Weekend Giveaway: Push Pins from Lulu The Pickle Queen

March 26, 2015

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Hey canners! I’m breaking out of my self-imposed schedule to throw and extra-special weekend long giveaway into the blog mix.

Lulu The Pickle Queen is an artist who works with polymer clay and makes an array of pickle and vegetable-themed push pins (you can also get them as magnets if you don’t have a spot for pinning things). She has made a special-limited edition Food in Jars set that feature pickles, jams, and even a jar that looks like my logo.

pickle push pins 2

I asked Lulu a couple of questions.

How long have you been making push pins?

I’ve been making push pins for about a year and a half. It started with pickle earrings, because I LOVE pickles, and then I began making more pickle paraphernalia. So I began making pickle push pins.

How did you get started?

I have always been an artist, but didn’t experiment with polymer clay until a couple of years ago. A good friend and I were having an art party and she said I must try polymer clay. The first thing I made was a tiny pickle and was hooked from then on.

Now, I’m trying new techniques and incorporating various mediums. It has been so much fun. Most of the time I have to stop myself from keeping everything I make. As you can imagine, I have a huge jewelry and pushpin collection.

You can find ind Lulu on Etsy and Wanelo.

Now, for the giveaway. I have one set of these push pins to offer up to you guys. Here’s how to enter.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d hang with one of Lulu’s pins/magnets.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Sunday, March 29, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog by Monday, March 30, 2015.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.

Disclosure: Lulu is providing the pins for the giveaway. No other compensation has been provided for this post. 

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100 thoughts on "Weekend Giveaway: Push Pins from Lulu The Pickle Queen"

  • I’d pin the recipes I intend to try in the near future. I’m much more likely to fix them if they aren’t in a file cabinet!

  • I would use them to pin up my grocery list, ‘honey-do’ list, as well as my granddaughters artwork

  • I’d use them to pin copies of Cook’s prints. I’ve got some old Cook’s magazines with fabulous prints and they would be perfect

  • I try at least 1 new recipe each week and collect many more and have a huge bulletin so I would use the cute push pins to pin the recipes I want to work on.

  • I have a variety of food reference sheets hanging from my fridge…how to freeze, shelf-life of veggies, cuts of meat, etc. I have a terrible memory so having the sheets nearby is always a lifesaver!

  • Those are soooo cute. My BF is a rabid pickle consumer which has driven me to learn to do them myself. I would use these to hang the directions on my board as I can.

  • I would use the magnets to hang recipes & pictures my Grandkids made me on my already-too-much-stuff-hung-on fridge or freezer. : )

    I like having recipes neatly printed out & hung about eye level so that I can refer to it while I am cooking or canning. I also like having some room to jot down notes, the date, etc. for future reference.

  • i think i would use the magnets to hold my recipes as i am cooking them. the push pins would do nicely on the cork board i have in the kitchen

  • I have a two part bulletin board in my kitchen! One side is a cork board and the other is magnetic, and it is our “control center” for appointment cards, recipes I am trying for the first time, names and phone numbers of family members and our medication lists for first responders, and a small hanging box for business cards of those we may want to, or already do business with. I especially use the cork board side, and I would certainly hang my newest recipes there so they’d be easier to find at a glance with these adorable bright pins!

  • I would use the magnets to hang coupons on my fridge, and the push pins to hang up calendars and other items at work!

  • In my kitchen my fridge is filled with recipes, coupons, reminders. Veggie magnets would add some much needed color. The push pins I’d use in my office bulletin board over the years I’ve started using earrings posts, those pins from Boy Scouts for recognition, label pins to add fun to my board. Veggies would be a fun too. Thanks

  • I’d pin up my freezer list. I just sorted out how much of our 1/2 steer and whole pig are left from last year and I could hold the list up with one of these!

  • Those pins are so extra cute! I would use those pushpins where ever I have ugly thumbtacks in the kitchen!

  • If won I think I would pay these forward and use as a raffle prize at the next arts and crafts fair where I sell my jams. What a great prize indeed.

  • I would use them to hold announcements on the FRIENDS’ bulletin board at the Walnut Street West Library.

  • These would go on my bill board! It is a bulletin board in the office where we hang our bills and “stage” when to pay them! I love these pins.

  • I have an inspiration board in my garden shed that I hang pictures of beautiful gardens, both flower and vegetables, birds, bugs, recipes to use my garden produce, etc. these push pins would be a beautiful addition to the others I have collected over the years.

  • To begin with “pickle push pins” is just plain fun to say 🙂
    These pins could hold index cards of recipes for frozen crock-pot meals. The index cards are written up with a particular family in mind that needs meals on hand (illness, new baby, bereavement) and they serve as a visual reminder to our family to pray for them while preparing something delicious for them to enjoy.
    In closing, say it with me “pickle push pins”. Love it!

  • I never have enough push pins to hang up all of the things I need/want to have hanging in my cubicle at work!

  • I’d pin pictures of my food. Whether they be jams, desserts or food they will look nice in my kitchen wall.

  • I love these! I have so many fruit and veggie things in my kitchen but I would hang the hot pads that my mother made for me. I have carrots and watermelons.

  • These are so cute! I would hang my summer garden plot spreadsheet and then my canning/pickling spreadsheet on my office board!

  • What cute little sculptures! I noticed yesterday that I need more magnets to hold my fridge/freezer inventory on the door. My inventory is a little OCD but in a functional way. Otherwise you lose stuff in the back corners and it goes to waste!

  • I’d pin recipes to try, of course! It’s funny but we just cleaned off the fridge and are slowly adding things back as needed. These cute magnets would be a great addition.

  • Push pins will certainly come in handy for my kitchen bulletin board. Won;t loose a recipe of food list anymore.

  • OMG – these are adorable. I would use them for all the little recipe notecards I stick to the front of the fridge.

  • I’m always ripping recipes out of magazines or printing them off on the computer – I would use the pushpins to hang them up!

  • I’d use those cuties on my magnet board to post recipes of what is to come .
    Thanks for offering these to us to get inspired!

  • I’m a well known home canner at work. I’d use them to spruce up my otherwise boring desk. I work as a radiography and really don’t have much room to display anything like some people have on their desks.

  • These are adorable!! I would use the magnets on my fridge alongside my eggplant and artichoke refrigerator magnets. I would use the pushpins on my cork board at work and smile all day long!

  • I’d hang a picture of one of my kiddos on the bulletin board over my desk. Or maybe a bit of inspiration cut from a magazine. The pins are super cute! 🙂

  • I would use one to hold up the calendar in my kitchen. The rest would be used throughout the house for various things.

  • I hang all kinds of ‘urgent’ things on my fridge, so magnets would be great. I think she should have made some pickled peppers…but then my last name is Pepper!

  • I wish I still had the metal cabinets that the kitchen I am in came with. I would hang recipes right above my workspace with these!!! It would be adorable:-)

  • These are adorable!
    Would happily use these push pins on the old school cork board that needs a bit of improvement. These would do it.

  • How cute are these!!!! Love them! My hubby and I moved out to the country after becoming empty nesters. I’m teaching myself to garden, can, dehydrate and just grow things! I would love these for my kitchen!

  • I have so many friends across the country and the world. To their kids, I am “Aunt G”…my pins would hold up all of their artwork and their latest photos!

  • I’d love to pin a few favorite go to preserving recipes up and stand back and just oogle the cutest push pins ever!

  • Although I have a bulletin board in my kitchen and would adore these, I would be giving them to my daughter, who in a school project for a business idea chose to do decorated thumb tacks. I have already sent her a text with the link attached. I don’t recall if they won but it was a question on the radio which I was able to call in the answer.

  • I just got my first real desk at work that is all my own. Previously I have had shared workspaces or jobs where I didn’t have a desk. I would use these pins to personalize the space and make it my own. I’d post works of art crafted by little hands, recipes, photos of culinary success, inspiration pics.

  • I would want to tack up recipes or notes for the week. I’m the one with the crazy work schedule, and the husband teaches night classes. I would love to be able to leave notes for plans for the week!

  • Inspirational ideas for “retro-vating” our just purchased mid century house, and preserving ideas for all of the fruit and nut trees on the property!

  • Ohhh favorite often used recipes, coupons, shopping lists, the possibilities are endless!!! Love them 🙂

  • Ohhhh! Adorable! I could hang some harder to remember recipes on the kitchen bulletin with them. love Love LOVE them!