice to give out at winter solstice. Theirs nothing like a taste of summer in winter.

  338. I just made strawberry jam with just-picked berries and balsamic vinegar and it turned out SO DELICIOUS that I can not wait to make it again.

  339. Since I did some jams and jellies late last season, I’d love to do more but I’d REALLY like to get into pickles!

  340. I am looking forward to canning some blueberry concoction from our abundant blueberry bushes in the yard! Hopefully some veggies as well. I am new to canning but am ITCHING to do it!

  341. These books sounds great! As for what I’m looking forward to canning this summer, uh, unfortunately not much. We’re out of the house for a remodel and my canning stuff is packed up. Maybe I can try out some super small batch canning, like one jar at a time. It would be a shame to let Oregon strawberry season pass me by.

  342. This is my first year canning, and I’m looking forward to canning everything! πŸ™‚

    But, if I have to choose just one thing, I’m really looking forward making peach jams and marmalades.

  343. One of the best things I made last summer was peaches canned in light syrup with lavender. They disappeared quickly, so I’m anxious to re-stock!

  344. Normaly I look forward to canning salsa but seeing the pickled brussel sprout makes me super excited!!! imaging a skewer of pickled sprouts in a blood mary…..

  345. I just found this blog yesterday and am overwhelmingly excited about the possibilities of things to can. I haven’t done any canning by myself- only with my grandmother when I was a child, so any help I can get, I’d appreciate. I remember helping her preserve lightly spiced crab apples, so that’s what I’m most looking forward to making. I’ve recently started phasing out processed foods from my diet, so canning will become a staple of my life, and I’m so excited for it! Thank you for sharing your hard-earned wisdom with the rest of us. πŸ™‚

  346. I’m looking forward to tomato sauce, which I know is not exciting, but we use alot of it and it is one of the few vegetable things my husband will eat. Unfortunatly!

  347. I just started canning last year. One of the first thing I did was spiced peach jam….when the last jar was finished I was wishing it was summer again so I could make more.

  348. I really want to try everything. I keep saying im going to learn then i get all nervous and lose my confidence. Books like these will help me be sure about what im doing so i can start making great Gluten Free options for my little boy. Pasta sauces and pastes, soups for quick and easy meals, jams and sauces that dont have any hidden gluten in them.

  349. I love to can Strawberry Rhubarb juice for making beverages during the summer and applesauce with cinnamon. yum

  350. Applesauce, applesauce and more applesauce. We just used the last jar from last year. I figured a quart a month but it appears we are going to need to increase and that doesn’t even include the gift jars!

  351. I’m looking forward to trying some pickled asparagus. I received some as a gift last summer and started craving it as soon as the asparagus started coming up this spring.

  352. I started canning last year and am looking forward to canning beans and dill pickles this year. I bought an outdoor grill so I could can outside this summer.

  353. I am fairly new to canning, but am looking forward to canning home grown potatoes, carrots and beef stew among other things. So much better than store bought and I get to control what is in each jar.

  354. Oh yum! This looks sooo helpful. I’m excited to know a bit more of the science behind the guidlines we follow…it’s more empowering that way.
    This summer I’m looking forward to preserving as much as my garden can give me….this is the first real year of it and I can’t wait to taste the fruits of our labor in deep winter, when fresh produce is scarce.

  355. really looking forward to berry season this year…didn’t start canning til very late season! rhubarb syrup. fig jam. definitely want to do some pickling…super excited for putting up!!!

  356. Ooooh! I’m really excited about these two books; I wasn’t familiar with either. I’m looking forward to canning a LOT this spring and summer, but I’m most looking forward to trying my hand at canning lemons: Preserved and lemon curd.

  357. This year, though it’s simple, I’m looking forward to making strawberry jam with my 5 year old grandson – from strawberries we pick together. I’m not only making jam, I’m making memories. And THOSE will last forever.

  358. Trying gooseberries and ground cherries this year. I’m hoping to get a good harvest to make something out of them!

  359. Made a small batch of tomato jam for the first time last week – now I’m hooked and plan to make more this summer!

  360. I am so looking forward to applesauce. And maybe try my hand at something with blueberries this year. πŸ™‚

  361. I can’t wait to get my hands on those big fat cucumbers to preserve as “Senfgurken” (Mustard Pickles). Will also look for my favorite white peaches to can and make preserves of.

  362. One thing I am going to try my hand at, is a clone version of Wickles (sweet/spicy pickles).
    Also, the pickled brussels from the book above look delicious!

  363. FIGS! About 2 months ago I found my grandmother’s ratty, faded and barely readable fig preserves recipe and have been obsessing about it ever since!

  364. I’m looking forward to making jam from U-pick berries this year, and possibly more savory items such as tomato sauce. I haven’t decided if I’m up to all the effort in making jelly, especially as our household vastly prefers jam anyway.

  365. I want to try making tomato sauce. I’ve only done freezer jam, this will be my first attempt at ‘regular canning’.

  366. I would have to say, I’m most excited about making some sort of jam. I love jam, on anything, and everything. There is something about black raspberry jam at Christmastime that makes my heart go ‘aaaahhhhh’.

  367. Strawberries are calling my name right now… I have the afternoon off on Thursday to go picking…can’t wait!

  368. I’m excited to make the amazing pickled peppers my neighbor made last year. And I’ll put up as much rhubarb as I can get my hands on.

  369. I make ketchup every August…many, many jars of ketchup. It takes two full days. I flavor it in two ways. One with pimenton, spanish smoked paprika; and one with five spice which I grind myself. Along with the traditional ketchup spices, it’s unbelievable. You will never go back to Heinz! I can’t wait for August!

  370. After reading this blog and others, I am excited about putting up/canning a variety of things from my garden (i.e. tomatoes, okra, pickles, green beans, corn, etc.) I have learned a lot and look forward to filling my new empty jars and applying some of this blog knowledge and inspiration! Thanks for sharing so much with the rest of us!

  371. I am most looking forward to our tomatoes. We already have a ton that have been ready and right now I am processing my first batch using your whole tomato recipe. SO excited to really get into the height of the season.

  372. I have a corn relish I would like to try. I almost killed some folks with some last year. I had foolishly started to can before I read about PH level

  373. I am looking forward to trying a whole bunch of new recipes with my new pressure canner. Looking forward to some good soup recipes.

  374. Oh, goodness, I can only pick one thing? I’m looking forward to making tomato sauce I think. Pickles, apple and pear sauces and butters, barbecue relish… the list grows every year. Yum. Oh, and vinegar peppers. Yum yum yum.

  375. I’m most looking forward to spicy dill beans. Unoriginal I know, as I’m sure they were in the very first Ball Blue Book – but they remind me of summers with my Grandma so I always enjoy making them.

  376. i am lucky to have 5 grape vines,I put up 20 jars of jelly last year. I thought that would plenty,it wasn’t, so many people wanted it. so that,more strawberry, and Hot Pepper jelly, love that stuff!

  377. I’m new at pressure canning and exspanding in water bathing.
    I love your blog you have given me so many new ideas.
    This summer my plans are to can green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, and many more of my garden goodies.
    What I’m really looking forward to canning is Zucchini Salsa.
    I love growing zucchini, so finding new ways to use it excites me.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  378. This is going to be my first year canning and I think I am going to start with pickled asparagus! Just like you.

  379. What am I looking forward to canning? Figs, figs and more figs.

    (And maybe some peach pie filling.)

    These books sound like exactly the inspiration to creativity that I’ve been looking for!

  380. I want to give chutney a try this year. In the past I’ve stuck to basics like tomatoes, and dill pickles. Looking forward to expanding my repertoire.

  381. I am looking forward to trying pickles and preserves. Thanks for sharing about these books. Great information. Thanks

  382. Apricot jams. I have always had unreliable results with my consistancy with apricot, but last Christmas finally got some apricot pomegranate jelly that turned out fantastic. So I am excited to try some more apricot mixes. These books look so interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  383. I’ve no idea what I’m going to can this summer because I’ve never done it before! But I think I’m going to start with something like a tomato chutney with tomatoes from my garden. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  384. Looking forward to tackling some antipasto and some rhubarb…..and salsa..yummy, sexy salsa from fresh Ontario produce……

  385. I don’t know if I’m most looking forward to rhubarb butter or my sour cherry/plum cross coming into fruit big time this year. Last year I got 4 half pints from two whole trees. This year should be good!!

  386. This summer, I am looking forward to experimenting with BBQ sauces. I am intrigued by what SPD has to say about pH. I teach lab science and am bringing home some pH probes for the summer to do my own tests.

  387. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m looking forward to making a new kind of jam — what kind it is will be determined by what fruit is abundant and delicious.

  388. I live in Newfoundland, so our summer is a bit delayed, but I’m really looking forward to pickling/canning garlic scapes. IMO, they’re the best treat ever.

  389. I am going to be farming in California this summer, so I am excited to can pretty much anything they have. It looks like there is a lot of good watermelon on the farm, so maybe watermelon rind!

  390. Apricot jam! I didn’t get to it last summer but I am determined to make some as soon as apricot season starts this year.

  391. This isn’t VERY exciting, but I have a goal of canning all the tomatoes I will need for the whole winter this summer. We’ve had some bad tomato seasons the last few years, but I am going to try my best anyway!

  392. This year I most looking forward to canning everything! this is my first year and I am hoping to put back about 200 jars this year mostly tomatoes, pickles and peppers

  393. I am so looking forward to making some hot salsa this year. Last year we did not get a good crop of tomatoes so no salsa was made. Although I am sad to report that storms yesterday had hail in them that did alot of damage to my tomato plants so as soon as it is dry enough I will have to replant. Thank you for the chance to win this very interesting sounding book.

  394. There are so many things I’m looking forward to putting up this year but mostly, I think it has to be the garden medley mix. It reminds me of when we were kids and my mom told my sisters and I that the cauliflower and broccoli were “little trees”.

  395. I am looking forward to canning some meat, beans and ready-to-eat meals this summer, along with my usual jams, tomatoes, vegies, fruits, etc. I’d love to win!

  396. I just found your blog, I love it!! I am looking forward to canning EVERYTHING this summer!!! I love canning applesauce, jelly/jams and want to learn much more about canning other new things to love!

  397. the first rhubarb jam is always awesome, but i’m really looking forward to pickles–we’ve eaten everything from last year long since. more pickles this year for sure!

  398. So looking forward to turning the Tavera beans in my garden into dilly beans. The books look like my new must haves!

  399. Hi! I’m a new reader and new to the world of canning. I’ve only made small pickle and jam batches, but I’m so interested in canning soups and salsas. I didn’t even know you could do that! I get a CSA, so really I’m interested in canning just about everything that comes my way- and it’s always a surprise!

  400. Im missing being in India..mangoes are in full season this time…And i love all sorts of jams and pickles of mangoes which we make for the full year and also small jars for friends πŸ™‚

  401. I always look forward to canning tomatoes, but I am especially looking forward to a variety of pickles this year…..I’ve come to believe you could pickle anything and it would taste good!!

  402. This will be my first year of canning. I’m very excited and most hopeful to can a kitchen staple — tomatoes. I just discovered your site a few days ago and have gathered so much great info. Thank you!

  403. I am looking forward to the making of jam – I know it’s pretty quotidian, but I love putting all those jars together, especially knowing many of them are holiday gifts. Christmas in July if you will.

  404. I’ve only been canning a couple of years, but I always enjoy putting up jams and jellies with unique flavor combinations. This year I hope to continue to expand my canning to include more tomatoes and pickles and perhaps vinegars.

  405. I LOVE to can!! Because of a family move last year nothing ended up in jars πŸ™ BUT this is a new season and I’m looking forward to trying spicy things like curries & chutneys. I figure if I’ve seen it in a jar in the store, I should be able to do the same thing at home. I’ve never thought much of the USDA controlling ways so it would be great to learning some new methods.

  406. I’ve never canned before but my Southern background, plus summer, plus this blog have made me decide I’m starting this summer. I think my first order of canning will be some strawberry jam.

  407. The tomatoes again.

    Especially since I’ve now gotten a friend and an eleven-year-old girl interested in canning, and can make them do a lot of the work.

  408. Pickled carrots straight out of my garden are a favourite, although I also make a roasted vegetable spread that I love on burgers. And I’m up to my ears in rhubarb right now, so I need to get creative with that.

  409. I’m most excited to make more blueberry-lime jam. I love it on pound cake and plain corn bread. The berries will soon be in season here and I can’t wait!

  410. Hello! We are looking forward to the huge harvest of tomato’s, peppers, onions, and herbs… and then the hard work of canning some more salsa. We only have around 6 jars left from last year. I love to satisfying ‘pop’ of the lids.. I wipe the sweat off my face and grin sooo big! I would love to have your book! πŸ™‚

  411. looking forward to making italian plum preserves. Didn’t get to make it last year–plums were not great last year.

  412. I’m taking a canning workshop this summer and looking forward to preserving for the first time! At the top of my list: rhubarb pie filling.

  413. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!

    Last year was our first year canning. We bought tomatoes to make salsa. This year we already have 10 plants in the ground (although the hail may have gotten the best of one) and plan to make crushed tomatoes, sauce, more salsa, and who knows what all else . . .

  414. It’s nothing exotic, but I love canning my own salsa. (I put in roasted red peppers with the tomatoes — I know! Non-acid veggies! I shouldn’t! — and it makes the whole sauce so much richer and sweeter.)

  415. Really looking forward to canning some figs now that our tree is mature enough. I’ll also be canning some salsas and will be looking for something to do with our zucchini harvest.

  416. I’m looking forward to canning stone fruits. I’ve made batches of pickled plums the past two years, and this year I’m keeping my eye out for cherry recipes.

  417. I would so love those! I’m pretty much a newbie to canning and haven’t really decided what this year… hopefully some jam of some sort.

  418. I’m currently obsessed with anything pickled and can’t wait to make cucumber dill pickles, and although they’re kind of scary, I might even give fermeted pickles a try!

  419. I’m 62 and just getting into canning. These books sound like they would be a blessing to the confused canner like me. Thanks.

  420. I would love to get a handle on canning purple hull and black eye peas.We here in the South grow these like

    Thanks for doing this.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  421. I tried canning for the first time last summer and really enjoyed it. I made a corn relish and tomatillo salsa. Although I was extremely nervous the first time I opened a jar, the end result was delish and I’m looking forward to canning more this year! I hope to do some fruit this year – maybe some jams and butter? I’ve been scouring your site for inspiration.

  422. These books look awesome! Seriously I have my fingers crossed in a most serious fashion with high hopes of winning this giveaway! But I have to admit to myself that I am not terribly lucky! But I’ll hold out hope anyhow πŸ˜‰ Well I have only really been canning for two summers now and have been limited to fruit butters and fruit jams but this is the first year that we’ve had a CSA and we might be setting ourselves up for veggie overboard because I also planted a small garden for the first time! So I’m sure there’s much more canning in my future than I had initially anticipated but I’m excited. My goal this year is to make the perfect pickle. Which I’ve never attempted but a southern bbq place we go to make their own pickles and they are phenomenal so I have a high bar set for myself. But I also want to try out salsa, some new jams, chutney and some pickled veggies!

  423. The though of being able to go beyond tested recipes- wow! Would love to have the knowledge for that. I am looking forward to my childhood favorite- pickled beets with hard boiled eggs! Also, making cucumber pickles with spicy peppers and whole dill flowers.

  424. I LOVE canning and am looking forward to making herb jellies, triple berry jam, rhubarb conserves and anything that I can
    fit into a glass jar. Italian basil tomatoes also might just be the right thing on my pantry shelves! Oh, and the pepper relish, pickles, the list goes on and on….. YUM

  425. Blueberry syrup. I would like to make it for Christmas presents but I’m not sure it will keep that long.

  426. I’ll be buying these books as well if I don’t win them!
    I seem to be looking forward to canning whatever is growing in abundance in my garden–right now it’s strawberries–jam, syrup, jelly, you name it; if it has strawberries, I’m canning it (and my kids are eating it!)

  427. I am looking forward to canning peaches and apricots, they were soo good in the middle of winter to have a little taste of summer!
    I’ve canned alot of meat this winter (chicken, beef, pork) so also looking forward to getting back to putting up veggies & fruits.

  428. I am looking forward to making bread and butter pickles. I missed out on making them last season and want to make a very chunky version!

  429. I’m *REALLY* looking forward to canning wild salmon as well as some pie fillings (using apples from the Mendocino coast). Oh yeah, also looking forward to canning more chili and chicken breasts as well, but not as much as salmon… πŸ˜‰

  430. I just moved to the East Coast, so I’m looking forward to canning different produce than I’ve had in California!

  431. I just did Vanilla Rhubarb jam and Rosemary Rhubarb jam with a combination of farmer’s market and mom’s garden rhubarb. Yum! I’m looking forward to Cherries! A friend’s family has a recipe for Moonshine Cherries, made with moonshine they make themselves. They’re ah-ma-zing!

  432. I can’t wait to make new and different jams this summer. I might even try to pickle some watermelon rind.

  433. I’m most looking forward to canning salsa verde this summer. We had great success with our traditional salsa last year, so I’m eager to try something new.

  434. I’m growing Thai hibiscus in my garden for the first time this year, and dearly hope to can some in syrup, and also use them in jams.

  435. Green beans,I’m a new canner and green beans will be replacing jam this year, hopefully, as my most canned item!

  436. I can’t WAIT to start canning when I return home to the states this summer I hope to start with some simple pickles!

  437. I think my favorite thing to can is my sour cherry rhubarb jam. I’m especially excited this year because we just planted our own sour cherry tree and it is going to fruit this year πŸ™‚

  438. EVERYTHING! I live in california and up until right now have not even been aware of the pleasures that canning can bring! Not only do you now what is in your food…how it came to be in your pantry…..but you control all the flavors that go into a receipe! It saves time…ultimately saves money and will ease my stress when it comes to making a meal every night! This is all very new to me…but already I have made friends….learned from all the individuals out there that are willing to share….learned from those who are “masters” at it….and I will keep learning! I am going to try canning literally anything that is worth the time and effort…..which seems to be an eternity of things! I cannot wait to have a pantry full of already cooked…ready to use products! My pressure canner is on the way and I already have made several jams and jellys that are sitting in my pantry….I cannot wait to get some peaches this weekend and see what else the farmers market has in store! YAY…for this site….I love it!

  439. The books look very interesting! I’m looking forward to making many more jars of pears & ginger in honey syrup later this summer!

  440. I always look forward to pickles….pickles of all kind….dill, sweet, bread & butter, sweet-hot. I love them all and look most forward to the whole pickle canning event every year!

  441. I can’t wait to make some more basil tomato sauce this summer. I didn’t make nearly enough last year! The books really look lovely…

  442. I’m hoping to can a lot more tomatoes than I was able to last year…last year was not a good year for tomatoes in the NW – and once you have home canned it’s hard to go back to store bought! Also, some savory tomato jams, relishes, etc. – they add something special to any meal!

  443. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is experimenting with Ball’s Pickle Crisp! I made lovely tasting pickles last summer… but they were mushy and I can’t do mushy. I’m hoping that this product fixes it.
    We’re also going to try canning tomato soup, or at least putting it up in freezer jars.
    And of course, peaches will be turned into jam and peaches for eating and baking.
    And, my sister in law is going to teach me how to make dilly beans!!!

  444. I saw the recipe for pickled brussel sprouts and that is something I want to do this year. I’ve canned for years, anything from meat, to veggies, to fruits, to jams, butters and jellies. I would love to add these two books to my canning cookbook shelf!

  445. I’ve never canned before, but after our great crop last year I am really looking forward to canning our homemade salsa! Yummy!

  446. I Love canning and I dont have these two books. They would be an awesome addition to my collection. I put in 14raised beds last yr. I am hoping this yr to be a canning queen if they produce enough. I live in Oregon so this might be harder than I think, I havent lived here very long.

  447. can’t wait to can some dilly beans. finally perfected my recipe last year, but not until the end of the season, so this season will be making up for lost time!

  448. I’m making pie-themed baskets to give away at Christmas this year, so this spring and summer I’ll be canning fruit fillings! Strawberry rhubarb, apple, cherry, raspberry… mmm, can’t wait!