Links: Maple, Carrot Tops, and Winners

October 14, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Harvey Oak Mercantile is Weck Jar heaven.

The days have gotten cool and cloudy here in Philadelphia. The sun is setting earlier and I’m feeling an overwhelming desire to bake quick breads and pear tarts. I’d say that those are all good signs that fall has well and truly arrived. It might even be time to start opening up the strawberry jam! Now, links!

reCAP lids

Time for the winners in last week’s reCAP giveaway. I loved reading all the ways that you guys are using mason jars these days! Such creativity! The winners are…

If you didn’t win and want to get your hands on some reCAP lids, you can either check out their online shop, or contribute to their ongoing Kickstarter campaign to get the hottest and newest lids.

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5 thoughts on "Links: Maple, Carrot Tops, and Winners"

  • I think I’ll file carrot tops under “things I’ll remember are edible, in case of apocalypse.” Fortunately my rabbit and chickens love them.

    1. haha I dehydrate mine and add it to my green power powder. I add that to smoothies (leaves more room for fruit!) and soups.

  • It’s funny, I don’t really even like jam, but I canned a whole ton of it this summer. This past Saturday I had a party and put out a bunch of cheeses and crackers with an array of different jams and salsa. It was a big hit (and may have even resulted in a few upcoming sales of your books)! The Plum Jam with Star Anise was by far, the biggest hit!

  • I, too, love to make jam, but do not eat it. My son and husband eat some. The majority is given to my brother in law, who believes a day is not complete without jam or jelly. I really wanted to tell you how lovely the above picture is, with all the Weck jars displayed.