Links: Book Tour Notes, Pickles, and Birmingham

April 21, 2014(updated on April 24, 2023)
A shelf of painted jars. I'm normally opposed to painted jars, but these are kind of cool.

The book tour goodness continues! We had rain for most of Saturday in Atlanta, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to the Carter Center and Piedmont Park (including Whit from the Locurean and Jacin from Lovely Little Details/Salt Gatherings). I can’t thank Lyn from Preserving Now for putting together so many terrific events for me.

Today I drove to Birmingham and spent several hours sitting in my hotel room, trying to whittle down the contents of my inbox.I also had dinner with Kim from A Tiny Forest, which was such a treat. She makes all padded tote bags designed to hold and protect mason jars and I love my two-jar bag.

Tomorrow night, I’m teaching a sold out class at Birmingham Bake & Cook and Wednesday, I’ll be at The Booksellers at Laurelwood from 6-7 pm doing a demo and signing books. And then on Friday, Chicago! Now, links!

About the book…

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9 thoughts on "Links: Book Tour Notes, Pickles, and Birmingham"

  • man alive marisa! you are one busy lady! (it makes me wonder if i really want to put out my own cookbook or not haha)

    seriously though – good on ya, sister. and now i’m obsessed with the mason jar totes. thanks for that. 😉 it’s an honor to host your book and i’m stoked to keep a copy for myself. you can sure as heck bet i’ll be using it as a resource multiple times as a resource this growing season.

    happy easter weekend and thanks for the shout out! xo!

  • Love when you post links to things all over! The pickled edemame looks great to me, but I have a question. I am asking you since the blogger is temporarily out of pocket. Does processing for 30 minutes seem long to you? Thanks for your thoughts on this, and hope the book tour continues to go well!

    1. Hmm. I just read through that recipe again and it makes me a little nervous now. Particularly since the original source of the recipe offers instructions for both pressure canning and boiling water bath canning. Maybe just make it as a refrigerator pickle?

  • It was a treat for me as well, Marisa! I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Birmingham! Stay safe the rest of your journey!

  • Thanks for the shout out! I’m so excited about the new book! I’m going to pull some tomatoes out of the freezer stash & try that pizza sauce.

  • I don’t know how you do it! A lot of coffee? ; )

    So–I know you are a jam jar dressing person, and I looked for a post for it on here to link to, but surprisingly didn’t find one. Did I miss it? Sorry if I did! And thanks for linkage!

    1. Lots of coffee and a determined will to keep on pushing forward. And I think I’ve mentioned the jam jar salad dressing in passing in posts, but I never did a dedicated blog about it.

  • Ordered “Preserving in Pints” as SOON as I read about it! And actually have read it cover to cover. What a brilliant idea to help us “non farm dwellers” can for ourselves and small families. And also to experiment to see what we actually like to can AND eat.
    Just made pickled carrots (following your ideas for Pickled Spring Onions) and Carrot Relish. In using what I had on hand from my CSA box I didn’t have quite the weight you called for. So, I chopped/prepped my veggies and then put them in my jar, filled the jar with water, emptied the water into a measuring cup, and, following your recipes for “proportion”, made exactly the amount of brine I needed to fill my jar exactly. I then did all you recommended to prep the jars and the food. And VOILA! no waste of anything. Hope this may help others. Hugs to all.