Tonight at The Happy Cook in Charlottesville!

April 15, 2014

Preserving by the Pint cover - Food in Jars

My Southern book tour starts today! In just a couple of hours, I’m climbing into my car and heading to Charlottesville, VA. I’ll be at The Happy Cook tonight, doing a canning demo and book signing. It’s a free event, but they are asking people to register in advance to ensure that they have enough chairs, so please do call them to sign up at 434-977-2665.

From there, I go to Asheville, and then to Atlanta (please come to my talk at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I’m a little bit nervous that I’m going to be talking to an empty room). Next week, I’ll be in Birmingham and Memphis. Here are the exact times and places.

See so many of you soon! I can’t wait!

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13 thoughts on "Tonight at The Happy Cook in Charlottesville!"

  • I have signed up for the Birmingham event, and look forward to meeting you and attending your canning class!

  • Well, you will have at least one person at your canning class in Atlanta, because I just signed up. 🙂
    Your first book finally got me to actually can something, rather than just thinking about it and worrying about poisoning my family.

  • If you feel like going even more south, I’ve got a guest room you can use here in Gainesville, Florida. 🙂

  • It was great meeting you tonight. I would be coming to your Saturday events but it’s my daughter’s second birthday. What plans do you have for your Friday in Atlanta?

  • I greatly enjoyed your visit to Villagers. My mother and I have been reading each word of both books, and we are excited to put the recipes to work. Safe travels for the rest of your trip.

  • Marisa,
    Congratulations on your Atlanta visit. It was wonderful to see your lecture at the Botanical Gardens so well attended!! I enjoyed meeting you in person at the book signing afterwards and am having a wonderful weekend making my way through your new book. Safe travels for the remainder of your trip!
    Marietta, GA

  • Great news – Just saw that you are headed to Memphis. I wish I had waited to buy my copies of your two books!