Drink Week, Day Two: Cherry Bounce and Other Boozy Infusions

a pound of cherries and a cup of sugar

It’s day two of Drink Week! Today we’re talking boozy infusions (though I’m only scratching the surface of a very deep topic). These all would go well with a splash seltzer, so make sure to click over and enter the Sodastream giveaway. Make sure to check out the day one Drink Week post, Black Raspberry Syrup, too.

The inspiration to make Cherry Bounce came entirely from this blog post over on The Runaway Spoon. When I saw this one pop in my reader, I believe I said the words “oh yes” out loud. And when I picked up a mixed flat of cherries last weekend (half sweet and half sour), I knew that a pound of those sweeties were heading for a jar of this.

sugared cherries

The process is incredibly easy (and is nearly identical to most of the fruit-infused booze I’ve made). Get a large jar squeaky clean (the half gallon Ball jars are perfect for this). Add some fruit (in this case, a pound). Top with a cup of sugar and some form of bourbon (I used five cups of Maker’s Mark*). This bounce should be reaching maximum deliciousness right around Christmas.

Other infusions use vodka or everclear (around these parts, we have to drive to New Jersey to buy our everclear), and wait to add the sugar until after the fruit has infused. But still, it really couldn’t be a simpler process to make your own fruity booze.

booze and cherries

When it comes to infused spirits, you don’t have to stick strictly to fruit either. All manner of herbs, vegetables and even bacon (yes, bacon) are fair game.

In addition to the cherry bounce, here are some other infusions I’ve either currently got steeping in my front hall closet or I’ve been meaning to try.


I had Deena’s strawberry liqueur once when I was out in Portland, and wow, is it ever good stuff! I brought home a small amount and my sister nicknamed it Jam-Boozy on the spot. (Someone needs to market a product line with that name.) Because of that, I had no doubt that her Rhubarb Liqueur instructions would also be spot-on. I just recently strained mine and added the simple syrup. Now begins the waiting. Check out the rest of her “boozy” category for more good infusions.

and stir

I’ve also got a batch of Heather’s Limoncello cranking away in same said closet. I followed this particular recipe in large part because I was entirely smitten by the line “a cup of honey for that sensuous fuzzy bee flavor.” If you’re not reading Voodoo and Sauce, you’re missing out all sorts of lovely bits of language like that.

Audra of Doris and Jilly Cooks is another one of my infused spirit mentors. Though she hasn’t really posted about it, she has hinted her plum liqueur in this post. I plan to follow suit as soon as the plums are ripe.

Sean of Punk Domestic fame is a known booze-infuser. He had a guest post on David Lebovitz’s blog recently, about strawberry-infused vodka. Mmm.

What boozy infusions do you all like to make? Do you currently have anything steeping away in front hall closet (or basement, garage or guest bathroom?)

Don’t forget that I’m giving away a Sodastream as part of my week of homemade syrups, shrubs and infusions. Make sure to click over and leave a comment to enter the giveaway (one entry per person, please).

*For those of you who are curious, Maker’s Mark is a whisky bourbon. All bourbons are whiskys, but not all whiskys are bourbons.

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65 Responses to Drink Week, Day Two: Cherry Bounce and Other Boozy Infusions

  1. 51
    dianna says:

    ok i am really experimenting, i am making one with yellow pear tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, and red tomato 1/4’s (to get them in the jar) with vodka….and another with red tomatoes (1/4ed) and basil….do i need to refrigerate this?

  2. 52

    […] always add. And then, to give the rhubarb redness and another layer of flavor, I added some of my boozy cherry brandy. […]

  3. 53

    […] Cherry bounce from Food in Jars […]

  4. 54
    Christine says:

    I just put up a mason jar of this and I’m going to do another next week while cherries are inexpensive. I’m considering three – because I gave a bottle of it to my stepdad last Christmas, and a few days later I got the following series of text messages:

    “What proof is this?”
    “…When can you make some more????”

  5. 55
    Robin says:

    Hmmm, think I messed up. I put a bunch of cherries in a jar with vanilla vodka and put it in the basement. Only thing I forgot was the sugar. Did I just totally waste a bottle of vodka and a bunch of cherries? thanks!

  6. 56
    lindsay says:

    Did you pit the cherries? I’m planning to try this with cherry rum…. it looks yummy and will be perfect for Christmas.

  7. 57
    Atalanta says:

    @Robin – Did you mess up? NOT AT ALL!!! When I do infusions, I like to add the sugar/simple syrup at the end. This way there is nothing to interfere with the Alcohol doing its job with the ingredients.

    Everclear – Ah, fine spirit. I too have to hop the bridge to Jersey to get some. However, I found something even better! It too is available in NJ, but it’s about $10 less for a 1.75 and its 160 proof (still flamable though). It’s called Devil Springs vodka. Its not to be done in shots, but for doing infusions that you will be “watering down” later, its great.

    I will have to try some Cherry Bounce. I prever Fighting Cock rum over Maker’s Mark (half the price and a much better taste, IMO). The space under my sink doesn’t have cleaning supplies, it has all sorts of infusions!

  8. 58


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