Links: Dilled Carrots, Pickled Eggs, and a Winner

April 11, 2016(updated on April 27, 2023)
Matt's Kitchen

I am very happy to report that after nearly a week of being very under the weather, things are starting to look up. I got myself from LA to Santa Cruz on Friday, and my Saturday demo at Chefworks went very well (if you’re in the area, they have half a dozen signed copies of the new book). I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my very oldest friend (we first met when he was five and I was just a few hours old), in his charming apartment. That’s his kitchen pictured above. I covet both the build-in and the giant old sink. Now, some links.

Stir Paperback Cover - Food in Jars

The winner of last week’s giveaway of Jess Fechtor’s Stir is #45/Lyra Leigh. If you didn’t win, please do try and get your hands on this book. It’s such a good read.

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3 thoughts on "Links: Dilled Carrots, Pickled Eggs, and a Winner"

  • That sink!
    I frequently get questions about testing pH in my classes and have suggested using the strips, without adding too much more to my answer. Thank you for that link!

  • love that kitchen! We have a big porcelain sink with a drainboard in our 3rd floor apartment and I keep defending it against detractors. It’s so beautiful and hardworking.

    and thanks for the dilled carrots shout-out. Would still welcome other ideas for pickle brine!