Winners! Cuppow and Ball Equipment!

July 14, 2012

As so often is the case, time has gotten away from me a little and I didn’t manage to post the winner of the Cuppow giveaway on Thursday. However, I thought I’d grab the momentum of the two giveaways I ran this week and post both winners right now.

Cuppow initially offered me five sets of their canning-jar-to-travel-mug-converters to giveaway. But then, they sent me a few more. So instead of having just five winners, there will actually be eight people getting them. Pretty exciting, huh?

The winners are:

Commenter #44: Kay
Commenter #215 : Amy
Commenter #503: Beth
Commenter #571: Barb
Commenter #619: Shana Rae Burns
Commenter #779: Laura
Commenter #797: Jeni
Commenter #799: Sheryl

I just have one Ball Canning Home Discovery Kit and case of jars to giveaway, so the winner list isn’t nearly as dramatic. Still, I’m certain it’s just as fun for the winner! And lucky person is commenter #328, Robin W.

She said, “I love this site and all the inspiration you give me, my family and friends have certainly benefited in the belly with delicious goodies. I plan on making some blackberry jam on Saturday.”

Robyn, I’m so pleased to hear you like this site! Blackberry jam is one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy it!

Congratulations to all the winners! I’ll be in touch shortly.

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14 thoughts on "Winners! Cuppow and Ball Equipment!"

  • Woo Hoo!!! I am so excited to have won a Cuppow. You just made my day! Thank you.
    Hey, I have a quick question. When I make cooked jams, I have been having a terrible time with splattering of jam during the boiling period. I have a very tall-deep jam stock pot that I use. When the splattering starts I turn the burner down enough to keep the boil and it still happens even at the lower temp. What can I do? I have ended up with splattered blueberry jam all over the stove, counter and me–ouch. Even on a medium heat burner the splattering still happens. Any suggestions?

    1. Congrats! Wish I could have be one of the lucky winners. I know what you mean about the splattering. I am a longtime, “hard-core” canner and love canning anything I can think of. I used to put a piece of screening on top of the pan during the simmering process and it works great. In some stores your can find “splatter screens” at a pretty reasonable price. Us canners must stick together and I appreciate Food in Jars for that very reason! Thanks for all the tips and ideas!!!

      1. What a great idea — I have a spatter screen that came with one of my frying pans and I never use it — I will try your tip.

  • I love your book–I’ve made the Earl Grey Rhubarb Jam and a Chai variation, Rhubarb Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Vanilla Jam, and the Cherries in Red Wine Syrup (which I mentioned in a previous comment, and which I adore. Quart-sized jars next year, for sure!)

    A question: I recently got some Pomona’s pectin, and so I’ve been using your ideas for inspiration and then using that pectin with much lower sugar. I like the more-fruit, less-sugar ratios you can use with it, but I’m not sure how to branch out into combinations of low-acid and high-acid fruit safely (ie., I don’t know how to go beyond their listed, basic recipes for one-fruit jams). I’d love to know (in all of your spare time, ha!) your thoughts on Pomona’s pectin, your recommendations, and so on.

    Congrats on the book. It’s a great one–we’ve shown it to several others who’ve bought their own!

    1. Heidi, I don’t use a ton of Pomona’s Pectin because I don’t like its finished texture as much. However, there are other books out there that use it. Check out Put ‘Em Up! and Canning for a New Generation.

      1. Thanks for your speedy reply. I’m new enough to canning that I’m just starting to see what you mean re: the texture–it’s softer via Pomona’s. What I love, though, is that the jam is not grit-your-teeth-sweet. I grew up on my mom’s strawberry freezer jam, but the high sugar doesn’t work for me now. Thanks thanks!!

  • I am thrilled I won the canning set, such a great and unexpected surprise! Thank you.
    I also bought 4 Cuppow lids after reading about them on your site and I did make sure that the Cuppow company knew that this site was my inspiration to buy them. I wish you much success.

  • The basket in the kit looks awesome! I am curious. How is it fair that they put a tomato on the front of the box when it is my understanding tomatoes have to be pressure cooked to be properly canned, Am I wrong? Is that just tomato sauce that needs to be pressure cooked.

    1. Plain tomatoes can be canned in a boiling water canner provided they’re properly acidified (1 tablespoon of bottled lemon juice per pint of tomatoes does it). You just can’t can sauce where you’ve invented the recipe in a water bath canner. That needs to be done in a pressure canner.