Links: Quick Pickles, Granola Bars, and Jewish Food

March 12, 2018

Hey friends! I am so sorry that I was absent for so long. I was fully absorbed in writing my next book and since turning the manuscript in two weeks ago, I’ve been struggling to find my way back here. I’ve really missed the sense of connection and community that comes when I write in this space on a regular basis.

So I’m here and I’m starting things back up with a collection of links.

I’ll be back with more goodies tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on "Links: Quick Pickles, Granola Bars, and Jewish Food"

  • Thank you for featuring my hamantaschen! I love your blog so much, I’m chuffed you liked my technicolor take on ‘taschen!

  • Welcome back! We’ve missed you!!

    Dumb question time here. I finally got a copy of “Food in Jars.” (I know, I know – what took me so long!) Been perusing it lovingly all weekend. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

    My issue is that on page 183 is a great sounding recipe that I desperately want to try – Canned Orange and Grapefruit Segments. Exactly my kind of thing. “Segment the oranges and grapefruit according to the directions on page 000.” I remember reading instructions for supreming citrus (couldn’t find it looking back, of course), but can find no instructions for the segmenting process. Is it more complicated than separating the segments and getting rid of the pith and membrane? Or should the whole fruit be supremed?

    Apologies if this question should have been in an email instead of as a comment. Don’t want you to feel embarrassed over what is obviously a printer error.

    1. Hey Pete, thank for the question (and sorry about that. There were a bunch of unfortunate errors like that in the copy editing process of that book). The supreming instructions in that book are on page 78, in the Three Citrus Marmalade recipe. However, it’s exactly what you described. You just want to cut away the peel and separate out the citrus sections from the pith and membrane.