Food in Jars is a GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee

November 3, 2012(updated on February 3, 2023)

Oh friends, something inexplicably delightful and wonderful has happened. My little cookbook has been nominated for a 2012 GoodReads Choice Award!

Let me tell you, 2012 was a VERY good year for food and cookbooks. In this first round of voting, I am one in a field of 15, including The Homemade Pantry, Dinner: A Love Story, My Berlin Kitchen, The Art of Fermentation and the Joy the Baker Cookbook. I am unspeakable honored to be listed among titles like these.

If you’d like to vote for Food in Jars, you can do so by going here. I do believe that you need to have a GoodReads account, but sign up is fairly easy. While you’re there, make sure to add me as a friend! And thank you all for your continuing enthusiasm and support for what I do here. It means a lot.

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9 thoughts on "Food in Jars is a GoodReads Choice Awards Nominee"

  • Vote has been cast!! Congratulations! I’m not surprised at all – this “little book” has become my canning bible in a few short months. I’ve bought a couple copies for other people, and recommended it to anyone who would listen!!

  • Congrats! I love your blog and your book is great. I do have one negative comment. I follow you on twitter and I found your tweet during hurricane sandy pushing your canning class a bit insensitive/bad timing. I believe it went something along the lines of does this storm have you wishing you knew how to can? Take my canning class… This was not a time to be promoting yourself/class. Especially since you are from the area that was hit.

    1. Hi Sesily. I understand your critique of my tweet on Monday night and I apologize if it offended you. In hindsight, with the full knowledge of how much devastation was wrought by the storm, I am aware of how misplaced it seems. At the time, I was loopy from a day of fear and worry and storm warnings (forecasts were saying that there was a high possibility that the winds in my apartment were going to blow out from 100 mile an hour winds. I am so very grateful it did not happen) and thought it somehow timely. I was wrong. Again, my apologies.

  • congratulations, Marisa! What an honor. It does seem that 2012 has the best blogger cookbooks for sure. Love your book.