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For the last decade, I’ve kept an ugly, industrial-looking spray bottle of diluted white vinegar under my sink. I use it mostly as a simple, non-toxic countertop spray that’s good for quick clean-ups during meal prep. While it’s been effective enough, both the look of the spray bottle and the unadulterated scent of vinegar leave something to be desired.

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Enter The Optimist Co. Founded by Devin Donaldson after conventional cleaning products left her with a nasty asthma attack, they focus on simple, effective, non-toxic cleaning products that will help you keep your home spotless without compromising your health or the planet.

contents of The Optimist kit

Devin sent me The Optimist Co.’s Make Your Own Cleaning Products Kit to try out a few weeks back. It comes with two amber-colored spray bottles with the cleaning formulas printed on the labels, a small bottle of castile soap and three small bottles of essential oils to make your custom scents.

Add some white vinegar and flat club soda* from your pantry to the mix and you have everything you need to build both an all-purpose spray (Time to Shine) and a glass and surface cleaner (Bright Side).

Making The Optimist Bright Side cleaner

I made up both bottles the same day that the kit arrived. I followed the suggested recipes almost exactly, making only one change to the Bright Side. It suggests that you use plain white vinegar but instead, I used some of the lemon-infused vinegar I’d made during my Meyer lemon frenzy back in January (that’s what’s in the smaller measuring cup in the picture above). Bolstered with the enclosed lemon essential oil, every spray of that cleanser is a olfactory pleasure.

I’ve been using these sprays exclusively since they arrived and could not be more pleased with their effectiveness. I use them without worry around food, because I know that if a few droplets land on the contents of the fruit basket, no one will be harmed. Plus, they are far prettier than my old bottle of watered down vinegar.

The Optimist Bright Side

I know that lots of you are trying to make your own homes more non-toxic and sustainable and homemade cleaning products are a very good way to start yourself on that path. To that end, Devin is offering up three of her Make Your Own Cleaning Products Kit for this week’s giveaway. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share one thing you’ve done to make your cleaning routine a little more sustainable.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, April 11, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday, April 12, 2015.
  3. Giveaway open to United States residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

*When we talked, I asked Devin what the flat club soda added to the mix and she said that it helps the cleaner wipe away streak-free, particularly on stainless steel appliances. So clever!

Disclosure: The Optimist Co. sent me the make your own kit at no cost to me for review and photography purposes. They are also providing the units for this giveaway. No additional payment has been made and all opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 

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437 responses to “Giveaway: The Optimist Cleaning Kit”

  1. I have been using a local cleaning product that is made from plants and it 100% chemical free. I love it. It smells so much better then something like 409 and it cleans my house better too!

  2. I’ve almost completely stopped using paper products for cleaning. The paper towels are reserved for extra icky things, like when the dog barfs on the floor. Otherwise, it’s old towels and kitchen rags. Now to implement cloth napkins!

  3. We have stopped using the Clorox surface wipes and opted for good old soap and water with a washcloth that can be reused for years.

  4. We use different variations of vinegar, baking soda, and castile soap to accomplish most of our cleaning. The castile soap we use has a lovely peppermint smell and I appreciate how it “hides” the straight vinegar smell in some of our concoctions.

  5. I have been using microfiber cloths instead of paper towels, when cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. I don’t think I really realized just how many paper towels I was using in a month! It’s so easy to have cloths around that I can re-wash. I want to start making my own cleaning solutions, too!

  6. I switched to lint-free towels and re-used newspapers for cleaning, and have mixed up a new homemade cleaners, but haven’t landed on just the perfect formula yet!

  7. Use washable shop rags/towels for kitchen cleaning. Newer ones work great. Older ones are used when disposal is preferred to re-use. Also, old single socks, ripped t-shirts etc. Paper towels are gone from my house.

  8. I use vinegar and water combo in an ugly spray bottle too!! Actually all of our cleaning products are homemade except the toilet bowl cleaner because in my research I didn’t find anyone with a great alternative with great results. We use Dr. Bronners and lemon essential oil as well. And I bought a big pack of microfiber towels on Amazon which are spread throughout the house for easy cleanups.

  9. I make a cleaning solution by steeping citrus rinds and herbs in vinegar. It works so-so. I plan to try using cheap vodka instead.

  10. We’ve switched to microfiber clothes instead of paper towels and I use vinegar and baking soda for many of my cleaning needs.

  11. My husband has a (really nice!) obsession with wiping down the kitchen entirely every day, so we bought him a few packages of cheap washcloths to use instead of the massive quantities of paper towels he was using. They don’t really add much to the laundry and we are saving a lot of money!

  12. I use cloth napkins, use baking soda and vinegar to clean my stovetop, and use knitted cotton dishcloths for cleaning up countertop messes. I want to limit my use of paper products by getting some shop rags for the ickier kitchen clean ups!

    Oh, I have also phased out my use of dryer sheets by using wool balls in my dryer and use a non phosphorus laundry detergent!

  13. I’ve been swapping out paper towels for washable microfiber cloths whenever possible. Now if I could just get my husband to do the same…

  14. I’m the vinegar-bottle lady. I never thought about trying to add fragrance. Searching cabinets now for the orange and rosemary I know are here somewhere!

  15. I have these little shaker jars (I think they were “cheese shakers”) that I got at the restaurant supply store. I keep them filled with baking soda and use them for scrubbing jobs in the kitchen and bathroom.

  16. I try to use washable rags as much as possible, but have not explored home-made cleaners yet. I am excited by this possibility.

  17. I love this! I have recently gone down the essential oil rabbit hole, so even if I don’t win I can put this to work in my home. Just need to find a glass spritz bottle—I am currently using the same old off-brand Windex bottle with Mrs. Meyers+Vinegar+Water in it to clean just about everything in my house.

    And I love it for some of the same reasons as you—if a little spritz ends up on something on the counter I don’t have to worry about chemicals, etc.

    I’ve also recently moved towards more sustainable shower products, using essential oils in unscented Dr. Bronner’s to make custom soaps, and I have been using this AMAZING henna-based shampoo from Henna Color Lab in Portland ( smells great and just a little makes this great micro-suds.

    And I took your advice and bought a bunch of those auto towels! They are great. They are even great stand-ins for cheesecloth in a pinch!

  18. For the past 5 years, I have made my own cleaners. I started out more complicated, but eventually switched to just a spray bottle with vinegar, water, and a squirt of dish soap. It works really well, but this looks like such a fun option to try out!

  19. This weekend I made my own reusable cleaning wipes from some old tshirts. Mixed up some water, soap and oils and threw in a jar with the wipes.

  20. With some DIY cleaning solutions, I’ll make a batch and then revert to store bought (dish detergent, laundry soap, glass cleaner), but I have stuck to a baking soda-based gritty bathroom scrubber with dried herbs rubbed in there. I think it’s the fact that I can scrub the tub while standing in it and not be worried about icky chemicals. Who doesn’t like cleaning their tub and combining it with a shower after?

  21. I’ve been using the watered down vinegar thing for a long time. I’ve found that since my stove top gets pretty warm when I’m running the oven and if I clean it while warm then everything comes off so much easier.
    The other favorite is baking soda to clean foggy glass baking dishes or remove stuck on food residue in pans or the crockpot.

  22. My grandmother taught me to use clean cloth diapers or newspaper to wash windows instead of paper towels, and I switched years ago to using a vinegar mixture instead of windex. Baking soda is a great mild abrasive kitchen cleaner, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I use cloth wash cloths, napkins and vinegar and cornstarch for cleaning. This giveaway is a great product to use. I also use a bin for all my compost items.

  24. I use Crafty Betty’s suggestion of using dried citrus peels, ground up, as a tub cleaner. Mixed with borax and put into a shaker.

  25. We are finished with cloth-diapering, so we use all the old flats for cleaning. So great and no lint!

    Salt and lemon on the cutting board.

  26. i use old towels that has gotten holes in them and trim them down and hem to make cleaning clothes. also use the vinegar spray

  27. I use Bi-o-Kleen products which are highly concentrated, environmentally friendly, and refillable at many places in my city!

  28. I have used a lot of essential oils, vinegar, and baking soda to replace quite a bit of my commercial cleaners

  29. Some really cool ideas in the comments. I am definitely going to try the ground citrus rinds as a tub scrubber. And the citrus vinegars! Awesome.

    We never have used paper towels much, mostly just for greasy clean-ups. I should research cleaning greasy cloths and then that could change also. I do a lot of baking soda and vinegar cleaning, but also have a bottle of the Williams-Sonoma grapefruit all-purpose cleaner in the house because I love the smell. I really should try to concoct a replacement; the WS stuff is really pricey.

  30. how clever!! I tend to clean my cutting boards with lemon halves after I’ve used them in an effort to keep the wood chemical free 🙂

  31. I do the vinegar water in a bottle too. I also use holey socks, old ratty towels, old holey t-shirts and such for cleaning. We have microfibers which I love, but the other things I consider disposable. I use and wash for most things, but if it is a nasty mess then we can use and toss without guilt since they would have been tossed previously. This kit sounds like a brilliant all in one item for those of us who like to keep it natural!

  32. I don’t use paper towels or cleaning wipes at all. I even mop with a reusable pad, and not the Swiffer pads.

  33. I mostly use castille soap, baking soda, and white vinegar for my cleaning needs, but I would love to try making my own glass cleaner! What a fun looking kit.

  34. I make my own laundry soap and it only costs a couple of dollars per YEAR, and this morning I tried out a new dishwasher gel made with lemons (free, from a neighbor’s tree), vinegar, and salt. I’ve been trying out several “recipes”for the dishwasher to find one I really like. I use baking soda instead of scouring powder. I use cloth napkins. I make my own orange cleaner from peels and vinegar and love it on my wood cutting board! I make my own citrus extracts as well as vanilla. I have access to citrus trees, and made orange, grapefruit, and lemon extract, plus triple sec and Grand Marnier, and brandied vanilla extract that is pure heaven in a cup of coffee! I have some of the triple sec sitting in a small glass container in bathroom window right now, covered lightly, which will become orange oil when the alcohol evaporates. It was a bumper citrus year for us! I’d LOVE to try out this kit, and I also want to make cleaner with Tea Tree oil to discourage mold in this humid environment! I am SOLD on kitchen chemistry!

  35. This kit looks great! I just bought a big stack of microfiber rags and have been using baking soda and vinegar to keep my drains clear. Cheaper and works better than draino!

  36. I use baking soda instead of Comet to clean tubs and sinks! I also use diluted vinegar as an all purpose counter spray.

  37. I’ve been using nontoxic cleaner and a serious scrub brush to clean my bathtub, which gets grimy pretty quickly from hard water plus castile soap!

  38. I emphasize use of rags over paper towels in our house, clean up spills with plain water as quickly as possible after I notice them, and add vinegar when I need something “stronger”

  39. I’ve been diluting Dr. Bronner’s castille soap to use as a spray cleaner, sometimes with a squirt of white vinegar. I also use baking soda to scrub my sinks… I recently squeezed some lemons and used the rinds as scrubbies after sprinkling baking soda in my sink. Worked great and smelled heavenly! I’d love to give this kit a try… I think it’d take me to the next level!

  40. The biggest thing I’ve done lately has been to use my flour-sack towels for all the wipe-ups and general cleaning. I also got a bunch more of them so I never have all of them dirty and go back to the paper towels.

  41. My girls and I do our chores at the same time, all together. It gives our Saturday mornings a rhythm and I find that end up working much harder knowing they are doing their (very simple) chores at the same time.

  42. We started using cloth napkins and love them. Can re-use for several meals and pop in the washer. Also use micro cloths for cleaning instead of too many paper towels! They really work well and again are easy to wash.

  43. We use microfibre cloths to clean mirrors. If anything is a bit stubborn then I lightly wet one cloth, use it, and then use the dry one to finish it off. It is easy and requires no cleaning product whatsoever.

  44. i use ‘unpaper’ towels for spills and wiping the counter down. Reusable sponges and microfiber cloths are great for dishes. This set is great.

  45. I try to avoid putting things off. If I rinse my dish right after dinner, put it in the dishwasher immediately, it’s more likely all other dishes will follow and be done in a reasonable time. If I tell myself I’ll put it off until tomorrow, it will never get done until it is overwhelming.

  46. I use ecloths to wipe down my bathroom countertops. It’s easier since I keep the cloth in the bathroom and don’t have to run around finding the right cleaner. And I love not using a cleaner all the time.

  47. I make my own laundry detergent from leftover odds and ends from my homemade soap–I started doing this as a poor grad student 6 or 7 years ago and have never looked back. Other than buying Bon Ami (which I LOVE) to scrub sinks, I make all of my other cleaning products from the “essentials” I keep beneath my kitchen sink: baking soda, vinegar (white or infused), castille soap, and essential oils. I, too, have long loathed the drab look of my homemade goods, so I’m excited to hear about the Optimist (and that club soda tip)!

  48. I’ve been making my own laundry soap powder! I’ve grabbed an old food processor and dedicated it to the task of shredding/blending my soap mix.

  49. Letting water work. For example, spraying water on a counter and letting it stay the for a minute before wipping gives it a change to work.

  50. I use cloth towels for minor clean-up, and semi-reuseable towels for bigger messes (reuse them a few times before tossing- a little better than paper towels, at least!)

  51. The greenest thing I do is clean less! 🙂

    In all seriousness… We’ve switched to using as little paper products as possible by using washable rags for cleanup. I made the switch to more eco-friendly cleaners years ago, but now I’m moving towards more of my own homemade products. I’ve greened my clothes washing routined with homemade detergent, white vinegar for fabric softener, and wool felt dryer balls. Thanks for the chance to win. Those look like great products!

  52. mine is not currently sustainable. I’ve been doing research on natural cleaning supplies, and something like this would be amazing to help me get started!

  53. I ditched the paper towels! Reusable cloth towels have saved my family hundreds and saved the environment.

  54. Instead of commercial cleaner, I keep a spray bottle of bleach water under the kitchen counter. I don’t remember the proportions because I don’t have to; I wrote them in Sharpie on the bottle.

  55. We recently had a(smallish) kitchen fire, everything I read about soot & extinguisher clean up required the use of more chemicals. I ended up using rubbing alcohol & soft old t-shirt, it worked fabulously and I didn’t have to use expensive harmful chems!

  56. I use diluted Vodka, a spray bottle under each sink. I took a spray bottle to Mexico and generously sprayed our toothbrushes, the sink, fixtures, toilet, etc. and in three weeks didn’t get sick at all. I believe it is stronger than vinegar and has no odor.

  57. Does not cleaning count? 😉 I’m sort of kidding! When I do get around to it, I’m using “rags” as my grandma calls them. That is t-shirts, etc that would otherwise be tossed because they’re too holey or stained.

  58. I don’t buy paper towels, and I try to use all-natural soaps and detergents. I also limit showers to once every two days (when reasonable) and only do laundry if I can wash a full load.

  59. I have the same vinegar bottle. My husband hates the smell. I also try to clean up messes with clothes instead of paper towels.

  60. I can’t really say what I’ve done specifically.

    I use a broom outside instead of water.

    I used to use a concentrate and mix my own cleaning solution but they discontinued that.

    I did make my own insect spray once but didn’t have regular vinegar so used some old balsamic vinegar that was way expired. That was pretty much of a disaster as I had to wash down all of the walls and cabinets; wherever the spray hit there was a brown spot or drips from the vinegar.

    I do use baking soda and lemon for cleaning pots and pans.

    I scrub classes with salt.

    I’ve switched to cloth tea towels in the kitchen and will be crocheting my own dishclothes starting this summer. Don’t have the time right now.

    I’ve also become pretty good at pretreating clothes with baking soda and peroxide.

  61. I use just a slightly damp microfiber towel for most of my dusting – no need for the aerosol sprays. Also use white vinegar in the softener dispenser of my washing machine and dryer balls in the dryer; haven’t used fabric softener or dryer sheets in over 15 years!

  62. I like using powdered Borax for cleaning toilets. Sprinkle in a generous amount, in water and on wet porcelain, let sit then scrub.

  63. Vinegar and baking soda and a bit of essential oils in different combos will take care of most cleaning needs.

  64. I’ve never been able to make my own cleaner that worked well enough for me. So right now I’m trying to buy greener commercial products. I’d love to give this a try!

  65. We dumped paper towels for fabric cloths and rags and are experimenting with homemade cleaners. My all-purpose one is OK, but my glass cleaner experiments have been unsuccessful. Would love to try this out!

  66. I use vinegar for my fabric softener, streak free rinse in my dishwasher, window cleaner, etc. Vinegar has become my new best friend!

  67. i’m a big advocate of the vinegar/baking soda/essential oil type of cleaning products. it’s been years since i bought “regular’ cleaning products!

  68. I’ve also been a big proponent of the vinegar/water solution. In recent years, I’ve tried experimenting with essential oils and other all-natural ways of cleaning. Unfortunately, I was raised on bleach, so I still have that handy for some things that seem too need extra “sterilizing.” I would love to try a kit like this! Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. The older I get the more chemicals seem to affect me – headaches, skin reactions, etc. I’ve been eliminating these products as I find alternatives.

  70. Vinegar and I are best friends. Every time I go to Costco, I get a couple more gallons. I use it for all kinds of cleaning applications. It’s also the only fabric softener I use.

  71. I usually use more natural products, but I’ve been whittling down the amounts of products I use so I don’t have so many bottles.

  72. We recently switched to an eco-friendly all natural kitty litter. It was by far the scariest switch we’ve ever made, but it seems to be working great!

  73. In a 16 oz. spray bottle I mix together about 3/4 inch Dawn dish soap, 1/2 inch Citrasolve, and depending on how strong I want it, either the rest isopropal alcohol, or a mix of water and isopropal. These amounts are approximate. It works amazingly well. I used to use vinegar, but since vinegar is an acid, it will etch certain things like marble or natural stone.

  74. We are using Castile soap and vinegar for so much more these days, as well as trying to purchase other environmentally friendly cleaners.

  75. I also have the ugly spray bottle of vinegar that I use for everything… it works, but those bottles are beautiful. I also recently switched to surgical towels for cleaning, which I highly recommend. They work way better (despite my well-meaning eco-attempts) than cut up rags and old washcloths.

  76. I just bought a new bottle of vinegar this weekend for spraying down the counters. I’ve been trying to move to more non-toxic cleaning supplies, as well as reducing waste (frequently-cleaned cloths rather than paper towels) to make my cleaning routine more sustainable. I would welcome the addition of non-asthma attack-inducing cleaning supplies (an issue for me…) that smell less like vinegar!

  77. I have stopped using clorox wipes and avoid buying things that are single use only. I love the idea of a simple cleaning routine but the smell of straight vinegar always gets me. This sounds like a great option!

  78. I use vinegar in the wash in place of fabric softener, and in the dishwasher instead of a rinse aid. Works great, and I don’t ever smell it in the final result in either case. I just set up a jar of vinegar with citrus rinds to sit and infuse, and will start using that as a surface cleaner soon. We’ll see how that works. I’d love to try this homemade cleaner!

  79. I use the ugly spray bottle with water and vinegar, but I scent the vinegar a little by sticking in the squeezed out rinds of lemons in it for a while.

  80. I was using vinegar when I lived by myself, but my husband and MIL (who lives with us) are both highly sensitive to the smell of vinegar. So our compromise is to use Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaning spray. I get a large bottle of concentrate when I can find it in scents all three of us can tolerate.
    I’ve also managed to get the household to switch from tons of paper plates to sticking with durable dishware (hey, I get feeling lazy and not wanting to do dishes, but still), and from quite so many paper towels to using washable towels for countertops and such.

  81. In addition to knitting or crocheting cotton dish cloths I’m trying a knit Swffer cover rather than buying the disposable ones. Next up are cotton/linen blend knit kitchen towels.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  82. I just made homemade liquid soap with my 3rd graders as part of a science fair project comparing store bought with homemade. The kids aren’t thrilled with the smell bit we are enjoying using our own soap in class. (We also made homemade toothpaste & were all very brave in trying it!)

  83. We don’t clean…….

    No, seriously, we’ve done as much of the paper-to-cloth switch as we can – napkins, towels, rags, etc. Still keep paper towels around for some tasks. I tried making my own furniture polish from olive oil, lemon juice, I forget what else – it worked well, but I didn’t use it up quickly enough and it got stinky. Would love to try some other homemade cleaners.

  84. I have completely phased out paper towels with bamboo fiber dish cloths. I love the cute patterns and designs and also that I can just throw them in the laundry. For cleaner I use the leftover rinds from citrus fruit that I have juiced and let those soak in my vinegar for a week or so. It smells so much better, but still like vinegar!

  85. I use vinegar instead of bleach to wash towels. We also use absorbent cotton kitchen towels instead of paper towels.

  86. In addition to switching to reusable cloths from paper towel and from Windex to vinegar, I have also let go of some of my OCD when it comes to cleaning and I do less of it! 😀

  87. Such a great idea! We buy eco-friendly brands, but haven’t yet made the switch to making our own cleaning products.

  88. I throw a splash or two of vinegar in the dishwasher to deal with hard water. Works like a charm and keeps the inside of the dishwasher nice and clean too!

  89. I’ve been thinking about trying a more natural cleaning product but have to admit that I’m a little nervous it won’t be effective. A free giveaway would be perfect for a first try!

    • Mandy, The Optimist Co. kit does not have you mix vinegar and castile soap. The glass cleaner uses vinegar as its base, the surface cleaner uses the castile soap.

  90. I used to rely heavily on the Lysol disposable wipes for light cleaning, but I have weaned myself off of them and switched to microfiber washable cleaning cloths and and all purpose cleaner spray.

  91. I try and make my own stuff, like carpet freshener baking soda and essential oils. Mixed up the sprinkled onto carpets, let sit about 15 and vacuum.

  92. I use a diluted vinegar spray for my countertops too, and a baking soda/ Castile soap paste to clean my bathroom. This kit sounds lovely!

  93. We use vinegar/water sprays for most cleaning. We use rags, not paper towels. We use damp microfiber cloths for lots of things. All of this is great because my kids do a lot of cleaning and I don’t have to worry about what they’re handling. Would be great to have a nice scent instead of just vinegar 🙂

  94. I use vinegar as much as possible when cleaning. I even use it as a fabric softener mixed with a small amount of mint hair conditioner and lavender essential oil.
    When purchasing vinegar I make sure it is a grain derived vinegar. I was surprised to find out years ago that some white vinegar is made from petroleum.

  95. Being allergic to just about everything, its been mostly vinegar for some things and baking soda for others. Even hair washing. It would be great to have some other options.

  96. I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap mixed with baking soda to clean surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom. This is a gentle but effective scrub and it smells so good I actually enjoy cleaning!

  97. I love making my own cleaners. I made the switch many years ago to more natural cleaners and then I started making my own. I would love this cleaning set. The flat club soda is a great tip and is new to me.

  98. This seems a bit lame, but using all my old towels as rags rather than paper towels has made a bit difference. And getting some clothes designed for cleaning.

  99. I bought a pair of microfiber cloths for cleaning windows sans spray, and they’ve been fantastic! Especially for smaller jobs. I have yet to test them out on the entirety of the outside of the picture window. But it’s coming soon (c’mon spring!)

  100. i use something called biokleen which is concentrated and smells okay. I sometimes need harder cleaning stuff with the kiddos though

  101. I make a lot of my own cleaners, but I’m always looking for new ones to replace the few chemical ones I have left in my repertoire.

  102. Using white vinegar to clean is one of my favorites. I use it on my stovetop, where I wouldn’t want any toxic chemicals.

  103. More efficient cleaning with multi-purpose cleaners instead of individual cleaners for each task. It reduces the number of bottles sprays and clutter. Also gave up dusting

  104. I use microfiber cloths for almost everything, and cut up a few to use on my old swiffer, instead of the disposables

  105. I’ve been using old t-shirts cut into rags instead of paper towels. They are (usually) all cotton and can be washed and reused.

  106. I also developed asthma later in life and have had to ban cleaners and commercial scented products from my home. Microfiber clothes and my handheld steam cleaner are my cleaning options for everyday. No phthalates, bleach, or petrochemicals.

  107. I have been making my own cleaning products for the last couple of years, use my lemon vinegar for cleaning most all surfaces as well as my own laundry detergent (which not only does a great job of cleaning, saves throwing away containers, is great for the environment and also saves me a lot of money!). I have a batch of citrus enzyme cleaner on my counter now, just waiting for the time to elapse so I can start using that! Would love to have this kit, love the looks of the containers, sure beats my recycled Windex bottles!

  108. I have switched to using Seventh Generation products and vinegar. The Optimist kit would make a cute house warming gift!

  109. We are big vinegar users in this house. I really like the ability this kit gives to continue to make your own cleaners after your first batch is gone. Sad that I can’t win. 😉

  110. I buy white vinegar by the gallon and put one in the kitchen pantry and one in the laundry room. Love vinegar and baking soda and lemon for natural cleaning! Getting down to the basics!

  111. I loved the Meyer lemon idea you shared, and made a container of the spray after curd making. It smells wonderful and cleans well.

  112. I, too, recycle old bath towels to reduce the use of paper towels. Also, use a steamer with a wee bit of fresh lemon juice mixed in with the water, to refresh dry cleanable clothes. Works well, especially on sweaters, and cuts down on dry cleaning, which is both better for the environment and my clothes. Would love to try this kit.

  113. I make my own laundry detergent and stain remover. I use bottles of concentrated biokleen that I mix with water and vinegar to clean the rest of my house. Thanks for the opportunity to try these new cleaners,

  114. I use borax to scrub the tub and in the toilet along with a little squirt of castile soap. I use the vinegar spray too but would love to upgrade or tweak it. Thanks!

  115. It might be a small thing, but I dilute Bronner’s soaps and put them in foamers. Makes soap last a very long time.

  116. I use vinegar on my windows and make cold process soap for my family and anything that needs scrubbing gets baking soda. That kit looks just as easy and such cute bottles!

  117. I have been using ecloths for several years now to clean my windows, only water needed. Works great and the cloths can be washed up to 600 times. I also have a vinegar and water spray bottle I use all the time.

  118. I have been using vinegar and baking soda as cleaning agents for some time now. I also use washable cloth when possible rather than paper towels or napkins.
    I also make cold process soap for personal hygiene and I make my own laundry soap.

  119. I love using vinegar and lemon juice to get rid of my mineral build-up in my bathroom.. also vinegar on my black granite to lessen the white residue from water as well…

  120. I have been making my own laundry soap for years. I like the idea of more natural cleaners. Some commercial products are so strong that they make me cough. Ugh.

  121. We use vinegars forr a good amount if out cleaning with reusable rags. In addition web are our own furniture polishes with beeswax from our bees.

  122. We use microfiber cloths for everything and they are wonderful. I make quite a few of our cleaners but we are always looking for something else to try.

  123. I use borox, Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap, vinegar, and essential oils. It’s healthy for my family and it makes the house smell great! Thanks for the giveaway.

  124. I use lots of white vinegar. Also love to use essential oils. Have been making my own laundry soap for several years.

  125. My motto has always been that saying “After the first four years the dirt doesn’t get any worse.” That’s only sustainable for a while. now it’s time to clean up with something non toxic.

  126. I wash my canning/yogurt draining flour sack towels in baking soda/vinegar in the washing machine with a double rinse. They are used for nothing else and are kept separate from other kitchen towels.

  127. I’ve been making my own cleaning concoctions for a while now; baking soda and vinegar are the most prevalent ingredients. They make my stainless steel sink nice and shiny! I have also re-pursposed some cloth diapers as cleaning rags to use in place of paper towels. They are really absorbent and don’t leave behind a linty mess! Would love to try out this kit!

  128. I’m afraid I have a lot to learn about being more sustainable. I’ve learned a lot just reading the comments here! I do use old t-shirts and towels for cleaning and will try the lemon vinegar tip soon!

  129. I, too, use a lot of vinegar but I also use a lot of baking soda and coarse salt for that extra grit to scrub tough pots and pans. I use vinegar and water and old newspapers to clean mirrors and glass. I would love to have a “nose-friendly” scent in my cleaning products that are environment friendly!

  130. I use a lot of vinegar in making my own cleaners and also use my hubby’s old, wore out socks for dusting, etc.
    Thank you for this great giveaway opportunity

  131. I have started making my own dishwasher detergent (1 cup borax, 1 cup washing soda, 1/2 cup kosher salt) and adding the citric acid right before I run the dishwasher. I have found that a) it keeps the whole container of detergent from getting hard and b) even using it in the pre-wash cup gets my glass incredibly sparkly.

  132. I have switched to using Ivory dishwashing liquid for most cleaning jobs (windows, glass, etc.). I also use old t-shirts/recycled towels in all cleaning jobs. For oven cleaning I have switched to baking soda and vinegar. I use vinegar and water for as many things as I can and would love to make more of my own. With spring cleaning on my list this month this kit sounds perfect.

  133. Cleaning tables with club soda is an excellent way to keep tables clean without nasty chemicals. Especially when people insist on eating directly off the surface!

  134. In the last few years I’ve become so aware of the chemicals in my home and have switched to more natural cleaners but I’m still learning. A while back I bought a beautiful bouquet of eucalyptus and placed it in a vase in our hall powder room. When the sent faded, I bought a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil and when I clean I put a few drops on the dried bouquet. It fills the space with the scent, and adds a burst of freshness to the room after cleaning.

  135. I was bothered by how many paper towels we were using so I purchased a few packages of the terry utility/shop towels sold at Costco. We use them for any task we might have used a paper towel for and then throw them in a basket we keep in the kitchen. Then when it is laundry time we throw them in the wash. When they get too stained to be used in the kitchen they are down graded to be used as shop towels (garage duty). It takes years and years for them to wear out completely.

  136. I haven’t purchased cleaners from the store in years. I make my own with baking soda, vinegar and water. Using essential oils would be a nice addition.

  137. I had to switch to soap-and-water after getting honed marble countertops and realized that there was very little need for so many chemical sprays when the basics can get the job done. I haven’t used much vinegar because of the smell but I’m excited to try out these products.

  138. baking soda for scrubbing & as much as I hate the smell, vinegar for cleaning. Also love to rub fresh lemon on countertops!

  139. I’ve started routinely using baking soda and vinegar to clean my bathroom drains instead of waiting for a clog that requires (toxic) drain cleaner.

  140. Clever I say, Love the idea of marketing a make your own. Love It! I currently reuse and recycle old clothing as cleaning rags / Re-Wash instead of the immense amounts of paper towels I used to use to do daily cleaning.

  141. I’ve been using vinegar for over twenty years for certain cleaning applications. Call me weird (other people certainly do), but I like the scent of vinegar. It makes me feel like I’ve been a good girl. I started this about the same time I began trying to use only preservative-free foods (way back in the day) which mainly meant just cooking everything from scratch. That was because we were realizing something might be amiss with our middle son’s behavior. Turned out he would develop ADHD, and this was back when they weren’t even calling it that! FYI, he has turned out a FINE young man, but it wasn’t an easy road – for him or for the rest of the family.

    My two daughters-in-law use newer, non-toxic cleaners, and I’ve really been meaning to expand my repertoire after spending time in their splendidly-kept homes. I’d LOVE to try these!

  142. I have started using essential oils while cleaning instead of using store bought chemicals. Slowly but surely, I want to eliminate them all. Here’s one of my favorites. It’s a “tub scrub”:

    Mix together 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup salt, 10 drops tangerine essential oil, 5 drops lavender essential oil. To use, sprinkle on sponge and clean! The tangerine is a degreaser, and the lavender is an antibacterial.

  143. I make my own spray with diluted vinegar but add a little lavender and tea tree oil to cut down on the vinegar scent. But I love the idea of flat club soda for a streak free finish!
    Thanks for sharing.

  144. I’m using more microfiber cleaning cloths, and I still have a nice stash of white flour sack dish towels for easy clean-up. I experimented with the citrus infused vinegar this winter and really love the scent along with cleaning power.

  145. My daughter used to get carsick a lot. The best smell remover formula is a cup of water, a cup of white vinegar, a tablespoon of castile soap, and a few drops of tea tree oil. I keep it in a spray bottle and it’s great for dealing with all kinds of funky smells.

  146. Trash can filled with old washcloths for dusting/cleaning (no more paper towels), olive oil to shine stainless steel appliances, vinegar for windows/cleaning/washing fruits and vegetables before eating.

    I am thrilled at the thought of something that smells better than white vinegar!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoo 🙂

  147. I have been using a lot more vinegar and baking soda while cleaning. It works, but you’re right the smell is a little off putting.

  148. I use cloth napkins and have nearly eliminated paper towels in cleaning. I’ve just begun exploring things like vinegar for cleaning – this product looks like a great way to jump in!

  149. I have banished paper towels. Also made some lovely tangerine scented vinegar when “cuties” were in season this winter.

  150. we started making our own laundry detergent a few years ago – so much better! also, replaced dryer sheets with the nubby balls for antistatic, and mostly use dilute vinegar in the kitchen and dilute bleach in the bathroom.

    still haven’t found a good way to clean the inside of the tub – although i did try grapefruit and salt recently. smelled great, didn’t make much of a dent.

  151. My husband does a good share of the laundry, but he uses more detergent than is needed to clean the clothes. Rather than harping on him about it, I simply dilute the detergent in the bottle with half water. He now uses half the detergent he used to, with no loss of cleanliness to the clothes.

  152. I don’t use store bought drain cleaners anymore. I use the baking soda, peroxide and hot water method.

  153. I use baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning. I use essential oils instead of candles. And I make my own facewash..

  154. I’ve been mixing my own cleaning solutions for years but I love the idea of
    a kit for someone just getting started!

  155. I slap infused some vinegar with lemon for cleaning, started making my own laundry soap a couple years back and am now making our own hair and skin products. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Looks exciting!

  156. Wow what a great offer. I always keep club soda on hand to use as a spot remover. I’ve been wanting to find a nice for you cleaner for my kitchen counters. I have tile and the grout sanitation issue is a worry.
    Will surely investigate thiese new products. Thanks !

  157. I make all my own cleaning products now. It’s an attempt to help with sustainability, becoming less-toxic in my home, and help with allergies.

  158. I’ve switched to more environmentally friendly cleaners. but having a beautiful bottle like this would be fantastic!

  159. I also use diluted vinegar (lemon/lavender infused, but still…the smell…) as a household cleaner, and use the classic baking soda/vinegar as a sink drain unclogging agent. And once my current bottle of detergent is finished, I’m planning to make a batch of liquid laundry soap!

  160. Way cool! This is much simpler! Thanks Devin for coming up with this kit and thanks Marisa for making this offer!

  161. I have started making my own hand sanitizers, and making fizzy bombs for cleaning of the tolit, love to experiment!

  162. I’ve tried many DIY cleaners over the years. I like diluted white vinegar for average clean up but it just can’t do the job in the bathroom. I also have some marble and you can’t use vinegar on that. Baking Soda is the magic cleaner for me in the kitchen. Just baking soda and boiling water will get all kinds of stuck on stuff off. Put some baking soda in the bottom of your coffee thermos and pour boiling water in and the coffee residue comes right off. I also boil water in the microwave with a little grapefruit essential oil and it cleans up easy after.

  163. We’ve switched from horrid oven cleaner to boiling water + baking soda for getting the burned on range-top gunk off. It takes a couple of passes (so did the oven cleaner) but it’s much less terrifying to use. I also make my own floor cleaner for tile/linoleum from lemon juice, castile soap, and water. Smells great, gets the floor clean, and it’s cheap!

  164. I have always been a rag user, rather than a paper products user when it comes to cleaning. I’m trying to learn more about less toxic ways to clean, and this would be a great start.

  165. I’ve switched to a steam mop with a microfiber pad instead of a swiffer wet jet – with a chemical spray and disposable cloths!

  166. Hot water and vinegar to clean my windows… Wipe them clean with newspaper! No fuzz sticking to windows and they are clean & streak-free!

  167. Using ashes to clean the glass on the fireplace, so bizarre how that works…but I would rather try these cleaners for my mirrors! LOL

  168. I’ve been researching recipes and where to purchase the items necessary for making my own non-toxic cleaners while using up the current products I have. Having less packaging and non-compostable items to dispose of will be a benefit!

  169. We are in the process of switching over all of our home cleaners to non-toxic, homemade ones. We love the way that the essential oils, vinegar, and baking soda make our home smell so clean and green!

  170. I have switched to using vinegar with different essential oils for cleaning. Going to remember about the club soda!

  171. Years ago I read Organic Housekeeping and started using vinegar to clean most everything. Would love to add essential oils.

  172. Like so many others, I try to buy products designed to have minimal environmental impact, other than getting my house clean. And use rags rather than paper towels.

  173. Added a metal mesh square to my kitchen sink area instead of disposable soap filled metal scrubs. They work great on ceramic, glass and cast iron.

  174. Replaced paper towels with washable cloths – and compost the paper towels we do use (as long as they wiped up something compostable). This is a neat-looking kit!

  175. My cleaning shelves are down to almost nothing but Dr. Bronner’s peppermint Castile, soap, baking soda, Dawn, Table Salt and essential lemon and lavendar oils. One of my favorite concoctions is a combo of baking soda, table salt and lavendar oil in a repurposed seasoning jar. I use this to clean kitchen and bathroom sinks and the toilet.

  176. I use baking soda and diluted vinegar for most of my household cleaning. I also sprinkle a bit of baking soda on our dogs beds and using it when washing their blankets and dog bed covers.

  177. I use vinegar in a spray bottle to clean my countertops and wipe down other surfaces. So use it to clean my fruits and vegetables.

  178. I have started making some of my own cleaners (different recipe — this one might be better) that I can use on almost everything so I don’t have to lug around a lot of different ones. I also went to Home Depot and bought a tool bag with lots of pockets and I keep everything in there so I have one thing to carry no matter what or where I want to clean.

  179. We’ve purchased organic cleaners. I’d make my own but we’ve been using the same bottle of general all-purpose cleaner for years. I love that they last so much longer.

  180. I make sure I have great smelling, non-toxic cleaning products at hand so I can deal with the issue immediately, with the appropriate product. Quick and easy.

  181. I currently have a gallon jar full of vinegar and lemon peels brewing on my counter top to make lemon oil cleaner. This is my first try for this but I can’t wait to use it. The vinegar is taking on a yellow hue and already smells more lemony than vinegary.
    I’d love to try out this kit of home made cleaning supplies.

  182. I use baking soda & vinegar for cleaning most things. Peroxide & baking soda for drains. Make my own laundry soap. Vinegar as a laundry rinse. Clothes smell clean, not like perfume and they are very soft and towels will absorb the water when you dry off. Crumpled newspapers along with diluted vinegar make great window cleaners, streak-free. Sounds crazy, but it works. I was a non-believer, until I tried it on store front, plate glass windows, 30 years ago. Husband is allergic to most chemicals, so I have been going down the less-toxic, less-expensive road for years.

  183. I’ve tried to eliminate paper towel use as much as possible. I maybe go through a roll every 2-3 months or so now that I use old towels and rags for cleaning everything.

  184. I use vinegar and castille soap for some things but I’d love to find a better way to completely give up some of the chemicals. This kit sounds like just the thing 🙂

  185. Most cleaners with chemicals really mess with my allergies so most of the time i just use a water dampened cloth to wipe down furniture and window sills. Especially now that it’s pollen season.

  186. For years I have been several “Make My Own” remedies. The longest running one was a safe deterrent to get rid of ants that would not harm my children and pets: baking soda and a little sugar for out door use to kill weeds Is a gallon jar of clear vinegar with equal amounts of table-salt and Dawn liquid dish-washing liquid. I spray this along on cracks along the sidewalk, driveway, and my stone pathway too. It kills the weeds and will not harm my pets. So many of the weed-killers could even kill your pets or make them quite ill. There are so many wonderful organic ingredients that are available now to help out with cleaners today. What a blessing.

  187. I make our house cleaners from some recipe books, and have also tried my hand at homemade laundry detergent. Now I find using the soap nuts, which are great!

  188. I keep cleaning supplies in each room, so that it’s easy to do quick touch ups also, ie: bathroom glass cleaner for the mirrors,Clorox for the toilet, and a sponge for the counters.

  189. The club soda is an interesting tip; I’ve mostly just used vinegar water and rags (no paper towels for years!).

  190. I have been starting to use organic cleaning products or homemade ones – my house smells like vinegar for hours after mopping the floor!

  191. I also keep little spray bottles around the house, one for vinegar and one for lemon juice. I recently had to purchase another one because my husband appropriated the vinegar one for misting ribs on the smoker.

  192. I switched to dryer balls plus essential oils instead of dryer sheets, and we also use all cloth in the kitchen for cleaning and wiping up spills!

  193. I made wool dryer balls to use instead of dryer sheets. I also use vinegar to clean my floor with old towels on my Swifter instead of the Swifter sheets which would leave my floor streaky.

  194. I have switched to “green soap” for my dishes and love it much more. I am now using method spray cleaner for the tougher things to clean that I can fix with dish soap and elbow grease. My Grandmother’s favorite clear!

  195. I am impressed by how much cleaning can be done with just a water-damp cloth. I also use a hand-held steam cleaner with a brush head.

  196. I’ve purchased non-toxic cleaners. I have my doubts about whether they clean as well, but I’ll keep trying because, after all, we still have only the one planet.

  197. I’ve been using diluted white vinegar or citrus infused vinegar for a surface cleaner for years now. I love the club soda idea! Stainless steel and black appliances show streaks so easily! I’d love to have a bottle that didn’t obviously come from the hardware store and that isn’t labeled in permanent marker too!

  198. I use rags and towels whenever possible instead of paper towels. I also switched to using a less toxic cleaner for the kitchen counters. I didn’t like reading that I couldn’t use the counters for food prep after some of the chemicals that I had been using.

  199. I have been using white vinegar and water to clean my tile and hardwood floors for years. It always leaves a beautiful shine.

  200. I’ve been using white vinegar with tea tree oil in my kitchen for some time now. The tea tree oil helps cut the sharpness of the vinegar.

  201. I use a combination of vodka, wintergreen, and water for my dishcloths in the kitchen. Nice fresh scent and gets the bacteria away.

  202. We also use diluted vinegar for cleaning most surfaces. There’s a bucket of old rags and washcloths under the sink to use for cleaning as well. Recently, I’ve gotten the ingredients to make my own laundry soap but haven’t tried it out yet.

    • We make homemade gifts for Christmas – this year I made homemade chap stick, hand soap, photo thank-you cards, and laundry soap. I would love to try anything else new that smells good and is good for my house!

  203. I also have an ugly spray bottle of vinegar under my sink!! I’ve been wanting to try some essential oils. Thanks

  204. The non-profit I work for in San Diego has switched cleaning products in our group homes in order use the grey water to irrigate our organic orchard and urban farms. Essential oils are a great idea to add to our cleaning routines. Will take a look at The Optimist Cleaning products. Exciting stuff!

  205. What a great idea for a company! I’ve made cleaning products in the past, but like you said, they’re never as pretty as that is!

  206. I have started using organic / natural cleansers. I also have some of the essential oils, but have not actually made any of me own cleansers yet.

  207. I love vinegar as a sustainable cleaner! I use a vinegar and water solution to clean my fruits and vegetables, in the rinse cycle of my washing machine, and to wipe down my counter tops and my computer keyboard.

  208. I have been buying more natural cleaners for years, but it’s silly since I really should be just making my own!

  209. I have been using vinegar for years. But I use anti-bacterial cleaners on the counters after cutting up poultry. It makes me feel safer.

  210. Fabulous idea!!! Personally, I’ve been switching more and more to vinegar, baking soda, elbow grease, and steam to clean. 😉

  211. I’m doing what my grandma does…using white washcloths/dishrags instead of paper towels or disposable cloths. She uses them to clean everything, and they bleach clean and hang dry beautifully!

  212. I use a lot of baking soda and vinegar as well. We have a new baby and I want to keep things clean but safe!

  213. Same as many people here, we’ve given up on using disposable paper products in lieu of rags cut from old shirts. We also do a lot of our cleaning with vinegar, baking soda and/or dish soap. I’d love to learn more about using essential oils as well.

  214. I use white vinegar in the rinse cycle of the washing machine. I make my own glass cleaner by the gallon. I also use vinegar to clean fruits and veggies. To keep the shower drain running free I use baking soda, white vinegar and the hot water after water bath canning process.

  215. Purchased a large bag of baking soda at Costco and are using it for a variety of cleaning around my home.

  216. I started making my own laundry soap a few years ago out of fels naptha bar soap, washing soda and baking soda. It’s way cheaper than the kind you can buy and works great. I won’t be going back anytime soon. A great book on the topic is: The Naturally Clean Home by Karyn Siegel-Maier.

  217. I have reduced my paper towel usage quite a bit. I use a cloth towel when cooking for wiping hands and spills instead of paper now (unless it’s something icky/gooey, like egg). And, the few paper towels I use are put into the compost.

  218. I haven’t made my cleaning more sustainable – that’s why I’d love to win the kit. I need help!

  219. we only use cloth in this house (except for toilet paper) and it makes such a difference in the money we spend and the amount of trash we make!

  220. I am a big fan of using rags instead of paper towels. I have also invested in a steam cleaner. There is an amazing amount of things that can be cleaned with hot water!

  221. I use baking soda or citrus-infused vinegar diluted with water for nearly all my cleaning. My mil is skeptical (she uses bleach on everything) so I would love something more “official” to keep on hand for her sake.

  222. I made the lemon infused vinegar and have been using it (diluted with water) for the past week – love the fresh smell in my kitchen.

  223. My favorite scrub for the bathroom sink is plain old baking soda and elbow grease. It cuts right through the soap scum without any harsh fumes, and as a bonus my hands get a little exfoliation.

  224. I recently made my own granite cleaner using rubbing alcohol, water, a few drops of castile soap and essential oil. Am working toward all my cleaning products to be sustainable and chemical free.

  225. What a great idea! I’ve always wanted to go more natural and this is easier and cheaper. Everyone above here has great ideas too. This sounds like a great opportunity to get rid of a bunch of ugly bottles!

  226. I keep a stack of kitchen towels and microfiber cloths in my kitchen for cleaning. I use them in place of paper towels.

  227. Yesterday I made orange vinegar cleaner. Peeled oranges, just the orange part, not the white pith. Almost boiled vinegar, poured that over the peels in a glass jar to cover and put the cap on. In 2 weeks I’ll strain out the peels and dilute when I use it, to 1/2 water and 1/2 orange vinegar mixture. Its already bright orange and smells delicious. I told everyone not to drink it, its a cleaner.

  228. I use Theives essential oil blend in a spray bottle diluted with one cup water and one cup white vinegar. 99.6% natural disinfectant counter spray! Just love the fresh smell and no chemicals.

  229. I stopped cleaning! Just kidding – I’ve switched back to using just soap and HOT water on the kitchen cabinets and counters and vinegar and dish soap in the bathroom. I’m saving up to buy wool yarn to make yarn balls for the dryer, no more dryer sheets! These sound divine with essential oils!

  230. I purchased a large bottle of peppermint castille soap and use it throughout my home in just about every room: in my bathroom diluted to clean counters, sinks, tub, shower; in the laundry room using just a few drops in a gallon or two of water to soak and or hand wash items; on my porch diluted to clean my porch furniture; and my favorite….a few drops on a hand held scrub brush to scrub burlap coffee bean bags to rid them of dirt, dust, and remnants of their trek half way around the world. After they’ve been hosed down and dry in the sun, I then sew these bags into great pillow covers for inside/outside use, message boards, and tote bags.

  231. I have long wanted to switch to healthier cleaning methods, but wasn’t in the position to buy the more expensive natural products. I am glad to see there a company that will walk you through the steps of making your own. Look forward to checking it out!

  232. I’ve been using baking soda and vinegar and some drops of essential oil for routine cleaning. I find I still something stronger for really deep cleaning though.

  233. I use orange peel and vinegar to clean kitchen counters. We need more a;;-purpose, non-toxic cleaners like this one!

  234. I’ve been making my own laundry detergent. It’s been a whole lot cheaper and our clothes don’t have any heavy chemical fragrances on them and they seem to last longer.

  235. I was using soda water, vinegar, baking soda and dish liquid, until…. One lovely summer day I was walking through Heritage Gardens when I came upon a table with brown glass bottles on it, and beside the table, a smiling young woman. She happily explained her natural cleaning products. I thought they were great and bought them right away!! That was a few years back, and because I love the products so much, I give them away as presents. Chemical free; every little bit helps. Thank you Devin for making these products and for working so hard to get them out there!

  236. I buy biodegradeable and earth friendly cleaners whenever it’s an option and I’m phasing out paper towels wherever I can (replacing with reuseable cleaning clothes).

  237. baking soda, salt, spray bottle of vinegar, clean the microwave with lemons & water
    then do the stovetop, microfiber clothes for almost everything. paper towel usage
    reserved for true throwaway purposes; like raw food spills.
    thanks for the giveaway.

  238. What a good idea. And the packaging makes it nice enough to give as a gift. I have made my own cleaners for a long time and I don’t mind the smell of vinegar, but my husband does. I hadn’t considered using essential oils. Also your lemon infused vinegar has given me another idea. I sometimes use vinegar in my laundry’s final rinse instead of fabric softener, especially in things like duvets and sleeping bags that need to be washed cold but it can be hard to get rid of the sleep smell. The lemon vinegar will be a great option.

  239. I try to use natural cleaning solutions when I can find them in the store as I really haven’t time to sit down and figure out what the best “homemade” solutions are. So this product sounds like it is right up my alley!

  240. We use a water and vinegar mixture for windows and mirrors, recycle old clothes as rags and hang clothes to dry on the line when able.

  241. We have stopped using paper towels andwe use Charlies soap for our laundry. a 5 gallon pail lasts us more than 5 years and there are 5 of us. No more plastic jugs!

  242. After being invited to dinner at an Amish farm and watching the mom do a quick “sweep around” while dinner cooked, I invested in a corn broom and dustpan. Much easier to quickly sweep up the spilled crumbs from the floor without using electricity, and better than my current method of kicking them under the counter toekick and pulling out the vacuum cleaner……eventually…..

  243. we use a solution of vinegar for most of our cleaning (we keep our big bottle of vinegar filled with citrus peels to try to keep the scent from being too aggressive) and we use cloths we bought in bulk at costco instead of paper towel.

    i’m totally looking up some of the other ideas and products people have been mentioning in the comments!

  244. I use old towels and cut up t-shirts, reusable sponges and scrubbies instead of paper towels.

    I have not started making my own cleaning solutions yet, but would love to get started on that. Currently using “natural” products from the store made by Clorox brand.

  245. I love using essential oils in my cleaning mixes, especially grapefruit and lime they leave everything smelling so clean and fresh!

  246. I make a homemade cleaning fluid too from citrus peels soaking in apple cider vinegar, cut half with water when it seems ready. Don’t mind the vinegar smell at all, it disipates pretty fast.

  247. In a home with three teenage girls, there is a lot of laundry! We use nature’s sun and wind to do as much of the drying as possible. We also use natural biodegradable phosphate free soap in the washer and everywhere else in the house.

  248. I learned from my mom “the original organic gardener” to use natural products, especially vinegar and baking soda. My co-worker taught me to use essential oils diluted in distilled water and vinegar as a natural insecticide.

  249. I, too, use the beautiful generic spray bottle of vinegar for quick clean-up. I make my own laundry detergent which is definitely cheaper and just as effective as the store brands. Plus natural essential oils don’t make me sneeze. Like Jennifer M., cloths are reusable not to mention more sturdy than paper towels.

  250. I’ve been making my own laundry and dishwasher detergents for awhile and cleaning with vinegar or peroxide. This would be a great addition to my cleaning routine! 🙂

  251. I’ve used diluted white vinegar to clean my hardwood floors ever since I’ve had hard wood floors! After 15 years a flooring company came in to price adding wood to another room in the house and asked what I used on the floor they look so great ! Also use old wash clothes for cleaning and dusting.

  252. These kits look amazing! I’ve been trying a vinegar cleaner myself, but the vinegar smell isn’t universally loved in my house. We also use washable rags instead of paper towels for wiping surfaces.

  253. I love this! I also have an ugly bottle of vinegar under my sink. I’ve switched entirely to vinegar and baking soda based cleaners, and often add essential oils to mask the vinegar scent. I’d love to try this product!

  254. Very cool. I don’t use much besides borax for the toilets and bleach for my cutting boards. I tried to make some citrus vinegar from a ceremonial citron (etrog) leftover from the holiday of Sukkot. It smells lovely.

  255. I have been making my own hard surface cleaner for awhile now, as I cannot tolerate the chemicals in most cleaning solutions. I would love to try these products because they also would look great on the countertop!

  256. Pretty much done away with disposable anything – we keep a roll of paper towels around for a tiny handful of uses, but only when we can then compost them.

  257. I have been using baking soda a lot lately and when we wash our hands, using paper towels instead of cloth towels.

  258. I’ve switched to most household products from The Honest Company, which also offers some concentrated products as refills, which I appreciate.

  259. This would be SO much prettier than my current cleaning bottles!

    I “marinate” my citrus peels in vodka for about 6 weeks, then strain, dilute 50:50 with water. I also add a bit of my personal blend of thieves oil.

  260. I replaced my toilet bowl cleaner with a combination of borax, vinegar, water and essential oils. I also use a combination of baking soda and vinegar a lot.

  261. We make our own liquid laundry detergent and reuse old laundry containers to store it in. Easy to make, much cheaper than commercial detergent, and I know what all the ingredients are!

  262. I’ve been using vinegar for cleaning some things and looking for other solutions. This looks like a great option!

  263. What a great model. I would love to try this. I’ve switched to handmade cotton washcloths for all but the most scrub-worthy jobs, but would really like to do more. This could be the instigation I need!

  264. Instead of Comet, we mix baking soda + Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap — works great for scrubby cleaning jobs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  265. I have recently added cream of tartar to my cleaning supplies to get rid of those “ghost stains” in stainless steel pots. Add a little with enough HOT water to cover bottom of pan, let sit couple of minutes, scrub around with brush, rag or sponge, rinse.
    What a good idea to use the lemon infused vinegar!!!

  266. I recently started in infuse my white vinegar with citrus peels, particularly orange. We have an old stinky garbage disposal and every other day or so, I grind a few peels to freshen up the kitchen and disposal. I use the infused vinegar in a spray bottle on my counters and everything smells delightful!

  267. I’m loving vinegar with some lemon and peroxide in the shower. I spray down every day, and I keep a jar of sea salt with baking soda to sprinkle as a scrub with the spray weekly!

  268. We use all environmentally friendly cleaners and resuable rags. I’ve been thinking for a while of switching to homemade cleaners, so this would be perfect!

  269. My roommate and I spent a few hours infusing white vinegar with lemon and lime to use as a non-toxic, good-smelling kitchen cleaner. We’d love to be more organized about the process of making a cleaner!

  270. I used cloth diapers (no, I didn’t use a service!) 27 years ago, and switched to using vinegar in my wash vs fabric softeners and fabric sheets, as I learned that made the diapers less absorbent. I have happily been using vinegar in my wash ever since, with great results!

  271. I’ve almost entirely given up using paper towels and have completely given up paper napkins, and I find I like using cloth a lot. Saves money, too. Makes me wonder why the paper products ever became so popular in the first place.

  272. I recently started using microfiber cleansing cloths, which I absolutely love! I can’t believe it took me so long to make the switch!

  273. felted dryer balls to cut drying time, vinegar on glass, and cloth towels for spills! Plus, taking your shoes off at the door just means less cleaning to do later.

  274. I’ve been using DIY cleaners around the house for years. This kit is beautiful and anything that brightens up mundane tasks is a win.

  275. It’s AMAZING that with just Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemons Glycerine & Essential Oils, I can care for our home & family! From toothpaste to carpet teach our family responsible living, hoping they too will teach their families and so on.

  276. I use baking soda instead of abrasive bleach based cleaners whenever possible, and recycle stained t-shirts and worn-out socks into cleaning rags

  277. I have switched the family from using paper towels for cleaning up spills to using the cache of rags I have for this purpose

  278. Most practically, we use washable “swiffer” type pads rather than the disposable kind,.. this saves on waste or electricity (instead of vacuuming).

    We are also working on identifying good houseplants for around our house, convinced that they make better “air fresheners than anything Glade makes. We have a dwarf lemon tree, a palm, and some succulents. We are aiming for at least 1 plant per room.

  279. We are expecting our first child in August so I’m on a mission to increase our sustainability and decrease the toxic products we use…most of all I want to set a good example for our little one. Vinegar is a staple, I also use milk to clean the leaves on our house plants. I use lemon rind and juice in a variety of ways (remove stains, polish faucets, mix with salt and clean grill grates, remove fish odor after eating seafood).

  280. I use microfiber cleaning clothes instead of paper towels. I also use them on my swiffer instead of buying swiffer refills. I have experimented with home made cleaning products but haven’t used them consistently.

  281. I use mostly vinegar and Borax for cleaning, and we switched to microfiber cloths and wet/dry mop in place of paper towels and a swiffer.

  282. I’ve started using microfiber cloths and I try to stick with baking soda and vinegar especially as a drain cleaner

  283. Mainly using vinegar for an overall household cleaner. But we also reuse coffee grounds (and leftover coffee) for the blueberry plants, and reusing old towels as cleaning cloths.

  284. In 2001 I stopped using toxic cleaning products and replaced them with green cleaners and vinegar/water/essential oil mixtures. Now when I have to go down the cleaning aisle I feel my chest tightening up and have a difficult time breathing.

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