Links: Rhubarb, Blueberries, and a Winner

June 13, 2016(updated on April 27, 2023)
rows of strawberries

Last week’s trip to Chicago was so terrific. I did seven events in six days, caught up with friends, helped raise money for the Ferrer Foundation, and met so many of you lovely folks. I got home on Saturday morning, and have spent the last 36 hours doing laundry, catching up with work, and spending time with my husband (he’s such a good sport about my frequent travels). Now, links!

Perfect Pickle Sampler 640

The winner of last week’s Mrs. Wages giveaway is #161/Lily Walbridge.

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2 thoughts on "Links: Rhubarb, Blueberries, and a Winner"

  • What beautiful looking strawberries.
    I just put 12 jars of strawberry sauce in the freezer of which we love on ice cream, pancakes, etc. I also give as a gift. Stuffing strawberries with cream cheese is out of this world as well as dipping in chocolate fondue
    Congratulations to Lily Walbridge on the win

  • Those strawberries look delicious! I missed strawberry season here in Texas, even though my internal clock is telling me it’s strawberry time! I’ll have to catch them here next year, but it’s blueberry season here! And peaches, too! So I can kick off the season with those!

    Oooh and I can’t wait to try the pickling recipes! How do I go about getting them? Thank you so much! I am absolutely giddy with excitement!