Submit your May Mastery Challenge Projects!

May 23, 2017

We’re well past the midway point of May, which means it’s time to get serious about completing this month’s cold pack preservation challenge! If you’ve already finished up your project for this month’s Mastery Challenge, please use the form below to record your information and be counted in the final tally. If the embedded form isn’t working for you, click here.

If you’ve not yet tackled the cold pack skill, consider whipping up a batch of spicy pickled green beans, pickled rhubarb, or some pickled okra. If you need to see the skill exercised in person, head over to Facebook and watch my recent livestream on the topic (toward the end, you’ll even see how I keep my cool when a jar breaks in the canner).

To be counted in the final tally, please submit your projects no later than Monday, May 29 (Memorial Day).

Oh, and if you do post to social media, make sure to use the #fijchallenge tag to help spread the word of our preserving activities!

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3 thoughts on "Submit your May Mastery Challenge Projects!"

  • I canned tomatoes. The process was not done in a pressure cooker, often is. I did not know we were to submit a form each month and have completed each month’s challenge. Do I need to go back and submit them?

    1. If you want to be included in the round-up for the month, you do need to submit your project to the form. I’m still working on the round-up, so you are still welcome to submit your project!