More Resources

Want to learn more about canning than what’s offered here on this website? Here are some further resources to get you going.

The USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning – Revised in 2006, this is the official canning bible. If you want to know the how and why behind every step of canning, start here.

Cooperative Extension Service – Your local extension service is one of your best resources for hands-on canning classes and information. This link will take you to the central clearing house that will allow you to find your closest extension (they are typically associated with your state landgrant university).

Preserving Food at Home: A Self Study – Want to learn about canning in a more formal setting? The University of Georgia offers an online, self guided course. – This site offers resources on finding u-pick farms and then how to can the produce you pick. It’s sort of a clunky site, looks-wise, but has a wealth of handy information (and many of the recipe pages include helpful pictures). – The official canning site from the makers of Ball and Kerr jars.

Weck Jars – Interested in canning in Weck jars? Make sure to thoroughly read their canning safety guidelines.

Preserving Tomatoes – There’s a great PDF on this site that puts everything you need to know about preserving tomatoes in a single, handy chart.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite canning books: