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April 7, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


This time of year, I am ready for color. Enough of the muted browns and oranges of winter. I want bright! vivid! hues! Around the mid-Atlantic, we’re still a few weeks away from the start of the vibrant season, but I’ve found a book to tide me over until the strawberries and tomatoes.

Ripe spine

Ripe was written by Cheryl Sternman Rule and photographed by Paulette Phlipot. Bursting with colors and images, it is a joy for the eyes (if you don’t believe me, find a copy and look at the pomelo on page 132). Unlike most cookbooks that rely on either seasons or recipe genres for organization, the recipes in this one are in rainbow order.

Green Pea Tabbouleh

This book isn’t just photos and recipes. Cheryl has packed it full with features on specific fruits and vegetables. Wait, scratch that. Feature is decidedly the wrong word. These are actually mediations, centered around apricots, leeks and tomatoes. If you ask me, we should all spend more time contemplating and appreciating our food.

honey spiced pears over oatmeal

Since getting my hands on the book a few weeks ago, I’ve marked nearly half the pages with little sticky flags and fully intend to spend my summer and fall cooking my through my selections. Like those honey spiced pears you see above. I can’t wait to try those over oatmeal or on yogurt.

about the author and photographer

You can find more of Cheryl’s writing over at her blog, 5 Second Rule. Paulette’s photography lives here.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of Ripe for review purposes. However, my opinions are all my own. 

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10 thoughts on "Cookbook: Ripe"

  • I am loving that book. It is actually just beside me on my desk as I read your post. I did NOT receive a free copy to review but my thoughts are just as glowing as yours, and the things I’ve cooked from it have been amazing. I was actually just waxing rhapsodic about the “red” quinoa chili yesterday:

    And I’m excited for your cookbook as well. We do a lot of canning in the summer (or when I empty out the freezer, like a couple weeks ago, & make 5 batches of jam in a day). I am always looking for inspiring recipes, and I look forward to having yours on my shelf!

    1. Just based on this post, and the mention that recipes are in rainbow order, I would say go with RIPE. I have Plenty and it does not have the variety I really was looking for.

  • What a gorgeous cookbook: Exactly the pop of color I needed this morning. I’ll have to take a peek at this one.

  • Marisa! Thank you very much for sharing Ripe with your readers. Paulette and I are so excited by how many people have responded enthusiastically to the book, especially given that it’s still so new. I hope you make those caramelized pears soon and love them as much as we both do!