Sunday Night from the Food in Jars Flickr Pool

December 5, 2011(updated on December 16, 2023)

On occasion, I take a break from showing off my preserves and give my readers a chance to shine by featuring a few photos from the Food in Jars Flickr group. Here are a few pretties from the last week or two. If you’d like to see your photo featured here, please head over to Flickr, join the group and add your images.

Apple Jelly

Such pretty apple jelly from Emma Dandelion. I’ve been meaning to make a batch of apple jelly with rosemary for weeks now. Maybe this week!

Thanksgiving's Pickled Green Tomatoes

Pickled green tomatoes from Amanda Rudd. Tomato season seems so long ago now.

mason jar cozies

I realize there’s no food in these jars, but I just love these cozies from Peaceful Bean.

Winter Solstice Brew

Tis the season for infused booze! This Winter Solstice Brew from Pam at Sidewalk Shoes is just the ticket!

Mulled Wine

Speaking of festive beverages, this mulled wine from Jessica Eiden Smedley seems like a winner for this time of year.

curried caulifour

Still on the hunt for homemade holiday gifts? This curried and pickled cauliflower from Dory Kornfeld is a tasty option. And such fun labels!

Canning 2011 Retrospective

A look at just some of the pickles that Sara from Ma Vie en Food made this year. It reminds me that I need to bust out some dilly beans.

cranberry juice

Homemade cranberry juice all done up in pretty Weck jars and sitting in the snow. Well done, Christopher!

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10 thoughts on "Sunday Night from the Food in Jars Flickr Pool"

  • Thanks for choosing me, Marisa! And thanks again for all of your help this year, we would not have had such a successful first year of canning without your advice. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Oh, wow. Thanks so much for including my mason jar cozies!

    And, Dory, I love your labels – spelling and all. Is the date stamp you used one of those old ones used for library books back in the day? If so, that’s a brilliant idea.

  • Apple jelly with rosemary sounds good, but I always make mine with thyme leaves – you can’t believe how good it is!

  • oooh how I love those Weck Jars!
    But thank you for all those fine ideas! I will imitate some, they all look delicious (wenn, the cozies don´t look delicious, but as if there would fit somethin delicious inside 🙂 )
    greetings from germany!

  • @goodkarma — it’s the same sort of date stamp, but I bought it at new at Staples. I love having occasion to use it; it mostly comes out for canning.