Giveaway: Stainless Steel Storage + Sprouting Lids from Mason Jar Lifestyle

I’ve been a regular mason jar user for nearly two decades now. In addition to canning and fermenting food in them, I fill them with dry goods. I use them to pack lunches. I macerate fruit for jam in the big ones. They are filled with dinner leftovers, sourdough starters, smoothies, brewing kombucha, and more. Somewhere in our apartment, there’s a even a jar filled to the brim with LEGO minifigures.

Though there has been a steady increase in jar accessories and adapters over the last four or five years, to my mind there has always been a void in the marketplace. A one-piece storage lid that didn’t rust, was easy to clean, didn’t leak, and wasn’t prohibitively expensive.

Happily, the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle have arrived to fill that void. They recently started selling one-piece stainless steel lids that are fitted with silicone seals that are easily removable for cleaning. They are leakproof, non-reactive, dishwasher safe, and so much more affordable than anything else I’ve seen.

They are ideal for salad dressings and vinaigrettes because the lids don’t leak when you give them a good shake. I don’t mind using them on my jars of dry goods because they’re affordable enough that I don’t feel like I need to save them for special things. And they’re easy to put on and off the jars.

The storage lids come in both regular and wide mouth, and are sold in packs of five. And if that’s not enough to meet your needs, Ryan and Maggie at Mason Jar Lifestyle offer discounts on higher volume purchases (buy 100 or more and you’ll get 40% off your order!).

You can also use the code “fij10” now through March 31 to get 10% off any order at Mason Jar Lifestyle. Right now, my favorite thing they sell is the silicone sleeve designed to fit the 24 ounce Pint & Half jars. Paired with a drink lid and a stainless steel straw and I am ready for iced coffee season!

For our giveaway this week, two lucky readers will each receive a five pack of the regular mouth stainless steel storage lids with silicone seals, a five pack of the wide mouth stainless steel storage lids with silicone seals, and one stainless steel sprouting lid and band like you see pictured above (because sprouting is fun! Look for a blog post on the topic in the near future).

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Disclosure: Mason Jar Lifestyle is a Food in Jars sponsor. Their ad dollars helps keep this blog running. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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187 responses to “Giveaway: Stainless Steel Storage + Sprouting Lids from Mason Jar Lifestyle”

  1. Wow!!! I would love those for things like dressings. I would also like them to travel to work with my Iced coffee. I can store it in the firdge and drink as wanted.

  2. These lids would be a great addition to any household. Good for work lunches, and anything that has to go in the fridge. Not bad for various crafting supplies too!

  3. I had no idea sprouting lids were a thing! I’ve always used a bit of nylon from a pair of pantyhose. This is definitely a more elegant solution 😉

  4. I would try to sprout buckwheat or lentils. I keep seeing recipes that sound interesting, and they all require sprouted things!

  5. Nicer sprouting lid than netting! I used to use in the “hippie” days. Would use the stainless steel lids with half pint jars for making yogurt.

  6. Love the new stainless steel lids! I have a hoard of old tomato sauce and jelly lids that fit mason jars that I use for things like vinaigrette, but they’re getting a little “iffy” looking. Would love to replace all of them.

  7. Living on a boat, I do not always have access to fresh greens. Using a quart mason jar and screening on the lid, I have fresh greens for my husband and me. It is so easy and they are yummy on a sandwich or as an addition to a salad!

  8. I am always looking for the perfect lid for salad dressing and the yoghurt my partner takes does his lunch! These look great. Sprouting would be fun to try too!

  9. I used to sprout all the time. I still have seeds. Not sure if they are still viable but if I win, I will give them a dry.

  10. My family lives on a boat. Everything in our world is touched by salt water. The bands develop rust so quickly! At the moment, my home canned goodies are tucked away in a deep, hard to reach storage locker, to try and protect them as well as I can. We only pull them out for rapid consumption with company before sending them off boat. Being able to continue canning while living aboard would be fantastic.

  11. That little video on how to make a mold of a Ball jar and then make a candle was really interesting, only I had to turn the sound off it was just too annoying. But the visual was great. I’m thinking of all of the wonderful sizes and shapes of Ball jars there are now that would make great candles.

    The sprouting lids look interesting but I’m thinking of other purposes. The screen is quite fine so I’m thinking they might work for a seed shaker when dealing with really small, fine seeds that are even too small to adequately sow with a spice jar.

  12. I store foods & supplies in my canning jars as well as use them for serving utensils. The ways to use these lids are endless.

  13. I would definitely use these for salad dressings! And, while I have a sprouting lid already, it wouldn’t hurt to have another one. That way, I could have a few jars going at once and I could stagger the growth so I’d have a continuous supply (I love sprouts…).

  14. This just may be one of the best giveaways you have done! Love these. reuse time after time on dry goods, salad dressing, taking a drink/lunch.

  15. Sprouting is fun. This lid would sure come in handy. I always make my ranch dressing in a jar. it just makes it so much easier to shake the ingredients rather than try to mix them. And I have dealt with leaky lids. No fun when shaking.

  16. I would love to have these lids, especially the one for sprouting. I want to try that and add them to my salads. Love all the lids, though!

  17. So many possibilities for these lids, but definitely salad dressings to take to work and storing things in the pantry!

  18. Stainless Steel Lids???!!! YES I’ve been wanting a rust proof lid that doesn’t leak for years!!!! And I’m gonna order some first thing in the morning. Love that little sprouting lid too although I still use my ancient plastic ones & even a nylon ‘footie’ with a ring sometimes. I just love cabbage, radish & onion sprouts!!!!

  19. I make my own dressings and sauces and store them in jars. it would be awesome not to have to worry about them flying all over the kitchen when I shake! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  20. I really could have used that one piece stainless steel lid last night. I just finished my a grapefruit jalapeño shrub and funneled it neatly into a pint mason jar but could not find a top for my jar. I had to scour my house for a top. I have jars and rings, but no tops. While I did finally find one, these would have been much easier.

  21. I recently discovered that my brother likes bean sprouts….so I would sprout some for him. And the lids? I would use on all the jars that I already use for storage and prep work

  22. I would definitely be using these lids for all the times that I store dry goods in the larger mason jars. I’ve been using them for many years – and have always thought that the two part lid should/could be one part for that. Salad dressings, particularly those that are refrigerated, would also be easier with one part. LOVE to sprout – usually have two or three different kinds going at once!

  23. Oh a mesh sprouting lid! I’ve been using square of cheese cloth and a rubberband. Would love something that I can rinse and re-use!

  24. Both types of lids seem very useful. Would love to supplement the between season with sprouted greens. Roots are running out or past their prime after winter storage, and spring produce doesn’t really get going full force until May or June in the Northeast. Also, some Indian sprouted legume dishes are very good and digestible.

  25. Although I try to rid my house of visiting critters…
    This would so help to keep my dry goods safe!
    I have many mason jars, and I use canning lids,
    But to have stainless steel lids? That would be supreme!

  26. I use my mason jars for transporting liquids to work and always have to put the jar in a plastic bag because the lids leak like crazy and I’ve gotten milk everywhere before! I also want to start sprouting wheat to use for bread dough, my other big adventure these days!

  27. Genius! This fitment is exactly what I have been waiting for. Mason jars are the workhorse of the kitchen and this little ring will make jar life so much nicer!

  28. I am new to sprouting and have been looking for a mesh screen that isn’t plastic. I dislike plastic which is why I use the jars so much. I just feel that after time the plastic breaks down and leaches into our foods.

  29. We just started growing sprouts for sandwiches and salads. Would be fun to have several different varieties going at the same time!

  30. I store leftovers in Mason jars all the time, and the stainless lids would be wonderful. They would also be great for taking a salad or soup in a jar. I have not sprouted seeds for, but the lids would inspire me to try it.

  31. I’ve tried sprouting mung beans before using cheesecloth, and I’d love to have a reusable mesh screen for that! And I have an army of the plastic storage caps but they don’t seal well, and these look great.

  32. Oh, i love the idea of having a non-rusting lid for all of my leftover storage! And I’d love to try the sprouting lid.

  33. What a great idea, every kitchen needs some lids with seals. Love the idea of using them for dressings and that the gasket can be removed for washing.

  34. Ohh I neeeeeed this, last year my sprouting jar fell to the floor for an untimely demise and I haven’t sprouted since! I miss it so much, my favourite sprouts are lentils!

  35. I would love the one piece lids for storing in the refrigerator – too many times, a jar with one of the plastic lids has gotten knocked over and I hate the clean-up.

  36. I would use those lids for everything from storing leftovers to sewing notions to snacks and more. The sprouting lid looks like it could even be used as a sifter / duster for powdered sugar and such.

  37. I’ve been making fewer salad dressings for precisely that reason (leaky and rusty mason jar lids!), so these lids would be such a boon to promoting lots of spring salad eats at home. What a good investment!S

  38. I take dressings and sauces to work regularly and, while I’ve yet to have one leak, some extra assurance would be nice. I haven’t tried sprouting yet. I might at some point though.

  39. I love the idea of trying out some sprouting. I would also use the lids just for travel-safe options with my smoothies.

  40. I like to make sprouts to go on my salads. I have to use a piece of netting on the top of my canning jar to make them. This is such a great idea. I would love a set.

  41. These sound amazing! I would use them for sprouting and for storing things like the partially used quart of applesauce. I love my Tattler, but they aren’t great for storing things like that.

  42. Being Indian we you a lot of sprouts in our cooking. These would be perfect. The silicone seals seem so much better for storing all the chutneys and pickles I make

  43. I have started “shrubbing” using the Ball plastic lids and they are not the best for shaking your jars. These look like a great solution.

  44. I use mason jars all the time; to store my dry goods, to pack my lunches, to ferment small batches, and of course to can. There would be plenty of good uses!

  45. Just canned some vegetable broth & had 2 that didn’t seal. These would have been great to store them in the frig for a few days.

  46. I always use mason jars for my multiple salad dressings. Sometimes they leak when I shake them up so these lids would be great to avoid a mess in my refrigerator.

  47. I’ve been meaning to start sprouting again. I just hadn’t come up with a way to not use plastic. I’m so glad to know these exist and I hope I win some?

  48. Your apartment sounds like my house! I recently cleaned out my empties from the large pantry. There must have been 60+ of quarts, pints, pint and a half and half gallon jars! But wait, there’s MORE! I scored 2 cases of Ball pints at a thrift store last week for $5!!!! haha

    I’ve been wanting to sprout again. Fingers crossed and GL to all.

  49. It would be great to have some nice one-piece lids for transporting soup, making dressings, and storing brewed coffee.

  50. I love your giveaways. I would like to try to sprout as I have been buying them from the store and know that I can do this myself. Thank you.

  51. I’ve been trying to find a lid that will let me easily cold brew and strain loose leaf tea in a mason jar. The sprouting lid looks like it will work for that!

  52. I would actually have something to make our salad dressing in instead of mixing it each time in the bottom of the bowl! I also think the sieve top would be great for a shaker jar with powdered sugar or cocoa for coffee. Also, we have a new low sugar honey garlic sauce that I’d love to store uncooked in the fridge then thicken at the time of need but couldn’t use a normal mason jar lid as I thought the soya sauce etc would rust it, that’s what I’d do, all planned out, awaiting winning! Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I would use the sprouts lid constantly. I already grow my own sprouts. Salad dressings would be greatwith the storage lids. My plastic lids leak….

  54. I’d use those silicone-lined lids for all sorts of liquid and powdered things, things that easily leak out of the usual two-piece lidded jars.

  55. I love to make salads to take to work for lunch in Mason jars, so the lids would work great for that or dressings for salads. The sprouting lids–would love to use those to start growing sprouts for salads!

  56. Well these are awesome! I already use my mason jars for so much (beyond preserving), this sure would make liquids easier to trasnport and store. I have a toddler w a baby on the way and I can imagine using my reusable jars more for meals on the go.

  57. My homemade mango, cilantro, red chili salad dressing is just made for a non reactive, silicone seal, lid. Shake, rattle and roll makes this dressing happen for everything Summer! Spills stink. This finally solves the problem. Yah!

  58. i’d likely use them in the pantry, for dried goods – we store all kinds of things in jars, including things from the dehydrator.

  59. I would use the storage lids for . . . storage! Living in a warm climate, we can get bugs and so forth in grain products, so I store them in quart canning jars. A one-piece, tight-sealing lid would be fantastic.

  60. I would replace several jars of dry goods in my pantry with these. Also, these would be great for my larger amounts of spice mixes.

  61. I like chocolate soy milk after my workouts. I make it in a mason jar before going to the gym, but it always separates. With one of these lids, I could shake it up and not leak!

  62. I use mason jars for storage just about as much as I use them for canning… which is a lot! I’ve tried pretty much every type of jar lid out there (including repurposed mayonnaise jar lids); some are good for specific uses (air/liquid-tight, pour spout, shaker top, etc.). I think these one-piece stainless lids would be a great all-purpose lid for anyone wanting to economize their lid situation. Winner or not, I’ll be purchasing some of these lids, no doubt!

  63. I would love these for both dry storage and meal storage – I have a lot of my dried goods in mason jars, and pack a lot of meals in mason jars, and I’ve been looking for a good one piece lid that would work better than the 2 piece.

  64. These great lids would get a lot of use in my kitchen, for everything from a jar of overnight oats to storing leftovers to keeping pantry staples dry and bug-free. And with the sprouting lid, I might just be enticed to try my hand at sprouting! Thanks for this chance.

  65. I, also, use mason jars for everything. I would use the lids on my jars for everything from leftovers to my salt preserved Meyer lemons.

  66. Sprouts!!! Because I live in the country, when our local grocery store actually gets sprouts in they are not fresh at all. I would love to grow my own.

  67. This is great- way better than using cheesecloth (what I currently do)! Loving putting sprouts in sandwiches + salads

  68. I love that sprouting lid! The ones I have are plastic and the holes are to big for some of the sprouts I like to make. Also, the silicone ring is a great idea.

  69. My old plastic sprouting insert is too coarse for broccoli seeds, but this one looks about right. In season, I make a lot of blackberry shrub and stainless lids would be ideal for storing open jars.

  70. Must I decide NOW how they would be used???

    Seriously, they are a great alternative to the white plastic ones I now use. They are effective enough for most things, but some things would be much better with a more air tight seal. Well, I do use those old rubber gaskets with the plastic lids for some things, especially on antique jars. These would be better for every day use.

    And a new spouting lid? Perfect.

  71. What a great idea! These are absolutely perfect for so many uses around the kitchen that don’t require canning lids.

  72. For salad dressings, leftover soup, or anything else that’s liable to get messy and drip down the sides of a jar.

  73. I would use these on my jars of salt (I have several and the bands corrode all the time) and for acidic and or liquid things like lemon juice, pickles, and salad dressings.

  74. I don’t have any specialized jar lids and I have recently started using jars for storage. I would like to try some of these out.

  75. I have been buying bottled water to keep in my car because I drink a lot of water and often forget to bring some with me, but I really don’t like the waste of the bottles. I’ve been wanting to just start keeping mason jars of water in the car, but they fall over a lot because of the way I am with things. The plastic lids leak. The metal lids rust and the two piece is a pain. These are going to fit the bill nicely.

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