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My work as a freelance writer for magazines has ebbed and flowed a lot over the years. When I was first starting out in this world, I saw magazines as the pinnacle of success and would move heaven and earth to place pieces in those glossy pages. However, over time I realized that I was giving a lot of best my work to magazines and that in the long run, I’d be better served by sharing those ideas here.

In the last couple of years, I’ve found something of a happy medium and have found a niche occasionally writing about some of my favorite topics for magazines I value and appreciate.

This quarter, I have pieces in two such publications. First up is a piece I wrote for Taproot on the topic of infusing flowers into my homemade preserves (the theme of this issue is Bloom). The recipes included in the piece are for Strawberry Hibiscus Butter, Chamomile Jelly, and Meyer Lemon Lavender Jam.

The other story is in the summer issue of Edible Philly and this piece was a year in the making. It’s about the resurgence of currants and gooseberries after years of a US ban. In the Philly area, you can get them from Ben Wenk at Three Springs Fruit Farm and they make excellent jams and jellies.

Go check them out!

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  1. These look like great articles. I always enjoy your writing. I had no idea currant and gooseberries were once banned. My first job at 15 (many years ago) was in the bakery/dessert section of a high end cafeteria. We made a gooseberry pie that was very popular. I wasn’t a fan of gooseberries at that time but would like to try them again. I’ve made red currant jelly a couple of times in the last couple of years and love it.

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