Giveaway: How to Instant Pot

I bought my Instant Pot in the summer of 2016 and it quickly became one of my favorite appliances. It had the power to turn out flawless batches of beans, braises, stocks, and batches of rice and didn’t need to be tended the way that a stove top pressure cooker did.

However, I often found myself wishing that the IP had come with a really great manual that would unlock more of its secrets. Sadly, as any IP user knows, its accompanying instruction booklet leaves a great deal to be desired.

Happily, Daniel Shumski, author of Will It Waffle and Will It Skillet, has leaped into the void that the IP manufacturers left and has written a book that I believe will become the defacto user’s guide to this valuable little appliance. It’s called How to Instant Pot and has already vastly expanded my Instant Pot horizons.

The book opens with a chapter designed to demystify the machine itself. You’ll discover what all the buttons do (I’ll confess that up until the moment I opened this book, I had only ever ventured to used the yogurt, manual, and cancel buttons), how to set it up, the best ways to clean the devise, and even how to convert your favorite recipes to use the IP.

From there, the book is broken down by device functions. Instant Pots are designed to pressure cook, slow cook, make rice, make yogurt, and steam. Dan addresses each one of those functions, teaches you how to use that setting, and then serves up a bevy of tasty recipes that utilize that IP feature. (He even makes blueberry jam in the IP, using the slow cook setting. I will definitely be trying that.)

From the Fragrant Lamb and Chickpea Stew (page 47) to the Parmesan Bread Pudding with Bacon and Broccoli (page 190), there is so much in this book that I want to try. It has opened up a world of IP possibilities and I can’t wait to dig in.

Thanks to Dan and Workman Publishing, I have a copy of this handy book to give away this week. Use the widget below to enter!

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Disclosure: Workman Publishing provided the copy you see pictured here and the copy I’m giving away, both at no cost to me. No additional compensation was provided. All thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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173 responses to “Giveaway: How to Instant Pot”

  1. I didn’t have a pressure cooker before, so my IP has finally allowed me to make good beans, especially chick peas! Rice, root veggies, iced tea, and a few others have become staples, but I’d love to do more!

  2. I haven’t got one of these yet, but it looks like it would be so useful. so a book explaining how to use it well would be a great asset.

  3. I’m on the fence about the instant pot… I have two stove top pressure cookers that I love. I do miss the plug it in and forget it convenient aspects of my slow cookers (lasted almost forever, but the one I tried replacing with twice smelled of melting plastic – so I gave up earlier this year). My husband actually wants the InstantPot more than me. Since it’s on his Christmas list, he’s getting it and this book!

  4. slowly learning….. real slow….!!! from what i read before, i thought there was a button just for slow cooking and a button for pressure cooking. trial and error.. be nice to have soups, stews for fall eating with a loaf of crusty bread….

  5. I do not have an Instant Pot, but I was thinking about getting one because I am having trouble cooking rice on my stove. I just moved, and adjusting to the stove change is no fun.

  6. I have an instant pot and I love it for cooking beans and rice. I would love to use it to make more meals, especially recipes for weeknight dinners.

  7. I would love this. The rice instructions are non-existent, and other steps have been a slow learning curve so far. I’ve made AMAZING chicken & turkey stock, however!

  8. I haven’t used one yet, but I have an old-style pressure cooker and a couple of slow cookers, so I have the general idea. A multi-use electric cooker sounds great!

  9. I LOVE my instant pot! The basics are what make me happy – hard boiled eggs, rice, stock, beans, etc. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love the instant pot. My two favorite items so far are the New York Times recipe for Pho broth (super fast and delicious) and no fuss, no muss polenta that takes under half an hour which includes heat up and de-pressure time.

  11. Great little appliance. My two favorite items so far are the New York Times recipe for Pho broth (super fast and delicious) and no fuss, no muss polenta that takes under half an hour which includes heat up and de-pressure time.

  12. I have finally made hardboiled eggs that come out perfectly every time, and of course it’s a game changer in the bean cooking department. Can’t wait to learn more useful recipes and tips!

  13. We use ours pretty regularly just for making stock, yogurt, or beans – but I’d love to learn how to do more! This looks like a great book.

  14. I haven’t yet gotten one, but my best friend has one she is scared to use! I would love to win this for her so she/we can figure it out and decide if one needs to come live at my house 🙂

  15. I haven’t gotten one yet but am waffling (pun totally intended) between the instant pot and replacing my stovetop pc that I recently cooked dry and ruined the inside finish (apparently needed a new gasket but now need a new pan-Sigh).

    I like pressure cooking beans, hard cooking eggs, love the way the flavors are already married in soups, and think pc cheesecake is phenomenal but the appeal of the instant pot is that it would replace more than my pressure cooker. If I used all its features…

  16. Even though I almost exclusively use my Instant Pot for yogurt, rice and pork carnitas, I still think the instant pot is a worthwhile appliance. My boyfriend even recently decided it deserved a permanent spot on the counter so we had to shuffle a few things around. He complained that he wished it was a little smaller, so I clued him into the 3 quart size, which I think would we perfect for what I use it for. Maybe Christmas?

  17. Oh, I need this book. I got an InstantPot last xmas and have used it, but finding recipes online is tedious and the book that came with it is practically useless. Chili in the instantpot is divine! Also, I eat polenta far more often now than I used to. It’s so easy. I just need more recipes.

  18. I have had my Instant Pot for about 18 months now, and I really like it. I do not use it nearly enough though! I have really liked using it for making stock, making chili (I love the saute feature before going into slow cooker mode), and also for making beef stew. I know that there are more recipes I could try, perhaps this book will inspire me!

  19. I got one this summer and love it! Guess what my son and daughter-in-law are getting for Christmas!!! Did you know you can do a “New England Stuffed Pumpkin” in your Instant Pot??

  20. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but I bought one a year ago and still haven’t used it. This book sounds great to help push me into exploring it!

  21. We just got an instant pot and have yet to use it… I don’t really know what to do! This book would be a great help.

  22. I take a frozen chicken breast……with bones or without…..and in 30 minutes its done and ready to become what ever…..salad, soup….etc.

  23. I don’t have an Instant Pot, but I am intriqued by them. Would love to have one. Experimenting in the kitchen is always fun.

  24. I’ve never used it. We aren’t big meat eaters so I’ve been slow to start using gadgets like this but it’s cool that you can use it to make yogurt and beans! I’d definitely give it a shot.

  25. Santa shared that I’ll be getting one as an early Christmas gift. Santa likely has it, and can’t keep a secret long enough to surprise me. Looking for recipes, hoping to make soups and curries, yogurt as well.

  26. I don’t have an IP and honestly I’m on the fence about it. I love my vintage enameled pots, cast iron Dutch ovens and my Japanese clay pot rice cooker but not so sold on an electric machine. I need to see and hear more about it.

  27. I’ve been wanting one, keep hearing about them, and right now feel like the girl who didn’t get picked for the dodgeball team because I don’t have one! This book will inspire me, and just in time to receive an instapot for Christmas!

  28. We have an instant pot but I struggle with recipes. This would be a great addition to our cookbooks so thast we get more use out of the instant pot

  29. I am just now starting to use a pressure cooker and I’m struggling a bit – there is a learning curve, isn’t there? So I’m looking for a good cookbook to help with that. Thanks for the review – it was quite helpful.

  30. We have an Instapot! I love to make Nom Nom Paleo’s Mexican Beef. It’s quick and easy. Oh, and hard boiled eggs are a snap!

  31. I’m still figuring out how to cook lamb but the best thing I’ve made in the Instant Pot was actually a lamb and corn stew. So great to get the meat really tender that quickly!

  32. I have one, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m just not sure on how to use it and all. This book would probably help alot. My brother does chicken wings in his. It would be fun to try.

  33. I have had one for a couple months, but have not used it as much as I would like. Have used it for dinners and to cook collards and other greens
    Want to try rice and yogurt next!

  34. Sorry, but I don’t own an Instant Pot but it is on my Christmas wish list.
    Looks like a Wonderful book and sure would be handy to have if and when I get my IP
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  35. A few people I know have Instant Pots, but all I hear about is the yogurt making function. I would like a newer version of a slow cooker, so maybe this will fit into our household in the future.

  36. I am not an IP user… yet. It seems to replace many appliances we currently use, & seems like a good way to consolidate our kitchen clutter into one unit. Plus everyone seems so pleased with it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I have heard so much about the IP and all the things you can do quickly. I am gone most of the day so even a slow cooker is not useful except on weekends. I think an IP would be useful – and I’m very intrigued about the yogurt! Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. I love my pressure cooker and microwaves are handy. I bought a slow cooker and need to use it more. I don’t think I’d buy an IP. However, my son who is living in a basement apartment without a real kitchen would find an IP handy. It also would be helpful for college students without a kitchen.

  39. Before I got my Instant Pot, I made rice maybe once a month at the most. Twice, if I was making soup. I finally started making beans in my dutch oven over the last year, but only on weekend and only if I had enough time (making overnight beans resulted in them being too mushy for my tastes).

    With the Instant Pot? I make beans and/or rice almost weekly. This past weekend, I made mjedra (lentils and rice) plus lentils with sausage and preserved mandarins for workweek lunches, canellini beans & ham soup, rice balls with spicy mayo and tuna inside, and fried rice with planned/leftover rice.

  40. I love making the easy pork (or chicken) chile verde recipe from Serious Eats. Literally all you do is chop up peppers tomatillos and meat and then out comes a great stew.

  41. I use the Instant Pot for quick chicken, pork, London Broil. Have used it with potatoes and veggies for soups, rice. Mostly trial and error with good results. I love it but would like to have a good cookbook to go with it. Thank you! J.

  42. I’ll use it for braises and rice. Have friends that have used it and they say it amazing. Good food in a short period of time is my kind of cooking. Thanks!

  43. My sister bought me one. I don’t use it as often as I should, but I do consistently take it along to my brother’s beach cabin. So nice to set and forget, then come back in from the cold with a warm meal waiting!

  44. I got mine on a past Prime Day but sadly have not used it after the first flurry of excitement. Is love to win this book but will consider buying it if I dont!

  45. Not exactly yet – I do have a 4 qt electric pressure cooker that’s not IP brand and I do use that occasionally, but have my eye on getting the actual IP (just for ease of functions and I want the stainless steel interior). I love making bone-in chicken legs/thighs in my EPC in 12 minutes!

  46. Yogurt, of course, But I love how beets are now an everyday vegetable, both warm and as a salad ingredient. And how easy ‘roasted’ garlic and marmalade have become.

  47. I’m in the market to replace my old rice cooker and was thinking about getting an instant pot. This might tip me in its favor.

  48. ….. I dont have an Instant pot ..(YET!) but the more I hear about it the more I would love one. Christmas is coming… and I do hope someone is listening!! I can’t wait to try it out.

  49. I don’t have one but have heard so much positive comments that I now want one. Hope I win or maybe get one for Christmas.

  50. I was skeptical at first, but I took advantage of a great sale on Amazon, and am now a convert! I love my instant pot. Right now my favorite recipe is a simple pork roast/pulled pork that becomes tins of different meals for the week.

  51. I love using my Instant Pot, and my family agrees that stews, beans, braised cuts of pork or beef, and hot multi grain oatmeal is no fuss and all yum!

  52. I need to get inspired to use my instant pot more. The podcast this week was great for getting me on my way, this book will help even more!

  53. Believe it or not, my daughter joined weight watchers online and they have instant pot recipes. This would probably be a great help for her and the rest of us.

  54. I was given one as a gift and, to be honest, it’s still in the box. I use my crockpot and my rice cooker, but I just haven’t used the instant pot. I think I have gadget fatigue 😀

  55. I LOVE my instant pot! It totally replaced my stovetop pressure cooker. I use it for all sorts of things, Skinnytaste has a lot of recipes for it. Last week I made Chicken Cacciatore in it!

  56. I’m considering an Instant Pot. We are replacing a lot of our kitchen due to a fire, (Not caused by my cooking!!) So I’m trying to take my time and get what really works for me. Thanks for this opportunity!

  57. I am new to the instant pot. I like it but I need to learn to cook more things. My favorite thing to cook in it is ribs.

  58. Chicken soup! I love that I can add some veggies and a couple of frozen chicken thighs and have delicious soup in 30 minutes. My favourite combo is chicken, sweet potato and carrot with cumin and curry. I add some chopped kale at the end. Perfect!

  59. Don’t have one, have not seen one, and have not used one, of course. Have only heard enough about them to be curious what I’m missing. Based upon this post, now I want one!! I do use the slow cookers (often several at a time) for mass cooking adventures and entertaining. This sounds like a good additional appliance, as would the book for the care and feeding of it.

  60. I don’t have one but I am interested! Anything to make cooking easier after work is a win! Hmmm, I think I’d try Mac n cheese first.

  61. I have bought one but we are in the process of remodeling and moving to another house so I have not used it. I can not wait to get the electricity in the house so I can join the craze.

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