Links: Mostarda, Thumbprint Cookies, and a Winner

December 9, 2013(updated on April 27, 2023)
I need simple food after five days of excessive eating.

Oh friends, I’m a day late with these links and this winner. The reason is this. We had an unexpectedly intense snow storm yesterday that delivered the bulk of its mess while I was 47 miles away from home teaching a class. More than half the students had to cancel and my drive home was a harrowing, multi-hour affair. When I finally got made it back, I was vibrating from the tension and ready to collapse. We ordered pizza for dinner and I didn’t leave the couch for the rest of the evening. Happily, all is well today. Now, links!

Wusthof Classic 7" Chinese Cleaver
cleaver winner

The winner of the cleaver is #717, Tanya! She said, “I’m looking forward to the homemade beeswax candles that I made in quilted jars. They look just like these. Instead of taping the wicks in place, I used skewers and taped the wick to them. Much quicker and easier than the technique shown in this link. I got the wax from a local honey company. The finished candles smell heavenly and I was able to make a ton of candles as gifts really affordably!”

Sounds gorgeous, Tanya! And congratulations.

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6 thoughts on "Links: Mostarda, Thumbprint Cookies, and a Winner"

  • Those red brussel sprouts are quite lovely! Be careful in the snow. We are supposed to get some today and tomorrow!

  • Very glad you made it home safely; it was a terrible storm for so many. Thanks for the link for goat cheese…more reasons to eat more goat cheese are always appreciated.
    Are you familiar with Wisconsin born artist, Alisa Toninato? She makes all the states in cast iron…way cool.

  • Dear Marisa, I’m so glad you made it home safely. ‘Harrowing’ isn’t just a euphemism for ‘got to pay attention’ in these ice/snow/sleet/ storms. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Rest, relax, stay in the house, and stop shaking. We can wait. Love, your friend.

  • Sometimes a break is critical! I’m glad that you made it home safe, and hope that today’s storm didn’t wallop you guys again (or at least that you got to stay home this time). Be warm. And that oatmeal looks outstanding!

  • One of my sons and his family had to be out in an ice storm over the weekend, and I worried the entire time. It seems surreal, as I am still enjoying 80+ degrees in Florida. Our nights are cool enough though, that the lettuce and cherry tomatoes I am growing in pots are growing like gangbusters and this time of year they are bug-free!

  • I just made those peanut butter & jelly bars you posted the link to, Marissa! Wow, they’re terrific. Looks like I have a new favorite way to use up the jam I made this summer. Thanks for the recommendation.