Links: Quick Pickles, Savory Pies, and Winners

November 4, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Pies in jars!

Last Tuesday, I flew down to Austin to meet my brand new nephew and hang with my sister and her family for a week. I fully intended to keep posting here on the blog (I even had a schedule) but I quickly slipped into the rhythm of their life and lost my grip on my best laid plans.

Instead of writing, I’ve spent countless hours snuggling (and bouncing) a three week old, playing trains and reading books with the three year old, and making food (squash gratin! soup! pasta sauce! granola!). I taught my brother-in-law how to make jam and gave my sister a crash course in homemade sauerkraut. In my book, it has been time very well spent.

Now, links!

Quench cover

The winners in last week’s Quench giveaway are #70/Jen and #298/Kim Murphy. Thanks to all who took the time to enter!

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5 thoughts on "Links: Quick Pickles, Savory Pies, and Winners"

  • Congratulations to the winners of the book.
    Marisa; sounds like you had a wonderful time spending with family members

  • Just finished reading your article in Fine Cooking and wanted to say thanks for the tip on adding vinegar to the water bath. I moved recently and my jars of apple butter and conserve look nasty from the water. I’ve cleaned them off in the past if I got deposits, but I never realized I could prevent it.

  • I tried out the conserve today, but with honey liqueur instead of rum and pumpkin pie spice instead of the spices listed as I’m out of cinnamon (it IS apple season). It is delicious! The recipe said 6 8oz. jars – I got 4 8oz + 4 4oz. with just a bit left over for the fridge. I expect it will be excellent over vanilla ice cream. Thanks for posting the recipe!