Food in Jars is a blog about canning, preserving and the art of putting up, written by Marisa McClellan.

This site accepts payments and/or products and earns income from one or more of the below methods at any given time:

1. Affiliate Programs – I currently participate in the Amazon Associates Program. Purchases made through these affiliate links on Food in Jars pay out a small referral fee.

2. Advertising Networks – I am currently a member of two ad networks, Google Adsense and Sovrn. These companies feed ads into specific areas of Food in Jars. I do not actively monitor the ads served, but can request that ads be removed if I get negative feedback about them. I make money on these networks on either a per impression or per click basis.

3. Sponsorships and Private Ads – Since July 2013, I’ve been accepting sponsors on Food in Jars. Sponsors can buy space in right sidebar of the site and also have the option to sponsor blog posts and giveaways. Any time this occurs on this site, it is prominently labeled as such. It is partnerships like these that make this site possible. However, I try to be selective and only allow sponsors and advertisers who’s products and services are in keeping with the ethos of Food in Jars.

4. Products – I frequently receive books for free from publishers for potential review. I also occasionally accept products, kitchen utensils and small appliances for review on this site. If I am compensated in any form, or given anything for free, I also disclose that within the relevant post.

Whenever I write about a book or product on this site, know that the opinions expressed are always mine. My positive opinion cannot be bought.

Updated 02/2016.