Breakfast in a Jar

June 12, 2009(updated on October 3, 2018)

Yogurt, jam, oats and pecans

My co-workers are so accustomed to me pulling jars of food out of my bag, that they don’t even blink when they hear the click of glass tapping down on my desktop. I use jars to bring cereal, soup, cut veggies, sliced fruit and iced coffee to work with me (admittedly, I eat at my desk more often than I should). One of my favorite workday breakfasts is the homemade “parfait” you see above.

One of the great things about this little meal is that it takes about 30 seconds to prepare. I make it with a half cup scoop of rolled oats, 3-4 spoonfuls of plain yogurt, a pour of runny jam and a palmful of pecans. I wait to stir it until I get to work, so that the oats don’t get too soft before I’m ready to eat.

What’s your favorite workday breakfast? Extra points if you bring it with you in a jar!

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18 thoughts on "Breakfast in a Jar"

  • i don’t have a photo, maybe i’ll take one monday, but we pack homemade granola in jars and brin milk or yogurt.
    i may have to try your idea of just tossing the oats with yogurt, like a quick meusli.

  • I don’t bring it in a jar, just a Tupperware container… but I often bring Swedish Oatmeal, which is rolled oats softened a bit in plain (or vanilla yogurt) and a dash of milk, with dried cranberries and cranberries, as well as fresh banana and apple cut into it. I usually mix up the oats and dried fruit the night before, and spoon the yogurt and milk right before I leave the house, and it’s perfectly softened by the time I get to work.

    Love the site by the way. I’m working up the courage to do some canning of my own this summer. I’ll be consulting your site first and foremost!

  • So clever — I think food tastes better when it looks attractive, like this. The same meal in a bowl doesn’t have quite the cachet of a parfait.

  • My breakfasts are seasonal. I always eat breakfast at my desk (if I eat breakfast at home, I’ll be hungry again long before lunch) and I keep a stash of breakfast fixings there. In the winter, I make oatmeal. In the summer, I keep a bag of granola (homemade whenever I’m sufficiently motivated) and some yogurt. Sometimes I’ll do bagels or muffins for a change.

    Your picture looks a lot like my granola breakfasts – but much prettier with its jar!

  • Thanks for posting this!!! I was dubious about eating raw oats, but it’s delicious and super filling. I’ve got a new breakfast for my repertoire!

  • I love breakfast but never have no time to eat in the morning:( It seems as though I run a 3 ring circus in the morning. With kids crying and playing around, roosters crowing, dogs barking . . . I don’t seem to have time for myself and before I know it I pack up the kids and I’m off to work without eating. This is a fantastic idea. I too have bunches of jars and jam, I can do this.


  • Irish oatmeal cooked with honey and cinnamon, plus frozen blueberries or cherries (frozen over from the summer — I keep reminding myself of that oatmeal when I’m slogging away in my kitchen now).

    And I work from home, so no container needed!

  • First visit here & I’m loving it!!!! I just started canning last year and just picked a flat of strawberrries this morning to start off this new canning year. I work from home so breakfast varies from day to day, but I had to smile about the clink of the glass on the desk. I use my jars for everything now. I usually take snacks with us for my boys when we’re out and about and I always pour things in the jars and toss them in the van or my bag. I love it and there is no waste, plus my little guys can just hold the jars themselves and dig in those wide-mouth openings without a mess. I love ’em!

  • I make something similar: Granola with greek yogurt and whatever fruit happens to be around. I’m going to try it with jam next instead of the occasional drizzle of honey, that is a great idea! I bring it in a screw-top ziplock container — until now.

    your site is great, thanks for writing it!

  • I always make my breakfast at work in a jar! Those measurements on the outside of the jar come in pretty handy. I always make oatmeal with ground flax and fruit (fresh when in season, otherwise some preserves-jalapeno apricot is a favorite) in a mason jar. I also make my own yogurt and store it in the cutest little Weck jars–and sometimes I’ll bring yogurt to work, too.