Juice Jar Sources

April 14, 2009(updated on April 24, 2023)
Quattro Stagioni bottle (left), Weck jars (right)
Quattro Stagioni bottle (left), Weck jars (right)

I was planning on making and writing about pickled asparagus tonight, but at my company’s first softball practice of the season, I got beamed on the forehead and so decided to pursue a less ambition post for the evening.

Sylvie from Rappahannock Cook & Kitchen Gardener left a comment a couple of days ago, asking about canning jars for juice. While I’ve never canning juice myself, given my obsession for canning jars, I can’t help but take note when I see jars that would work for juice.

The first is from an Italian company called Quattro Stagioni. They make a variety of different canning jars (and it’s their jars we’ll be using in my classes over the summer) that come in liter measures, including these handy one liter juice jars. They’re a little pricier than your standard Ball/Kerr jars, but they’re a nice shape and you can buy replacement lids for them. You can buy them individually at The Container Store or you can buy them in cases of six or twelve at Village Kitchen.

Another good option for juice canning are jars from the European company Weck. They make the most lovely looking jars, all graceful lines and elongated silhouettes. They use a system of rubber gaskets, glass lids and metal clips in order to seal, much like the bailing wire canning jars that were popular in days past (the USDA doesn’t recommend that style of canning jar these days, but you can still buy replacement gaskets for them if you want to give that canning method a try).

Weck Jars are quite popular in Europe, but are hard to come by stateside. I have a few that I ordered through Lehman’s, but I use them with plastic snap-on lids for food storage, because of their wide mouths and fridge-friendly shapes. You can also order them through the U.S. Weck distributor, but they don’t offer online ordering, only via fax or phone.

Sylvie, I hope that was helpful! If anyone else has any canning jar sourcing questions, let me know and I’d be happy to offer what I know and dig up information on anything I don’t.

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8 thoughts on "Juice Jar Sources"

  • Marisa – THANK YOU!!!! I now have no excuse for not canning peach juice, grape juice this summer or apple juice and pear juice this fall.

  • Hi, Do you have a recipe for making and canning peach juice? I would love to make this. My peaches are just about ready. Thanks Vickie

  • Thank You, That is exactly what I need for my sweet cider. Another site that has Quattro Stagioni jars if Organize.com

  • New to canning, I want to try preserving some apple juice this year since we barely drink any, just a couple of litres would do. Found this page and followed the links. The Village Kitchen one is no longer a valid website. Just thought I’d let you know. Thanks for the info though!

  • Are these juice jars strong enough to ship? I have been wanting to ship juice to some family members…but have not found the right container. Wine is shipped all over the country…so there must be a solution.