Links: Citrus Salt, Winter Squash, and a Winner

February 25, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

February 12

The past few days have been glorious. For the first time in weeks, the weather has been well above freezing and the sun was shining to boot. The cold is coming back, but this temporary  reprieve has left me bolstered and feeling like I’m better prepared to handle whatever the meteorological gods plan on throwing our way (including, from what I hear, more snow later this week). Now, links!

you are unbeetable

Many thanks to everyone who shared their note writing memories in the League Street Press giveaway last week. The winner is #106/Terry.

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11 thoughts on "Links: Citrus Salt, Winter Squash, and a Winner"

  • What is in the jar in the picture you posted? It looks like chocolate cake and frosting. Will you be posting the recipe?

  • We received a drop in temperatures here. Went from 70-80 deg back down in the 40’s with chance of rain and possible chance of some sleet come this evening and into tomorrow and maybe a slight chance of a freeze as well.
    Congratulations to Terry on the win
    Thanks for the links

  • Giardiniera – interesting, and what a coincidence – I bought two large jars last night for the first time ever. I’m making 100 mini Muffuleta sammies for an event Saturday night and used it in the olive salad. It was all I could do to keep from eating all the pickled carrots. Do you have any thoughts on canning it so that it is shelf stable. I noticed the link says to store in fridge for a couple months. Im thinking it would be a beautiful gift – with a big hunk of Mozzarella. Thoughts?

  • I like the idea of pressure canning curds, but in the absence of evidence that a recipe of that sort has been tested for safety, I’m sticking to the freezer.