Giveaway: New Ball Canning Products for 2017

Despite the fact that most of the Eastern seaboard is hunkering down for a massive storm (they’re predicting 11-17 inches for Philadelphia!), spring is really just around the corner. And in anticipation of the coming canning season, I thought today would be the perfect time to feature all the new goodies the folks from Ball Canning are rolling out this year.

First up are the new Spiral Jars. I’d seen a sneak peek of these a month or two ago on Facebook, but was uncertain whether I liked them or not (my initial thought was, why do we need our jars to spiral? What’s wrong with the classic shape?).

However, having now seen them in person, I’ve changed my tune. These are really great jars. The twisting shape feels good in the hand and I like how simple the branding is. The sizing on these jars is a little different from what we’re used to. The smaller jar is a traditional 16 ounce pint, but the larger jar clocks in at just 28 ounces rather than a full quart.

I can already tell that place where these jars are really going to shine is when it comes to to canning slightly taller things. I can’t wait to can up a batch of dilly beans or pickled carrot spears in these jars, knowing that there won’t be as much trimming involved.

I took a picture of the spiral jars side by side with a regular pint and quart so that you can get a better idea of the new height. And if you do plan on canning in the taller spirals, make sure to measure your canning pot to ensure that you’ll be able to keep them fully submerged during the canning process.

Next up are the new Sharing Jars. I’d not seen any previews of these jars before I opened up the box for this post and so they were a really fun surprise. These eight-sided jars are a charming addition to the Ball Canning line-up and they have a charitable component. Newell Brands (the new Ball Canning parent company) will donated four meals to Feeding America for every package of these jars purchased.

The sharing jars are only available in a regular mouth 16 ounce pint size and come with a little Feeding America ribbon tied around the neck of the jar.

Last up are the new Sure Seal Bail Storage Jars. Designed to hold dry goods, these jars seal tightly with a lid that locks into place. They come in two sizes, 14 ounce and 38 ounce. I must confess that in comparison to the rest of the new jars, these feel a little clunky. Jars from Ball normally have a certain elegance that these two are just missing.

Finally, the spices and accessories. The drink lids are one piece devises that screw onto jars without the aid of a ring (they’re more like those made by iLids and less like the ones from Cuppow) and allow you to use mason jars as travel mugs. A package comes with two lids and two straws and you can get them to fit either regular or wide mouth jars.

The spices are particularly fun. Made in partnership with McCormick, they are designed to make it easy for home canners to make and preserve things like tomato salsa, bread and butter pickles, fruit salsa, and pasta sauce.

Now, for the giveaway! One lucky winner will get a set of everything featured in today’s blog post! Please use the widget below to enter.

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342 responses to “Giveaway: New Ball Canning Products for 2017”

  1. I can’t say I love the spiral jars. But the eight sided jars are a winner. I’m getting me some of those.

    I like the sure seal jars. I’ve been using some of my canning jars for dry storage and using either rings and lids or the plastic lids but haven’t been happy with either. These I like. I’ll have to get a few before I bake a batch of dog cookies. Poor thing is no longer allowed to eat commercial treats due to new diet.

  2. Sorry, but I don’t do Facebook, I don’t tweet and I don’t do twitter.
    I do like the new style of jars
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity.

  3. I like the spirals, but I also think I would like the Sure Seal jars. One would be nice to keep my homemade granola in on the table.

  4. These are so much fun! I’m addicted to mason jars – the drink lids especially are a great addition. I love bringing a serving of milk or kefir to work, but the two-part lids are a bit of a mess, and the plastic screw-on lids aren’t sufficiently water-tight.

  5. Really looking forward to canning soon, our local strawberry farm is expecting an early season. I love getting the kids in the kitchen with me

  6. The spiral jars and the are really pretty! I didn’t need an excuse to buy more jars, my mother already says I have a problem.

  7. What a nice new line up. Looking forward to the Feeding America and Spiral jars. These will be great for gifts and raffle items.

  8. I really like what Ball is doing these days, especially the limited, “cleaner” branding on their jars. I’ve been preferring Kerr jars for that reason, but they are much harder to find in my area for some reason. The new Ball designs haven’t shown up in my usual jar purchasing haunts yet, but I’m hopeful!

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ball canning products. I tried to go with cheaper products, but found the quality just wasn’t up to par. These new products ALL seem fascinating. I look forward to seeing them on the store shelves ( and in my canning pantry). So many ideas come to mind to use these new jars. Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. I love any of the new jars for gift giving during the holidays. I’m a big jelly/jam person and everyone loves them as gifts!

  11. Marisa you always have the best give-aways! I am looking forward to trying out the new spiral jars. I was skeptical too but can see them as a great alternative to a water bottle with the siptops. <3

  12. I love the new twisty jars! We are running low on jars in our house so it’s time for me to restock! I might just have to wait until the twisty jars are available.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those spiral jars are so cute! and I love how the sharing jars have room for a ribbon: I think I’ll be able to be more creative with my gift packaging this year!

  14. I prefer real quart and pint jars since so many recipes are based off 16 and 32 Oz DAG nab it now I have to do more math

  15. I was surprised at the new storage jars; normally Ball jars have such a clean, classic design and these aren’t quite right. But the new spiral jars make up for them…

  16. I like the new ‘Spiral Jars’, that’s lovely. Does that mean that they wn’t be making a new ‘Vintage’ color this year? I have been hoping for an amber year!

  17. It amazes me how Ball comes up with new idea’s for canning jars and canning toys. I love the new season packets. It allows me to try new spices with out buying alot of spices that I may not use. Thank you for the wonderful contest.

  18. My only concern is with the height difference with the spiral jars – wondering if they will still fit in my shelves. …but I love the design and would think it would give a better grip for opening them.

  19. The day of a snowstorm in New England is the perfect day to think about summer and canning! I really like the look of the spiral jars, but I feel like I need to see the sharing jars in person to get a better sense of what they are all about.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. I like the sharing jars best. I just picked up new ball wide mouth bands amd lids today, looking forward to pickling!

  21. I think the new spiral jars are gorgeous and can’t wait to try the spice blends. I also think the lids and straws will be great for summer, maybe I’ll see if I can find some handled ball or mason jars for those. I just love that such an established company keeps putting new stuff out!

  22. The spirals and sharing jars look like fun. May be interesting to see how the larger spiral might affect “yield” produced. What do you think – will it be tricky to “get the last drop” out of the new jar designs? I think I’d like the sharing jars for pickle spears because they might fit into the corners better.

  23. Wow, both the spiral jars and the sharing jars are gorgeous. I love that there is less branding too – leaves more room for creative labeling.

  24. I am upping my canning game this year and could use the jars you mentioned above, plus the canning gear. Canning is my stress reliever and gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

  25. My seeds came in the mail this week and now this preview of new canning jars…. Spring is definitely just around the corner!

  26. I use canning jars for a lot of other things besides just canning. I love the spiral shaped ones. They are so pretty. I know I will have to buy some this year.

  27. OMG! I am so excited at all things new! the spiral jars are awesome! I can’t wait to try them. Just look at the spices! will definitely have to check these out!

  28. The spiral jars look interesting but I also love the shape of the sharing jars. This all makes me want to head into my kitchen to start preserving stuff right now! Sadly, I’m stuck writing report cards right now…but soon!

  29. Canning my own food is the only way I get to eat. Store canned food has too many preservatives for my body to handle.So when I saw you were doing a contest for canning gear I got so excited! This is wonderful! Good luck to everyone that enters!

  30. Love those new spiral 1 1/2 pint jars! I want to can more pickled things this year so these will be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity 🙂

  31. I love those spiral jars! A new way to decorate the jams and canned items I make for the holidays, then use the new drink lids and those gift jars are reusable. Thank you!

  32. I like the look of the spiral jars but the cost is too much. Coming in packs of 4 jars and more expensive than 12 jars is not a good deal for me. I can to save money on groceries and so that we know what we are eating.

  33. I really love the spiral jars, but would probably use them for storage (especially in my craft room) rather than for canning. I also love the idea behind the sharing jars!

  34. I love the look of the new jars. Jars are my favorite thing and I store food in the pantry in them too. The spice packaging is a neat idea I want to try that out asap.

  35. Love your emails to me. I’m an avid gardener and canner. Would like to know where to get the spice mixtures shown on this post. I’ve looked all over the place.


  36. I have only used the traditional canning jars, none of the fancier shapes or colors. I would love to put my holiday gifts in those cool spiral jars this year!

  37. I’m really curious about the spiral jars. I think you’re right, dilly beans seem like the perfect fit, and I’ll probably also use these jars for pickled carrots. Perhaps bourbon cherries will be extra festive in this shape. Fingers crossed the fruit crop is better this year than it was in ’16.

  38. I guess home canners have to have their containers down-sized too (28 oz instead of 32). The spirals are pretty.

  39. Love the new spiral jars, but I dont like the name of the sharing jars….. I would keep them all myself and NEVER share them because they are too cute! and I’m picky about which jars I can things in because if its something I might give away to someone, I dont use a ‘good/pretty’ jar, I just use the plain old regular jar.

  40. The spiral jars are making my imagination start thinking of taller veggies and fruits that I will be able to pickle and make attractive gifts, too.

  41. I am so curious about the spice packs.
    I would like to see the canning jars in person to make sure they are as strong as the old jars

  42. I love the new Spiral jars, the spice packs and the sharing jars. I wish there was a Ball shop in Australia. Woolworths do have some jars, but not a very large choice.

  43. I love the spiral jars! I was skeptical too until I saw them in the store last weekend. Now I need some for my collection!

  44. I reeaaallly hope they can make those sharing jars different sizes in the future! I will definitely be searching them out!

  45. I hate trimming beans! I am looking forward to trying the spiral jars – and thanks for the heads up in the quart size!

  46. I like the taller spiral jars – they look like they’d be easier for “older” (and my that I mean me) hands to securely grip.

  47. I’m one who likes uniformity, so I’m unlikely to buy any of the jars. I’m also disappointed the sizes (ounces) aren’t consistent with the traditional sizes. The tall “quart” would also not fit in my old canner.

  48. Those all look pretty fun. I like the spiral jars, I want to do pickled asparagus this spring, and those look like they’d be a good jar for that.

  49. Sigh! Ball just keeps coming out with cool stuff. Not that I really need more stuff but I love what is included in this offer. I already have a set of the tall spiral. I bought Balls lids and straws back when they first came out but like the idea of having one piece lids.

  50. The Sharing jars are such a great idea! Looking forward to checking the whole line out in my neighborhood store soon.

  51. I like that they keep creating new jars and do things like the purple/blue/green color lines but I probably won’t buy a ton of the new ones. Maybe the tall spiral since they are taller than the regular pints. I think it’s good for the jar lovers out there but I love the classics and have so many already. Glad to see the Feeding America partnership too.

  52. How great of Ball to share new products with YOU so you can share them with US! 😀 I really like the Spiral jars and the sure seal things… interesting new stuff!

  53. I really like that Ball keeps coming out with new and exciting items.
    I love to can and store and the bail seal lids are perfect for my dehydrated foods!

  54. The spiral jars seem like they would be fun for something different at a baby or bridal shower. I’d also be interested in using them for pickling this summer!

  55. Very interesting, but it seems like we really don’t need these new jars – I think all of the old one meet most of our needs and their simplicity is part of the charm . . .

  56. I’d like to try the travel lids/straws…we already drink out of mason jars and I’ve been wanting to try a travel option for some time!

  57. These are all interesting. I agree about the flip jars, they do look a bit clunky, but the spiral jars are very elegant looking.

  58. I’m so happy to finally see a one piece drinking lid. I’ve wanting that for a while. Next step would be to make one with a really sturdily sealed spout type lid that is leakprook. I knock things over a lot and I don’t care for drinking with straws. I often just use the lid without straws, but it will leak when spilled.

  59. I like the 8-sided jars. I’m afraid the spiral jars would be more likely to break, although they look really cool.

  60. Wow, I hadn’t seen the spice packs. What a big help! I’d love to try those. I think the spiral jars are beautiful and would be great for gift giving.

  61. Love the fact that Ball is always coming out with new ideas. I personally love the new sure seal jars…So handy can’t wait to get some.

  62. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets excited about pretty ball jars. I love storing my bulk items in the really big jars such as grains and beans.

  63. Nice giveaway Marisa. I plan to get back on track with this months canning challenge. I missed Feb due to being out of town 3 weeks of the month. My 2017 new years resolution was to complete your challenge and the King Arthur Flour bakealong challenge all year.

  64. I really like the spiral and sharing jars. I agree about the Sure Seal jars. They are very clunky; not appealing to the eye at all.

  65. I think perhaps the spiral jars will be easier to open and hang on to. My kids love drinking from Mason jars.

  66. I liked the tall shape of the spiral jars and the sharing jars may not be lanky, but they are lovely. Thanks for the great offer.

  67. I’m excited to start canning for the first time this year. Thanks for all the inspiration. I also like the 8-sided jars, I’ll see if I can find those locally (if I don’t win, of course-ha ha).

  68. I just love canning jars and really welcome the new shapes and sizes. I enjoy gifting canned goods and the “fancy” shaped jars just seem to add that little something extra to the gifts.

  69. The jars are gorgeous! And I’ve convinced myself of their ‘necessity’ in spite of the fact that they’re slowly taking over my storage space. You know you’ve got the canning bug when these justifications make sense! 🙂

  70. Spiral jars are pretty – and look like they might be a little easier to grip, for those of us with arthritis issues.

  71. I like the sharing jars. I’m interested to see the dry goods jars too (I like integrated lids!) although I share your appreciation of the other jars’ simple elegance, Marisa.

  72. I love the sharing jars, since they have the look of a commercial jar, but without the hassle of having to can with a lug lid.

  73. Love both the new spiral jars and the sharing jars. Oh, and the spice kits are really great, I don’t have all those spices around.

  74. The sharing jars are amazing! I love that if you buy one they donate to feeding America. Although when I was looking at the jar section on their website the sharing jars didn’t have the sicker/ribbon around neck and they didn’t explain the concept of them either.

  75. I love the shape of the sharing jars and the spirals. They’d really add some variety on my shelves of canned goods.

  76. The spiral and hexagonal jars are really cool! I could see using them not only for preserves but as storage jars in the pantry, too. The Sure Seal Bail Storage Jars look kind of top heavy, but I supposed that doesn’t really matter if they’re full of something that needs to be stored air tight, like granola or something. As for the lids and spices, well, they’re just plain fun!

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