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Back in June, I spent a couple of days filming a pair of videos with a team from American Lifestyle Magazine, to compliment a story they were writing about Naturally Sweet Food in Jars and me. The issue containing the story is now available and so I thought it was high time to share the videos we made that day. I hope you enjoy them (and that they help take your mind off the stress of Election Day, if only for a moment or two).

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8 responses to “American Lifestyle Magazine + Food in Jars”

  1. Oooh this makes me miss strawberry season immensely. I started canning this spring and have made a handful of projects, all of which have been successful! And on the bright side, I have a plan to can some apple sauce this weekend 🙂 Thanks for the great content.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! Great video. Great canning advice, here & in your books. & in the end some great eating. Many thanks for all of it.

  3. We get this magazine through our realtor and mostly it goes straight to the recycle bin but I was very happy to see the article about you and canning! Your blog has been a favorite of mine for along time now. Thank you!

  4. Love the videos! After meeting you last month at Pollinate in Oakland I am inspired once again to take advantage of the year round abundance of fresh fruits and veggies in Northern California. Seeing you pull a tray of preserves from under your bed was THE BEST. Thanks for another great idea and the continuous inspiration!

  5. Oooh this makes me miss strawberry period immensely. As constantly. Love the blog site, truly like the video clips. I absolutely appreciate your knowledge. Excellent canning advice, right here & in your books. & ultimately some great eating. Numerous many thanks for all of it.

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