Where the Jar Magic Happens: A Tour of Fillmore Container

June 6, 2013(updated on December 16, 2023)
mason jars

Last month, while Scott and I were on vacation out in Lancaster County, we paid a visit to one of my very favorite source of jars, Fillmore Container (you may have heard me mention them before). They’re a family-run jar, bottle, and closure distributor that carries both traditional canning jars and smooth-sided jars of all shapes and sizes for commercial producers (as well as home canners who want a more sleek look).

jar display

Because I’m oddly fascinated by all aspects of jars, I asked owners Keith and Lisa Reinhart if they’d give me a tour of the warehouse during my visit (we also spent some time dreaming up some fun collaborations). They said yes and so, armed with my camera, I got a peek into the space where all the jars live.

Just to orient you, these top two jars were taken in the reception area at the front of their office space. They have samples of the jars they carry displayed there, which is incredibly useful when you’re trying to determine what shapes and sizes you want.

a neatly arranged wall of brooms

From there, you walk into the warehouse space, which is impeccably clean and organized (even the brooms and dustpans are well tended!). It also felt so very familiar to me because it smelled just like the warehouse that was once part of the business my parents ran for most my childhood. Who knew that the scent of cardboard boxes and packing tape could be so evocative?

down a warehouse aisle

The boxes along these shelves are full of lids. There are a very great number of jar closures in a dizzying number of shapes, sizes, and colors on these shelves. Keith told me that when they were first getting started, they counted every single lid out by hand for each order. Happily, they now have scales that make much faster work of that task.


Despite the fact that they’re working daily with fragile glass, Fillmore’s breakage rates are actually extremely low. Part of the secret is that each order is hand-picked and hand-packed (no mechanization here!). Last year the warehouse staff picked and packed a boggling 23,000 packages.

biodegradable packing peanuts

The folks at Fillmore are working hard to be green wherever possible. Jars are always going to need to be cushioned for shipping, so they make sure to use biodegradable packing peanuts. What’s more, they reuse shipping boxes wherever reasonable and applicable.

ball jars

So many canning jars. The wide mouth half pints over in the far left of this shot are my favorite size and shape for canning jam and so I got an odd thrill to see so many of them in one place.

salt and pepper shakers

Jar shaped salt and pepper shakers! There’s a restaurant in Philly that has these on every table and a friend is always trying to wheedle them out of the servers for me. I betcha they got them from Fillmore! You can get them here if you’re equally charmed.

blue heritage jars

A pallet of the new blue heritage jars. From the looks of the stack, it appears that they’ve been mighty popular. Have any of you canned in them yet?

boxes at Fillmore Container

In addition to their stock of jars, containers and lids, Fillmore also sells an assortment of canning books and recently added my book to their stock. Right now, they’re offering my readers a deal.

When you order a case of jars and a copy of Food in Jars, you’ll receive a $5 off your order if you enter “FIJ” in the comment field at checkout (the adjustment will be made when order ships). Best of all, I signed every book they had in stock when I was there, so chances are good that you’ll get an autographed copy if you order soon.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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14 thoughts on "Where the Jar Magic Happens: A Tour of Fillmore Container"

  • I’ve been looking for an online source for revamping my pantry for a while now, this is fantastic – thank you so much!

  • I’m at the Fillmore checkout and they do not recognize the $5 discount “FIJ”. I ordered a case of blue jars & your book!! Any suggestions? Love, LOVE your site & posts!!

  • I would totally want to work there if I lived nearby, in the PR dept of course! I love jars too!!

  • So love that they took you on a tour, how fun! They really are the sweetest people. I hope I can get down there sometime and do the same!!

  • I love this post! I love a factory tour, and I love jars. Perfect combo!
    Thanks Marisa!
    (I’d order some jars to get that discount, but I already have your book…)

  • I have this thing about containers…and it’s dangerous to know that such a place is so close to my house! (only about 4 miles!) I can’t believe I never knew it was there. Thanks for taking us on your tour!

  • My draw to jars, is the particularly odd shaped or small sized ones. Preferably smooth sided, and as old as I can get them ( or at least look old ).. But with Filmore, I think I could get what I spend hours hunting for at flea markets,and antique malls by the case! For what sometimes I’d have to pay for 1 jar. I’ll be ordering from them soon too.

  • Oh man, can you imagine how much stuff you could organize with all those jars?! Jars for everything! Amazing.

    Also, I thought this was a cute slip of the keyboard– “Just to orient you, these top two jars were taken in the reception area at the front of their office space.” (I think you meant photos)

  • That place looks amazing- I’d be like a kid in a candy store! What a fun thing to get to do!! Definitely going to check them out!

  • I got a case of the blue ones and put pickled jalapenos in them. I had to tell my husband, “I know I had a moratorium on buying jars, but…”