Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Tomato Prize Pack

July 31, 2017

I look forward to tomato season all year. Because I don’t have a garden, it always starts for me when the hot house tomatoes appear at my local farmers market. Then, there comes a trickle of small tomatoes like sungold and cherry tomatoes. And then finally, the torrent. Tables heaped with heirlooms, slicers, and sturdy paste tomatoes.

Because I know that tomato season is fleeting, I make a point of canning at least 100 pounds of tomatoes each season (and sometimes more!). I can them whole, make puree, and cook pans of tomatoes down into thick, flavorful pastes. I also like to employ a little help and so occasionally turn to a package of Mrs. Wages salsa or pasta sauce. Made from spices, dehydrated herbs, citric acid, and salt, these packets are such a time saver and create a finished product that makes my home cooking delicious.

This week, I’m giving away a whole assortment of Mrs. Wages Tomato seasoning mixes. The basket will contain an assortment of mixes, including classic salsa, ketchup, and much more. If you’re interested in a chance to win this giant package of tomato canning goodness, use the widget below.

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73 thoughts on "Giveaway: Mrs. Wages Tomato Prize Pack"

  • I haven’t had the chance to can tomatoes yet, though with how my plants are growing this year I could definitely use this! I made peach salsa last year, so I’d like to try tomato salsa this year – it gets used regularly, and all year long.

  • I’m praying my plants don’t give in to wilt. And I’ll do salsa, roasted corn salsa, diced tomatoes, tomato chutney and anything else I can get in if I get enough tomatoes!

  • Oooo, ketchup. I’ve tried to make ketchup from scratch but just haven’t managed it. I have made some very good salsa now that I’ve seasoned my molcajete.

  • I would LOVE to learn how to make homemade salsa and ketchup from Mrs Wages for my family. I enjoy canning with my daughter and grand daughter. The BEST memories ever. Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Last year I roasted them in the oven, then pulled the skins off and pureed what was left in the pan. It made a really nice sauce. I was afraid to can it as I was quite loose with the olive oil during the roasting. I had always canned before, just didn’t last year due to the heat. If I have enough this year, I plan on roasting and freezing….and canning as it’s so nice to have something ready to go, no thawing involved. By the way…I have a friend who uses Mrs. Wages for all of her salsas and sauces. She swears by these products. I tasted some of her sauce a while back…and it was quite tasty!

  • last year was my first time to try Mrs. Wages and I used it for my dill pickles. They tastes great and were so easy. I’ve already bought me some packets for this years pickles. Would love to try the tomato packets this year. I love to can and it’s so much easier when you just have to open up a packet instead of measuring several things out yourself.

  • I have tried several of Mrs. Wages tomato Sauces; they work so well. So far, this year, i haven’t had enough tomatoes for canning,

  • I buy the Salsa mix all the time and make it a lot. Everyone I give it to love the Salsa. I’m 73 years and still love to can and make canning gifts for my family and friends.

    The Salsa mix is easy to make and I use canned petite tomatoes in the can.

    Have used the Pasta mix and very much like it.

    But, I have not found any of MRS. WAGES spice mixes that I have not enjoyed using.

    Thanks for making a great product

  • I’m still a newbie at canning, so I’d welcome suggestions and recipes. So far I’ve put up whole tomatoes — I’d like to try salsa next.

  • I am on a sabbatical this year, which means, among other things, that I will have time for tomato canning! Salsa for sure, and hopefully some sauce as well.

  • I will hopefully be going to the farmers market and picking up a few hundred pounds. My tomatoes are garbage this year. I will be canning salsa, tomato sauce, and diced tomatoes in their own juice!

  • yay tomatoes! Any good recipes for cherry tomatoes? I always have excess and end up dehydrating them and sending them to my dad since I don’t like dried tomatoes.

  • Most of the tomatoes will be canned as diced tomatoes in the hot water bath, Some will be made into chutney and some roasted and frozen,

  • I’m planning on making lots of salsa and pizza sauce. Those are the 2 things we are always using and I like my home-canned versions the best!

  • I headed to the farmers market this weekend. i’m hoping to put up lots of quartered tomatoes and some sauce. My tomato plants are small and probably will only get enough for BLT.

  • I just watered my tomatoes this morning and gave them a pep talk. I love canning tomatoes. I would enjoy trying something new. My salsa is a favorite of my husband.

  • This year it’s all about the salsa. I’ve done Tomatillo in the past, but it’s never as good as the fresh, so the red salsa works best for canning, IMO.

  • Mmm, so excited for tomato season. I always make your tomato jam, but I’d love to do both paste and salsa this year too.

  • We are experiencing a good cool down in temperatures lately. so I am hoping that benefits our garden. Most of our tomatoes go towards pasta sauces and salsas.

  • just harvested my first 3 tomatoes. These will not go into any can however, but enjoyed fresh with basil and lavender balsamic vinegar.

  • What we don’t eat fresh will be made into salsa or diced tomatoes or puree and frozen. Hoping to get into canning next year. Mom always canned a LOT but, since it was a super busy time for her, I didn’t get to help much. Miss her yummy pickles though.

  • This looks awesome! I am putting up roma tomatoes and jalapenos in your homemade Ro-Tel style recipe from Food in Jars. It’s in the water bath timing now. The last little taste at the bottom of the pot has convinced me to make another batch right away :). I use so much Ro-Tel as a short cut in cooking, it will be awesome to have homemade.

  • I don’t grow tomatoes but my neighbor does. This would be amazing to share as she always gives me tomatoes!

  • Tomatoes are my fave produce to put up. Canned, stewed, pureed, marinara, paste….love it all. I have never tried the giveaway product and would love to try it out.

  • It’s been a wet season, so hoping for the best with my tomato crop. Salsa for sure, but also have a fabulous end of summer tomato sauce that I batch can and it last through spring.

  • I would love this! I make fresh salsa a lot but sometimes I’m in a hurry so I have to buy it and it doesn’t taste like my own! Seeing your post made me realize I can make my own and store it!

  • I would love to try the salsa and ketchup mixes this year. My local stores don’t carry Mrs. Wages mixes.

  • Just started salsa season up here in Wisconsin. Peach salsa , 2 batches in the root cellar already. I batch was the first from our very own peach tree. We planted 24 tomato plant this year. Salsa , pasta sauces , bruschetta , chilli starter and our own version of diced tomatoes with chili’s . Love Mrs Wages and Marisha food and jars recipes.

  • I usually make your basic sauce base and then jazz it up as either marinara sauce or thicken it a bit more to make pizza sauce. Haven’t tried these mixes yet!

  • Unfortunately my tomatoes fried when I was out of town and a soaker hose went out. I’m getting ready to plant my fall crop – looking forward to putting up some sauces in a couple months!

  • I’ve never worked with pre-packaged seasonings when I can tomatoes. It would be interesting to try something different this year.

  • I have tomatoes coming out of my ears! Hoping to try and can some salsa and tomato sauce. My grandmother always did and I would love to carry on the tradition 🙂

  • Well, I have to buy the tomatoes, here in SoCal you would think it would be easy to grow them, but it’s not! Any way, I want to make sauce, and salsa and ketchup.