Wüsthof Defining Edge and Chai Dao Knife Giveaway

June 15, 2012

Life has been something of a whirlwind lately. I made it through the Seattle leg of my book tour and now I’m now in Portland, hanging out with the family, teaching canning and getting ready to be on TV in the morning (I’ll be doing a pickle demo on AM Northwest at 9 am tomorrow morning).

Soon, I hope to do a bit more of a Seattle round-up, as well as post a recipe (this is still a food blog, after all) and remind you Portlanders that I’ll be at the Hawthorne Powell’s on Saturday at 2 pm. However, there’s a giveaway that I’ve been promising for weeks and I have to get it up before another day goes by.

Back in April, the folks from Wüsthof got in touch to tell me about their Defining the Edge campaign and asked if I’d be interested in helping spread the word about the campaign and also do a giveaway of their new 7-inch Chai Dao knife. After losing a good half-hour watching the chef-focused videos and how-to segments they’d produced for the campaign, I said yes.

I love good, creative video that features people doing interesting stuff in food and think that the segments they produced were worth sharing. They managed to select three people who deserve the spotlight, including San Francisco’s Richie Nakano (I knew him originally from his blog Line Cook and he wrote a really interesting and honest essay about participating in the campaign).

I’m also always willing to check out a new knife. I love cutlery and I’m constantly on the look-out for a new favorite tool. Before I left Philly for this tour, I was really enjoying having this curved-blade, easy to rock knife as part of my kitchen workforce. I think it will come in very handy this summer as I head into the season of chopping, mincing and breaking down massive piles of produce (the wide blade is awesome for smashing garlic).

If you’re interested in winning yourself 7-inch Chai Dao, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share what motivates you in the kitchen. Good produce? Music? Delicious chocolate?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) and will be posted to the blog on Thursday, June 21, 2012
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. readers only. My apologies to those in Canada and beyond.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.

If you’re interested in watching some of the videos that Wüsthof produced, I’ve included them after the jump.

Disclosure: Wüsthof sent me a Chai Bao knife so that I could try it out and take pictures of it for this post. I received no other compensation for this post. My opinions are all my own and have not been influenced by the receipt of the knife. 

For more information and the occasional giveaway, make sure to follow the Wüsthof Facebook page.

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720 thoughts on "Wüsthof Defining Edge and Chai Dao Knife Giveaway"

  • Cooking for me is an expression of love for my family. What motivates me? Cooking new foods for them they become their absolute favorites!

  • Love is what motivates me. I love my family, and I want them to have the very best food, for enjoyment, and for their health.

    Love motivates me to spend hours every week in our half-acre garden, caring for our livestock, and then putting it all by for later. I love home-grown, home-cooked foods. Breads, soups, salads, casseroles, stir-fry, meat and potatoes, pickles, jams, pies, cakes, crisps, and crumbles,…it’s all so much better at home than in any restaurant (at least any restaurant around here!).

  • I’ve been so busy lately but my biggest motivator to get back in the kitchen is that the 15 weeks of our CSA start this on Wednesday and I can’t wait!

  • What motivates me in the kitchen is my wife. I love to cook with her. Not only does it make the job go faster but we both have a definite knack for different tasks. And it makes the whole thing a lot more pleasant than if you’re in the kitchen by yourself.

  • I think what motivates me in the kitchen is the food itself. I like to put the “puzzle” together and figure out how to fix good food and something my family loves to eat. I love to take my time and really think about what would taste and look good. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • what motivates me in the kitchen? making food that my children and I enjoy. food I’ve grown myself really makes me want to get in the kitchen with it. and I also like the peace and quiet and zen-sense-of-purpose that I can (sometimes) find while cooking or cleaning.

  • I love to cook because I love to eat. I have some trouble with finding motivation to clean up afterwards, so I listen to “The Splendid Table” podcast when I’m washing dishes, wiping countertops and putting things away. It’s a good diversion and gets me excited about the next dish I might make.

  • I’m motivated by the creativity that comes with cooking – right down to chopping vegetables in different ways, combining aromas to reach that right blend, and serving food on colored plates that enhance the visual experience.

  • Anything picked from community garden plot. The fact that I grew it myself and had to take two transit busses to pick it makes it much more inspiring than something plucked from the grocers shelf.

  • I’ve gotten the cooking and canning bug since I moved into my new house with a big, beautiful kitchen. It has all the room I need to be creative. I also now live in the country with more access to local produce (joined a CSA).

  • I’m motivated in the kitchen by hunger and frugality – the opportunity, over and over, to satisfy my appetite by doing the cooking myself and thus knowing exactly what goes into my food.

  • I love to cook, so what motivates me in the kitchen is having a good idea of what I want to eat and high quality ingredients to use in cooking. We also have a lot of spices to give an interesting twist to each meal we make and eat.

  • Nothing is more motivating than a CLEAN kitchen. Ready to dive in and create is always easier Clean, neat, tidy, maybe for 2 minutes before utter chaos! Love a great knife with sharp edges. Hubby keeps them that way for me.

  • What motivates me in the kitchen? Usually hunger 🙂 But really, at its basic level, I just love the creativity that comes with cooking, and I really, genuinely love food. I can be driven into my kitchen by an ingredient, a new recipe or cookbook, a new technique, a success in my garden – all sorts of things. I love the challenge of learning something new in the kitchen. And I love taking a near empty fridge and pantry and still coming up with a great meal.

  • I am motivating by cooking for others! Especially canning chutney in a sun filled kitchen with my sisters.

  • Well, it took me a few days to think this one over about what motivates me in the kitchen and although I know there are several things like a new gadget, fresh herbs, a new and different ingredient and even a new cookbook’s recipe inspiration, someone’s blog post; it comes down to the weather.

    Not just seasons, but actual days when the weather inspires me to cook. A snowy, grey day invokes a warm soup with a loaf of crusty bread or biscuits. A chilly, fall day when I can smell the crispy leaves makes me want to bake an applesauce cake and a hot, humid summer day when the clouds drift overhead can entice me to head to the local farm market and pick up some corn and tomatoes for dinner. Rainy, cloudy days can bring a nice roast chicken with all the yummy side dishes like mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans.

    Today, the blue sky above and the warm breeze has me heading to a local farm for pick-your-own strawberries for a jam and shrub making session later today or tomorrow.

    Thanks for a great post and making me think about my cooking and kitchen inspiration!

  • A new recipe motivates me every time. I just love cooking. It is its own motivation. I love touching the food, smelling it, and watching it transformed before my eyes.

  • creativity motivates me. i don’t draw anymore (except cartoons for my kids), and it’s so hard to carve out time for writing, but cooking is something i can do every day that gives me the sense that i’ve created something. also, i love to eat.

  • I am deeply motivated my the little circle of life in my little corner of the world. Plant and grow food, cook, compost, repeat. I found something to cook from my lovely garden for almost 9 months last season! Feeding people I love the food that I grow is thrilling.

  • I love taking different ingredients and turning them into something completely different. It is so rewarding when it works out into something truly delicious! That keeps me motivated to keep trying new and different recipes.

  • I love listening to NPR or Heritage Radio while cooking and especially while doing the washing up. Last Chance Foods and Ann Saxelby’s cheese program on Heritage Radio are especially fun accompaniments.

  • Lately, what motivates me to actually try recipes (as opposed to just reading them for enjoyment) are beautiful blogs like yours. Pictures and conversations about process make me feel like I’m hanging out with good cooking friends. And if my favorite bloggers publish wonderful cookbooks like yours, all the better!

  • What an awesome looking knife! I can think of so many times that I’d use it! But back to the question–what motivates me? Usually cooking shows or a new recipe I’ve found–or watching Tyler Florence on TV (blushing). Yeah, that’s my ‘cooking crush’!

  • What motivates me is a good audio book and a rainy day. I’m hugely into gardening and it takes up a lot of my time so when there is a rainy day I like to make the most of it by cooking and prepping for those sunny days that working in the garden has left me too tired to cook. I turn on my book and spend all day just enjoying the story and the leisurely cooking.

  • Fresh produce from my csa and my collection of spices from dif ethnic markets always make me eager to try out something new in the kitchen.

  • What motivates me in the kitchen is my husband and three small boys. Knowing every bit of what went into their meal, insuring they are eating natural food that I made with their specific needs in mind-that, in turn, comforts me. So maybe I do it for me.

  • Sometimes it’s finding a recipe I want to try. Most of the time it’s seeing an ingredient or two (either in the store or in my kitchen) and having an idea.

  • The creativity of taking a recipe and then tweaking it to make it your own. Spending time in the kitchen is relaxing for me. I can quit thinking about other parts of my life and just escape in the mindless part of chopping, prepping and stirring. Most recently, I’m pushing my boundaries and trying new things that once intimidated me.

  • What motivates me is making sure that my family has good, healthy meals that will appeal to all their different likes

  • What motivates me is having a plan. Walking into the kitchen with no idea of what I’m going to do is overwhelming. If I have planned in advance, though, it’s fun!

  • A lot of things motivated me in the kitchen: good music that keeps me moving, excellent equipment and gadgets, and the fact the cooking is an outward expression of my love for others. When you can do nothing else for someone, or when you can, feeding someone shows them you care about them and their well being.

  • Going to the farmers market really motivates me! I buy a bunch of random things then for the rest of the week I have fun in the kitchen.

  • Cooking is an expression of who you are and how much you care about those you are feeding (including yourself!) I love the interplay of textures and flavors.

  • I am motivated by the help I get when creating something in the kitchen. My husband has learned to participate and love the process as much as myself.

  • I am motivated by the joy people express when they taste what comes out of my kitchen, especially with baked goods.

  • You! You inspired and motivated me to start canning. The motivation that keeps me in the kitchen is creativity and curiosity. I can’t draw, I’m a mediocre writer at best, but in the kitchen, I can make things that make other people smile! The best compliment is one attached to a reminiscent memory of a joyful experience. Thanks for th inspiration!

  • I am motivated by garden fresh or locally farmed products and trying some wonderful new way to prepare them, but what really gets me going to enhance the process, is a good glass of wine while I cook! I think it works, just look at Julia!

  • There’s a great article about how traditional Japanese knives are crafted and how the art of the process is becoming lost. Lucky Peach mag has this great article– check it out!

  • Fresh summer produce motivates in the kitchen these days (hungry kids and husband aren’t far behind, however!)

  • My husband grows 90% of our food. I get excited to see what is ripe before I start prep work. I’d love to try this new knife. Thanks

  • I bake and sell my breads at local markets as summer employment, and music really keeps me motivated when it is closing in on midnight, and everything is still not out of the oven!

  • I am not much of a chef, but having just moved into my own apartment I have had to outfit my own kitchen and the thrill of new, excellent equipment (like Wusthof knives and All Clad pans) is motivating to cook more and more for myself.

  • I’d say cookbooks! But not necessarily following recipes. A few minutes of sitting at the table, flipping through a stack of cookbooks and drinking coffee, gives me tons of ideas and makes me want to cook immediately.

  • Cooking is very relaxing and I can get intensely absorbed in it. I cook and bake and can to have some time to myself, to make good-tasting food for my family, and because of good recipes.

  • I love listening to old episodes of This American Life and The Splendid Table while I cook.

    Give me that and a glass of wine, and I’ll delightfully cook you anything.

  • Produce for sure! There’s nothing more motivating or inspiring than a load of fresh local fruits and veggies from my local farmers market.

  • i’m motivated to make something more delicious than last time i made it, and to make it better for my family with wholesome ingredients.

  • I love to cook for my family, and I love making strawberry freezer jam for my 5 year old (from yummy Oregon berries) so she can grow up with the same food memories I did as a kid.

  • I love to dig up some potatos or pick fresh veggies from my garden and walk in to the house and make dinner for my family with them! I love to create simple yet tasty dishes and share with my kids what came out of the garden to nourish us that day!

  • I just find cooking in general to be very therapeutic. Also, envisioning the end result is motivational!

  • Going to the market and seeing the fresh fruits and vegetables motivates me to try something good for my family as well as my sweet tooth inspires me to bake breads and cakes.

  • At this time of the year, it is the produce coming from my garden that inspires me.
    I have a garden in the community garden where I am growing a great variety of vegetables. This will be my first year to can tomatoes! I am so excited!

  • Cooking for others motivates me! It’s always more fun to share something I’ve made than to just eat it myself.

  • What inspires me in the kitchen is a new recipe. I love to try something new that I haven’t done before.

  • I’m motivated by the produce at the farmers markets, and from our own backyard, especially our fresh tomatoes. Apples inspire me to can applesauce and apple butter, bake apple pie, apple crisp, and apple muffins. Cool autumn weather inspires me to bake cookies, breads, muffins, and more. The holidays inspire me to bake like crazy, “channeling” my mom, as I use her recipes. My family inspires me to make enormous pots of tomato sauce and meatballs. I just LOVE baking, cooking, and canning!

  • I admit I’m most motivated by the end result. I don’t cook just to cook, I love getting things done (and especially getting things put up!) and any tool that helps with that is a major plus. We use all Wusthof now, but I’ve never seen this knife, it looks awesome!

  • I am most motivated by eating good food. And I find that the better cook I am, using the best/freshest ingredients, and the highest quality equipment, the end product tastes really good.

  • What motivates me in the kitchen is a clean work surface, a good idea for something to make, great ingredients, a glass of wine, and leisure time to put it all together. Being a mom of two busy boys, that combination rarely happens to perfection, but I also enjoy whipping up some grub in less-than-optimal conditions and watching them have at it with gusto. 🙂

  • Usually, just the idea of a good meal motivates me. But when I’m really tired after a week in the office, either a “Car Talk” podcast or some rock-n-roll on the stereo, plus a glass of wine get me to the end!

  • I think what motivates me the most is hunger. 🙂 I also enjoy making up new dishes using a recipe as a jumping off point and tweaking it with what I have in the kitchen. Heading into summer, having a fan blowing on me as I cook is mighty refreshing.

  • I am motivated by the people I cook for–mosting knowing they will enjoy and appreciate it. Cooking is Love.

  • The foods I like are too diverse to be limited by my local selection of restaurants. I cook to try new things.

  • I am motivated to cook by 3 things: my kids, my desire for healthy meals for my family, and the challenge of trying new things. In the last year I have tried regularily baking my own bread, making my own cheese, pickling/jamming, and making my own yogurt. All have been rewarding.

  • I’m motivated to create healthy, delicious meals for my family like my mom did when I was growing up. I’m also motivated to be self-sufficient, learning how to make more and more of our own foods at home from foods we grow in our garden or can buy locally – rather than buying a lot of pre-packackaged and refined goods. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I’m motivated to be a good steward of the yummy things God gives us….also, I’m always thinking of what is healthy for my family and what they will enjoy eating.

  • I am motivated by good organic produce–we belong to a local CSA, Deep Seeded Farm, and our farmer, Eddie, is a wonder worker! Amazing, fresh, flavorful, and abundant vegies & fruits (last week our share included 2 baskets of the best strawberries I have ever eaten…). Yum.

  • My 4-yr-old daughter is what motivates me in the kitchen. I love the knowing that I am making good healthy food for her. It’s a fun time for both of us because while I’m cooking she takes a saucepan, spoon & whisk and pretends that she is making dinner for me. She has me taste her meal and then tells me she made it for me because she loves me! Best motivation in the world!

  • I’m motivated by trying to always improve my cooking. If there is ever a chance to do a new trick or attempt to perform something in a more efficient manner I’m always interested in learning or doing it. My greatest motivator in the kitchen is myself.

  • Eating food that does not make me sick motivates me. As a person with food allergies its almost always better to eat at home.

  • Motivations: doing something that’s good for me, good for the environment, good for my kiddos, good for small businesses and farmers!

  • I’m retired and by myself so eat simply most of the time but when my four kids and their families are coming over it gives me the motivation to cook up a storm. Just watching everyone enjoy and comment on the food makes me so happy!

  • I’m motivated by love… Love of creating, love of cooking (or baking or canning), but most of all, love for family and friends.

  • This is going to sound silly, but I cook because I want to eat the food I’m craving! My motivation is literally the desire to eat the exact thing I have been wanting to eat, which can only be provided my cooking that thing myself. Like, the other day I really wanted enchiladas with salsa verde, so that’s what I cooked. Simple!

  • I love all kinds of cooking, baking and canning; and in over 60 years I have found that one major need in the kitchen are top quality tools. A mixture of excellent knives are necessary to safely prepare foods. You might have to buy them one at a time and patiently wait for sales, but invest in the best you can afford. All well balanced knife that will hold a sharp edge is your best friend in the kitchen!