Links: Cheese Boards, Hamantaschen, and Winners

March 2, 2015(updated on April 24, 2023)
February 28

What a good weekend it was! A dear friend from my early days in Philly came to town. We ate Indian food, shopped the Italian Market, and hit one of South Jersey’s best thrift stores. On Saturday evening, we put out the cheese and cured meats we’d bought earlier in the day, raided my fridge for pickles and preserves (and you better believe, there was a lot to choose from) and laid everything out on the coffee table. Another long-time friend came to join us and spent six hours catching up, drinking wine, and eating our spread. It was joyful.

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Time for the winners of last week’s iLid giveaway. Thanks to our friendly neighborhood randomizer, the two lucky folks are #192/Kathleen and #274/Corrie. I’ll be in touch with both the winners shortly to get your information.

For those of you that didn’t win but were tempted by the iLid design, make sure to look for them at your local co-op or order them online!

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5 thoughts on "Links: Cheese Boards, Hamantaschen, and Winners"

  • I haven’t made Hamantaschen in years. There was a recipe in Sunset Magazine I tried and really liked it. I made a prune cinnamon filling and the dough was a yeast dough. I really liked them. But I thought of them more as a pastry than a cookie. This year I googled when Purim was so I could make them at the right time of year. Thanks for the links. (Note to people. Each word is a different link.)

    I’m retiring in June and am having a party on Independence Day. I bought a really nice cheese platter and utensils and I plan to go to a local monger for some really nice cheeses; three cow, three sheep and three goat. I’ve already made a number of jams that will complement them.

    I have no jam odds and ends. That’s what English muffins are for.

  • My herbs are planted in an old wheelbarrow outside the kitchen door. I have had fresh thyme all Winter even thought I have to brush away the snow sometimes to pick it. The chives are Spring green now. Our area planting date is the end of May. My wheelbarrow has its own planting dates.

  • I wouldn’t bother with those oatmeal cookies. I’ve made them and they just weren’t all that special or good. So far my favorite oatmeal cookies are by Elinor Klivans. And I make oatmeal cookies a couple of times a month.