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fermented wax beans

About a week ago, our under sink water filter sprang a leak, causing a great deal of mess and upheaval. We’re all cleaned up now, with a new filter that’s better than the old one, but it took a goodly amount of mopping, sorting, trashing, and general disruption to get back to normal. The whole experience feels like it’s an allegory for life. There’s turmoil, mess, and recovery, but in the end, you wind up in a situation that’s better than before.

assorted mason jar accessories 1 - Food in Jars

The two winners in my Mason Jar Accessories giveaway are #332/Maria C. and #452/Beth. Congratulations to the winners! The giveaway is taking a short break this week, but will be back next week. And thanks to everyone who shared dinner ideas and suggestions. It was most inspiring to read about the things you’ve been cooking lately!

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4 Responses to Links: Ginger Pear Butter, Giveaways, and Winners

  1. 1
    ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Congratulations to both of the winners

  2. 2
    beth says:

    Marisa: I see I got drawn – so excited! Should I receive an email to get my mailing address?


  3. 3
    Julia in Byron says:

    I read Cheryl’s master recipe for yogurt. Rub ice on the pot to prevent sticking? I’m skeptical – how could that possibly work?

    • 3.1
      Marisa says:

      I must confess, I’m skeptical too. However, I know Cheryl to be reliable in her recipes, so I can’t imagine that she would suggest a step that wasn’t actually useful. I’m going to try it at least once to see if it helps.

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