Jars on Vacation: Lancaster County and the Lehigh Valley

May 15, 2013(updated on April 24, 2023)
Lancaster Farm Fresh goods

In recent years, I’ve developed something of a habit of planning vacations to jar-friendly destinations and them coming back here to share what I saw. Recently, Scott and I spent a week bopping around Lancaster County and the Lehigh Valley, and really, there’s no better place for jar spotting.

preserves from Rooster Street Provisions

For the first half of our trip, we stayed in a fabulous condo across the street from Lancaster’s Central Market. On Tuesday morning, we zigzagged our way through the market (it’s only open Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday). Scott grazed on samples of baked goods while I snapped a few photos of jars.

smoked pepperoni sticks

I loved the preserves and charcuterie on offer at Rooster Street Provisions. I kicked myself that I didn’t get any of their cured meats.

yogurt in jars

I love that Linden Dale Farms is selling their yogurt in jars. They’re a type that is rated for home preserving, so not only can you get some delicious yogurt, but then you can turn around and can up some jam or pickles!

hot sauces

Hot sauces, jams, jellies, and pickles as far as the eye can see!

food in jars at Central Market

Amish-preserved foods. I used this photo as a header for a post recently, and a few folks thought it was my stuff. It’s not! So sorry for the confusion!


This photo is from our visit to Good’s Store in East Earl, PA. It’s one of my favorite places to guy jars, because they devote an entire aisle to canning gear and they’re always fully stocked. I loved this tower of the blue heritage jars and couldn’t help but pick up a couple boxes.

Wall of preserves!

On the last day of our trip, we were headed to a friend’s annual barbecue in Allentown and so stopped at the Allentown Farmers’ Market to pick up something to bring. I couldn’t resist snapping an Instagram photo of this wall of preserves.

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13 thoughts on "Jars on Vacation: Lancaster County and the Lehigh Valley"

  • Rooster St. is the best! I had to hold myself back from buying their entire stash of lomo when I checked out their shop in Elizabethtown.

  • To think that I grew up just North over the border in NY, and now wish I could easily visit the Lancaster area again (I will next trip East). Lucky you, to be living in Phili, and so close by. Alas, living in PNW is awesome (as you well know). Perhaps next time in NY you will have a demo (like in Seattle) and I can stop by and buy your next book! Canning season is upon us and I just made pickled eggs (for the frig of course) to take to the Backyard Barter this weekend.

  • I love Central Market…but I don’t get there as often as I’d like, and I only live 15 minutes away! Did you visit the Maplehofe Dairy Stand?

  • I grew up near there and whenever I visit with friends who still live in the area, they never fail to get me a basket of treats they’ve collected for me. While we have a nice market here, it’s nothing like the old Amish ones I grew up with. They have spoiled me for life.

  • I grew up in Lancaster County, but of course being a kid I had no idea how lucky I was. I miss the Amish roadside stands, the great stores and all that wonderful food!

  • I could probably google it but I’m feeling lazy.

    How do you know a jar is rated for home canning? Is it like sexing baby chicks?

    Turn it over, move the feathers out of the way…. ? 😉

  • Driving through the Lehigh Valley ourselves on our way to Southwestern PA last weekend we had a great jar weekend! A stop at Pinnacle Ridge Winery — ok it is wine, but it comes in glass bottles that are, well, jars, right? And then happening onto a garage sale where I scored 5 pint bail wire Ball and Atlas jars, 3 quart size bail wire and 2 blue glass quart size with zinc lids, all totally intact. They had another CASE of the pint ones that have been sitting collecting dust for at least 20 years and I may have to go back for them. (That reminds me, I think you once posted a source for the rubber rings for use with vintage bail wire jars. Can you repeat for me?) I am not as prolific of a canner as you and so my husband was making faces about storing all of the jars in our little NYC kitchen. Funny, he was ok with the case of wine. Hmmm…

  • Oh, those blue jars are so nice looking. Ive been digging around flea markets,antique malls, and junk shops collecting old blue balls, along with odd shaped smaller jars for jams/jellies. I actually just made a small batch of strawberry today, that is after 4 hrs of push mowing =D
    and sorry for the double comment on last post, =X