Links: Thumbprint Cookies, Hard Cider, and Winners

Leftover waffles with peanut butter and pear vanilla jam. Black tea with milk. Clementines.

On Saturday, I realized with a start that I’ve been focusing on the work of the holiday season instead of the joy. So, to remedy that, Scott and I spent an hour time wandering Philly’s Christmas village (even in the constant drizzle, it was nice) and in the evening, we attended a holiday party that friends have been throwing for nearly a decade now. Last night, I took advantage of Scott’s absence (he’s off helping his mom get ready to move) and wrapped some gifts to tuck under our (undecorated) tree. Now, links!

pot and trivet

The winners in last week’s Spice Ratchet Blossom Trivet giveaway are…

For those of you who were wondering who won that bundle of books I was giving away a couple weeks ago, it was#380/Tina. I posted the winner at the bottom of the post because I didn’t manage to do a link round-up last weekend.

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5 responses to “Links: Thumbprint Cookies, Hard Cider, and Winners”

  1. That toffee is like crack! Seriously, it’s one of those sweet and salty treats that I cannot stop eating 🙂 I’ve been hoping to stumble across a recipe for thumbprint cookies and am going to try the one you linked…I don’t know if my grandma made thumbprint cookies, but they make me think of her so I’m excited to use some of my precious raspberry jam in a batch.

  2. I love to make the same fudge my dad always made (and not just at Christmas!) which is the canned milk-marshmallow cream-canned milk version. So delicious!

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