Links: Shortbread, Jam Tarts, and a Winner

December 16, 2013(updated on October 18, 2023)
Jars of jams and jellies on the table.

Is it just me, or is December speeding by at a breakneck pace? I’m embarrassed that I’ve not managed to post even a single recipe designed for holiday giving in this space this season. Some of my favorite holiday cookies are up at Table Matters, I based a batch of jam on the flavors of a pomander ball for Simple Bites, and I made some tasty truffles for the FN Dish, but I’ve been struggling to shift into the holiday frame of mind without an assignment to do so. However, I predict a flood of tasty treats for later this week, as I’m headed to Portland on Wednesday and being around my family always shakes loose my inspiration. Now, links.

nwkw winner

SantokuTahoe 640
Thank you to New West Knifeworks for sponsoring last week’s giveaway, as well as to all of you who took the time to enter. It was such a pleasure to read the many things you like about winter. Our winner is Nicole, #484. She said, “I love the frost in the air when I first walk out of the house i the morning. Even though I shiver bitterly once the North Wind kicks in, I secretly enjoy the first bit of chill.”

Stay tuned, I’ll have another good giveaway up tomorrow afternoon.

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