A Food in Jars Workshop at the Rowe Center

September 7, 2013(updated on March 20, 2022)
six cases of jars

As you might have noticed, I teach a lot of canning classes and workshops. Most of the time, these events are just two or three hours long. It’s enough to hit the high points, work through a recipe, and get people comfortable with the basics of boiling water bath canning. But it’s not always enough, particularly for those of you who want to go a little deeper with your canning knowledge.

So this fall, I’m trying something new. I’ve teamed up with the Rowe Center (a camp and conference center based in Western Mass) to offer a weekend long canning workshop. The workshop will be a three-day, hands on canning extravaganza that will focus in on the many different ways to preserve autumn fruit.

We’ll make applesauce, apple butter, roasted quince chutney, pickled Asian pears, pear vanilla jam, apple mint jelly and apple rosemary jam and in doing so, make nearly every style of sweet and puckery preserve I know. Participants will go home with a jar of everything we make, along with a far deeper understanding of preserving.

This workshop will start on the evening of Friday, November 1 and will run through to the afternoon of Sunday, November 3. The workshop fee is based on a sliding scale and there are a number of different housing options and price-points.

I do hope some of you will join me for this week. I think it’s going to be fun!

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17 thoughts on "A Food in Jars Workshop at the Rowe Center"

    1. It will just be BWB, but I will be happy to talk about pressure canning and answer any questions you have about it.

  • Hi Marisa: I’m close enough to commute to the workshop (I live about 90 minutes away in Albany) and was wondering if you have an idea of the start/end times for each day….is it like the “Typical Weekend Conference Schedule” on their website?

    It would be helpful to know as I’m not planning to be there for some of the meals, and at that time of year it’s good to have an idea of whether I’ll be driving in daylight or darkness.

    Thanks! Deb

  • This sounds like a great class. I hope that my part of the country will encourage new canners with a similar class.

  • Oh how I wish I lived in that part of the country. Maybe something in the midwest next fall. I would be glad to search for a conference center here in the St. Louis/IL area.

  • I agree with Susan… I so wish i lived closer… Something in the St Louis area would be AWESOME! or somewhere in the midwest region… 🙂

  • Is it possible to join for just the Saturday sessions? After your (wonderful) tomato workshop in Brooklyn I’d love to do an in-depth day, but can’t get away for the whole weekend. Thanks,

    1. Rebekah, I honestly don’t know. I’m not handling registration for this workshop, Rowe is. But you could call them and ask them.

  • Oh, this looks like DO much fun, and much closer than the Philly events (I live in eastern New Hampshire). Please please please tell me you’ll try really hard to do this again next year so I can save up to go – even with their wonderfully kind sliding scale and work-trade opportunities there’s just no way at all I can swing the money, but if I started putting money away now, by this time next year…