Links: Kimchi, Cherries, and Winners


The last week has been an intensely frenzied one. Lots of classes, lots too many deadlines, and an inability to stop buying fruit has left me dashing from one project to the next. Still, I managed to collect a handful of links to share with you.

Fern & Fisk pickle towel


tea towel winners Now, on to the Fisk & Fern tea towel winners. I was so pleased that so many people entered this one and shared their feelings about the recent rise in the popularity of canning. Our three winners are:

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One response to “Links: Kimchi, Cherries, and Winners”

  1. I won, yay me! Thank you. I just discovered some of my best towels fermenting in the bottom of a laundry tub in the basement, so these will come in handy!

    And I’m off to go cherry picking today. I’m so making some cherry chutney.

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