Links: Fig Syrup, Blackberry Butter, and Winners

August 11, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Apricot jam with fresh thyme! Last batch for the Wyck Festival.

I stayed up too late canning last night (vanilla peach butter, peach-plum-cherry jam, and apricot everything) and then got up early this morning to fly to Chicago. Just call me the canning jetsetter! I have a slew of events this week and then I’m back to the east coast on Friday afternoon. Now, links!

Mrs. Wages Pickle Pack giveaway

Because I didn’t get a link post up last Sunday, I also didn’t manage to announce the winner of the Mrs. Wages giveaway last week either. But here it is now. The winner is #12/Earle Grossman, who said:

My favorite pickle is a half-sour pickle that I have eaten and made since I was five years old. Started buying them out of a pickle barrel and then learned how to make them from my grandmother. 60 years and I am still looking forward to making them this summer.

I will update this space later tonight with the Orchard Road giveaway winners. Stay tuned!

The winners of the Orchard Road giveaway are:

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12 thoughts on "Links: Fig Syrup, Blackberry Butter, and Winners"

  • re: warming the lids – i’d heard that a while back, and have taken to using silicone-tipped tongs to dip the lids in the hot water bath immediately before using them. while that doesn’t seem necessary according to the Ball directions, i feel better about the lids and jars being at the same temp. have had good success with the jars sealing.

  • I’m going blackberry-picking this weekend, and was looking for ideas for jam variations. I hadn’t even thought about a Blackberry Butter! Your blackberry sage jam sounds delicious, too!

  • I kinda like the idea of skipping the lid warming … wonder if all my current lids are “new enough” ? Is there some way to tell?

    3 burners going in my tiny kitchen can get hot and steamy — so skipping one of them is certainly appealing!

    1. I’ve only got 1-2 burners that really work. I have the lids in a heat proof bowl on the counter. A few minutes before I’m ready to fill jars, I ladle some of the boiling water from the canning pot into the bowl with lids. It works great and I don’t need another burner going.

    1. Julia, I believe I read here on a previous post that some clever soul came up with the idea of keeping the lids warm in a small crock pot of water. You still may not have room, but I thought it was a great tip. Personally, I have been microwaving a Pyrex bowl of water and warming my lids that way. I’ll see how things go skipping that step.

  • I usually pour some of the water from my kettle over the lids and let them sit on the counter to soften–so far so good with that method, and I don’t plan to change.

    Thank you SO MUCH for linking to my Apple Fig Chutney! Your books are so well-written and inspiring.