Jars on Vacation

October 18, 2010(updated on April 24, 2023)
half gallons of pickles

Scott and I are back in Philadelphia, after more than a week out on the west coast. It was a glorious trip, full of good food, delightful day trips, lots of rest and plenty of time with my parents. While I work on unpacking, doing laundry and sorting through the mail, here are a few pictures to keep you busy.

happy girl kitchen co. pickles

At the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market in San Francisco.

happy girl kitchen co. jams

Canned smoked salmon at the Tillamook creamery in Tillamook, OR.

canned smoked salmon

Jar-shaped canisters!

jar-shaped canisters

Three pictures of the display in the window of the Pearl District Anthropologie in Portland. It made me cringe a little, to see perfectly good jars spoiled in this way. But they were still appealing in a messy, colorful way.

painted jars at Anthropologie
painted jars at Anthropologie
painted jars at Anthropologie

Another shop in downtown Portland that was using jars in their window display. Happily, these weren’t painted so they can be used again.

window display of jars

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