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August 2, 2011(updated on October 3, 2018)

Every Sunday Monday (oops) night, I feature a few photos from the Food in Jars Flickr group here on the blog. These are just a few pretties from the last week. If you’d like to see your photo featured in this site, please head over to Flickr, join the group and start adding your images.

Sea Bean Pickles!

Pickled sea beans from A Year in Food. They do seem somehow otherworldly.


An impressive world of tomato products from Jodie.

lunch in jars

A summery lunch of foods in jars from Sarah and Aaron.

marionberry jam

Gorgeous marionberry jam in Weck jars from clairelynn. There’s something about this photo that I just love.

Cherry Infused Vodka

Cherry-infused vodka. Oh yes. From Jessica. She’s another Portlander who finds herself living on the east coast. Comrade!


Pre-jarred roasted tomatoes from Melissa of Bridgman Pottery. Mmm.


Half-gallon (!) jars of pickles from Jennifer/Mama Urchin. She writes the blog Putting By and was the source of my apricot rosemary jam inspiration.

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8 thoughts on "From the Food in Jars Flickr Group"

  • I wanted to tell you that I really love the new look of your site. I used to read it, then kind of stopped for awhile, and when I recently rediscovered you I was really impressed with your design. Nice job!

  • I have about 6 half gallon jars, and I love them! My hubbs talked me into doing some whole, barrel-style pickles in them and it looks so cool. I never run out of uses for them, I really should get more.

    1. That being said, they’re not really recommended by the USDA anymore, and I’d only use them for pickles or jams/jellys (though I couldn’t imagine that much jam in one jar).

  • Those half-gallon pickle jars can also sub for work-out weights in a pinch. I canned more pickles yesterday and ran out of my normal wide-mouthed quarts and had to use pints, my goodness they hold a lot fewer pickles than a half-gallon jar. Thanks for including them!

  • I love your blog. LOVE. My current obsession (oh yes, I’m obsessed) is putting up the local harvest in jars. We are driving from Pittsburgh to Bucks County this weekend to visit my father with a stopover in PA Dutch country. I’ve already informed everyone that I’m reserving the night we arrive for canning everything I buy at farms along the way! Thanks for all the insight, instruction, and inspiration!

  • OOOOOOOO, a Food in Jars Flickr Group – YAY. I so love flickr and the community there, love seeing other’s photos – especially featuring canning. Can’t wait to head on over & join!

  • Thanks so much for including my boozy cherries! Love the website and the Flickr group; I find a lot of inspiration there.