Glass Spray Bottle with Soap Flakes from the MightyFix by MightyNest

March 6, 2017

I have always had an affinity for things made from glass. Even in the days before this jar-focused website wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye, I opted for things made out of glass whenever possible. It feels good in the hand, has a pleasing heft, and never, ever absorbs the smell of the thing you’ve kept in it. Plus, it is easily recycled when you decide that an object has reached the end of its useful life.

In recent years, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the increased availability of glass spray bottles. Once just the domain of Martha Stewart home shoots, it’s now quite easy to get one’s hands on a lovely, refillable glass spray bottle. One such delightful bottle is the Meliora K. Glass Spray Bottle with Soap Flakes available from MightyNest.

This spray bottle comes with a tablespoon of unscented soap flakes inside. You fill up the bottle with warm tap water, give it a good shake, and have the perfect all-purpose cleaning spray that is safe and effective for every corner of your home. The FIX bottle comes with extra soap flakes (enough to make two more bottles of cleanser) and you can additional refills from MightyNest.

For the rest of this month, new subscribers to the MightyFix from MightyNest will get their very own glass spray bottle with soap flakes as their first month of the FIX for just a buck. If this deal interests you, just click here to place the bottle (with discount attached!) into your cart! And if the code doesn’t work for you, just use the code FIJGLASSBOTTLE at check-out.

Just to recap, if you use this link or the code, you’ll get your first fix for just $1. New folks only. Canadian and Australians are welcome to join the Fix for a small shipping surcharge.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. MightyNest is a Food in Jars sponsor and helps keep this blog afloat. 


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2 thoughts on "Glass Spray Bottle with Soap Flakes from the MightyFix by MightyNest"

  • I love the idea of a reusable glass bottle but I hope at some point they will have replacement sprayers as that is the part that wears out.

    I signed up for the year of shipments and can’t wait to see what I’ll get each month. I’m sure whatever it is will be great. Spent some quality time exploring all of the different categories.

  • My enthusiasm for glass containers has tempered abit the last few years. Many smaller cities/town are not able to recycle glass and then from another environmental perspective – the weight makes them more expensive to ship which increases costs all around, including the environmental cost of additional fuel for shipping. I agree with commentor #1 in that it’s usually the sprayer that wears out and can be difficult to find the replacement that fits the container.