Cookbooks: Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

It is stunning to me how much the world of information around canning, preserving andΒ  DIY food arts has expanded in the last couple of years. When I first started this blog in early 2009, it was so easy to be familiar with the canon of books on the topic. I had them all and they took up about 18 inches of space on the bookshelf.

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Then suddenly, a new wave of books started to flow onto the market. One of the best of this first round was Karen Solomon’s Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It. It offered instruction on canning, easy home dairy items and a variety of other projects that were universally welcomed by home cooks who wanted slightly more control over their food.

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Karen recently published a follow-up volume called Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It that is just as delightful as her first book. It includes a handful traditional preserves, as well as instructions for homemade cereals (cornflakes! puffed rice!), miso, rice milk, smoked nutsΒ  and so much more.

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

For those of you who were intrigued but overwhelmed by Charcutepalooza and its many meaty challenges, you’re going to want to take a peek at the Hunt It section of the book. Karen has included a series of accessible, easy to follow recipes for corned beef, pastrami and hot dogs (as well as instructions for how to transform those hot dogs into corn dogs.

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Every time I sit down with this book for more than a few minutes, I start to itch for the kitchen. The urge to cook become irresistible. My apartment has seen her Sesame Rosemary Granola, the Basic Barbecue Sauce and the Pickled Grapes (so good).

Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It

Last fall when I was in San Francisco, I got to meet Karen. We were both judges at the Good Food Awards and during a break in the tasting, she bought me a cup of coffee and we shared tales of obsessive preserving and cookbook writing. Somehow, that led to a request that I write a blurb for the book’s back cover. Entirely flattered, I was thrilled to do it.

All that said, here’s the point I really want to make. Even if I’d never known the first book, never met Karen and never spent hours pouring over a xeroxed galley copy trying to concisely say why I thought it was so good, I would still like this book. The recipes are super solid. The head notes are full of personality. And the pictures are pretty. It’s definitely a buy it, use it, love it book.

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892 responses to “Cookbooks: Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It”

  1. My list of kitchen projects that I want to try far exceeds my free time or kitchen space. Right now, I am dreaming of making lemon-lime marmalade, liqueurs in every summery fruit flavor and bacon from Karen Solomon’s first book. I am very excited to see her next book!

  2. Oh, man. The big kitchen project I need to tackle this year is doing something (anything!) with the deluge of blackberries I’m facing this month. We have 3 super-productive bushes, and seriously, how much jam and jelly can 2 people eat in a year???

    • Susteph,
      I’m more than willing to help take some of those blackberries off your hands. Haha! Our 2 blackberry bushes aren’t doing so well this year.

    • Susteph,
      While I don’t have any plants on my apt patio – I did purchase quite a few and am right now making Blackberry Cordial. I will bottle it (label and bottle hood) and place a hang tag on the bottle with a couple of recipes (Steak Diane) for usage. Also making blackberry vinegar and will do the same thing. You are sooo lucky to have so many! Wanna share? πŸ™‚

  3. Someday, I will get the second pantry put together and have a place to store all my odd size baking dishes and my giant stockpot. Someday…

  4. This book sounds great. I am just starting out with different things lke canning, dehydrating and my husband doing the smoking. It has taken time to gather things needed and now to get things organized in small spaces in my kitchen. proect in the making. Maybe I can talk him into building a canning,/ smoke house for us to work in one day. Thanks for shaing so much info.

  5. Oh the joys of possibly receiving the book you offer! YUM! What an adventure that will be! It would be very comparable to the adventure that I want to make in my kitchen… taking a 4 year old normal kitchen and make it into an old farmhouse style kitchen, using floor to ceiling shelving instead of cupboards and having a pantry, too–complete with a screen door on the pantry to keep my kitties out!

  6. I’m a new canner getting ready to travel for at least a year on my sailboat. Self sufficiency is my big goal and my project is to basically plan our staple foods for a year and get lots of recipes scanned for later. Making my own cornflakes like in that picture sounds awesome!

  7. I would LOVE to conquer canning. Still intimidated, but I have spent this past week of vacation trying purchased cans of asparagus pickles, the beginning of my desire to learn. Ive had PERFECT ones, woody ones, and some that are yellow and TOOOOOOOOOO vinegary. Heading over to another post. BUT as for the question, I will learn to can. I hope to begin with PEAR relish!

  8. I would love to try something completely new like making gourmet mustards by growing my own mustard plants. I do mostly baking, so developing recipes for mustards would be a fun challenge. This book looks inspirational!

  9. I want to can as well. It was something I did growing up with my grandpa and he is gone now, would love to bring those memories back more. That and I want to be able to sustain my family and feed them better food!

  10. I love Karen’s first book. This one looks great as well.
    The project I wish to tackle is to try creating smoked salt.

  11. I love canning…. love, love, love collecting canning cookbooks (even old books that I think *might* have a canning reciepe in them). My never ending project is to actually get labels on my canned goods…. so easy to prepare, can and let cool… then I totally fail at labeling. A happy jar is a full jar! πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve tackled water bath canning enough times that I think I’m ready to try out pressure canning. Now to figure out the supplies and not be afraid of a pressure canner!

  13. I just discovered this website via Smitten Kitchen, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did! I’ve done a little cucumber pickling, but my goal is to do some other-veggie pickling… cocktail onions, green beans, carrots! Beets? Garlic? You name it, I want to eat it, pickled.

  14. While I have canned and frozen foods for many years we are making an attempt to delve into dehydrating and smoking meats. I would love to learn more about herbs, growing and preserving them and using them.

  15. I want to learn to can … growing up I remember Mom and both Grandmothers canning, often, but sadly, this was not passed down. They made jams and bottled cherries, peaches, apricots, you name it – all delicious!

  16. I have tackled quite a few things lately. The one I still haven’t gotten to is canning tomato sauce. I’d like to can spaghetti sauce, but I’ll settle for a bunch of homemade tomato sauce that I can use during the winter instead of the canned goods we buy now.

  17. i’m excited to try pressure canning (mom’s getting me the canner for christmas) and i borrowed my friends dehydrator, learning that… took the master preservers course at the cooperative extension… i’m hoping to build a cold smoker this fall so i can do smoked cheese, sausages, and chipotles… i already have 3 smokers… (1 propane, 1 electric, and 1 wood/coal) lol… big plans!!!!

  18. I have too many appliances and gadgets that I’ve never used…and they’ve collected dust, taken up space and are neglected! I need to purge and organize.

  19. I need to get the kitchen painted- coral cabinet doors, aqua cabinets, white walls and coral trim above the cabinets- all to go with the aqua boomerang formica….

    I’ll feel like the kitchen actually looks clean since it’s so dingy in spite of scrubbing now.

  20. I have a list of kitchen projects I’d like to tackle! I’ve ventured into jelly/jam making a few times, but need much work on my technique and would love to do a chutney. But perhaps the thing that most intrigues me is cheese making. I’m planning on starting with easier cheeses – queso fresco tops my list – and have contemplated perhaps taking the easy way out and starting with a kit. I feel like I’m still such a novice in the kitchen, it can feel a bit overwhelming thinking about all the things I’ve to learn and undertake!

  21. In the last 3 weeks I have made/started: basil liquer, brandied cherries, butter, mint-cherry liquer, pickled green tomatoes, cherry marmelade, and cherry jam. Tomorrow I am pickling zucchini and canning tomatoes. Full throttle!

    I really want to learn how to brew my own beer and make my own kefir…

  22. In the last three weeks I have made/started basil liquer, brandied cherries, cherry-mint liquer, cherry marmalade, cherry jam, butter, and pickled green tomatoes. Tomorrow I am pickling zucchini and canning tomatoes.

    I really want to brew my own beer and make my own kefir!

  23. Tomatoes are in full season here so my next week will be concerned with all things tomato. Salsa (can I can?), stewed, sauced, juiced, roasted and BLT (hold the L).

  24. I have many kitchen projects I would like to tackle, but one of the biggest (to me, at least) is mastering a from-scratch pie crust. It was one of my resolutions this year, and I need to just do it. πŸ™‚

  25. Sounds like a fantastic book! I was a vegitarian for most of my youth and though I love to eat meat now I have no idea how to cook it (other than roasted chickens). I have been eyeing goat recipes of all things and would love to learn to cook it.

  26. Cheesemaking. Creating a workable pantry. Figuring out a way to make a really good blood orange shrub. The list could go on and on πŸ™‚

  27. My project is to organize all my canning supplies. Maybe set my husband up for a Honey Do cupboard to store all the big equipment. Then I would have room for all my cookbooks and hopefully this new one. I am a cookbook junkie and hoarder I have my Mothers and Mother In Laws books from 1932 when they were married. Very interesting reads.

  28. Just one job? πŸ˜‰ I need to tackle a bucket of currants tomorrow…jam?…and teach my sister how to can in the process. When I get back home I’m intending to steal the green walnuts off my neighbour’s tree to make nocino!

  29. Today I just completed my last goal which was to pressure can home made chicken and beef stock. Yeah! The next goal I’ve been avoiding is learning to bake Cuban bread. I haven’t found a Cuban bakery in the Seattle area so it’s time to learn to make my own.

  30. I am wanting to make my own cheese. Being a born and raised Wisconsin girl I feel it is something I should try in my own kitchen at least once.

  31. This is my first time posting here. What I really to do is can a lot of things like we used to do. My youngest daughter didn’t know you could get tomatoes in a can until she was 10 years old.

  32. I want to make some dilly beans when my next picking of beans is large enough. My son complained mightily last night when I froze the 2 gallons I had picked instead of making dilly beans πŸ˜€

  33. I already do just about everything I can with edibles, herbs, meat and even dry flowers, plants and seed pods and make wreathes from woodland findings here in the Santa Cruz mountains in California. It is always fun to find something new and I believe I will in the give-away book you have to offer this week. Thanks for the chance to win and for your great blogs!

  34. The next kitchen project is a complete gut and remodel. While I love the original 1950’s styling, the small plywood cupboards do not have enough space except for the very basics, do not have enough depth for a built in dishwasher and the cupboards underneath the drawers are always filled with sawdust. Can’t wait!

  35. I would love to process my own meat when my husband comes home with a moose. I want to learn how to make my own sausage!!

  36. would love to finally try making fruit leather, as it’s just so hard to snack on a handful of jam on the go…

  37. I just ordered 2 boxes of pickling cucumbers and 48 lbs of peaches. I found a recipe for a peach jalapeno jelly and can’t wait to try it!!!

  38. My current kitchen project is trying to teach my teenage daughter how to turn the knob on the dishwasher! LOL! Once I conquer that feat, I’d love to write a cookbook just like Karen’s. And until then, I’d love to have a copy of this book!

  39. My next kitchen project is to grind breakfast sausuage this weekend, use the bones to make pork stock, and think of something to do with the 12 pounds of tomatoes that are left over from making salsa yesterday.

  40. The new book looks great; we love the first one. We’re picking peaches this morning and putting them up this afternoon – –

  41. I would like to design and have made (by my husband) a vertical pot rack on one end of my kitchen island. After 50+ years of marriage I deserve one! Also looking for a new jelly making pot! While making basil peach jam last year my old enamel jelly pan suffered a bad scorch. It was so good , we were able to salvage some of it.

    The corn flake recipe intrigues me, hope I win the new give-away!

  42. New to canning but got the hang of jams, jellies and preserves…would love to start on other things like veggies and sauces for the winter. Can’t believe I started all this at almost 60 years old! Who knew I would love it….even more than quilting!

  43. I would like to build maybe 4″ wide shelves with sliding doors to hold my canned goods ~ just narrow the dining room by that 5″ all along one wall! I only have 3 walls because my guests can sit in the dining room and see everything that’s going on in the kitchen.

  44. My husband is an avid fisherman and we are running out of freezer space with dish, I’d love to try to can salmon sometime

  45. I want to get all my summer canning done before the doctor ok’s my knee replacement surgery. Salsa verde, jams, jellies, so many pears to can. Clean out the basement to make more room for my canned goods. So much to do, so little time. And wouldn’t it be nice to make my own hotdogs so that I’d know what REALLY goes into them.

  46. I would love to refinish the floors in our kitchen! Cooking wise, I have been wanting to make crockpot yogurt and ricotta cheese for some time…maybe this week!

  47. the last time I tried to make jam, I terribly failed. I ended up with two jars of balsamic strawberry syrup. so I still need to tackle the jam making. I think with more knowledge behind me I can do it. oh and bake a pie. that’s been on my list for a looong time now.

  48. My next project should be cleaning out the pantry, but will more realistically be making a peach pie:@)

  49. Nocino! Finally, something to do with those walnut trees sprouting in my yard. (And if I miss this season… walnut ice cream!)

  50. Cheesemaking & pressure canning are the top two on my list. But first I need to make an inventory of everything I’ve canned so far this season!

  51. I just moved into a new house, so my biggest kitchen project is getting everything organized! Right now everything is shoved into cabinets and drawers , and I can’t find anything!

  52. Just washed 4 bushels of green apples. We’ll be making apple butter and pepper apple preserves today. Canning tomorrow. Then, something fun with the skins!

  53. hey! I’m going to try for this lovely book too! what fun! the one thing in the kitchen I have been wanting to tackle forever and haven’t yet is making homemade pasta. I really have to get on that!

  54. Sourdough in all it’s complexity. I just spent a week experimenting with a starter I was given but it was very lazy so now it’s resting in the refrigerator until I try it again. I ordered a free sample of Carl’s 150 year old sourdough starter and am waiting to try that one.
    I am new to your site but enjoying it very much.

  55. I’ve started canning for the first time this year and am loving it. My two goals for the remainder of the season are to can plenty of salsa and plenty of applesauce.

  56. Oh boy a kitchen project. We are renovating an 1860s farmhouse so there are so many to choose from! This weekend we are tiling the mudroom floor and we are putting sheet rock on the what-will-soon-be-a-pantry walls! Very excited stuff! Thanks for a shot at winning such a great looking book!

  57. This book looks great. Homemade cornflakes? Soda syrups sound like a great Christmas gift idea.

    Next kitchen project is to clean out the spice cupboard. Lord only knows what is in the back of that bad boy.

  58. I’m going to figure out how to make a creamy fennel gratin. If I make it the traditional way, they separate. Delicious, but ugly. I want creamy.

    • You must try it. Making your own cordials is almost too easy. All you need is patience as it can require several weeks or months before you can taste your final product. One of the oddest yet amazingly delicious is “nocchino” made out of fresh, black walnuts still in their casings and a few simple spices. Super easy.

  59. Canning anything smoked, fish or meat. I say anything because I’ve yet to conquer smoking. Then again, one has to try in order to conquer. πŸ™‚ First I really need to get those two HUGE turkeys out of my freezer, get them cooked and can them up into individual meals.

  60. I’d like to do pickled peppers. The garden isn’t thriving with so little rain, but the pepper plants haven’t seemed to notice πŸ™‚

  61. We have a huge kitchen project to tackle this winter. A very old built in stove and oven needs to come out which calls for some rebuilding of the present cabinets and counter tops.

  62. My tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. My project this week will be canning tomatoes. when I have enough sauce – I will start using the green tomatoes and peppers to make my husband’s Great Aunts recipe for Chow Chow.

  63. I need to give homemade sourdough another whack. My fiancee and I made a batch back in Florida, but it was so darned hot and humid that summer that anything we left out to rise when overly nuts, and so we never used the remaining starter before moving. Once the temperatures start coming down, perhaps North Carolina will be more forgiving.



  64. Writing my profile for online dating. I’m hoping to find someone who will be a kitchen companion. πŸ™‚ Kitchen-wise myself, I’m going to make several little Oriental dipping-type sauces, mostly from the book Asian Tapas, to take to a potluck for departing neighbors.

  65. I’ve got some end of season green tomatoes hanging on the vine. I want to try canning some green tomato salsa.

  66. I’d love to do more with tomatoes. Every year I can up the same sauce and that’s about it. I have a freezer full of little cherry tomatoes awaiting my creative spark.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  67. Get my freezer reorganized to store all of our goodies from our garden this year properly and find a place to store all of the jams and pickles that my husband and I have started making this year for the first time!!

  68. I also loved Karen’s first book, and made quite a few things from it – I’m excited to see she has a sequel! As for kitchen projects and ambitions, I’m hoping to get my master preservers certificate. I’m waiting until my kiddo enters school full time this fall, but it’s certainly an undertaking I’m ready for…

  69. I was just able to scratch “homemade mozzarella and ricotta” off my project list this weekend. Next up is a big batch of garlic sausage.

  70. I’m going to try making my Mothers mustard bean pickles. I used to love them as a kid, but haven’t had them in years! And if I can accomplish that, I’m going to attempt making pickled beets for Christmas presents!

  71. I need to find out ways to use whey. I have a lot of it leftover from making kefir cheese. I know there has to be something to do with it other than dump it on my compost pile!

  72. Kitchen project as in cooking or project project? If it’s cooking it probably would be a marinted roasted pepper for canning. If it’s a “real” project, we’re getting our new kitchen (that was built in the 60’s!) remodel. We’re at the design stage right but it’s ALL changing, paint, floor, cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting, patio door and a faucet on the stove wall is getting installed for my canning & hubby’s brewing πŸ™‚ We’re in the beginning steps, but I’ve been dreaming about this new kitchen since we bought the house 2 years ago! Oh, and we’re also putting a bookshelf on a counter’s end for all my cookbooks πŸ™‚

  73. I am going to try to figure out how to use up of the pesto I made this week. We have had it in pasta, on bread, in my first attempt at homemade mayo and we need one or two more meals to finish it off!

  74. i just started canning, and so far, i love it…. i would love to can some of the veggies that require a pressure cooker but the cooker freaks me out! i need to conquer my fear of the pressure cooker!

  75. I’ve definitely been wanting to try making cheeses-but I think my list of projects would change drastically with this book in hand!

  76. A new kitchen floor! Ok but that’s not really what you meant. Recently I’ve tackled cheese making, though canning season has pushed it out of the way. So I’m looking forward to trying more cheese making this Fall. Also wanting to smoke my own paprika from the peppers growing in the garden. Hopefully my husband will fire up the smoker this weekend and we’ll give the first red paprika pepper a try.

  77. I’m hoping some carrot apple butter is in my future within a couple weeks… our carrots are starting to really pop and the apple trees in Vermont look loaded this year compared to the less-than-desireable harvest last year. Thank you for all that you do with this blog – what great inspiration!

  78. Once I get past canning all the tomatoes in a variety of ways from the 100+ plants in my garden, I want to try my hand at making hot sauces from the habenero & other peppers. The book looks wonderful ~ thanks for the chance!

  79. I have so many projects in mind, I cannot choose just one. I just canned my first batch of anything two weeks ago. I started my own blog three days ago. I have tried making bacon (needs lots of tweeking/better recipe), we even tried smoking some of it in our charcoal grill (interesting to say the least). I would love to learn more about canning and I want to can everything! I would love to learn to make cheese, especially ricotta, mozzarella and goat cheese. But, right now, my first call of business is either baking bread or more canning. This winter, I plan on trying out more things (like making homemade dressing for Thanksgiving and canning cranberries). Thank you for a chance to win what looks like an amazing book and for sharing your awesome insight into your kitchen!

  80. We started our farm enterprise 10 years ago on leased land. Quickly realized our beef, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, open pollinated, heirloom vegetables, honey, geese, ducks and fruit are nothing like what is available anywhere else. We are ready to add grains and to preserve everything..we can the usual stuff and want to continue to let our CSA customers know of other ways and methods they can use to hold onto our food year round. Currently providing a variety of foodstuffs to hundreds of families, we would love a copy to share ideas and food preserving options. As farmers we have little cash but lots of good eats!

  81. I have a load of tomatoes here waiting to be transformed into something yummy. Salsa is definately on that list as I made 6 pints about 3 weeks ago and my husband just opened the last jar last night but I am interested in trying some tomato jam too. After that project is done it is on to organize my kitchen so that all of my canning stuff has its own place. I have started small batch canning on a regular basis and would love to have easier access to my equipment.

  82. My next kitchen challenge would be to make my own cheese. I also want to try fermenting some cabbage to make sauerkraut and cucumbers for sour pickles. I love playing in the kitchen.

  83. I’m going to go through all my canning supplies, jars, lids, seals, to make sure I’m ready to can spaghetti sauce when the tomatoes are ready!

  84. I’d love to win a copy of this book! My next big learning curve is going to be cheese making. And I’ll be dehydrating my herbs and would love to be able to learn to keep them in this Mississippi humidity! This book will inspire me to try some new things, homemade cornflakes?

  85. Yesterday was my latest “CANNINING PROJECT”. I made 10 1/2 pints of Peach Sauvignon Jam. It came out amazing!

  86. Looks like an awesome cook book. I read cook books just like novels….late @ nite…nothing better than to dream of making all the goodies. I collect cook books like the guys collect baseball cards…lol!

  87. This book sounds awesome! I’ve been needing to dehydrate eggs, make jelly and I’m waiting for this years tomatoes to started some roasted pizza sauce! Mmmmm…

  88. The Texas heat we have been having has done wonders for the jalapenos and cayennes in our very first garden. Problem is-I don’t know what to do with them all! I have heard you can dry them out, and I want to attempt this, but am a bit intimidated!

  89. My top non-food project is to finish painting the kitchen cabinet doors so they can be installed. My next food project is tackling peaches. I’d also like to start making artisan breads ( in 15 minutes a day), plus making my own butter & cheese!

  90. I’ve really got to get over my fear of pressure canning. I’ve done it a few times but some how it intimidates me.

  91. I have been wanting to make “Wickles”- wicked spicy pickles since my brother introduced me to them last summer.

  92. My upcoming project is sauerkraut. I have the old crock from my parents and am just waiting for the cooler temps in late Sept and Oct. With our high heat and humidity, I’d have a moldy mess on my hands if I started it now.

  93. I recently made a batch of Jalapeno Apple Jam – which is spectacular on pork, btw – and now itch to whip up some Ancho Strawberry Jam…

  94. I am in the process of trying to clean out a pantry closet to fit a small chest freezer. I have put a lot of food away this year in the form of canned goods and am hoping to be able to work on getting frozen meals (and parts of meals) put away in a deep freezer to make my cooking more efficient on those short winter days when all I want to do is come home and snuggle under a blanket.

  95. I’ve made the strawberry jam and lemon curd and ginger beer and a few other things from her last book, but I’ve been meaning to try the graham crackers and marshmallows so I can make our own s’mores. I may have to wait till Nov now though, seeing as how it’s 110 degrees here. But if I get them right, that could be an awesome Christmas basket, coupled with quart jars of homemade soup and the smoked chickens and tiny jars of sweet hot mustard we usually do!

  96. Just picked 8 eggplants from the garden this morning so putting up a few jars of Caponata is the order for the day! πŸ™‚

  97. This book sounds lovely! What I’d really love to do in the kitchen is actually chart out how many jars of jams and of each tomato product (ketchup, sauce, paste, etc.) I use and/or give away throughout the year so that I truly know how many I should do in the summer.

  98. I’ve been telling myself to get over my fear of working with yeast, and my project would be working up some pretzels! LOL I will do this….sometime!

  99. I want to put up 1×1 boards across my open shelves of bottles fruit to prevent the bottles from falling if ever there is an earthquake.

  100. I’m going to tackle a cherry tree. My friend has a sour cherry tree that is loaded with cherries way up top. After picking, I will be in the kitchen pitting and freezing cherries.

  101. I confess… I’m in Canada but have a US address it can ship to. I thought I’d give it a go just in case that’s enough as I would LOVE this book!

    My kitchen wish list includes the salsa canning for this year (need to quadruple the peach salsa output. Turns out we love it. Who knew?) And I dream of repainting and reversing the cupboard doors to hide that horrific 70s detailing. Ugh.

  102. I started canning when I was little by helping my grandma, and it is something I’ve done off and on throughout the years. I’m really pleased to see a resurgence, because it means many great new ideas and recipes. The kitchen project I would like to tackle is actually a cooking project – I want to learn to make my own corned beef. πŸ™‚

  103. …I have added this book to my Amazon Wish List and would love to win this! Decor’ wise in my kitchen, I need to repaint and restencil; cooking wise I would like to make use of a Pressure Cooker that I purchased some time ago and have never used. I dunno why that thing scares me so and I’ve heard they’ve come a long way since but nonetheless, I need to overcome my fear of it. lol… :o)

    …Thanks for the giveaway and have a wonderful weekend!

    …Blessings :o)

  104. This book looks amazing! I just googled it and sent a sample to my iPad.
    I took this week off to work on the gallons of blackberries and raspberries from my garden. I am making syrups today, soups and curries to pressure can from items in my freezer, and jams the rest of the week.

  105. The shiny new 16 quart pressure canner that I bought last year and was too intimidated to try out is taunting me. I have been practicing with a smaller pressure cooker and now may be ready to tackle the big one.

  106. I have been gone a lot the last two weeks and the CSA veggies are really stacked up in the fridge. So, my project today is to sort through everything and make a plan for it. Tomorrow, my neighbor and I hope to do some canning with a bounty of cucumbers she was given. I am calling this Veggie Weekend.

  107. Im am going to pick huckleberries near Lake Michigan for huckleberry pancakes. If I get enough, I’ll make some jam, too.

  108. I have been around canning for years (married into a family that seemingly does it in gargantuan batches instead of sleep) and never did it until the notion of SMALL batches appeared. Now I am gonna do it! I have some assorted stone fruits that might be good instead of apricots in the rosemary apricot jam (got a sprig of rosemary & ripening fruit; what to do?) and I just did 8 (count ’em!) pint jars of my husband’s favorite sweet pepper sandwich spread.

    The trick will be storage. hmmmmmmmm……….

  109. I would love to win this book! My project I would like to start is something (anything) with goat’s milk. I have a half gallon and need inspiration.

  110. Also I want Heather’s (up there comment number 102) for “Wickles – wicked spicy pickles” that definitely sounds like something I’d like πŸ™‚

  111. I would love to make all of my own condiments! I just made ketchup and pickles. I still need to make my own mustard, mayonnaise, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

  112. I just read this!! Great Book, indeed. I think my next canning venture is going to be trying to make tomato catsup. Although I’m debating on dipping my toe into the brining world and making lacto-pickles!

  113. I have an old cast iron countertop stove that I want to get set up for propane so I can take it outside to can and not heat up the house! And also figure out a way to store my bulk spices from Penzey’s in a way that looks nice and is functional. Thinking pint and/or half-pint canning jars…

  114. This book looks fabulous! I’d love to tackle salt- cured salmon and some smoked cheeses. We do smoked cheddar a lot but I’d like to try some other varieties…

  115. Right now I love to make pickles and would love to try pickled asparagus! I am looking forward to trying my hand at more homemade eats!

  116. I have two projects in the near future– cleaning out my oven (yuck!) and canning apples (applesauce, pie filling, etc). I’m interested in learning about smoking, so I will definitely be adding this book to my wish list. πŸ™‚

  117. I just bought a pressure canner! I just hope I can figure out how it works :/. My first pressure canning experiment is going to be chili-it gets cold here in Wisconsin!

  118. I would like to try making tempeh and eventually miso. I enjoy exploring thoe craft of frementation, with adventures in kombucha, kefir, water kefir, kraut, kimchi, ginger beer, and medicinal herbal beers. Tempeh and Miso are on the list as are some more interesting chutneys.

  119. I would like to try pressure canning. I have done lots of waterbath canning but I I’ve been browsing the selection of pressure canners online.

  120. I am wanting to try my hand at drying foods. Beef jerky, dried fruit~I need another avenue for the buckets of blueberries I get each year, and all manner of delicious things.

  121. I’d like to replace cabinet doors in my kitchen so that they all match (100 year old house, 3 different incarnations of cupboards!)

  122. I love the idea of narrow shelves for my canned goods & I hadn’t even considered smoking my own salt even though I love smoked salt. What I really need to do is empty & re organize my cabinets & pantry. (I’ll probably end up making smoked salt first, though!)

  123. I would share this book with my friend Tom. He’s single but has a huge garden and cans and freezes all his garden goodies and lives on them all winter. Two big projects need to be done in my kitchen, painting the walls and getting back in the habit of making my own bread.

  124. On a whim, I bought a whole mess of clearance Roma tomatoes at the store yesterday, so I’ve got to learn how to make and can tomato sauce today! No pressure, or anything.

  125. This book has been on my wish list! The kitchen project I’ll be tackling soon is Fermenting Vegetables. I’m slowly getting into the world of culturing and it’s baby steps for sure. I’ve accomplished Kombucha but still need to try sour dough, made milk kefir but would like to try water kefir. I actually took (& organzined) a course at our local Extension Office for water bath canning & am waiting for a course on pressure canning to can soups for the winter. So many goals, so little time. I’ve been so absorbed in all these tasks that I haven’t blogged a thing all summer πŸ™ Thank you for all you do!

  126. My big kitchen project(s) is/are to get all my cherry tomatoes sundried and canned and get ready for apple picking and canning at the end of the month

  127. I’m a college sophomore and I’ve been detached from a real kitchen for too long! I’m finally getting the chance to have my own kitchen in a few weeks and I’m determined (since I’ll be shopping from the ground up) to have everything be as homemade and natural as possible, from my jams and jellies to sauces, etc. I’ve been missing canning season!

  128. Paneer! It is essentially a fresh cheese and is apparently relatively easy to make, but it’s $9 for a small block in my local market. So expensive! I need my Indian food, and eating out does not fit into my budget or my lifestyle aspirations.

  129. I want to make Beef Jerky, then smoke it in our smoker (not exactly kitchen equipment!) to ‘pasteurize’.. mmmm

  130. Staying busy with canning from the garden but I want to can some pickled ginger. Saw this recipe recently and can’t wait to try it. The cookbook looks wonderful; would love to win it!!

  131. I always seem to have a project looming in the kitchen no matter how much time I dedicate to canning & jamming. However I have been putting off making a Shallot Confiture that takes 3 days to make for weeks now! I swear I’ll get to it soon, right after I put up the blueberries… I also have an unfounded fear of the pressure cooker I hope to get over.

  132. With the lack of rain, My peppers are not growing well {yet}. I am so anxious to get started making pepper butter {mustard}. Everyone is asking it for it and I love the aroma of it throughout the house a I prepare it. guess I will look through other recipes and see what I can “do” while waiting!

  133. I am waiting for several varieties of chili peppers to come in to can them up, I love the color and taste of freshness. I love canning and wish I could do more, my garden didn’t do as well this year… but that wont stop me πŸ˜‰

  134. Always have a project or two I mean to tackle when it comes to the kitchen πŸ™‚ There is always organizing my canning recipes, but food wise I’d like to tackle canning pickles and pressure canning chicken. I would appreciate this book so much!

  135. Love, love, love your posts…so addicted to foodie blogs these days…I had my sons’ girlfriend reorg my pantry, more time for blogs! But, I really need to touch up the paint job on my cabinets!

  136. I just got a pressure canner for my birthday and can’t wait to try it out! Also, as soon as the tomatoes are ready in bulk (probably another 2 weeks or so here in Pittsburgh) we’re planning to put up at least 2 bushels (maybe 3)!

  137. My whole kitchen needs a reorg…cupboards, shelves, countertops…yikes. I’m procrastinating by making refrigerator pickles and hopefully something delicious with my CSA blueberries instead though!

  138. I have a confession to make. I have never made jam, or other such fruit preserves. Okay I feel better now. I’d like to tackle that some day.

  139. Currently on my to do list: fermented veggies, kombucha, and sprouts (which I’ve grown before but want to get into the habit of doing regularly).

    This book looks fantastic!

  140. I have ordered some Gravenstein apples that will be delivered on Tuesday. I need to make a plan for what I will make with them!

  141. I just got a dehydrator and I am going to have to conquer canning, as I have a huge garden. I can only giveaway so much, as my neighbor also has a large garden and we just trade veggies back and forth…LOL! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  142. Thank you for the fun giveaway!

    I have only recently discovered your blog and find it VERY inspiring. A newly diagnosed celiac sufferer, I am currently in the process of completely revamping my entire way of eating and looking at food. The cupboards have all been cleaned out and the next big project is going through the cookbooks, especially my personal recipe collection, the ring binder with all my favorites and the family recipes and the notes (you know the one). I am finding processed foods of any kind are almost always painful for me to eat, so this book will be instrumental in the restocking of my new kitchen! I look forward to reading it, even if I am not the lucky winner this time πŸ™‚

  143. I’d like to can tomato sauce from tomatoes I’ve grown. I’d also like to try canning chicken, but alas, I have no pressure cooker. Someday though…

  144. I want to learn the knack of cooking without a recipe so I can invent my own things. (I’m making a few tentative steps — I have an idea for an ice cream that’s based on the cafe au lait you get at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans.)

    I also want to try fried clams, a clambake on my stove, and pig’s feet.

  145. Karen’s first book was on my list, but you’re right, there are so many to choose from now! It’s hard to keep up. This one sounds, and looks, delightful.

    Count me among those overwhelmed and perhaps intimidated by Charcutepalooza. But I would love to try a homemade linguica one day; and there’s always more to learn about making your own food. I’m very intrigued by the puffed rice recipe, as I was researching that at some point to make a truly from-scratch Rice Krispie treat. Because – I’m wacky that way. πŸ™‚

  146. Just found this website, love it!
    I have a week off so I’m planning on using it to gather and organize canning supplies, to be ready for the figs, tomatoes and peppers ripening in the garden πŸ™‚

  147. I’ve been meaning to get back into homebrewing (beer) for quite a while now. Unfortunately I’m about to move into a smaller apartment, and will have even less kitchen space for project supplies. Even still, I’m sure there’s something in the book I can take on!

  148. My next project is to finally get around to trying to recreate some ‘spice jelly’ I saw in Barbados. I’ve canned jams and fruit butters, I’m a little nervous to make my own recipe.

  149. This is my summer of learning to make cheese, cultured butter, sour cream and all things dairy. My Jersey cow is producing 6-7 gallons of beautiful, sweet milk per day so between the calf and I – we have a lot of milk to play with!

  150. My favorite type of cookbook, one with beautiful photos! Does it count that we have already started working on this project? Smoked salmon, batch #6 coming up today. With my hubby taking a fishing trips to Seward, we have lots of salmon in our freezer and we think we have been pretty successful so far. He will take lots of the little packages to his hunt camp in Eastern WA this fall and we will have many as gifts.

  151. Been canning for two years now. I want to tackle the pressure canner I have some day and try and use it. So far I have just used the water bath canner.

  152. I’d like to make some wine and fig preserves. I’m thinking of using some pretty little jars I found and making enough for Christmas gifts for my wine loving friends!

  153. Oh, the list of projects I am eager to tacke! I want to learn to make mozzarella cheese from our own goats that we milk every day. I definitely need to find a great pasta sauce recipe so I can do something with the bounty of tomatoes about to be ripe in a week or so. Hope you pick me for your giveaway!

  154. This site has reinvigerated my already obsessive relationship with food. I have started canning again – small batch and have found utter joy at the end of a long day – just me and my jars. My spare time is now spent looking for good prices on organic fruit – not many organic orchards in the South Jersey/PA area. My goals going forward are simple 1) use what I grow either today (fresh) or months from now (frozen and canned) and 2) shop my pantry first – that means knowing what is there to begin with.

  155. Planning on making plum sauce and plum jam. Been spending my time on creating my canning recipe home binder. Anything canning is in this binder.

  156. I’d really like to master crockpot yogurt! I eat yogurt almost daily and it would be great if I could make it at home. And I have a lot of canning projects planned for the next month. Our garden did great this year!

  157. My to-do-list includes canning tomatoes and tomato jam for this winter (can’t beat it with a stick!) My want-to-do-list includes mint jelly. Jelly is new for me this year and so far I made orange rubber once and cherry jalapeno jelly (with more success than my first attempt.) I have chocolate mint in my garden that screams for attention every 2 weeks or so – and I usually dry it for tea in winter. There is always more than enough though, and so I think mint jelly will fit the bill. I hope I get to it!

  158. I just picked up some red currants at a farm stand, so I am excited to try making a syrup with them this afternoon from another great new canning cookbook, Tart & Sweet, and try it in drinks, and maybe even marinades and stuff. Should be yummy!

  159. My weekend project is to create more storage space in my tiny 6 x 10′ kitchen. I have way to much canning stuff to store and canning isn’t seasonal for me anymore!

  160. My current kitchen project is to find a decent tasting homemade salsa recipe. So far, I’ve made it way too spicy, way too tart, and the most recent batch tastes like I mixed tomatoes, peppers & onions with taco sauce. Rather disappointing. Here’s hoping the next batch comes out a heck of a lot better! (The sad salsa moment changed to pure delight though when I cracked open a jar of homemade pickles made with Ball Pickle Crisp and to my delight they were CRUNCHY!!!)

  161. I really want to tackle canning good soups and other recipes. I have a pressure canner and do use it, but I’d love some great recipes for making the basic soups extra special.

  162. This year I made pineapple salsa with tomatoes from my backyard. I planted pickling cucumbers but got a total of 3! I would like to become a better gardner so that I can preserve more of my own food. (PS. I am in an urban neighborhood with a little too much shade for a great garden.)

  163. I’m such a baby when it comes to canning. I feel less intimidated by freezing. So..I’m really wanting to leap out of my comfort zone and try my hand at pickles, tomato sauces, and some fruit preserves!

  164. I’m trying to make one or two new preserved items per week. Pretty comfortable with jam type items and now venturing into pickled items. So far, pepper onion relish, giardiniera and sauerkraut (I’m lucky to have a husband who loves it so I experiment with krauts, adding various flavors). Dill pickles today as the pickling cucumber in my garden is bursting. I’ll have to pick up Karen’s first book and hope I win this one πŸ˜‰

  165. I think I say this in your comments all the time, but I really would like to try canning. Someday!! I’ve also been really fascinated with the idea of making seasonal candy recently. I think it’d be great fun!

  166. I have really been wanting to grow, and then can the tomatoes. I wanted to can the puree, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and then salsa. This year we were out of town too often to have a garden,but this next year I really want to. But I also need to learn how to can first;p

  167. Oh my list of kitchen projects where do I start….
    homemade vanilla extract
    canning beans
    dehydrating fruits
    fruit leather

    Thank you for all of your information.

  168. What a pretty cover! My next “project” is making homemade vanilla. Should have started it months ago so I could have it for Christmas presents, but oh well!

  169. I want to start a garden. I know- that isn’t in the kitchen but its results would be! I also want to start learning to can meats.

  170. I want to perfect a signature bloody mary mix. The boiling, peeling, and deseeding the tomatoes is deterring me from getting started! I think I’ll have to set a September 1 deadline for myself to make sure it gets done.

  171. I have this book on my Amazon wish list. My kitchen project is to stop reading about canning and actually can something! I’ve never canned by myself (only with my grandmother) and I feel intimidated by the idea. I would love to take my food preserving into my own hands!

  172. This book looks fantastic! If I don’t win, I’ll have to go look for this at the bookstore!

    Something I’ve been wanting to tackle in my kitchen is my grandma’s green tomato relish. I have fond memories of eating it as a child, and I just recently got the recipe from her. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time finding green tomatoes at the farmer’s markets right now. Since there’s still plenty of warm weather left for tomatoes to get ripe, the farmers don’t seem to be picking and selling the green ones just yet. And with a baby due in the next few weeks, I’m not sure I’ll get to this project this year. But I’m still hoping to squeeze it in!

  173. Just trying to keep up with the pickles. But I’d like to work on spiced jams. I know that’s simple for some, but I’ve never done it.

  174. I am cooking healthier this summer…..mostly more vegetables less meat. Also eating more organic. Big project is to tackle would be to bring our 1980’s kitchen up to date. This book looks delicious!

  175. Volleyball season is around the corner, so I’m planning on making jerky for an easy portable afternoon snack for my girls. Summer may have arrived in the Northwest, so I should have a bunch of ripe tomatoes for salsa before I know it & I’ve got a bowl of red currants in the fridge needing attention. I’m thinking a lovely pie.

  176. That books looks cool! I have wanted to try smoking meats for preservation for some time. It would make a great kitchen project!

    As for the kitchen project I have been meaning to tackle, all this week I have been needing to make cuccumber agua fresca. I have never done it before, but I have a load of garden grown cuccumbers waiting to take their turn πŸ™‚

  177. I love any new ideas of what to do with produce. My favorite items include making all sort of syrups for holiday gifts, especially ones which can not be found in stores. Pear with ginger, cinnamon scented peach, or mixed berry blend.

  178. I just moved into my new apartment and I’ve got a huge pile of wine glasses that I need to hang up. I purchased some of those under the cupboard glass holders, where the stem of the glass slide into place and hangs upside down for easy reaching. I’ve just got to figure out a way to screw them into place without going to deep into the cupboard above since this is a rental.

    Love your website!

  179. I am determined to find an outstanding tomato sauce to can, even though this year’s tomato harvest hasn’t been as bountiful. Or maybe we’re just eating too many of the tomatoes.

  180. A kitchen project I want to try? Easy: chutneys and mustards. Intermediate: cheese. Hard: bacon and other meats.
    I love her other book. I make her crackers regularly.

  181. Most of my kitchen is a project. I am one of your formerly far away readers who moved the USA recently and now struggles hard. Ingredients taste and even react differently. My usual spelt flour is incredibly expensive, I have far to much mint and still take pictures of certain fruits, roots and squashes to check with google. To figure what I could do with it and where it comes from! I love making my own dressings, condiments, relishes, and could do with lots of help in this new kitchen and home country of mine. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  182. Well, that pressure canner has been giving me the evil eye – soon I shall have to take it off the shelf, ignore my fears, and go for it!

    I did try the dehydrated watermelon the other day. Oh. My. Goodness. So good!!!

  183. My daughter has about a acre of blackberries so im looking to make whatever i can with them ,blackberry cobbler ant then jams and whatever else i can find to do with them

  184. I am dying to tackle a salsa canning project this summer. I have never canned tomatoes and am excited to try…. if only the tomatoes would ripen in this cold NW summer…

  185. I am suddenly longing for fall kitchen projects, like making gallons of applesauce like I do each year. Also, I should REALLY tile the top of the island so that it’s no longer covered by a thin, grubby piece of plywood!

  186. I would love to win this book, my 5 year old and I are learning how to can. I think this book would be a great help to us, & to share our lovly “makings” with our family. <3

  187. I’m dying to make some good confit d’onion…I’m a huge onion fan and have been wanting to do that for a while. yumm

  188. I freeze and dehydrate a lot of stuff from our garden but I’ve been wanting to learn how to preserve by canning! I have yet to take the time to figure it out and I know it’s probably pretty easy.

  189. It is almost time to start the flavored vinegars for Christmas give aways. I would love to tackle a hot sauce for the non-salad eaters among our friends too. And my shelf absolutely needs this new cookbook.

  190. a kitchen project I’ve been wanting to tackle? I’d love to make some strawberry lemonade concentrate (just saw the recipe in the Ball canning book & I know my friends would love it as a gift).

  191. My kitchen projects are a little challenging right now as we just bought our first house this summer and my kitchen is still a bit torn up. However, I am still trying to put up as much as possible this year, at least tomatoes and tomato products. I bought a bushel of tomatoes for $15 dollars last summer. The amount of food and the number of meals I made with them in the past year was amazing. I just can’t go without them this year. This is only my second year canning so I’d really like to do more stuff and a wider variety of items this time around.

  192. I find that my TRUE love in the kitchen is experimenting with new and unusual recipes. I may not be the best cook but I can follow directions! I haven’t had much luck with making crispy pickles so I would like to try some pickling recipes as well as anything meaty or saucey that I can “can”. It seems that I have way too many EMPTY jars floating around. Time to fill ’em up!

  193. My next project is stocking my pantry so we will have something for in the “lean” times. I am looking forward to making apple butter this fall!

  194. This summer I did finally make some sundried tomatoes and I’m proud of getting that accomplished. I currently have an abundance of yellow squash and will tackle relish this weekend. Yummy …

  195. My project plans involve installing some pull-out trays in my lower cupboards so I can better organize my supplies. Once that is done and items get consolidated, I can stop exiling my beautiful jars of pickles and jams and bring them into the kitchen where I’ll remember to use them on a more regular basis.

  196. I am planning on peach preserves, sliced peaches in light syrup, and peach fruit leather tomorrow! πŸ™‚ I can’t WAIT until the first apples of the season come out – then I’ll be putting up applesauce, apple pie filling, dried apple rings, and apple fruit leather. I’ve got four quarts of my grandmother’s pickle recipe done already, and I am thinking I may do a plum jam at some point too πŸ™‚ Oh! And roasted heirloom roma tomatoes! I need to find time and money to put up at LEAST 10 – 12 quarts of those…

  197. I do a lot of pulled pork and ribs with my homemade Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce. Whenever I do competitions with these items, people tell me how much they like my sauce and ask where they can buy it. Well, they can’t, because it is homemade in small batches as of now.

    However, I’ve been officially unemployed for 2 years, and my unemployment, and retirement, has run out. It seems like canning and selling the sauce, makes sense.

    I have never been a canner, so I have a lot to learn. But I’m smart, and motivated, so this book would be useful.

    I’d also love to learn the material in the “Hunt It” secion you mentioned. I’m sure doing my own basic charcuterie would at least save me money, and could be profitable.

    I’d love to win this book.



  198. Oh, our CSA farmer says we’ll be getting many pounds of tomatoes this week. I’m looking forward to making my first sauce of the year!

  199. What a delicious-looking book! My most neglected kitchen project is that I need to organize and find a better place for my herbs and spices. Right now they live on the counter, in no particular order. I’ve also need to get back to baking pie – last summer I was on a mission to learn to make pie, and I got better, but I still haven’t perfected it.

  200. For a project, I’ve been wanting to paint our kitchen since we moved into our house 6 years ago. As far as cooking, I’ve got tons of berries in the freezer waiting to be made into jam.

  201. I was inspired by your post about the roasted tomatoes, and a conveniently timed sale on tomatoes. I’m pretty excited to get started once I clean up breakfast today!

  202. This book might be able to help me with my latest pipedream. You’ve heard of, and love, sun-dried tomatoes. How about smoked-dried tomatoes! You know you wanna!

  203. The newest additions to my growing list of new projects include trying to make soft cheeses and finding a pressure canner in order to learn how to pressure can soups for the wintertime. In the mean time, I’m waiting for my tomatoes to ripen so I can make salsa and sauce to can for the first time. I’m trying to create a pantry stocked with as many fruits and veggies I can figure out how to preserve so that I can not buy them all winter.

  204. I have soo many make my own mayo, ketchup, mustard and other condiments. Finish cleaning out the top cabinet so I can put other dishes we don’t use as much. Hose down the highchair-give a really good wash/scrub. Clean and mop the floor. Throw out old spices and replace with new whole seeds-get a spice grinder. Make some homemade applesauce one batch cinnamon the other unsweetened regular.

  205. I want to can oodles of tomato-based things this year…but my tomato plants look so very sad, so I need to be on the prowl for decently priced tomatoes.

  206. I love seeing creative things. I especially look for recipes that use ingredients that I like but a lot of folks don’ts….so different recipes aren’t so easy to find i.e pickled okra! Figs! And I experience other places with books….visual too…love to look at food pictures etc. This book looks interesting!

  207. My next kitchen project is to make/can my own hot beer mustard! I’m super new to canning/preserving, so I’ve got an ever-growing list of stuff to tackle!

  208. My goal this year is to overcome my fear of pressure canning! I can still remember green beans raining from the kitchen ceiling.

  209. I try to make everything at home, but cereal is one of those things that I still buy in the package. I’d love to make this at home also!

  210. I’ve been dying to make homemade hard cider. I even bought the cider last year, then didn’t get to it before my husband drank it. This year I’m expecting during apple season, so there will be no hard cider for me. But… someday!

  211. I’ve wanted to make my own roasted red peppers and can them. I’m the only one in the house who likes them, so why not have them made just the way I like? Perhaps next week…

    PS. I have her first book and LOVE it. The Peanut-Butter Cups are divine.

  212. I would like to try fruit in a syrup. I haven’t tried it yet because I am not sure what I would do with the fruit and it just seems strange to me. I chickened out and made cherry bounce instead of putting the cherries in a syrup. I am going to try fruit leather soon:) I can’t wait for your book to come out. I have had great luck with all of your blog recipes-thanks for sharing.

  213. I’m starting to drown in homegrown tomatoes. I’m eating fresh at every meal and have enough of your Tomato Jam to last for a year. (Love, love, love it.) So my big project to to can plain tomato sause and crushed tomatoes.

  214. Fantastic giveaway. I LOVE her first book. I’m actually hoping to make a few things from her book in the next few weeks. I really want to try her crackers

  215. Believe it or not, CANNING! We recently bought the Ball, complete book of HOME PRESERVING, and can’t wait to get our other needed supplies to begin!

  216. Gearing up for my holiday gift canning. My pickled peppers are a given, everyone’s fav. I always come up with a jam to give alongside. Last year was bourbon peach, a huge hit. What to make this year? The possibilities are endless!

  217. I am waiting patiently on my garden, I regularly make homemade pizza and spaghetti. I really would like to can my own sauces! Also, putting up the vegetables from the garden for the winter! There are just so many things I would LOVE to do/know how to do!! I would love to be completely self sufficient one day. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this giveaway.

  218. I am trying to find a good bread recipe that I can use everyday for sandwiches and such. I have only tried a few recipes as it is too hot to bake as much as I’d like right now.

  219. I really want this book. It’s right up my allwy. I recently made gravlax, which was amazing. I’d like to make corned beef and pastrami and sausage.

  220. I am working on our family being as self sufficient as possible. I adore canning and preserving and need as many ideas as possible….this would open up alot of jars for me!

  221. After successfully making yogurt (in a slow cooker!), I have found myself more interested in things that involve culturing: sourdough, cheese…kombucha? I’ve never successfully kept a sourdough starter alive for more than few months, but I had an equally abysmal record with plants and this summer my potted garden’s going strong. So maybe the time is ripe.

  222. Looks like another great book! Over the next few weeks I should be filling the freezer with salmon I’ve caught here in Puget Sound – time to make more gravlax!

  223. I’m a Wisconsin transplant in Vermont (2 great cheese places), so I’ve been dying to make some of my own. I’m also thinking of making some butter and yogurt—basically anything dairy!

  224. The kitchen project that needs to be done is finish labeling and storing all of the jars put up so far. Dream project? Master my fear of pressure canning. But for today it is get my peach jelly done and figure out what I am doing with all of the tomatoes that were given to me this morning using produce and pantry items on hand. Since the goal is to not spend any more money until pay day.

  225. I need a push to start canning. My mom used to make jam every summer. We would get fresh berries in the morning, she would make pie that day and start jam early the next morning. Homemade jam is so much better that store bought. Jam and tomatoes would be a good start for me!

    • Such a lovely memory you have Deb! I hope to have a daughter someday who will be able to repeat your words to some or the same variation.

  226. Projects! Mine include organizing my canning jars so I’ll actually know how many of what sizes I have, learning to make cheese, and trying to dehydrate some fruits and veggies. Wish us all luck on our various projects!

  227. I would love to win this book. The first things I ever canned were my grandmother’s mint jelly and her brandied peaches. I remember sitting at the kitchen table on a hot summer night peeling a bushel of peaches with my grandfather, while my grandmother processed jar after jar. When they get ripe too fast you had better get to work , no matter what time it is!!

  228. My next kitchen project is canning…it is that time of year when soon tomatoes will be going like crazy (or so I pray) and I’ll be canning those, more pickles, zucchini relish,and some of our other staples to make it through to next year. I just can’t open that last jar of tomatoes until I KNOW that I’ll be filling hundreds of jars of things again πŸ™‚ So far it has only been a couple of dozen!

    Thanks for the giveaway,

  229. Well I’m still trying to successfully bake a good loaf of bread. Mine are so dense and non-fluffy! I’ve tried new yeast, kneading more, kneading less, adding gluten, etc etc

  230. This book looks AMAZING! It’s always so nice to see how far food photography has come, not to mention preserving in general.
    I have been wanting to try my hand at making flavored liqueurs and oils, but I am moving soon and don’t really want to move more stuff. Sigh. Soon I will do it. Maybe it will be a good winter project.

  231. I just got a pressure canner – I must admit I am a little nervous after growing up with tales of exploding pot roasts and other stories of ’70s cookery gone horribly wrong! But- I plan on making BBQ sauce when (if) my tomatoes finally ripen and to can beets without pickling them this year.

  232. It’s more a matter of which thing on my very long list am I dying to make first. I’m just waiting for more cucumbers from my garden so I can make pickles, then when it gets colder I want to try my hand at beef stock. I hope that book is as good as it looks.

  233. That book looks fantastic! I’ve been wanting to tackle a completely homemade sourdough starter. I actually started one when it was cooler but it didn’t survive long. I can’t wait to try again and actually make some bread from it!

  234. I have been wanting to try making gravlax for some time . . . now I am waiting for a friend of mine to get her annual airdrop of king salmon so that I can give it a shot. The plan is to swap trout that DH caught this spring for salmon, so everyone should be happy!

  235. I’m looking forward to can green chiles and green chile sauce. Roasting, peeling, and seeding 60lbs of green chiles can take up the whole day, so my canning friend and I are thinking about tackling it together!

  236. My big goal (and fear) is canning tomato sauce…I planted tomatoes in my first-ever garden and am growing a huge crop from the six plants I put in. I will make eggplant tomato caponata (also a new recipe) but will tackle the sauce with a little trepidation. I may break out my pressure canner for that one…
    Love your posts and fabulous information!

  237. My goal is to finally use my pressure canner for PRESSURE canning, not just hot water bath canning. And to put up some tomatoes for my tomato loving husband this winter.

  238. My kitchen projects include:
    – a peach chutney
    – green tomato pickles
    – dilly beans
    – tomatoes with basil
    – tuna in oil and jalapenos

    and so far this year I have made:
    – mulberry jam
    – Traverse City Cherry jam
    – blueberry champagne jam
    – blueberry grand marnier jam
    – cucumber pickles
    – mixed pepper pickles
    – pickled beets

  239. Would like to learn to make ricotta, cottage, and soft cheeses and make another batch of jalapeno jelly that uses cranberry juice as the liquid.

  240. I want to make my own sous vide machine using a rolling cooler (the kind you keep sodas in). Then, I want to sous vide items using homemade powdered smoke (to impart a smokey flavor). Maybe I can can them afterward!

  241. I want to try some pear jams, as well as nectarine & pear (have pear butter processing as I type)… I’d also like to try making some pickled veggies this summer…

  242. I want to add this book to my growing collection of preserving books…I’m addicted now! My next project is to make your apricot jam recipe, and then it’s into clearing a space in our cellar to put a shelving unit to store all the jams and pickles I been making this year.

  243. My husband’s grandma makes this amazing pear honey that I need to master so that I can carry it on. Hope I win!

  244. With watermelons in the garden, all ripening at the same time, I want to try drying some very thin slices. I have a friend who did this and the dry morsels were so much better than I ever expected. They had good flavor, and just melted on your tongue. That’s my next project.

  245. My kitchen project I want to tackle is to make some hard Spanish chorizo. (and start making my own hard sausages – like Genoa and pepperoni)

  246. I am just learning how to can. So my kitchen project is to can the tomatoes from my garden and to make some jam.

  247. I loved her first book as well! Can’t wait to take a peek at this one. My husband is an avid hunter so it should come in handy! I just finished up canning Dilly Beans this morning — made from green beans in my mom’s garden. Next up is some pesto from basil that I picked.

  248. What a cool looking book. I’ve been thinking of making more things from scratch like chicken stock and even tortillas, but the thing that I really want to try (or two that is) is yogurt and mozarella. It just fascinates me that people make them from scratch, and I even saw one woman make yogurt in her crock pot! I’m totally trying that.

  249. I want to can enough tomates and tomato sauce that I don’t have to buy any this year. I”m excited to get started! Your blog and facebook page are so inspiring!

  250. Definitely have been wanting to try to smoke foods! I’ve heard of some amazing smoked foods from the expected meats to smoked cucumber!

  251. Elderflower and Elderberry recipes! We recently bought a cabin in the North Georgia mountains and discovered we have a beautiful Elderberry tree. We were there in early June when the beautifully delicate and fragrant flowers were blooming. Loved watching the bees polinate the flowers and saw the start of the berries before we had to go back home to Florida. I was so excited to see the recent post with all the Elderberry recipes! I will definitely be canning with the berries next summer and making Elderberry cordials with the flowers! Thank you. I’m sooooo inspired!

  252. my next project is making and freezing big batches of tomato sauce from the twenty so pounds of tomatoes i just got at the farmer’s market. woo!

  253. I’ve been so anxious to try making goat cheese & would love to try it with milk from our own goats. Sadly we don’t have room for goats in our current home so unfortunately it may wait a while. Unless I can get some goats milk locally….

  254. Now that you’ve inspired a canning monster in me, I need to figure out a good way & place to store all these delightful canned goods!

  255. Oh boy, I didn’t know it until right now, but the kitchen project I have been wanting to tackle is hot dogs and if I win this book I’m going to tackle it immediately.

  256. I really want to make cheese ! With the price of organic grass-fed raw milk, I just hate the idea of wasting it with a flop, so I keep putting it off. I’d love a copy of this book !

  257. I’ve been wanting to make the marshmallow recipe from the first book. Also peach-almond conserve and peach salsa.

  258. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to build a smokehouse…….mmmm….homemade bacon, cottage ham, sausage…..

  259. In addition to my usual ones, I have a huge list of “new” canning projects I want to accomplish this year. I have already made watermelon jelly and zucchini marmalade. Both were yummy! Next I want to try canning salsa, root beer jelly, carrot cake jam, garlic jelly, bacon jam, onion marmalade, and pumpkin and/or apple butter. I’d love a copy of this book for more new ideas!


  260. Amazing giveaway! I’ve been dying to tackle making my own condiments, specifically mustard, sun dried tomato ketchup, and herbed mayonaise. Book looks dreamy!

  261. My project this year will be to fill the majority of canning jars I inherited when my mom passed away. She loved canning her own food, knowing that it was healthy and home made.

    This will be no small task as there are dozens of cases of jars, and I’ve been on hiatus from canning for several years. The first to be worked up will be homemade applesauce using the apples from our own trees. Wish me luck!

  262. Awesome book!

    Lately, I’ve been trying to tackle getting more meals canned. As I type I am currently preparing homemade chicken soup to can! So I’m tackling it a little at a time but my goal is to use up the rest of the mason jars I have on hand and put all fresh canned meals up by next weekend!

  263. I love canning and just anything in the kitchen. My mother canned a ton of pickles and I remember all of that from my childhood. I have not caned much lately, but I had an opportunity to actually share my canning for the first time in a long time woth other people. I opened a cherished can and cut up my own dill pickles for potato salad.

    It was so satisfying to share it!!

    I love your blog…thank you for inspiring me every day!

  264. So cool. I met Karen at an event in San Francisco and totally agree. She’s amazing, down-to-earth, and so incredibly humble. I would love to get my mits on her new book. I have a mile-long list of kitchen projects, but I’m mostly interested in preserving/jamming/freezing a pile of peaches sitting on my kitchen counter.

  265. I would love a copy of this book. My current project is making jam out of the pounds of blueberries that my kids and I picked yesterday. Fun!

  266. The kitchen project at the very top of my list is to learn to make pickles for my husband ~ he loves them!

  267. I’ve been itching to try a million things, but I really want to make some pickled kumquats (a la Indian pickled limes). Now if only January would roll around so we can have kumquats!

  268. This book looks great! I’ve just started getting into basic canning to help use up vegetables from my CSA. I’d love to learn how to pressure can things so I could can my own home-cooked beans.

  269. I have a variety of canned juices and frozen fruit that I had preserved in the craziness of last year’s canning season (so it wouldn’t go to waste while I delt with all the many veggies that needed preserving) that I need to make jelly and jam out of. I really need to do it sooner than later. We only have one jar of strawberry jam left on the self!

  270. Marshmallows, I have Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It and all the ingredients but still haven’t gotten around to making them. Maybe next weekend.

  271. I just found your website while searching for some unique recipes to try now and put up before the colder months.

    I have so many things I want to try but I am determined to expand my pantry with homemade vinegars, oils, and maybe even some homemade vanilla (if I can convince my hubby that I really do need those expensive vanilla beans)!

  272. My grandmother just gave me a couple of pounds of cherry tomatoes fresh from her garden, so I’d like to tackle your recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes so we can enjoy this taste of summer well into winter!

  273. So many things to choose from, I never leave the kitchen, except for that pesky thing called a job. I guess it would have to be mastering a pressure canner.

  274. I would love to pressure can soups, but I don’t have the proper equipment yet. I just started seriously canning this year, so I’m building up.

  275. I ordered two canning books this week so I would love to have this one too! At this very moment I am canning my greenbeans. I just got back into canning after a long hiatus. I am loving it!

  276. I just moved cross-country and am stocking my kitchen from scratch, so there’s LOTS I want to make… once I unpack. Condiments, jam, crackers, pickles, sauerkraut, etc. I suppose I’ll start with what I can find in season here, once I figure out what’s in season…

  277. I’ve got my first crock of pickles fermenting on the counter, and a shiny new pressure canner I’m just a teeny bit afraid of still (even after years of regular BW canning), but I’m breaking it in next week!

  278. I’m canning pickled beets from Put Em Up! tonight, pickles and canned tomatoes tomorrow.

    The Mr. and I are trying to design a shelf/bookcase in our kitchen pantry to store all our goodies!

  279. Pretzels! Donuts! Everything That I won’t do until it cools down a bit and turning the oven and stove on for fun projects makes sense again!

  280. I’ve been wanting/needing to can some dill pickles…I have several pounds of cucumbers from my garden waiting for me in the fridge….

  281. Painting the kitchen walls a new color is one project (but that might get hired out, so perhaps doesn’t count). Another major endeavor is getting my misc. recipes under control in some neat, organized way.

  282. My fiance recently brought home an old smoker that his grandmother had. I have no idea what to do with it, so it might be nice to have this book to give me some ideas. πŸ™‚

  283. My husband and I just started fishing, and if there was one project I’d like to tackle, it would be learning how to smoke fish! Thanks for the opp!

  284. I’ve been wanting to tackle refrigerator dill pickles b/c I’m scared of canning (one day I will overcome this fear, perhaps the same year that I have enough tomatoes to can) and I looooooooooove pickles, and I found your site’s recipe. I *just* made one wee jar, smaller than a pint, with my homegrown two ripe lemon cukes, garlic, and dill. Here’s hoping they turn out!

  285. I’ve been itching to make my own cheese (mozzarella to start, and then ultimately hard cheeses like parmesan). That and homemade ginger beer are high on my list!

  286. This book looks great! I’d like to replace all the handles/knobs in my kitchen. But, the green bean plants are calling me to make dilly beans, so…

  287. I’ve been wanting to learn to make pickles, do a bit of canning and freezing for the winter, and learn to use my dehydrator.

  288. My latest project is to rennovate my kitchen from top to bottom. I have a great start, the floors are beautiful and the cabinetry is gorgeous, but I have to find a way to store all of the things I use and love while choosing a color for the walls and decor I also can’t live without.

  289. At a family reunion a few years back I had some delicious homemade blueberry vodka. I’d love to try making my own flavored vodkas. What a special treat that’d be as a gift too! I better start now for Christmas!

  290. I have canned by water bath for years and this summer ventured into pressure canning. I would like to learn to can chili and soups. I want to be able to walk to my pantry and be well stocked with home canned wholesome food.

  291. I’ve been eyeing this book since Spring! I plan to tackle all sorts of dairy projects, starting with goat cheese and ricotta.

  292. For awhile now, I’ve been thinking about making an all homemade (and local) reuben sandwich. I’ve even grown caraway, so I love to try Karen’s corned beef recipe. Thanks for the giveaway!

  293. I have been wanting to try to make and can my own salsa. I’ve done freezer versions in the past but i’d like to actually make and store it out of the freezer where i have more space.

  294. My next kitchen project is the Apricot Rosemary Jam, and it begins in about 5 minutes! Since discovering Marisa’s blog just one short week ago, I have made the refrigerator dills, Breakfast in a Jar, Asian Inspired Pickles, Unfancy Jalapenos (I used banana peppers), AND ordered (and received!) my first batch of vanilla beans from HOW IS THAT FOR OBSESSED?

  295. Kitchen project: make mustard, found a couple of easy recipes that I want to try. Homemade mustard will make a great gift for people who appreciate a good sandwich, everyone in my family.

  296. My upcoming kitchen project is tomato sauce. At the moment the tomatoes are growing in the garden, and I plan to can enough to last the winter.

  297. The one gadget we have that I have still not tried is the pasta maker attachment for the KitchenAid. It has three parts, for rolling and cutting. Finally got some semolina flour, so it’s just a matter of time now…

  298. The kitchen project I need to tackle is THE KITCHEN! I’m in serious need of an organizing tips for small space. HELP!

  299. I’ve been meaning to tackle a homemade cola syrup for weeks now. I think I’m afraid of how good it will turn out and the possible addiction to follow!

  300. Oh I hope I win!!!! I would love to tackle homemade cereals. I looked into it when my son was a baby and starting rice cereal but it seems way to above my skills. I haven’t picked it back up but would LOVE too have a book for that!!!!! I am sure everything else in the book I would like to try also!

  301. I’m hoping to tackle an afternoon of fried pies with Dad’s crust recipe and Mom’s fillings. Growing up, if we made pie we always made extra crust and turned the leftovers into sweet and savory mini fried pies. I’m hoping to recapture some of the magic of those afternoons!

  302. Haven’t stopped thinking about the variations on peach butter I want to make! The first batch is in the slow cooker now, batch 2 will have to wait until tomorrow.

  303. I really need to tackle my pantry. I need to go through & clean out old stuff so I have room for all the jars of things I’ve been canning this summer.

  304. this book looks fabulous! i love her 1st book. my next project is blueberry lemongrass syrup & the recipe for nectarine rosemary jam you posted. yum!

  305. So many kitchen projects that need completing, however, the ones relating to cooking/canning are pickles & jelly. I’ve even scouted out & purchased the best flour sack towels to use to strain my fruit & can’t wait to take it on πŸ™‚

  306. I love to try going beyond hot water bath canning by trying out some pressure canning (still gotta get one of those!) and dehydrating.

  307. More tomatoes! Every spring I regret not canning more tomatoes… this summer I have vowed to have a bigger collection so I need to buy fewer cans at the store. We’ll see if that happens… πŸ™‚

  308. This is sooo crazy!! I picked blueberries today and was looking on-line for a ,moist blueberry cake recipe and was thinking of trying to make jam and one of the links led me here! Tomorrow i’m going to make the jam!! Tonight i’m going to read thru your site!! I’m sooo excited!!

  309. This coming my bog kitchen project is making some jams, jellies and vinaigrettes. I also need to make some red cabbage sauerkraut to be canned and hopefully can the green cabbage sauerkraut. I am always adding to my to do lists and want to do lists from this blogs, other blogs and many books I find.
    Would love this book to add to my collections and to my many projects.

  310. I have had a canning awakening this summer; we inherited box after box of jars from family members, for the first time, more are full than empty… and the tomatoes are just starting to ripen here in Wisconsin!

  311. I am soooo ready to start my spaghetti sauce. I just need all those tomatoes to turn red so that I have enough. I’ve changed the recipe 4 times now so we will see what this year turns out like.

  312. Waiting for new canning jars to arrive and then bring on the tomatoes …you can never have too much spaghetti sauce !!

  313. Dehydrating. I finally have access to a dehydrator, but I haven’t taken the next steps yet. I don’t know where to start!

  314. Right now I am hoping and praying that I will be able to keep up with the Roma tomatoes ripening ALL AT ONCE on the 25 plants that I brought up from seed this year! I have all my canning paraphernalia strewn all over my countertops, on the floor and on the kitchen island waiting for the BIG DAY! So my kitchen project will be to can all these tomatoes and then somehow get my kitchen back in order!

  315. So many tomatoes this year! I tried the tomato jam without perfect success, and would love to continue moving beyond salsa into tomatoland….

  316. I’ve been dying to make some lowbush cranberry jam and syrup! I’ve got acres of lowbush cranberries and it’s close to picking time, and they’re just begging to be used in a project. (Lowbush cranberries are also called lingonberries in some regions, if I’m not mistaken.)

  317. Sounds like a fabulous book! Want to find a kitchen project using our abundant lavender. That, tiptoeing into pressure canning.

  318. I am mainly just trying to keep up with the produce from the garden. Today I tried a recipe for sweet & hot pickles, and I have a bunch of limes in the fridge that I am thinking about doing a lime curd with.

  319. Wow, so much — I have been making some basic cheeses, and would love to eventually work up to a rich, creamy, delicious blue. I also want to make creole spiced pickled okra — and plain old dill pickles (as much canning as I have done in the past six months, I’ve never gotten around to making the basic pickle!). The book looks amazing — thanks for the giveaway!

  320. I’ve been been wanting to give water kefir a try for making homemade sodas. But more immediately I just bought three big bags of peaches home today to do something fun with.

    I love the sound’s of this book.

  321. I loved Karen’s last book, the ketchup recipe was so easy and tasty and made me swear never to purchase another jar of overly sweetened commercial stuff again. Looking forward to seeing this one, especially the soda syrups as I have a Penguin Sodamaker.

    I am hoping to do some tomato sauce and enchilada sauce canning in the next few weeks.

  322. I’m going to make things out of tomatoes when my CSA case comes in a few weeks. Chutney, ketchup, little bit of sauce? Dry some? Not really sure. I’d like to make miso too.

  323. I didn’t know she had another book! I just bought Jam it, Pickle it, Cure it and love it. I recently made my own mayo, pickled my own beets and hope to soon make my own bacon. My fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

  324. I keep meaning to make some maple marshmallows. And today I had the fantastic idea to make some bacon marshmallows. Really I should just get up and do that right now, but it IS a little late.

  325. Smoke, smoke, smoke is what I want to do! Jam a little too. Another book would be heaven or at least a step closer to it.

  326. I was hoping to be able to make tomato jam with the abundance of tomatos I thought I would have from my garden this year but, alas, my tomato plant mysteriously died when my niece house sat for me while I was in Alaska for 12 days! So I would like to make applesauce with the apples I have in my freezer from last year that a friend brought me back from upper state NY. Book sounds awesome! If I don’t win it I will be purchasing it I am sure!

  327. I stockpiled on sweet cherries when they were on sale and am dreaming of finally making black cherry kumquat jam and rhubarb and black cherry jam. And I have pureed sour cherries for chai spiced cherry butter. Then, there’s more nocino to make and porcini to dry. That’s just the start.

  328. Salsa! I’m moving to the UK next year, where they don’t have the brand of salsa I get, and I’ll have to make my own to have some I really like!

  329. The days when my great granny stood over her BWB all day are gone but i can imagine her crinkled nose at the idea of carrot jam! lol this made me giggle with delight. I keep her canner planted with herbs and tend it with love. I dont remember her ever looking at a book or recipe for canning. I love everything that has come out now. This book looks great.

    Kitchen project i would like to tackle…..simply pickles. I just want crunchy dills this year. Crunchy dills without allum or the ilk. I am thinking grape leaves but will have to research more AND hope my kids (3 of them under 5) will cooperate.

  330. I have recently move in with a man i consider to be the love of my life. He has a daughter, and adopted her half brother who has ceilac’s (gluten arghhhh), since i have known them i have read as many blogs, and as many books as possible on the condition…I want to learn to preserve, to create my own kitchen staples so i am not spending 5 mins per item we get at the grocery, checking for the correct preserving numbers and all the other shoddy stuff that gets in the way of good food. after seeing the recipe in this book for the cornflakes that actually have corn in them….. i really want to try that!!!! It looks amazing…. mad props to Karen.

  331. I would LOVE to try out the recipes in this book. If it’s recommended by you, I’m sure anything in it is delicious. πŸ™‚ Anytime I make jam, which has been a lot lately since I’m on a jam and fresh bread kick, I seem to come back to your blog for help. You are such an inspiration! I have a long list I want to tackle, to include using locally grown lavender. Top of my list is strawberry-lime jam that tastes as close to a Sonic Strawberry Limeade as possible. I’m addicted to Sonic’s Happy Hour. πŸ™‚

  332. I just got the remodelers estimate for redoing the kitchen. My dreams were bigger than the budget. My next project is reorganizing and painting. ;>

    Otherwise, I’d say that I want to make cheese and smoke some salmon.

  333. I adore canning, especially pickles. Just finished a batch of Thai pickles yesterday. I am currently organizing collected pickle recipes into a notebook complete with dividers and sheet protectors. I have been needing to do this for a long time!

  334. Crackers, and???? That is the problem when you have your list in your head! Once I leave here I will remember them all! It’s a pretty big list.

  335. I am obsessed with SoyBoy Smoked Tofu and really REALLY want to learn how to make it myself so I can stop spending so much money on th’ stuff.

  336. Since I finally got my husband to try really good fresh from the field sweet corn, I see some freezing in my future.

    Otheer possible projects include homemade baby food, refrigerator pickles, and actually organizing all my cookbooks so that I can find recipes in a reasonable amount of time. Oh, and organizing my grandmothers recipes into a cookbook for the family.

  337. That sounds like a great cookbook. I’m very intrigued to learn how to make more of those things I didn’t think I could get away from the grocery store. Bring it on!

  338. I don’t think I have any kitchen projects left for tackling. I’ve already rearranged (and added more storage) and canned more than last year. But anytime I get a new cookbook, there appears new projects to tackle.

  339. My kitchen project is learning to use my Cuisinart. It was a gift, and a thoughtful one, but I’ve managed for so long without, that it’s hard to get motivated to pull out that manual.

  340. I’ve been water-bath canning for years, but I’ve never tried a pressure canner … and I’m dying to do it. I need to use my freezer a bit better, too — we’re great at using our summer produce when it’s available, but I’d love to hang onto it a bit longer into the fall and winter.

  341. I finally sourced goat for a long-planned meal of goat carnitas. I’m also working on making and canning some tomatillo salsa, so that if goat ever comes my way again, I’ve already got the condiments ready!

  342. I am looking forward to harvesting and drying herbs, before I tear up a few garden beds to rebuild them for the fall season. It was rough growing season, because the beds have been invaded by tree and shrub roots. But my herbs are flourishing and I am think of drying and trying ice cube storage for fresh herbs for the next few months.

  343. My kitchen project is to make some wine/herb jellies and more relishes. My husband is in the process of starting a hot dog vending cart and my goal is to produce the relishes for them!

  344. Love your site, found it last week via “Country Woman.” My project today is to make one batch of hot pepper jelly, how much can 2 people eat, so far I have made 12 jelly jars!! LOL πŸ™‚

  345. What a great post. I am always referencing Food in Jars to proof my recipe before a canning project. My next goal is homemade bagels, and bread of all kinds really.

  346. I just made cucumber pickles for the first time last week and it was so easy/yummy I want to learn how to pickle all sorts of different vegetables! Also I’d love to just expand my tomato-only canning knowledge!

  347. My kitchen project is to make lots of my own baby food and preserve it..things like fresh purees and applesauce. The day is fast approaching when I will need it for my twin babies!

  348. i just found an old canning pot in my boyfriend’s parents attic last night. it is dying to be used, i’ve got no excuse now. i’m thinking tomato sauce!

  349. I would love to win a book like that! It would make a great addition to the cook books that I am slowly collecting! My biggest kitchen project is to get some meals made and frozen before the new addition to our family arrives in Septemeber, just want to make the first couple weeks home easier by not having to worry about cooking! I also have tons of jam to make! I am also going to use the fresh produce from this year to make some baby food!

  350. I want to make cheese, fruit butters, beer, and dive deeper into canning and fermentation. Where will I find the time?! Maybe this book will inspire me to make the time πŸ™‚

  351. I am new to this blog and only been canning for two years. I love canning though. I have made a couple jams and pickles. I would one day like to make sauerkraut. I am a bit nervous about making it perfect so that it ferments properly.

  352. What a terrific looking book! I’ve been wanting to tackle making Torrone candy. I’ve had the wafer sheet for about 2 years but just have not gotten up the courage to tackle the project!

  353. I have Karen’s first book, having requested it for Christmas after a recommendation from you, I believe. It’s a wonderful piece of work. I love how she takes seemingly complex “old-fashioned” kitchen tricks and breaks them down so just about any modern cook can handle them (and revealing that they’re not really all that complex to begin with). I haven’t actually made anything from the first book yet but I like to just sit down and page through it for the sheer enjoyment of it.

    Perhaps I shall go make some crackers…

  354. I need to something with what’s left of the rhubarb, blueberries and cherries that I have.
    I’m also starting to get more tomatoes then I can eat so I have to start to think about what I’m going to do with them along with maybe pickling some of my peppers.
    Lots to do but I love it.

  355. My kitchen tackle task is to make a great jalapeno jelly. I’ve had some that were so fabulous and lots that were OK. Then I tried to make some and it was just OK.

  356. I would really like to can peaches and pears for my son…. it is finding the time to do it. I know they are not too difficult to do but peach/pear season is right around the time that I go back to teaching.

  357. Like alot of people I need to reorganize my canning supplies and my emergency prep supplies. Now that my stash is growing it needs it needs to be put in order so that I am using the oldest stuff first. Thanks for this give away opportunity!

  358. Can’t wait for tomatos to ripen to can! Did it last year with 30lbs of tomatos – definitely not enough!! But we certainly enjoyed the fruits of that bounty- esp. in the cold of winter!

  359. hot dogs! hot dogs! I would really love to make a reasonably healthy hot dog. I have made various flavours of pork sausage but didn’t even consider hot dogs! Even if I don’t win a copy I will beg my bookmobile to order a copy. thanks!

  360. Right now I’m in the process of changing the way I buy and store dry goods (buying in bulk with a local food club and storing in glass jars that are attractive and functional)… I’ve also started making jam for the first time (strawberry, raspberry and marionberry already in the pantry) next up blueberries! And then peaches and later tomatoes!

  361. Oh how neat! I have been meaning to make homemade yogurt for a while, having heard from lots of friends that it’s super easy. I’ve also recently been obsessed with homemade crackers.

  362. I would LOVE that book! I’ve tackled/learned how to make syrups and pickles this summer so far and am attending a class on Tuesday to learn the ins and outs of canning. I have some limoncello from Karen’s first book on my counter now!

  363. I have always wanted to tackle the field of fermentation. Yogurt, kimchi, saurkraut, sourdough bread, etc. Sigh. Someday.

  364. I’m hoping to tackle my kitchen stove. It’s gotten a little grimy with all the canning it’s seen this summer. But since I don’t really do little batches, by the time I’m finished processing things, I’m exhausted and ready for a nap!

  365. I would like to get over my fear of my pressure canner. I’m afraid it’s going to explode so I don’t use it. However I have peppers I would like to can…

  366. Right now, I’m looking for ways to use my many pounds of tomatoes that are coming in my farm share. I am working on some salsa right now and want to try tomato jam next!

  367. The next thing on my kitchen wish list is to make some corn relish- between a CSA, a community farm, and a couple of generous family members, I am up to my elbows in corn…. tackling that today!

  368. Goals – Making pesto with all the basil I grew this year, dehydrating some of the herbs I grew, dehydrating some fruits and veggies and learn to not hate cooking.

  369. Make shelf-stable dinners from scratch, canned and/or dehydrated, as long as they don’t require the fridge/freezer. Long-term goal is 6 weeks worth (since that’s the longer amount of time it takes to get power after a hurricane – luckily I’ve never had to go longer than 2 weeks).

  370. We just moved into a new house, so I am actually still in the process of unpacking our kitchen. That’s project #1. Project #2… back to canning before all the delicious summer fruits and veggies are gone until next year!

  371. I must learn how to can 1/2 of the 29 salmon currently taking up WAY too much spze in my freezer. I live in Alaska. My other project for this year is fireweed jelly.

  372. Ever since I read your post about blueberry butter, I’ve wanted to try it. Today, is the day. I am making it in my crockpot as I write this. It’s my first attempt at butters, as well as, canning. I hope all goes as planned.

  373. Hot pepper jelly! (If my peppers ever ripen!) Tomato Jam! (If my tomatoes ever ripen…) Get rid of under-used utensils/dishware/pots&pans
    This book looks awesome!

  374. What a great book!

    Just one kitchen project? I have a million! However, the biggest kitchen project for me is to TEAR OUT my kitchen and start over! I have the world’s smallest kitchen. Despite it’s small size and awkward setup, I have learned to manage and organize in the most creative ways. One day, hopefully sooner than later, my hubby and I plan to pull it all out and re-do the whole kitchen, top to bottom!

  375. I’ve been canning for as long as I can remember. I used to help my mom prepare fruits and tomatoes on hot summer days. We always did high acid foods and so used a boiling water bath. I just got a pressure canner and I’m searching for just the right thing to can. Somehow canned meat doesn’t appeal. I’ll continue to look through my books and what not until I find just the right thing.

    • oooh … with you there on the canned meat! When my grandfather passed away, mom and I went down to the cellar to start cleaning and clearing. We came across LOADS of canned chicken that was older than my mom. SCARY. They looked slimy.

  376. Just finished our very first canning project last night. So excited! The next project I want to tackle is a candied pickled jalepeno. The peppers are sitting on the counter right now waiting…

  377. Right now my tomatoes are getting ready to move from “first ripe tomato!” to “overwhelming!!!!”, so I would say that salsa and tomato sauce are in my near future.

  378. I have two! I need to turn my plums into something – jam? And I want to put up a shelf in our spice cabinet so that I can actually SEE what spices we have.

  379. Those recipes look tasty! As for current projects, I’m eyeing the nectarines from the farmers’ market today. I’d like to try preserving them with agave instead of sugar.

  380. I’m a living historian and out group has really focused on period correct condiments – so far I’ve made tomato jam, chow chow and grape ketchup, next I liked to try some herbal cordials.

  381. Ooooo! I would love this book. I really enjoyed the first one. It would be great to make some homemade cerial that isn’t granola.
    I’m on vacation now, so when I get home, my big project will be putting up pickles. I have some fermenting in a crock in the bathtub. Can’t wait to try them when we get home.

  382. Hmm, I’m new to preserving and I’ve been on a bit of a bender, canning everything I can think of as I think of it. But I guess the one thing I’ve been waiting not so patiently to make are cantelope pickles. I’ve been waiting for my garden to yield some just under ripe lopes to scoop into balls and pickle! I’m so intrigued. Oh, that and quince paste. Quince are hard to find and I may have to wait until the tree in my Aunt’s yard is full of fruit and then drive the two hours to beg for a basket! Then come fall, pickled pears and pear butter will be on the docket.

  383. I am so happy to hear that Karen has come out with a second book! “Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It” has a permanent home on our coffee table. This one looks like it’s going to be equally wonderful and I cannot wait to cook through it.

    As far as kitchen projects: I just started making yogurt, which I’m loving, and am going to try making nut milk this week.

  384. just started canning (water bath) last year- my hurdle for this year is to streamline the process and begin pressure canning

  385. I’ve been wanting to try making my own whole-grain mustard, which I finally did today! Unfortunately it needs time to come together in the fridge so I won’t get to taste it for maybe 2 weeks!

    I’m also looking forward to making my own pita bread, and English muffins to accompany the fruit preserves I’m trying to make more of!

    There are so many more but those are the ones on the table for the next few weeks.

  386. My next project will be home canned Refried Beans. I did this last year and put up 11 quarts. We are down to only two jars now.
    But I misplacted the instructions. So I did some reserch and found your web-site. I will use the instructions I have found here on my next day off.

  387. My lovely boyfriend does most of the cooking in our house – but he’s a fiend for pickles, so I’d really love to learn how to make the perfect pickle, as a way to say thanks for everything he does for me!

  388. All I desperately want to do in the kitchen this year is to find the 5 pepper ketchup recipe I used last year that came out perfectly, but of course I forgot to right it done. So learning from my huge mistake, I am now righting everything down on index cards and actually using my vintage recipe box to keep them in. And, also, in the next few days I’m gonna try my hand at putting up the overload of banana peppers I have growing in the garden.

  389. I just loved her first book and would love her second. The kitchen project I need to do is organize the spice cabinet. I never find a way I’m happy with and reorganize it often, so its time to do it again – maybe I’ll finally find a system!

  390. So many projects, so little time. First on the list is to get the garden in order and start to prep all of the veg/fruits for pickling, roasting and freezing. Second is to finally paint the wall and and cabinets. The paint cans have been sitting in the corner for quite some time. I do dust them occasionally πŸ™‚

  391. Pickled green tomatoes! I had them on a charcuterie plate at a restaurant in Portland and I need them in my pantry…

  392. My kitchen project is to make a roasted tomato sauce out of the early tomato harvest that already spans across an entire windowsill.

  393. HOLY FEEDBACK!! 620 COMMENTS!?!!? You are single handily bringing canning back on the radar!!!! With that said, I am dying to do your canned vanilla pears! I have decided the canned vanilla pears will be my Christmas gifts this year…. OH and BACON JAM! I saw the recipe in January and I have a brother-in-law who will devour it.

  394. I want get the kitchen painted, and as a side note I want to get the basement user-friendly so that jars aren’t such a pain to go get.

    Canning beans starts tomorrow, and canning frozen ground pork so I have room for peaches in the freezer.

  395. What a gorgeous looking books! Kitchen-project-wise I so need to find some time to hard-clean the fridge and freezer out. It has been on the to do list all summer, and other projects just kept taking precedence – I am hoping to have it done before the end of August, though. *crosses fingers*

  396. My biggest kitchen project is making red pepper sauce and tomato paste. We have 7 tomato varieties and 5 different red pepper. I have to find something to do with all of it. I need to take my canning to the next level and try new recipes.

  397. I have made approx. 20 pints of several different types of pickles, and am officially pickled out! And now have several dozen tomatoes staring at me from my kitchen counter.

  398. Well, I guess this is a kitchen project… but I have about 5,394,298 cooking magazines and books, it’s about time to PURGE. I’ve been wanting to take a couple of evenings, and a 3 ring binder, and pull out the recipes I know I want and dump the ones I don’t. I keep telling myself that my tastes will change and I’ll regret throwing or gifting the recipes I don’t want now. But, the truth of the matter is, I’m not looking at ANY of them now because the thought is too overwhelming! I have to keep the cookbooks I use on a regular basis and gift the ones I don’t! (this book would be a keeper!!! πŸ˜‰

  399. I am wanting to run a new electrical outlet in my kitchen so that I can move my refrigerator over to a different corner that currently doesn’t have electricity. After that, I am going to install shelves where the refrigerator was. The shelves will be used to store all the newly canned goodies that I’ve been making.

  400. Oh, I loved the first book! My must-try-next project is mustard, because I love, love, love my honey-mustard vinaigrette and I want to use all homemade ingrediants. Also, cheesemaking is on the list.

  401. I’ve been putting off doing peaches for a couple of years this year. As a child, we had an over productive peach tree in our front yard. Peaches so juicy it runs down your chin. So many, we fed the ones on the ground to my rabbits (who also love to eat peaches). So much that my mom canned peaches, pie filling, and schnapps, among other things. (The tree has since split and died)
    This year, I’m going to the orchard and I can’t wait.

  402. I just started canning and I love it. I tackled apple sauce today which was a biggie because of the amount of apples needed. It tasted so much better than store bought. Two things I would like to tackle is peach salsa and tomato sauce. This book looks like an inspiration for both new canners and the experienced canner.

  403. I want to learn how to make any variety of jams with xylitol or stevia. I have tackled the relishes…now on to the jellies!

  404. The book looks Awesome!! I would love it!
    I’ve recently started my hand at making soft cheese and roasting coffee. Today it was getting raspberry vinegar started as well as blueberry liqueur. Have the vanilla beans here and ready to make vanilla! Think I am going to roast some coffee for the Kahlua I want to make.

    My next kitchen project …. when the tomatoes are ripe here, I want to make and can Bloody Mary Mix and Salsa.

  405. This book looks great! I grew up in southeast Alaska and loved to help smoke and can our freshly caught salmon. Now that I live far away from the ocean, I would really like to expand my canning repertoire beyond seafood! One of the local farms here lets customers pick their own produce, so I am looking forward to picking fresh tomatoes for canned tomato sauce and salsa. Can’t wait!