Sunday Night From the Food in Jars Flickr Pool

Strawberry Lemonade 8-5

Beautiful, drinkable strawberry lemonade in a jar from Pebblie.

pickling okra

Pickled okra in process from Sarah and Aaron. Love this stuff.

peach and bluberry jams

A pretty array of fresh fruit and preserves from Rachel of Hounds in the Kitchen.

momofuku pickles

Momofuku pickles from Egle Aleks.

Bounty of Food in Jars

An array of preserves that Tracy picked up at the Big Summer Potluck last weekend. Mmm.


An array of preserves from Virginia of Headspace.

Ginger-Apricot Butter

Glowing ginger-apricot butter from Jessica.

backyard raspberry jam

Raspberry jam made from backyard berries from Sherrie.

The Humble Mason Jar

An array of empty wide mouth jars from Suzy at Chiot’s Run. I just love this photo!

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