Links: Plums, Gingersnap Granola, and a Winner

I am so happy to have delicata squash back!

Fall is here, things are slowing down for me a little, and I am feeling grateful. I turned in one of the final rounds of edits for the next book last week, which feels both entirely liberating and just a bit surreal. This new book, which now is now officially called Preserving by the Pint: Quick Seasonal Canning for Small Spaces, will be out on March 25 and is even now available for pre-order. The promotional dance will be here before I know it, so I’m enjoying the relative peace of these early fall days all the more.


So many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the Itty Bitty Jar and cookbook giveaway that Fillmore Container sponsored last week. The winner is commenter #624, left by Letty. She said, “These jars are so stinkin’ cute! I would obviously have to purchase more, so I could make some type of pepper jelly, a marmalade, and some pear jams. Nothing like giving recipients a choice!” So true, Letty!

For those of you who didn’t win, make sure to check back tomorrow, because I’ll have another giveaway to share with you then!

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3 Responses to Links: Plums, Gingersnap Granola, and a Winner

  1. 1
    Cindy says:

    I went to Amazon to buy your book and found they had none in stock…. Winning this book sure would brighten my day.

  2. 2
    Rachel Wolf says:

    Hey, Marisa. Thanks for the link!

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