Links: Apple Pie, Ginger Carrot Curd, and Preserved Peppers

November 11, 2012(updated on April 24, 2023)

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5 thoughts on "Links: Apple Pie, Ginger Carrot Curd, and Preserved Peppers"

  • Imagine my surprise when I clicked “these scones” and it went to my own page. Thanks for the mention Marisa! That photo is really gorgeous too.

  • Marisa – thanks so much for the mention of my post on preserving peppers… and for all those wonderful links: fire cider? you bet I am going to make that – I have freshly dug ginger from the garden and that’s perfect. Carrot curd? I would never have thought about it – yet I have been on berry curd kick, using all the berries picked and frozen this past summer. Thanks again