Links: Dilled Carrots, Pickled Eggs, and a Winner

April 11, 2016

Matt's Kitchen

I am very happy to report that after nearly a week of being very under the weather, things are starting to look up. I got myself from LA to Santa Cruz on Friday, and my Saturday demo at Chefworks went very well (if you’re in the area, they have half a dozen signed copies of the new book). I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my very oldest friend (we first met when he was five and I was just a few hours old), in his charming apartment. That’s his kitchen pictured above. I covet both the build-in and the giant old sink. Now, some links.

Stir Paperback Cover - Food in Jars

The winner of last week’s giveaway of Jess Fechtor’s Stir is #45/Lyra Leigh. If you didn’t win, please do try and get your hands on this book. It’s such a good read.

3 responses to “Links: Dilled Carrots, Pickled Eggs, and a Winner”

  1. That sink!
    I frequently get questions about testing pH in my classes and have suggested using the strips, without adding too much more to my answer. Thank you for that link!

  2. love that kitchen! We have a big porcelain sink with a drainboard in our 3rd floor apartment and I keep defending it against detractors. It’s so beautiful and hardworking.

    and thanks for the dilled carrots shout-out. Would still welcome other ideas for pickle brine!

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